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  1. I had spend a lot of time on camoflage pattern design of rear spade part. The shape of spade is half-arc, very strange.
  2. I have spent so much time on camouflage pattern design, a real headache work.
  3. Some new pics, I spend over two weeks on masking and painting green camouflage.
  4. I use A+B putty to make molds, the use candle fire soften the plastic sprue, then push it to the mold , and cut off the plastic nuts, then glue these nuts to proper place. my english is lack grammar, ha-ha .Add about 300 nuts to spade . It is truly a hard laobor work.
  5. Takom's Big Bertha has a lot of room for detail up. I have added about 500 self-made nuts, it is really boring task.
  6. https://www.warwickshirearmourmodellers.com/wheatcroft-collection-visit.html Is there anyone who can help me download some type 94 tankette photoes from this website. I live in china, because internet visiting restrictions I can't visiit this website. you can upload pics here or send to my mail box wangmm2047@sina.com.
  7. There are more than 400 nuts & bolts in this little tankette.
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