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  1. Just lovely work. Even more so considering the scale you work in. All fantastic but I have a sweet spot for the Airfix Hurricane.
  2. Lovely job. Really like the winter camo scheme.
  3. Just lovely. Fantastic work. My Dad actually worked at deHavilland Canada. Smashing job.
  4. Very nice job. This old Monogram kits require some love but gotta love them. The century series kits are my favs. Still have to finish the Voodoo and the Hun.
  5. Very impressive debut. Finish looks great. Perfect example of a cold war bird.
  6. Outstanding. The flying greenhouse looks darn good using Tamiya tape.
  7. Always look forward to your submissions Ratch. Great job and excellent history. Lovely job on the canopy. Did you use a mask set?
  8. Fantastic builds all but if I had to choose a fav it would Lucky Tuck's hurricane.
  9. Just lovely. Looks the part. Remember seeing an interview on a TV series in the mid seventies with "lucky Tuck". Always looked the part of a proper officer. Great job. Love the weathering on the underside.
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