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  1. Also enjoying the build - great work so far The kits I got from Russia came pre-packaged with Quinta 3D decals for the IP, consoles and belts.
  2. For the space-challenged, I guess it would make a great 'hanging off the ceiling in a vertical dive' accessory Seriously, for once I'm looking forwards to the rivet counters' assessment of this one.
  3. Strange that they can travel the globe but still bypass good old Blighty! Brett Green's Gaspatch Komet unboxing video has a brief cameo of his mostly built Whirlwind. Both look good - the Komet and the Whirlwind, that is! Still waiting patiently...
  4. So I got a refund from eBay and ordered from https://i-modelist.com/ just over 2 weeks ago. They arrived today, complete with Quinta 3D decal upgrade. Despite seeming to be too cheap to be true, they're clearly a worthwhile shop to do business with. Pleased, to put it mildly!
  5. Not sure about the colour call-out for the fire extinguisher? Fatally Flawed!
  6. Add me to the Su-2 camp. Even though the cowling looks nothing like the Zvezda version, it seems that both are correct. Rooting through the images it's apparent that they went through a few iterations throughout their service life... https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/ussr/vvs/su-2/su-2-8/ https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/ussr/vvs/su-2/sukhoi-su-2-16/ Edit - prop rotation is still problematic, but as already said - if it's an M-82 powered version that would be a likely explanation
  7. It looks like he has sent orders out but they're lost in the system - the effect is the same though. Pursuing refund through eBay. I ordered from these folks: https://i-modelist.com/ I've received legit tracking details, so there's definitely *something* on its way! The kits were cheap as chips and include Quinta 3-D details
  8. Released! Instructions here: https://www.specialhobby.eu/out/ftp/media/SH32047.pdf Now waiting more patiently than ever
  9. I've no reason to believe the ebay vendors aren't genuine, there does appear to be a big issue with post out of Russia - the store I posted the link to states delivery time of 14 to 60 days. I previously bought paint direct from AKAN (pre-covid) and it arrived in a few days. It's just strange that no-one outside Russia has stock, but I guess we know why!
  10. I *do* know what you mean It does seem that it's the going rate in Russia - their other prices are pretty par for the course, and no-one outside Russia seems to be selling them
  11. Same situation here - ordered Jan, requesting refund... Unfortunately, that's the vendor who couldn't deliver... Maybe better luck with these guys? https://i-modelist.com/
  12. So how is everyone getting on with receiving their kits from Russia via eBay? Guess why I'm asking...
  13. Carriers and sway braces present and correct too The detailing on the undercarriage looks good. They've clearly worked hard on this one, so I'm hopeful that they'll want to maximise on their investment with future issues. If they replicate the work they did on accessory sets for their Siebel 204... As previously said, they went to town on all possible variants in 1/72, so the future could be interesting!
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