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  1. It looks like the wing root 'fairing' is pretty accurate too - i.e., it doesn't have one. Looking forwards to this one - just need to contain the excitement for another six months or so...
  2. Agreed - I got the CMK PRXVI set and the engines were totally unusable due to shrinkage. The Paragon set fits, but the detail is on the soft side. I may have to get one of these sets, but would like to see more close-up shots
  3. Leafing through the latest SAMI there's a comment (p.61); 'we are hoping that we may also have some more news on the 1/32 scale Westland Whirlwind fighter at E-Day!' Hope springs eternal...
  4. I asked them on Facebook a few weeks ago if there has been any progress on the Whirlwind, and although I got a pretty prompt reply, it was 'no progress'
  5. As a regular non-contributor to even the least speculative posts, I'm reluctant to stoop to this level, but talk of 1/48 Hampdens and 1/24 Whirlwind MkIs does get my attention. Nevertheless, my guess is a 1/24th Hellcat Or a 1/48th Beardmore Inflexible, the most attractive and underrated Golden Age bomber
  6. I also hope for a Whirlwind and a Hornet; I'm sure they'd be good sellers. I think it more likely that we'll see a large Hellcat first though...
  7. Great to see this one in preparation. Also good to see they have the wing root to fuselage transition something close to right. Most kits have some kind of root fairing except the CA & Cooper Details kits, which have nothing at all. Looking forwards to getting a couple of these
  8. B_Bogus

    Focke Wulf Fw 189-A2

    Great to see this, and it's definitely going on my 'must have' list. I just missed out on the MPM version a few years ago, and had to settle for the 'B' trainer instead. Cheers
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