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  1. That's the picture I had in mind! Having another look through the references the nose cap maybe is on a panel line after all?
  2. Looking good Not a complaint - just an observation... I’m a little surprised that the nose cap doesn’t seem to fall on a natural panel line - or does it? For some reason I’d imagined that the cannon cover would have been a separate item, with the possibility of a detailed cannon bay. If ever an aircraft cried out for such a detail, it would have to be the ‘Crikey’. Hopefully the aftermarket (or Hi-tech release?) will provide
  3. Great to see a build of my all-time favourite aircraft Being Trumpeter, it certainly has shortcomings, but I decided to just ignore them on mine and build it OOB. The main external issue (certainly not limited to this kit) is the spurious wing root fairing. The original aircraft didn't have one; the fuselage to wing transition was a 90 degree butt-joint, with the fuselage transitioning from slab-sided to ovoid between the training edge and the rear cockpit /rear fuselage join. Not a difficult fix with some filler and a file. The forthcoming 1/32 Special Hobby kit (have a look in the Rumourmonger thread) )appears to have it right, but until we see the actual plastic... The cockpit is pretty spurious, especially behind the seat. This is where I decided it was too far out to be worth the effort. The seat is about twice the width it should be, located too far back and the area behind the seat is pure fiction, Hopefully the photo of the Roy Sutherland-mastered CA kit cockpit (which looks spot-on to the references) will explain it better than I can Trumpeter: Classic Airframes Cheers
  4. Brad, Image was found here: https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/model/Bristol Bulldog IIa As for the top decking colour, my first attempt back in the '70s was done in Airfix M3 green (who remembers?!?) which looks spot on to yours
  5. I have this kit in the stash and I'm amazed at what you've achieved - it could be a WNW 1/32 (now there's a thought...)! The roundels look correct when compared to this rather unfortunate incident image...
  6. I believe the Sunderland had the wings pulled back (not re-located, but rotated aft at the wingtips) to correct the CofG so the engine thrustlines were some degrees away from the direction of flight - the photo shows this well. Sorry I don't know any more detail than this, but may also be a factor in the engine fit?
  7. Long time lurker & non-contributor checking in... An inspiring build - looking really good Regarding slats, I saw a video of the Luftwaffe training films, and one of the clips showed the 'Schwarze' ground crew adjusting the inner slats for free operation, so after tweaking with a spanner it was manually pushed in and automatically extended; presumably with some spring behind it. So correct operation would be open on the ground, and automatically closed in flight once aerodynamic forces reached a certain level. Not certain, but I think this also applied to the outers... No Me 262s I ever made had extended slats
  8. Yes, 2 squadrons, 2 operational colour schemes, plus the P9 prototype and the 'final' Westlands hack, add a couple of Trials aircraft for different armaments fit with yellow undersides. For the really brave there's the very heavily weathered example with some good reference photos available. The wait continues...
  9. It looks like the wing root 'fairing' is pretty accurate too - i.e., it doesn't have one. Looking forwards to this one - just need to contain the excitement for another six months or so...
  10. Agreed - I got the CMK PRXVI set and the engines were totally unusable due to shrinkage. The Paragon set fits, but the detail is on the soft side. I may have to get one of these sets, but would like to see more close-up shots
  11. Leafing through the latest SAMI there's a comment (p.61); 'we are hoping that we may also have some more news on the 1/32 scale Westland Whirlwind fighter at E-Day!' Hope springs eternal...
  12. I asked them on Facebook a few weeks ago if there has been any progress on the Whirlwind, and although I got a pretty prompt reply, it was 'no progress'
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