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  1. So much for no wish-listing After their announcement of the Comet Tank, I remain optimistic that a 1/48th Beardmore Inflexible is in the works...
  2. I understood that some resin goodies would be forthcoming for this, including a pilot on the footstep which looked rather good. So far gun barrels and wheels only, which is OK. Gun bay & engine would be great though - if ever a model was begging for an open gun bay...
  3. With tears of patriotic fervour streaming down their cheeks, no doubt. An interesting subject though, nevertheless.
  4. Indeed. Just thought folks might like to know it's in the shops, if that's OK?
  5. Ex- Accurate Miniatures Yak-1 Razorback available now... https://www.jadlamracingmodels.com/academy-12343-yakovlev-yak-1-battle-of-stalingrad-1-48-plastic-model-kit/?gclid=CjwKCAjwzeqVBhAoEiwAOrEmzSqb2TIjejEGS8i1eCXqI1nPoUT6csBWc5oCKsrTm6n7kdPdEGBPIBoCKOMQAvD_BwE
  6. Having built the Bronco Comet and found it to be a good kit I wonder how much better the Tamiya one could be. I completed my apprenticeship in the factory where they were built (now an Argos outlet!) so I guess I'll have to buy one and find out
  7. I must confess to having done zero research, but what's the likelihood of this being available in the EU/UK anytime soon?
  8. Not a universal fitment, but was certainly on the Lynx 300 series among others. Fond memories of doing the electrical design on this one
  9. From recollection the Museum airframes are the BAES Development Aircraft (DA2 & DA4), so not Production standard.
  10. If that was the case, all those Tornado, Jaguar, Buccaneer, Hawk etc., kits would also be subject to the same 'licenced by' caveats, but I don't recall seeing any? Regardless, there's clearly a gap in the market for a decent EF Typhoon, and I'd also welcome a 1/48 Jaguar. If done to the same standard as their Hunter I'd be more than happy
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