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  1. Some one did but the scale might not suit you : https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/27642-airliners-modern-trijets-1200th/&tab=comments#comment-301533
  2. Update with a link to a 360° of the Concorde expo hall : https://www.museeairespace.fr/aller-plus-haut/panoramas-360/360-halls-dexposition/panorama-360-hall-concorde/ And both Concorde cockpits : 001 (F-WTSS) : https://www.museeairespace.fr/aller-plus-haut/panoramas-360/360-cabines-de-pilotage/panorama-360-concorde-001-f-wtss/ F-BTSD : https://www.museeairespace.fr/aller-plus-haut/panoramas-360/360-cabines-de-pilotage/panorama-360-concorde-f-btsd/ With power on : https://www.museeairespace.fr/aller-plus-haut/panoramas-3
  3. Although they are not of premium quality, you may find a few pictures of both prototype and production aircraft : https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234919157-a-day-at-the-museum/
  4. Hi there, It is due to the 100th anniversary that the Mirage III (3) turned into a Mirage 111 ? Or in remembrance of this vintage boxing ? https://dockerills.myshopify.com/products/airfix-dassault-mirage-iii-c-1-72-scale-kit-vintage-red-stripe-box The only Mirage bearing a number is the Mirage 5 in order not to be mistaken with the Mirage III V (V for Vertical). However she is sometimes wrongly referred as Mirage V. Cheers. AV O
  5. The B-787 is now decorated as prototypes. One side for the R/R engine, the other with the GE engine. Only the reg. number is different. The challenge in decorating was to align properly windows decals and the blue stripe as no window is stamped on the fuselage.
  6. A nice "walk around" the gears : hrttps://www.qwant.com/?q=A380 Body Gear&t=videos&o=0:8e1e57a4dccc8e1267e9a4e13237248e https://www.qwant.com/?q=A380 Body Gear&t=videos&overlay=open&o=0:2252f5eeb64fb9062924fe71d359d0ed Donn't forget as it has been said that the steerable rear wheels of the Body Gears do not have breaking devices.
  7. As shown on the picture, not quite closed : https://www.qwant.com/?q=A380 Body Gear&t=videos&o=0:7e53086c75d5a29963bf5e31a68c0893 https://www.qwant.com/?q=A380 Body Gear&t=videos&o=0:beadd609e73368fd6518a03e68c8c4aa https://www.qwant.com/?q=A380 Body Gear Operation Check&t=videos&o=0:fb5f698d2485cfae0d7edf83206699be
  8. Hello, You may try imgbb as a hosting site : https://imgbb.com It is easy to use and offers to open many separate albums. Well done with your A350. What a shame they do not exist in 1/200th ! Cheers. AV O
  9. Hi Alex, Thank your for your comment. It was quite a while back. It went ok for the building. However, I don't remember if there was any landing gear included.
  10. Good evening all. Here it is : https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/27684-airliners-trijets-smaller-ones-and-biggest-1200th/&tab=comments#comment-301808
  11. Ever seen Poseidon ??? https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/bretagne/finistere/brest/lesconil-un-visage-dans-une-vague-la-magnifique-photo-de-mathieu-rivrin-chasseur-de-tempetes-1942447.html https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/amazing-face-poseidon-effect-crashing-23434949 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9218523/Crashing-wave-appears-face-Poseidon.html http://www.tathasta.com/2021/02/poseidon-rises-crashing-wave-appears-to.html See above model :
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