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  1. Thanks Dave. My love of Matchbox kits is only surpassed by my love of Airfix kits. Both played a big part during my schooldays and it has been a pleasure to take part in this GB. Dave
  2. @Rabbit Leader Dave, any chance you could spell my username in the Build List in a consistent way? You have some with an "e" and some without. The former is correct while the latter isn't. Please can you change the rights to wrong or vice versa so that they all match. Cheers Dave
  3. Thanks everybody. This build brought back a lot of memories for me too. I built one of these when it was released in the 70s and it has always been one of my favourite Matchbox aircraft. I had never built another one of these until now. Dave
  4. My build of the Matchbox 1/72 Messerschmitt 410 (PK-113) As a bit of fun, I didn't use any paint, filler, plastic card or aftermarket bits so that it could be built as Matchbox intended - at least like the illustration on the side of the box: You can read about this build here. Dave
  5. My build of the Matchbox 1/72 Messerschmitt 410 (PK-113) I didn't use any paint, filler, plastic card or aftermarket bits so that it could be built as Matchbox intended - at least according to the illustration on the side of the box. You can read about this build here. Dave
  6. My final report now. The decals were applied and the model was completed, ready for photos. However, I knocked off the pitot tube which pinged off to an unknown location. I cut some brass rod, painted it green and glued it to the port wing: Finally finished: I had previously intended to rebuild this with fully painted interior and exterior but I have decided to leave it as it is. This build completes my participation in this Britmodeller Matchbox 50th Anniversary GB. Thanks to the hosts for what has been a very enjoyable and productive GB for me. Dave
  7. I would imagine that "Vangelis Bites Yer Legs" is a play on the original phrase "Norman Bites Yer Legs" referring to Norman Hunter which first appeared on a Leeds United fan's banner at the 1968 League Cup Final between Leeds and Arsenal. BTW, I purchased the soundtrack to 1492: Conquest of Paradise two days ago as a result of this thread and it is being played constantly. Dave
  8. Thanks I have been using Tamiya Quick-Setting Extra Thin Cement to tack some parts. For example, the nacelles haven't been glued fully along their joins and they have been fixed to the wings by using a tiny drop of glue top and bottom. I have also used tube glue on the wings and tacked the canopy with canopy glue similar to PVA. I don't have problems with removing all of the parts first of all. I take photos of all the frames before I start and should I not be sure of what a part is, I look for it's location in the photos and find it's number. It is a method that has worked fine - up to now. Dave
  9. More progress. I cleaned up the fuselage, wing and nacelle joins and glued the nacelles to the wings. I glued the wings and tailplanes to the fuselage starting with the port side: Starboard side was done and one of the under-fuselage aerials was glued in place (the other one will be fitted after decalling). The tailwheel and doors were also glued: The canopy, pitot, aerial and propellers were glued too: Considering that I haven't used any filler, plastic card or "soup", it has turned out okay. Just the decals to apply now: That's all for now. Dave
  10. Thanks Pat It certainly feels like a blast from the past and one that I am enjoying very much. However, I will be dismantling parts of this after it is finished and I will save the sticky fingerprints, fogged canopy, dodgy paint job and misaligned decals for it's rebuild. Dave
  11. Luckily, I am not painting this build but even so, I do not have much time to get this build finished before the GB gallery closes. Let's see how it goes but first, as promised in my previous post, the box contents. The reverse of the box artwork. This particular build will use the decals for the second version, a machine of 1 Staffel 'Edelweiss' Kampfgeschwader 51: In the past, I have seen this kit moulded in dark brown, light brown and light blue. This boxing has different colours. First frame is a medium green: Second frame is light blue: Third frame is a rather garish light green: The clear parts, including a stand: Decals look okay but the white has turned to a dirty grey so I will put them under a UV lamp for a few days: Instructions - They come printed on both sides of a large A3-sized sheet. On the first half of one side, there is a picture and potted history of the subject along with painting instructions for some of the smaller parts: The other half of this side list all of the Humbrol paints needed for the build and show assembly instructions for the stand. The potted history appears in various languages: On the reverse of this large sheet, the assembly instructions appear. One half has Sections 1-3 and 5: The other half shows Sections 4, 6-8: All parts were removed from the frames: They were all cleaned up: Assembly was started beginning with the fuselage: Wing halves were glued: Undercarriage was assembled as were the engine nacelles. Here the wings, tailplanes, canopy and propellers have been dry-fitted: That's all for now. Dave
  12. Sad news indeed. Blade Runner is my all-time favourite film and the Blade Runner soundtrack has been in my collection ever since it came out. I have it on my iPod and it gets played a lot, in fact it last played two nights ago. Apart from Chariots of Fire I must plead ignorance of his other works but I hope to put this right. Dave
  13. That is a shame Jamie but as Heather says, it is completely understandable. Out of the 61 paints you list above, it is only the Modern Navy paints that I would miss - but even then not for a long, long time as I have large stocks of them. Dave
  14. I echo what has been said before me. Spraying very light coats avoids a build up of ridges and the end result is much more realistic than decals. I used masks for all markings on this Airfix 1/24 Hurricane. Dave
  15. I am back home after going up to Perth this morning and here are my purchases: I bought the Colourcoats paints I needed from the Sovereign Hobbies stand and took the opportunity to introduce myself to @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies and family and got the MDF bits and bobs I wanted from Andy at the EBMA stand. I also bought a Squadron book on US Battleships at the Kit Swap and kept my promise to myself not to buy any kits. However, I won a little Lego kit plus two Airfix kits in the Tombola but I donated one of the Airfix kits (a Gladiator) to the Models for Heroes stand. I won a bag of bath salts that I intended to donate to the first smelly modeller I came across but I didn't find one before I left. I took 430 photos at the show, probably a personal record number for a modelling show - including Telford so it will take a while before I can get some of them uploaded. Dave
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