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  1. I have never owned a Robert Palmer/Power Station album until now as I have purchased his greatest hits CD. My favourite video is "Irresistible" but I wouldn't want anybody suffering any modelling accidents while watching it so here is "Addicted To Love". Dave
  2. Well spotted Sir! I am sure that the angled superstructure and door was only on the Batch IIs. All pictures I have seen of the earlier batch don't appear to have this feature as you can see in this picture of HMS Kent. Dave
  3. Another thing that is often missed is that the bulkhead facing the flight deck has two doors. The starboard one is angled: Dave
  4. Coming on nicely, Jeff. @ArnoldAmbrose One thing that is often missed by modellers of County Class Destroyers is the sloping inwards of the port-side bulkhead aft of the hangar door, beneath the 901 Sea Slug Director. It slopes inwards so that the starboard wheel/leg of the Wessex could clear it and there was a guide formed by steel plate that ran the length of this bulkhead. At the entrance to the hangar door a turntable was placed on the deck for the starboard wheel to stop on during the manoeuvre of the helicopter. The colour photograph I linked to in my post earlier in this thread shows this "cutout" and once you see it, you wonder why you never noticed it before! This picture shows the channel in the deck and was taken during an "It's a Knockout" onboard HMS Antrim in 1980: Whilst my mess mates were participating, I did the hard bit by watching and snapping their tortuous endeavours. Dave
  5. @Adam Poultney Adam, I had never used them before I ordered some FOD Covers/Blanks from them on 29th August. No issues so far and they do keep you informed at all stages of the order. My order was due to arrive anytime between 7th and 26th September. It arrived in the UK 9am this morning (10th) and I expect to receive the order on Monday. Dave
  6. @Troy Smith The Owl was only issued by Airfix from 1981-1984. Also issued by Gunze Sangyo from 1999 to 2005 and in 2013. You can find links to details of the issues of all of the Airfix birds at the links below. The dates shown are the first year of issue by Airfix: Bluetits 1978 Bullfinches 1976 Kingfisher 1980 Little Owl 1981 Robins 1979 Woodpecker 1982 Dave
  7. Nice one @beefy66 I am due to build one of these for an ATF Figure GB starting in two weeks time. Hopefully, I can make as good a job as you are doing with your restoration. Dave
  8. Here is a YouTube presentation by Kyle explaining the different events: Dave
  9. Looks like Kyle made the Royals happy today. Here he is collecting the Glenfiddich Trophy for winning the Braemar Gathering event. Over the past few weeks he has also won the overall Highland Games Championship for 2022 and the 2022 Scottish Champion trophy. Apologies for the crap photo but it was a shot of the TV in my modelling den: Dave
  10. Another shameless plug for Aileen's son-in-law. He has retained the Glenfiddich title for top Scotsman in the Highland Games season this year (2022). He can clinch the overall title too if he gets enough points at the Braemar Gathering today (3rd September 2022) and Aileen and her daughters are up there supporting him today. Talking of which, there is a live stream of the Braemar Gathering at: https://vimeo.com/event/2371412 If you find bagpipes annoying, you may need to hit the mute button! Dave
  11. looking for photos of the scottish nationals in perth 2022--like looking for hens teeth.

  12. I have the same book @Ray S, mine being printed in 1979, The spine of my book and dust jacket both read "Scale Modeller's Handbook" as it should. I agree, it is an excellent book. Dave
  13. "But I only buy a model when you buy a pair of shoes..." Dave
  14. As @Black Knight says, there are a lot of ways to mount ships but I use the same sort of method as he uses. In the case of one build I did, because it was so big, I epoxied four 80mm M6 bolts inside the hull: I then bolted the build to a temporary base which allowed easier handling of the beast during construction. In fact, this base has been used for quite a few builds in the past and will continue to be used in the future: At the end the build, I replaced the temporary base using brass tubing to hide the bolts but I also used brass washers to protect the base and the model. The underside of the base has countersunk holes and after tightening the nuts, I covered the holes with pads: You can buy all sorts of ferrules of different materials, shapes and sizes and I guess you are restricted only by your budget and imagination. I have even used drawer knobs. Dave
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