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  1. Welcome. Nice to see a varied selection of models - a bit like myself whose genre changes almost as often as the Scottish weather does. I moved up to Edinburgh (Blackhall) from England in 2008. The following year I moved down to Stow in the Borders for what was supposed to be for a year but I'm still here almost twelve years later. Dave
  2. Liverpool Echo article - https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/two-enormous-navy-warships-arrive-20534107 Dave
  3. Lovely build, John. It has scrubbed up very well. Dave
  4. A very nice build, Jon. I love the weathering. Dave
  5. The camouflage scheme worked then if you didn't see it! Dave
  6. Excellent scratchbuilding. I have always been interested in these monsters but could never take on such a project at such a scale! I am looking forward to the next instalment. Dave
  7. Not that universal, Rob. I thought he was looking up at the bird that just crapped on his head. Dave
  8. Thanks for the explanation, John. Dave
  9. Sorry for the misunderstanding, rs2man ! The Airfix Jaguar is therefore a 420S! Dave
  10. Rob, the Jag is the 420 although @rs2man informed me that it is actually a 420 S-Type. It appears that the easiest part about my "Quest" was finding all the kits and paying for them - the hardest part is finding the time to make them all. Dave
  11. I started building one of these a couple of weeks ago, Rob, but my figure was even worse than yours and looked like Quasimodo! It is ready for painting but I have held off doing that until I come to paint a red and white Airfix SR.N4 that I start tomorrow. I am glad that I have delayed the build as I could well borrow some of your ideas before I finally paint mine! Dave
  12. I don't blame you, Mike. It is a lot of money especially as it won't give you the plans you need. BTW, I have scanned the Airfix SR.N4 Hoverlloyd painting profile so should you decide in the future that you would like to scratchbuild one, you can get it at: https://davecov.org/modelling/models/pictures/miscellaneous/SRN4/Airfix_SRN4_Painting_Profile_Hoverlloyd.jpg Dave
  13. Hi Mike, Most of the drawings are concerned with hovercraft theory etc and only a couple of cutaway drawings similar to the "Flight Magazine" layout for the SR.N4 and SR.N1 which to be honest are too fuzzy to be of any use. There are two plan views of the SR.N4 showing the layouts of the Mk1 and Mk2 as well but no side or front and back profiles. Having the kit in front of me, I can't really see how it would be possible to scratchbuild any of the hovercraft featured using the book drawings alone. Actually, the Airfix SR.N4 kit painting profiles give top, side, front and back views
  14. I am currently reading "On a Cushion of Air" by Robin Paine and Roger Syms, which tells the story of Hoverlloyd and the Cross-Channel hovercraft service it ran along with rivals Seaspeed. It also covers the development of the hovercraft from the SR.N1 up to 2012 (date of book's publication). It also covers the stories of Sir Christopher Cockerell, Saunders-Roe and the entry of Vickers-Armstrongs into hovercraft production. It is a beautiful book containing lots of photos, drawings and technical information in it's 700 pages which also include lots of anecdotes from crews, engineers
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