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  1. Wow. I thought the first photo was a reference shot from the film- impressive modelling!! Colin
  2. Excellent work again Fritag, the wing root weathering and the exhausts painting is just so realistic- of course it is for a museum. Well done sir!! Colin
  3. Hi Adam, I am also from Suffolk- Newmarket , also a regular at Duxford and Mildenhall- however now removed to NZ. BM is a great place to learn new skills. Colin
  4. Welcome aboard Nick- from NZ- Britmodeller showcases all kinds of modelling and has many helpful experts. Colin
  5. Hendie, this is a top class model- I have followed the build and the final result is musuem class. Well done sir!! Colin
  6. Yes excellent work on the model. The wheel spokes was well worth the time and patience and look terrific. The representation of the wing ribs was clever technique and really works. This kit is a real memory jogger. Colin.
  7. You have taken 1/72 modelling to another level not one I could ever aspire to.. The interior detail and the rear gunners position is top class. Thank you for posting, a feast for the eyes. Colin
  8. Well done Don. What's not to like in a model of a Chipmunk and this is a very good model indeed. The cockpit and canopy are particularly good. Colin
  9. Absolute winners, the weathering on these models is subtle and very believable. Well done sir!! Colin
  10. Well done Tony another great looking Mossie. Many years ago when I was in the Chiltern Scale Model Club we each built a different mark of Mossie for the Mosquito Museum at London Colney- I think I did the MK XX111. It looks like you are doing them all yourself. Look forward to seeing some more. Colin
  11. Yes welcome aboard from sunny New Zealand. Colin
  12. Superb modelling Russ, the first photo looks like a reference photo rather than a model. Well done sir!! Colin
  13. That looks to have been an interesting event with so many varied aeroplanes. Thank you for posting. Colin
  14. Really nice photos, thank you. I still think of it as a newcomer to the RAF, can't believe it is 20 years. tempus fugit. Colin
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