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  1. Well done, your model is the spitting image of the one on the photograph!
  2. Well done, The paint work and shading on this model is very realistic indeed- it must have taken a long time to complete.
  3. "something quick" my proper builds don't look like that- great looking Spitfire.
  4. One of the best 1/72 Lightnings I have seen, the diorama is also first class.
  5. Very nice job on saving your model- it looks as good as a new kit.
  6. Trials aeroplanes often have really interesting color schemes, I am doing an ETPS provost at the moment (badly). I have not seen this scheme before, you have done a really good job on it and the model.
  7. Great looking model, the detail painting is excellent. I am sure I read that the rotor blades were wooden.
  8. Those colours and markings always made RN Phantoms look very smart indeed. Yours is an impressive and beautifully finished model- thanks for showing.
  9. Yet another impressive model Moa. I have never seen a Moth with such a cabin- you learn something new every day on Britmodeller.
  10. That would look special in any model display. I don't know Amodel kits at all but you have produced a winner there. Does the AA badge suggest concerns about the reliability of the engine I wonder?
  11. First class modelling. I particularly like your paint work.
  12. Really interesting and detailed shots of some unique schemes. We don't get to much real hardware down in NZ, I remember the Tornadoes first arriving at Coningsby many years ago. Hope fulls some of these schemes will be produced by the decal makers.
  13. Some really interesting photos that have led to lots of interesting information being posted. I don't recall ever having seen that spine before.
  14. Thanks for posting, some very nice pictures of the Dakotas-despite the weather. I like the shots of the Dakotas together.
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