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  1. Yet another fantastic archive, thank you Mark, I'm sure many Tucanos will be emerging from various lofts as a result.
  2. Hi Mike, Alan is in Auckland, I am near Matamata a couple of hours drive from central  Auckland.  I am a member of a model club in Hamilton and we sometimes get visits from Auckland modellers but we have not met yet.

    The article was really interesting on the difficulty of landing straight, I am sure it is harder now using runways than in 1940 landing on a grass airfield directly in to wind.  My experiences are on landing Chipmunks and Tiger Moths, both a lot more docile.


    1. 72modeler


      Colin, I'm glad you enjoyed reading about flying the Bf-109. I remember  reading all of Winkle Brown's Pilot Notes in Air International for so many years and hanging on every word. Thanks for taking the time to write. I have really enjoyed the dialogue and fellowship here on BM. I've only landed a Harvard, actually a T-6 in Canadian colors and markings when I bought an hour's stick time several  years ago. I wanted to get a feel for what it must have been like for my late father when he was going through flight training in 1944 at Randolph Field. I saw what me meant about it being a ground looping beast!


      Best wishes,


  3. Hi Ian, nice looking Harrier- good paint job. You don't often see the early ones in US markings. I have both the new Airfix Mk 1 and Mk 3 boxings in the stash- yet to make their way to the surface. Colin
  4. Great save Jon on a nice tiny kit. Good to see an Aeroclub model again. The O ring idea is ingenious. Colin
  5. Great set of reference photos for anyone making a model. At the time they were introduced I heard that the choice of the Tucano was made to prop up Shorts in NI and that the RAF would have preferred the Swiss offering the PC9 - not sure of the truth of that.
  6. Nice looking model with subtle weathering. Well done sir!
  7. Beautiful paint job- the weathering is at a whole new level. Well done sir!! Colin
  8. Very nice build - I remember the kit and the packaging- good to see one again.
  9. Excellent model very well pained with the differing panel shades. Well done sir!
  10. Lovely build Pat. Much better than my effort in about 1970 ish, or whenever. Never even knew about the faded colours on the wing back then.
  11. Very nice indeed. Great paint job- one up to the hairy stick.
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