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  1. Beautiful models, and yes it is hard to thinks of a better colour scheme. Just goes to show that change is not necessarily progress. Colin
  2. Very impressive museum quality modelling. Well done sir!! Colin
  3. My wife was looking over my shoulder as I caught up with the thread and she also agrees it has a really smiley face.
  4. Great looking model sir- well done. Whatever happened to the real 66? I hope she made it to a museum somewhere.
  5. Having just bought an Airfix Shackleton MR2 I am following this with great interest a growing sense of unease. Good luck Al. Colin
  6. Well done Adrian, you have greatly improved on the original FROG kit. I built one of these shortly after it came out- didn't look half as good as this unfortunately. Colin
  7. Low flying formation of 6 Texan II's zipping across the house- largest military formation I have seen in NZ since I arrived. Great to see!!
  8. Hey, am I really first in line. I have one of these as well so will be interested to follow your build. Good fortune sir Colin
  9. Absolutely stunning piece of modelling. Please tell - How do you get that water effect it is so realistic? Colin
  10. Thank you for the detailed history of the aeroplane it opens a door to the reality of what the model represents. As for the model itself- brilliant- I particularly like the interior work and the other detailing. A work to be admired. Colin
  11. Great looking model- very realistic. I read Knoke's autobiography some 30 years ago and can be recommended as a very good read. Colin
  12. That is an amazing model. Well built and superbly painted with subtle weathering. Hard to believe it is 1/72. Well done sir!! Colin
  13. Agreed - got to love a Lightning- watching this with interest!! Colin
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