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  1. What a great model. The weathering is so realistic and thank you for explaining how you do it.
  2. What a brilliant job you have made of this conversion on such a small kit. Love the way you have folded everything ready for the hangar. I too remember watching Warship- those Leander class ships were the workhorses of the fleet.
  3. Old Vulcan or not this looks really good.
  4. Great finish on the model, unique scheme. Also featuring on Pprune I think ?
  5. Very nice indeed Ian. The colour scheme and finish is excellent on this. This too is my first and only F15 kit only mine is not built yet and still in the stash. After this I am tempted to see if I can find it.
  6. My build experience of the P80 first time around was remarkably similar to yours Steve. Your new one looks amazing, love the paint job, great finish. Maybe I should have another go. Colin
  7. Loved the erudite introduction Edward, the Orwell quote was new to me. Like all of us he had successes and failures, good points and bad. strengths and weaknesses, was loved and hated. But his life had an impact that was writ large on the course of British and World history from the Boer War to the Cold War. As for the Lightning, my first encounter was at RAF Coltishall in the late 60's- after that forever smitten. Following your build with great interest. Colin
  8. Two top notch models. Having built several JPs of varying quality I think yours is excellent. Colin
  9. Absolutely beautiful, great looking model and what a wonderful WIF. I would love to have seen thisat an airshow, but 9 Lightnings, a 10 minute routine, would hate to have to pay the fuel bill.
  10. Excellent modelling Mark, really subtle and effective weathering. A fine tribute model.
  11. Following this with great interest. You are doing a grand job. Colin
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