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  1. What a full Wip and the models all look so well done. Your work is always good to follow Heather- so many tips and techniques to pick up. As I have just bought my first compressor after 50 years of brush painting It was interesting to follow your views on the differing paints. i must check out that jig as well. Colin
  2. Top class modelling skills Dave, well done sir!! Coln
  3. Excellent modelling Si, the paint job is superb and the bomb bay looks so realistic. Colin
  4. No abuse here Ian, you have cracked this Dooleybird, I really like the differing metal finishes. Colin
  5. Thank you Black Knight - I'll get right on it. Colin
  6. Hi All, I am trying to tap into the infinite wisdom of BM. I am making a 1/72 Pegasus Gloster Gauntlet at the moment - 19 squadron Duxford silver scheme. I have the Warpaint drawings by Ian Stair and have started construction. My question is what colour should I use for the seat and fuselage interior? Any help gratefully received. Colin
  7. Very impressive build and painting-I particularly like the realistic engine staining in the rear fuselage. Colin
  8. Wow Bertie, going boldly where I've never been before- I am following this with great interest. Colin
  9. Agreed, what a great job you did on this. My first Marauder was also the Frog one, I remember the U/C legs were very fragile. Colin
  10. Very nice indeed, this looks so real. Colin
  11. Excellent work on this model- very realistic. I saw one of these - at Finningly I think- would it be allowed to enter the beauty contest?? Colin
  12. What a great Phantom- please tell us your weathering secrets !!!! Colin
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