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  1. I'm no expert but I am pretty sure you are out of luck and they had the two greys you mentioned for several years before the MSG era. David
  2. I too am sorry to hear of Roger Lindsay's death. He provided some brilliant reference material over the years. David
  3. David Womby


    The two Javelin radomes are very different shapes. Not least because the one for the US radar (FAW2,6,8 IIRC) is slanted. See the drawing here: https://aerofred.com/data/thumbnails/54/gloster_javelin_2_2.jpg David
  4. Yes, there's at least one pic of a pair of 9 Sqdn Tonkas both carrying 8x1000lb practice bombs. David
  5. Thanks, Dennis. Yes it is close but...... I am beginning to think they could carry but never used them. The F4 photo I pointed to above seems an odd load for it to carry and the pic is too close to the aircraft to see any markings or context. David
  6. The only pic I can find of an RAF Hunter with a 1000lb bomb is here: http://aviadejavu.ru/Site/Arts/Art5801.htm and it is of an F4! Anybody got pointers to any other RAF Hunters carrying bombs, please? David
  7. I'm being lazy here but I don't think I've seen a photo of an RAF FGA9 carrying 1000lb bombs. They usually seem to be armed with unguided rockets or rocket pods. Can anybody point me to one, please? David
  8. I just found this as I had a memory of Frog issuing a kit with a clear disc as a prop. I think this is the only kit they did that with IIRC. It looks as though it works at least as well as any more modern attempt to reproduce a spinning prop and I love your build and the idea of matching it up with the V1 and base from the Spit XIV kit. Lovely. David
  9. Dave, I wanted one for years for the same reason as you : coverage of the Rhodesian Canberras. I finally got lucky last year and ordered one from a South African bookstore for a fairer price. PM me if you want to know more about the content and good luck tracking one down. David
  10. Good luck finding a Frog battle to do the St James. That would be a great way to commemorate your father's time on her. I got lucky finding mine. A museum in Nova Scotia sells used models. They had the Novo issue as HMS Trafalgar for $59 but I found they also had the older issue by UPC as HMS Cadiz for $29 so I bought that one. David
  11. Graham Great to hear from you and thanks for the kind offer. PM will follow shortly. This is planned to be a once in a lifetime ship build for me. I doubt I'll get hooked but we'll see. David
  12. An amazing collection. Just the sight of the laden shelves made my jaw drop. David
  13. Thanks. I have been contacted by a US modeller who is looking things up for me in his copy of the Boniface book. The RAN Battles look cool with their different turrets and funnel tops. David
  14. Thanks, I know, but this is a one time ship model build for me and I can't justify buying that book. There are, apparently, 2 libraries in the US that have copies so I may try getting an inter-library loan. David
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