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  1. It started to happen while I was applying the paint. Ah well, I guess it will stay a mystery. I'll give it a rubdown with 1000 grit and apply another coat. Hopefully that will look OK. David
  2. 'fraid not. This was brushed straight. Not thinned. I did shake it well for a full minute. Longer than I think I did for the first 2 coats but maybe it was not long enough and there were some unmixed parts in the paint? i.e. the thinners in the paint separated and didn't get mixed properly? David
  3. It could be finger oil if it was that one area but it also happened in areas underneath where nothing oily could have got near it. Very odd but hopefully it will rub out and disappear with a recoat. David Yes, I did wash it before painting and this is the 3rd coat. This didn't happen with the 1st or 2nd coat. David
  4. Can anyone suggest what happened here? It is Hataka Red Line - acrylic for airbrushing - but I must confess to applying this with a brush. This was the 3rd coat, applied 2 or 3 weeks since the last coat, and in a few places it acted like there was oil preventing it from staying in place. It isn't oily, honest. So any thoughts as to why it did this. It's not catastrophic but a bit annoying and I'd like to not have it recur. Thanks, David
  5. Is it clear, tinted black or painted over black? David
  6. John, do you have anything showing the profile and/or dimensions of this pod, please? David
  7. Well done rescuing and turning that one into a beauty. David
  8. Beautiful job on one of the most beautiful aircraft ever! David
  9. I built that MB2 in 2015. So at that rate, you may see the MB5 in 2027. I'll try to get to it sooner. It's in the stash but I have other builds underway and planned for now. David
  10. Only one built and it crashed killing the pilot Captain Valentine Baker. Here she is with her predecessor, the MB2. The wing planforms and dimensions look almost identical. Comments and criticisms welcomed. David
  11. Thanks for the kind offer but I am fixed up now. David
  12. I am looking for the later, longer, aluminium rails fitted to Typhoons and Tempests. Airwaves did a resin set of these (SC72-137) but I can't find any for sale except from a couple of shops in Europe and the shipping costs to the USA for such small items are extremely high. I am looking for the bare rails only. Is there any readily available source? Are they in any 1/72 kit? Thanks David
  13. You could try Vallejo 71.121. It's USN Light Gull Gray which is very close (to me eyes) to RAF Light Aircraft Grey. David
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