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  1. Having built an Airfix Centurion and a resin Conqueror for a recent GB on UAMF, I continued on to the Airfix Chieftain. Sorry but I didn't take many pictures. The kit seems an accurate representation of an early Mk2 with a nice level of detail. I did add a few extra bits: lifting eyes on the turret, a couple of extinguishers, the ranging gun protruding above the main gun barrel, tow hooks at the rear, fatter exhausts, a stowage cage and tow cables. The cage is made from staples and some slivers of plastic card. It’s inaccurate being slightly too small and simplified but improves the overall look. The only problem I had was the upper hull part was slightly warped upwards at the front and too rigid to fix. You can see it left a gap at the front end above the lower hull side pieces. In the end I had to live with it and needed to do some fine shaping of the top edges of the side skirts to make them fit. The vinyl(?) tracks provided were very warped from decades of being twisted amongst the other sprues in the tightly packed box. I used a few expletives during the fitting of the tracks but in the end they look OK because I could glue them tightly to the roadwheels and hide the poor join behind the tank's side skirts! I wanted to do the green/black camo but didn't have suitable decals. Therefore my combination of that scheme, the kit registration numbers and the regimental markings is fictitious. In hindsight, I wish I hadn't applied the white squares to the turret. The acrylic matt clear I brushed on didn't dry as matt as I wanted either. I am modelling this at our holiday cottage. I'll squirt it with matt clear from the airbrush when I take it home.. So, not an accurate replica. Just a "representation" of a Mk2 Chieftain in service. This lineup of my 3 small scale tanks (Conqueror, Centurion and Chieftain) resembles a photo I found somewhere on the web but can't recall where so I can't give credit to the owners. David
  2. Mike, You can make a passable early Harrier from the old Revell kit. I did one here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235101810-132-harrier-gr1/ David
  3. I am a 72scale aircraft modeller. This Centurion is the first small scale tank I have built since the 60s. I did a bit of work on it. I lengthened the hull as there should be a larger gap between the 2nd and 3rd roadwheels than Airfix moulded. I scratchbuilt smoke grenade launchers, added lifting eyes, fire extinguishers and gunner's periscope to the turret and fitted a shallow locker on the glacis. I relocated one spare track link to the rear of the turret and I added the towing cables and the gun cradle in the stowed position on the rear left hull. Airfix label this a Mk8 but, although I am no expert, my research makes me think it is more representative of a Mk5. Here it is beside its big brother - the Conqueror Mk2 - although being 1/72, it is about 5% too big compared to this Centurion. The Conqueror is a resin wargaming type model from S&S models. It had a few pinholes and simplified track patterns but overall was nicely moulded. I added a few details too - lifting eyes, fire extinguishers, spade and towing cables. The decal on the turret is probably inaccurate . I added it to brighten it up. David
  4. I have been looking at lots of pics but can't decide. The Centurion pics seem to show the extinguishers mostly painted the same Bronze Green as the tank itself. The Conqueror seems to sometimes have them the same as the tank but others are a lighter colour. What should those be? Thanks for any help. David
  5. Thanks so much for your help. David
  6. Did the Conqueror Mk2 have rubber rims on its roadwheels? Looking at pics, I can't tell if there's a thin rubber rim or just steel. Thanks for any help. David
  7. Try finding Airfix Magazine January 1967. Alan W Hall converted a Heron to a Sea Devon. You could follow his article but use the vac fuselage. David
  8. https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/research/archive-exhibitions/comet-the-worlds-first-jet-airliner/last-comet-1/ David
  9. Ok, maybe he doesn't represent an RAF Harrier pilot then. David
  10. There's a not bad-looking standing pilot in the Airfix NATO Ground Crew set. It looks like he may represent an RAF Harrier pilot c.1980. http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=561 David
  11. Spitfire FR.XIV TZ164, OI-A, 2 Squadron, RAF Germany late 1940s. This is the Frog F.XIV wing mated to the Hawk F.22 fuselage and a scratchbuilt FR.XVIII-style enlarged rudder. I couldn't manage to make the offset tabs at the rear edge. So they are lightly drawn on. The decals are a mix of home printed and Scale Model Products from Canada. The propblur, as usual, is from artwork by James Perrin. Hard to believe these two types were in service less than 15 years apart! David
  12. Good point. Maybe it should be referred to as "Out Of the Boxes"? David
  13. Thanks for your help. Since she was such a camera-shy bird, I couldn't resist those markings. David
  14. Well, whatever it is, that's what I tried to represent on my F3 and T4 David
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