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  1. 500lb or 1000lb bombs, Bullpups, Sidewinders, Red Beard (probably never off a carrier!!!) and IIRC, rocket pods David
  2. I know early in their life they sometimes had EDSG wing tanks and that later they and the centreline tanks were all over white but some pics seem to show 767 and 892 FG1s with EDSG centreline tanks. David
  3. Alright. I will give it a sniff test in the morning. David
  4. I normally paint with all acrylics but this time I used a matt ModelMaster enamel. it's dried fast - less than 2 hours but how long before I can safely apply an acrylic gloss coast for the decals to go on, please? David
  5. I never knew the tanks were made of 3 sections like that. Thanks, everyone. David
  6. Thanks for the compliments. James Perrin's propblurs are really good. I print them directly onto overhead projection clear sheets. You can find James' work here, but please note they are for your PERSONAL USE ONLY: James Perrin's Propblurs David
  7. The starboard wing seems to have a tank that has been modified or, at least, has an odd paintjob. I don't know who has copyright on this but I found it here: https://weaponsparade.com/f-4k-fg-1-f-4m-fgr-2-phantom-ii-gallery/ David
  8. This is the old Frog XIV wings and canopy mated to the Aeroclub vacform fuselage for the F.XIV. I had the wings spare as that Frog fuselage was mated to Hawk F22 wings a few years ago to build a Seafire F.45! The bombs and carriers are from the old KP IX kit. The propblur on this is courtesy of James' (JamesP) templates and the Frog Skybase is courtesy of Mark (MarkyM607). I chose this particular Spitfire as it has clipped wings, an unusual camouflage with Medium Sea Grey undersides and the same grey on the topsides (instead of the usual, darker Ocean Grey) plus small 'A' type roundels. RN131 sadly overturned on landing and was written off in Japan in 1947. I know they are old but I still enjoy using John's excellent Aeroclub products! David
  9. This is a nicely detailed kit with no vices but not for a beginner - it's all butt-joints. Pegasus produced some nice stuff for a low-volume small company. Here she is with her predecessors that I have built in the past. The MB2 is a vacform by AirFrame Canada and the MB3 is a Magna resin. David
  10. Thanks for that. I'm only doing large aircraft in 1/144 now. Do you know if anybody make 301 tailpipes in 1/144? I can't find any. David
  11. I don't know if it's been posted here before but there's some fascinating reading (and photos) here: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/ It's mostly technical test results but on some pages there are pilot combat log entries, David
  12. Apologies for the poor photo but it's an original print I took with my little Instamatic many, many years ago. I'd like to model this as it was the first Phantom I saw. I took the photo at Leuchars airshow in, I think, 1969, 70 or maybe 71. I can make out the code 'C' but not the serial. I think the code letter is white repeated in black on the nosewheel door? Thanks. David
  13. Just a bit more on RN131. According to here: https://www.avialogs.com/spitfire-and-seafire-registry/item/102120-rn131 "........... 17S Overshot landing into canal and overturned Kisarazu Japan CE 3-8-47 SOC 30-10-47". Although this page: https://blandfordschoolsmemorial.co.uk/flying-officer-david-alexander-17-sqn-raf/ refers to the death of F/O Alexander of 17 Sqdn in RN128 the photos on the page look like RN131's accident. Looking at the pics, I can see no trace of fire and I can see the canal and she is overturned whereas Alexander bailed out due to engine fire according to https://www.avialogs.com/spitfire-and-seafire-registry/item/102117-rn128 which states "..............17S eng fire aircraft abandoned crashed nr Hiroshima 19-9-47 pilot killed" I am pretty sure these pics must be of RN131's crash. She has a letter 'M' under the nose and is carrying what look like bomb racks. David
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