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  1. I may have the Vulcan sheets spare but I cannot check until Nov 1. If interested, please PM me then. David
  2. Just dropped in on this GB as I am away from home and can't participate. Ray, this is great stuff. David
  3. Looks good, Dennis. Wasn't the Buccaneer an amazingly purposeful looking machine! David
  4. This is the old Lincoln (also issued over the years by Kader and International Models ) Canberra. Lincoln was a Hong Kong company back when it was a UK Crown Colony so maybe it's close enough to be considered a CBK? Anyway, the kit is pretty basic - no interior or undercarriage and represents a PR3 but is pretty accurate!. Although it comes with decals for VX181, the PR3 prototype, the colours used for the codes are wrong. I shortened the fuselage back to B2 length, added some scrap to represent the pilot's head and ejection seat and made my own decals. Here she is as Canberra B2 WH638 of 32 Squadron RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus c. 1960. Not my best but I am pretty happy with her and she looks good next to my 1/96 Vulcan B1 and Victor B1. David
  5. FWIW, the 1/72 Airfix kit includes the datalink pod. I have a spare. If you want it, PM me your address. David
  6. Heller did a 1/50 of the 01 prototype back in the mists of time. That would probably show you the mods needed in 1/72. Also, there's at least one pic of her with an enormous fin but I don't know if she ever flew with that. David
  7. Nothing is an exact match but you might find Lt Gull Gray acceptable although it is a tad lighter than Lt Aircraft Grey IMHO. Of course, lighting makes a difference too. One of these Jaguars is Lt Aircraft Grey and one is Lt Gull Gray. David
  8. I just found this. Great build. I have that kit on my desk now under consideration for a build. Yours is a great help. The kit is, obviously, very basic but seems quite accurate. I may shorten mine to represent a bomber version though. Thanks too for the tip on using artist acrylics! David
  9. Agreed. I did have the High Planes one in the stash but sold it and I am trying not to buy more kits so the S+M one is not an option. I do have an extensive collection of the Aeroclub nose replacements and vac fuselages and that's what I will use for my next one with the bomber nose. David
  10. Excellent. I didn't know 25 had re-formed. David
  11. That looks great. I have the kit and a conversion to build an MR1. You are tempting me to have a go. David
  12. Thanks, Dave. I'll probably build something else first but there's plenty more Canberras in my stash. All old moulds. Maybe I'll have to build one of the fugly nose jobs they saddled them with in later life - T22, T17, etc, etc David
  13. This is Matchbox's Canberra PR9 original issue from c.1978. I built her to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Canberra's maiden flight on May 13, 1949. The only mods I made were to open up and glaze the front and rear camera ports, add a towel rail type antenna and make the strakes around the rear lower fuselage more obvious (probably too much so). I added the wing tanks that were spare from a previous Airfix build. The fit was good except for the engine nacelles which are moulded with separate front and rears and I needed to do a lot of filling to get the joints smooth there. Decals are the original Matchbox ones. I didn't weather her as a) I am not very good at it and b) I have a pic showing her looking nice and clean. The decals are from the kit and held up well after 40+ years. Here she is with my other built Canberras - the silver one on the ground is the Airfix B(I)6 with an uncorrected nose (c.1993), the camo one is Frog(spawn) B(I)8 (c.2008) and the MSG/Black on is the Airfix B(I)6 with a Frog nose grafted on (2018). David
  14. Thanks, John. I also found a good pic of XH168 with 58 Sqdn on aviationphotocompany.com. David
  15. Thanks, Dave. Not as easy to search as I'd like but very useful nonetheless. David
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