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  1. Wow. It is extremely hard to convince myself that is 1/72. Amazing! David
  2. Nice camo job. I can't see too many Meteors. So many variants and squadrons! David
  3. Lovely paint job on that one and great choice of squadron markings. David
  4. Wonderful! I've not seen that before either. Thanks David
  5. That's a bit odd that the problem occurs on Microscsle's own gloss. That has never happened to me even using Microset on it the same day. I have had decal solvents make cloudy marks on Future. The marka always went away after applying another coat of Future on top of the area. David
  6. Thanks, everyone. Yes, this was a nostalgic type of build and, yes, it was less stressful and therefore more fun than my attempts to be a more sophisticated builder! I will probably build more this way, especially if I can get more comfortable using a brush. Airbrushing is great and, clearly, produces better results but somehow it is not as satisfying to me as brushing seems to be. David
  7. Nice job. Matchbox are pretty basic but you've shown they can still produce a great result. David
  8. The Mbox jaguar T2 kit is really inaccurate, especially around the cockpit, but I wanted something to practice brush painting on and this got elected. So I rehaped the nose as best I could and added splitter plates as I wanted to represent XW566, the prototype T2. As i knew the kit was inaccurate and I really wanted it just for painting, I threw it together in 4 days. I think that's the quickest build I have done since I was 8 years old! The paints are all Testors acrylics US colours chosen because I wanted to see how close they look to true RAF colours . Here it is with the Airfix kit of the prototype single seater XW560 built over 25 years ago and airbrushed with Humbrol enamels. David
  9. I am not an expert but from what I've read over the years, RAF ones would have had the flaps up when parked. The airbrakes would also be up but some seem to have had a small hydraulic leak there and occasionally you see the airbrake partially open. I am sure true experts will give you a definite answer. David
  10. Looks terrific. I never heard of that version before - was it real? If not, it should have been. What model was the basis? David
  11. Well done. I always preferred the early RN Lynxes in blue rather than the later grey. David
  12. I love the weathering job!!! David
  13. Well done. Not the easiest of kits but you've turned out a great result. David
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