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  1. Did the Conqueror Mk2 have rubber rims on its roadwheels? Looking at pics, I can't tell if there's a thin rubber rim or just steel. Thanks for any help. David
  2. Try finding Airfix Magazine January 1967. Alan W Hall converted a Heron to a Sea Devon. You could follow his article but use the vac fuselage. David
  3. https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/research/archive-exhibitions/comet-the-worlds-first-jet-airliner/last-comet-1/ David
  4. Ok, maybe he doesn't represent an RAF Harrier pilot then. David
  5. There's a not bad-looking standing pilot in the Airfix NATO Ground Crew set. It looks like he may represent an RAF Harrier pilot c.1980. http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=561 David
  6. Spitfire FR.XIV TZ164, OI-A, 2 Squadron, RAF Germany late 1940s. This is the Frog F.XIV wing mated to the Hawk F.22 fuselage and a scratchbuilt FR.XVIII-style enlarged rudder. I couldn't manage to make the offset tabs at the rear edge. So they are lightly drawn on. The decals are a mix of home printed and Scale Model Products from Canada. The propblur, as usual, is from artwork by James Perrin. Hard to believe these two types were in service less than 15 years apart! David
  7. Good point. Maybe it should be referred to as "Out Of the Boxes"? David
  8. Thanks for your help. Since she was such a camera-shy bird, I couldn't resist those markings. David
  9. Well, whatever it is, that's what I tried to represent on my F3 and T4 David
  10. Don't know if this was an original fit or added later but this F3 looks like it has one. It's XR713 and pic is from https://www.eelightningsig.uk/f3-xr713.html David
  11. Have to love any FAA Phantom but the budgie ones always looked especially appealing. Lovely build. David
  12. Sounds like that was a bit challenging but you'd never know it looking at the great results! David
  13. Had to believe it's brush painted. Well done. David
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