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  1. I am not an expert but I do have a few references on Buccs. In Allward's book, on p52, there's a B&W pic of all white S1 and hte insides of the airbrakes are a very dark colour with large white numbers (I think the aircraft id code). I would guess a dark grey in there. David
  2. Were their PR10s MSG over PRU Blue when first based in West Germany and later changed to camo over PRU Blue? Or straight into camo on arrival in Germany? David
  3. Helps with the model and certainly entertaining reading. Thanks David
  4. I could well be wrong but, to my eyes, there's a sharp horizontal dark area showing aft of the port u/c that is lower than the lower edge of the drop tank that shows ahead of the port u/c. David
  5. Works for me now. Please let me know if you can get to it. David
  6. Darn it. Nor me now that I try it!!!! I am working on it....... David
  7. I am building this one and am working from this photo (only one of two I could find in 29 Sqdn markings and the other is too small to see details). FWIW XT909 was a two-stick aircraft. http://www.aviationphotocompany.com/p934046062/h24ee0a25#h24ee0a25 I think I am seeing: drop tanks, twin AIM-9 launch rails (but empty), centreline cannon and blue dummies in forward AIM-7 slots. I am thinking there would be nothing mounted in the rear AIM-7 slots but am wondering if there might have been a drill round AIM-9 on one of the port launchers. Anybody know? David
  8. Shaun, PM me your address. I can let you have the B-29 parts of that Kits At War decal sheet. David
  9. Thanks, John, but I am now modelling a grey one pre-periscope David
  10. If it's all invisible stuff then I don't need the details. Thanks, John. David
  11. Should have known I could rely on you, John! Thank you but now I want to know about the concurrent tasks specified too, please. David
  12. Did it include the periscope on the port side of the canopy ? Thanks David
  13. I like it. it's simple and a pretty good shape overall. Not much you can do with the cockpit though as it's a tiny space. Here's mine on, IIRC, a Frog FGA9 (yes I know it's not a great Hunter representation) although the instructions specify the original Airfix F6. David David
  14. This is the one at the SAAF Museum. David
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