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David Womby

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  1. David Womby

    Rhodesian Hunter colours

    It would have made a great looking scheme. Shame it never existed. David
  2. David Womby

    Rhodesian Hunter colours

    Wow, Dave. What made that pop in to your head today? Is this evidence for there being Hunters with sky undersides? David
  3. David Womby

    LF DB 1/72 Victor B.2 intakes instructions scan

    I have them. PM me your email address, please. David
  4. This is the old Airfix 1/72 B(I)6 but with the nose replaced from the cockpit forward by one cut from the old Frog B(I)8 kit. The only other modifications I made were to shorten the bullets in the engine intakes and fit larger, more accurate tailpipes. This old Airfix kit builds up quite nicely with a bit of care gluing the fuselage halves (they need to be glued in stages to get it all aligned) and the wing/fuselage joins. In hindsight, I should have attached the nose glazing earlier and faired it in properly. Also, I didn't bother with all the possible stencils as they're a) too tedious and b) not really visible from the 6ft range that I view my models Comments and suggestions are welcome. David
  5. David Womby

    617 Sqdn Canberras: nose flash colours

    Just to show that I do actually make models and not just ask detailed questions: I'll post a couple more pics in the completions forum. David
  6. David Womby

    Canberra PR.9 1/72 Plans - any out there?

    I will PM you, John. BTW are the bulges in the MBox engine nacelles correct? David
  7. David Womby

    Canberra PR.9 1/72 Plans - any out there?

    John I'm late to the party as usual but is there any chance of a copy of these PR9 plans, please? David
  8. David Womby

    Grumman Avenger Mk 6

  9. David Womby

    Grumman Avenger Mk 6

    Years ago a company called Final Touch did one but it's probably as rare as the proverbial rocking horse poop now. David
  10. David Womby

    Supermarine Type-545 colours?

    I hate to say this but, to my eyes, that is really a goofy looking aeroplane! The proposed production version looks a little better. David
  11. David Womby

    Canberra B.2 B.6 B(I)6

    Many thanks. I don't think I would have thought of that. What colour for the starter bullets, John? David
  12. David Womby

    Canberra B.2 B.6 B(I)6

    Thanks. Now all I have to do is work out how to paint that!! David
  13. David Womby

    Canberra B.2 B.6 B(I)6

    Any advice on the colour of the intake trunking on a black/MSG B2, please? David
  14. The problem is that they did not widen the rear fuselage on the Heller T3 moulds. They added all the right bits but onto the narrower rear fuselage used by the 'pen nib' Javelins Marks 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. The result is the Airfix rear is anemic and the exhuast cans too small in diameter. Frog, on the other hand, has this area correctly sized. David
  15. David Womby

    F-111E and F

    Yes the intakes look the same on the D, E, F, G, the production FB-111 and even the final F-111B prototype. David