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David Womby

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  1. David Womby

    Airfix 1/72 Lockheed Hudson I

    Good on you for tackling this old Airfix warhorse. I'm intrigued by your tinting PPP. Can't wait to see how that works out. David
  2. David Womby

    Revell Focke Wulf Ta152H

    Nice job. Is that the old Frog mould? David
  3. David Womby

    Auster AOP 6 - fuselage dimensions, width

    I make it 14mm, Mike. David
  4. David Womby

    Baltimore FA435 colours?

    Thank you ! I have this obsession to build everything that ever wore Type D and don't need another type to add to the huge backlog. David
  5. Wow. That's the old Airfix Anson? Amazing detail and finish. David PS - how did you take that second photo - the one where it is over the grass?
  6. David Womby

    Baltimore FA435 colours?

    I can't make it out but somebody, please tell me those Venturas do not have Type D roundels on them!!!!!!! David
  7. David Womby

    Baltimore FA435 colours?

    Tony, thanks for the photos. Where on earth do you get these from? I tend to agree with Tony, Graham, and think that neat tapered area on the starboard nacelle is exhaust stain. I can see similar marking on a camouflaged Baltimore in the first photo on this page: https://weaponsandwarfare.com/2018/06/19/martin-baltimore/. Then again, on the photo of rolling her over the cliff, the port nacelle looks darker all over. The undersides of the nacelles are clearly silver in the phtot of her in the drink and the topsides look silver in the photo of her stood on the airfield, So I think I will go with silver except for a black anti-dazzle panel and Tony's green for the cowlings? Or could they be in camo and we only see the upper sides so the lower portion of the cowling could be in underside camo - grey/sky/azure blue. On the whole, I think overall green cowlings. David
  8. David Womby

    Baltimore FA435 colours?

    Thanks, gents. Tony, your use of green would fit Mike's comment about not black for the cowlings which I had already realised was probably correct although I was leaning to dark grey (not sure why). Your build article references a pic of another Baltimore wearing a Flag Officer's marking. May I ask where to find that, please? Fantastic builds BTW!! David
  9. David Womby

    Baltimore FA435 colours?

    A question: I am building FA435 in her post war guise. I have the Kits at War decals and they indicate she was silver all over. That looks right according to the 3 photos I have found on the web including the one below except, looking at this photo, I think the cowlings look like they are NOT silver. Opinions? Maybe black? She definitely has an anti-dazzle panel too. (Note: I do not know who owns rights to this photo.It may be Carmel Attard as I found it here http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal15/14201-14300/gal14257-Baltimore-Attard/12.shtm) Sadly, FA435 ended her days being scrapped by pushing her over the cliffs at Hal Far. David David
  10. Nice work so far. This isn't the most accurate Hunter kit but it really does look the part when built. I have never seen all the pylons and wheels etc installed before sanding down the filler before. Well done. David
  11. David Womby

    Wellington T.10 NC425 and others - questions

    Thanks for all the help. I am going to stick with NC425 in silver with yellow training bands and turrets. I have clear pics of her. Did the postwar T.10 have duel pilot seats and controls? Would the cockpit be black or the wartime 'interior green'? Thanks David
  12. David Womby

    Wellington T.10 NC425 and others - questions

    Pity. Thanks though. David
  13. David Womby

    Wellington T.10 NC425 and others - questions

    Thanks. Is the photo of her with the Darts? Because I want an 'in service machine' and the Darts trials wouldn't count for me. David.
  14. David Womby

    Wellington T.10 NC425 and others - questions

    Thanks but I want an 'in service machine' with roundels and from that angle, I can't be sure she had no overwing windows. Neat pic though - civvie registration! True, John. No help at all but worth seeing anyway. David
  15. I am building a postwar T.10 in the overall silver / yellow training bands scheme. The only one I can find that has NO windows above the wings is NC425. I need to model one without the overwing windows as I am using the old Airfix kit and it doesn't have those windows. Can anybody point me at a photo of another T.10 that doesn't have the overwing windows, please, because I'd rather build one with the faired over turrets if there's such a config.. I know I need to enlarge the tailplanes and alter the rudder but is there anything else I need to do (do not say chuck it and get the new one!). Also, the kit has a hedgehog exhaust for the starboard engine but a straight one for the port engine. Seems odd. Anyway, does that config of exhausts apply to the T.10? Thanks for any help. David PS. I am going to cross post this in Cold War section too.