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  1. Thanks Nick- good tips. I am grateful for companies like Special Hobby that produce kits of these more obscure subjects, but sometimes just wish Tamiya would cover a few of them! I recall how easy the wing fit was on the Storch - another one where the wings fit straight to the canopy.
  2. I too have that excellent article stashed ready for future construction. If I recall the most pressing problem was that without correction the canopy was narrower than the fuselage opening!
  3. I have a 1/48th Polikarpov I-3 kit that has resin struts that are not up to the tasks of holding the upper wing. Wondered if anyone know of anyone who could cast me replacements in white metal?
  4. neilh

    Trumpeter eh?

    Do you mean the little cylindrical ejector pins attached to the small parts? If so, Hasegawa also use these and they help release complex detailed parts from the mould halves. Although they all have to be removed, they do avoid the ejector pin mark smack in the middle of the detail that you can get with some other manufacturers. They are much harder to fix.They can come in handy to represent the rear of instruments on panels.
  5. neilh

    Opinions on Airfix´s 1:48 Bf 109E-1/3/4

    Contacta is a glue that works my melting styrene, so will only " damage" any parts that you glue that you shouldn't have.
  6. neilh

    Opinions on Airfix´s 1:48 Bf 109E-1/3/4

    JLC saw is available on line from a number of sources, as are razor saw blades that will fit in an X Acto knife handle. I do use Revell Contacta and it will melt the Airfix plastic but try to get someliquid cement. Its much easier to use for smaller parts and easy to apply on longer seams too.
  7. neilh

    Opinions on Airfix´s 1:48 Bf 109E-1/3/4

    The " blue" plastic is soft so best to use a razor saw to remove the parts without damage like the JLC one sold by Modelling tools amongst others. Benefit of the soft plastic is that it makes the clean up of mould seam lines easy, and the plastic reacts well to liquid cement in small quantities.
  8. neilh

    Opinions on Airfix´s 1:48 Bf 109E-1/3/4

    I've built one ( as a "what if") . I've also built 109s from Hasegawa, Classic Airframes and Hobbycraft. The Aifix kit is moulded in their soft blue plastic, so I would recommend a razor saw such as the JLC saw to remove the parts from the sprue. They clean up easily ( but sand quickly so take care). Fit is very good. The fuselage stuck together without glue. Watch out for a few sink marks. Cockpit is OK, and paints up well. There is ample aftermarket should you want more . I recall reviews criticising the prop blades and the cockpit canopy ( see the review links that VMA131 Marine) posted. All in all a nice simple build with good fit and adequate detail. I did not use the kit decals ( I had the Airfix club boxing) but used the Japanese Hinomarus on another kit and they went down very nicely - the decals were the " new" Airfix type. If I wanted to build another "E" I would certainly buy another. Here is mine. https://hiveminer.com/flickr_hvmnd.cgi?method=GET&search_type=Tags&sort=Interestingness&sorting=Interestingness&page=7&photo_number=50&originput=ipmsavon,ipmsuk&tag_mode=all&search_domain=Tags&textinput=ipmsavon,ipmsuk&noform=t&photo_type=250
  9. neilh

    Pilot replicas Saab j-29 tunnan

    Didn't the owner have to scale back due to other work pressures? From Sept 2017 on Facebook: Pilot-Replicas · 18 September 2017 · Dear all Pilot-Replicas fans. As many of you have seen our webpage is temporary down. The reason is that I will close all direct sales due to lack of time. I run this company on my dedicated hobby time and currently my ordinary work takes more time than ever. This means we are not close down the company, we still continue to work on the projects we have in pipeline. Though we will try to distribute our great models to our retailers. Hope for understanding and see you soon !! There was then some discussion that he would partner with someone else for production, but no further news I recall on that development.
  10. neilh

    RAF Cosford / Shropshire Model Show April 8th 2018

    For some reason loads of these photos don't seem to open for me within the thread. If I right click and open in a new window/tab I can get the individual image as hosted on imgur.com - any thoughts how I can get to see them all? Edit- ignore me- used Firefox instead of IE and got to view them all.
  11. neilh

    Cosford show

    Yes, I wanted an Eduard Hellcat for a themed display and they had several weekend editions for £14, but I bought one of the two profipacks in the end as it was only £4 more for all the etched, resin and masks!
  12. neilh

    Cosford show

    Yes, A great show again this year. My compatriots in the IPMS Avon contingent all seemed happy and quite a bit of successful shopping went on through the day. Good to see some new exhibits and there seemed to be just a little more space this year. Good placement of the traders and clubs meant no choke points and easy viewing. I think Models for Sale and Little Cars would have benefited from a little more daylight though. Some fantastic builds on display, great prices with the traders and an overall friendly ambience.
  13. Although Airfix may come through with a spare, you might be better off relying on your consumer rights and get the shop to replace the entire kit. Airfix are still pretty good replacing parts but only if they have returned kits to rob them from ( or so they told me when I was seeking a replacement windscreen for my Hurricane). The shop has a direct route back through the distribution chain.
  14. Yes, those were images I used for reference on mine when adding the belts. As I said, I was very pleased with the outcomes, but it was quite time consuming so maybe I'm just being lazy hoping someone else will do my work for me!