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  1. I would have a good look at it and if you are not confident you can salvage it, take it back to where you bought it for a replacement. It's definitely made the build have less joy than I had expected and it should not happen. Poor QC at the factory.
  2. Just came across this one Graham. I am another one with the Trumpeter kit and WE set ( and lots of Black Cat 3D printed details) , ready to build the Captain Class DE my Grandad sailed on ( Rupert). Your build is quite inspirational. I am an experienced modeller but with aircraft so this will be my first ship in over 40 years! I hope I can get something decent out of mine but can probably only dream of meeting your standard!
  3. I agree Bob, but what I have tried to do is to reduce that effect where I can but as you say, it's hard to judge until all the parts come together. I got as far as applying glue to the leading edges today and the " twisted" kit is looking a lot better. If I can close the port fuselage seam cleanly I think it will be OK. In your case, I think the issue will be stopping the IP being removed by impact with the side pieces of the IP since the centre part is fitted to the top half, the other two to the lower with no tolerance for the gap in the middle.
  4. I rechecked the various parts and eventually removed the floors as I wondered if the lead shot I had glued in the void beneath was interfering with fit. Re glueing the floors it did improve the cockpit side seams very slightly, however it's still a squeeze to close the halves and still did not resolve the 4 " pipes" still fouling the floor. I've now added the seat, stick, and IP's carefully test fitting until the glue dried. I then added the tail booms. One of these was effected slightly by the " twist" in that the wing spars have been forced of position out by the tiniest fraction . I was able to resolve by a little sanding of the attachment point on one side in the area that will be hidden by the upper and lower fuselage halves. It does seem that the twist has caused the tiniest misalignments in multiple parts that are contained within the clamshell halves. One example being the U/C bay liners. On one kit they almost click into place. On the warped kit they do on the starboard side, but on the port side I has to trim them to be able to fit into the locating slots in the lower wing. I think this is because the twist has increased the dihedral on that side fractionally and that has effectively shortened the wheel bay. It's tiny and not really visible to the eye but all the little misalignments seem to add up. I'll be gluing the top and bottom halves bit by bit over the next few days trying to ensure the best possible fit.
  5. by yesterday afternoon, the glue had fully dried on all the spars, intakes and undercarriage bays. Test fitting the upper half to the twisted lower half suggested that glue and clamping alone would not reset the nose so the front gear would hang perpendicularly, and the port side joint on the side of the nose would have been frankly horrible and definitely visible inside the cockpit. Out came a hair dryer and some gentle twisting. Surprisingly this seems to have worked and whilst not perfect, the joint will be tidy enough on the inside that I don't think it will be too visible, Even on the " good" kit, I do wonder why the designer chose to have that seam line clearly running through the sidewalls when there is nothing to hide it yet it has to be fully painted in advance of applying glue to the seam. A separate sidewall as per Hasegawa practice would have been a much better solution. I also found that even though the cockpit floor is seated fully on the moulded ledges, the upper half would not sit cleanly on either kit. I sanded the shoulders and lower sides of the rear bulkhead and this seemed to improve the fit. I also had to trim off the lower of the 4 " pipes" that protrude beneath the box added to the starboard sidewall. I definitely glued that exactly on the moulded lug so cannot see why that would be fouling the floor on both kits. I wonder if just the thickness of the paint inside the cockpit was enough to effect the fit. Have to admit this kit is losing its shine for me and is becoming a bit of a chore to build. Having built 3 Alleycat resin kits, I found those less trouble than this mainstream injected kit. Of course it could just be me as there have been several reports of good builds here on BM.
  6. OK no worries Bob. I'll update this thread with my progress although my issue is " lower" compared with your " upper".
  7. Hi Bob, I am building two of these together at the moment. One is perfect, the other has a similar twist but on the bottom half. Having already read your post before I started I did look but did not see any twist ( because I looked at the tope halves of course) . It only really became apparent once I had fitted the intakes , front and rear spars and the U/C bay walls. Oddly on one of he kits I had real problems getting the latter together, the other fitted with a " click" perfectly. That led me to look more closely and that's when I spotted the lower half twist. Like you I am hoping the two halves will straighten themselves up when glued together as otherwise I may have to try to warm the plastic and try to correct the twist. What was the outcome for you please? Frustrating to get such warping on new modern kits. I guess they have been pulled from the moulds too quickly - poor QC yet again?
  8. Looks so much nicer than the RS models 1/48th kit, with much more detail. I still have no idea how I can spray that camouflage well enough to model a Finnish version though! I am many many attempts in on the RS kit and still not happy.
  9. Hi Mike, I've built the model ( finished it in time to make our club display at Scale Model World this year, but thanks for posting. I have saved these in case we ever get an injected kit of the Ouragan.
  10. Shame to hear that - odd though since I thought the app would only ping you if you were inside 2m of a person who has been positive for at least 15 minutes duration. Maybe the queue for the competition viewing or the queue for Hannants orders?
  11. Fear not I hope, we do plan to run the Avon show next year - provisional date in the Diary is August 7th. What our show team will be doing is starting everything much earlier, assessing Trader and punter attendance, balancing those revenues against our costs so we are better prepared this time. We did order too many tables and chairs this year, we could on reflection have challenged the venue cost as what else where they going to hold of that size etc etc. Lessons were learned but frankly unless some terrible new strain turns up, with current vaccine status, hospitalisation and death rates being lower ( whilst any are bad), and the fact our show is in the middle of summer, we can actually hope things may be far more like normal in August 2022. It is possible we may have to consider charging for the use of a table over a standard minimum as per Telford, but that is still very much in the thought process. What we can't do is make it unprofitable for traders to attend, but also we cannot afford to upset the modelling audience. It may be that we limit the number of free entries per club, we have done that before and it is not uncommon, but this year I think we just let anyone in for free if they were with a displaying club and that also hit the income. I'll put more info up here on BM as plans firm up.
  12. I have certainly seem some of our members bring models to Telford and display on the club table until the competition area opens ( or until the queue in " normal" years dies down) . maybe it was something like that, since once in the competition on Saturday there was no collection of them until 3PM on Sunday. I did however see a Fiat G50 in the competition that at a glance was remarkably like the one I was displaying for our " Desert " Theme on IPMS Avon's table.
  13. Fantastic. Thank you Markus- that is absolutely perfect. I can now clearly orient the gun sight - the square pad and the semi circular marked section are clearly moulded on the resin sight.
  14. There are plenty of cash points just up the path in the shopping centre. The nearest was next to Costa about 200m up the slope. There were at least 2 banks with multiple external cashpoints in the shopping precinct. Google will no doubt advise if they remain open post lockdowns.
  15. I'm trying to finish the 1/48th JGMT resin Ouragan for our club display at Telford and although this kit has fought me every step of the way I am nearly there. I painted up the gun sight and its really nicely detailed but there is absolutely no hint in the hand drawn instructions which way it fits, ie which way is up or down or front or back! I have looked and looked on line and every image I can see of the cockpit is either from too low to see the gunsight at the rear of the coaming or its not there at all. Hoping someone may have something in a book or stored from on line that could help me. Thanks in advance.
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