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  1. This is the issue with a growing show. When space becomes a problem when you have a successful show that has a waiting list of clubs and traders and each seeking more space, unless you restrict space and decide not to expand, the hire costs of larger premises are entering the thousands of pounds. Tables and chairs will be additional costs unless included within the hire of the large "professional" venues. Costs are now very high and certainly a failing show could mean large financial losses and the closure of a club. This has been a very interesting thread to follow, but I am still not sure if there is a solution to securing the success of a larger popular show, other than to continue as we do today, but ensure that a) traders are happy with the cost of their pitch and are given as easy as day as can be provided by the hosting club, b) revenues are as certain as possible from both trader bookings, extra tables ( where charged) and a reasonable if pessimistic view of numbers through the door in advance of paying any deposits or entering into any contracts, c) possible limit the number of " free" entry per club, and finally d) drive down costs by firm negotiation with suppliers ( not something people are always comfortable with). We at Avon have a committee meeting this month to discuss the viability of a show going forward ( this years ran at a heavy loss) so the ideas and opinions given in this thread have been very useful indeed.
  2. Just experienced this issue of disintegrating decals. I keep all my decals , both kit and aftermarket in plastic folders in ring binders and these are kept in my model room so at ambient temperature. Hopefully this helps to prevent the decals fracturing a bit. I try to test a spare on if there is first, then at least I have an idea of what to expect. I am building a JGMT Ouragan and the deals are pretty old with oddly opaque carrier film. They completely fall apart as soon as wet. The smaller numbers I have been able to slide off the paper and reassemble on the kit but the large shark mouth was destroyed. I did try to use the Microscale decal film on some other decals like the ejection seat triangles and they had a noticeable effect holding the decal together but in my case only for a second or two before they fell apart again. I suspect on lesser damaged decals, the film would be a good solution to recover them. I'm now going to try to cut stencils to spray the shark mouth to finish the kit as there is no aftermarket set available.
  3. Having had a wash or the wearing of any kind of deodorant has never seemed to be a pre req for entry to SMW in the past. Neither has washing ones hands after using the facilities been universally practiced so one good reason I will be carrying hand sanitiser in my bag as I have done at Telford even pre Covid 19.....
  4. I've built a few of the Spitfire kits. As Socjo1 said the Eduard kits are easier to build and overall better, but if these are too pricey, the ICM kits are pretty good. Earlier mouldings had some QC issues with short shots and moulding flaws. Later ones were fine. They are a little fiddly in places, with test fitting and a little sanding needed here and there- examples being the ailerons which are too think as moulded so need thinning down. The control column has a square grip which should be round. I would leave the engine out and trim the bulkhead a little to improve the fit of the cowling panels. In its day, Ultracast made some useful replacement parts that avoided some tricky seams but of you bought those now, your outlay would be more than just buying an Eduard kit, especially if you can get a weekend or over trees edition.
  5. I have recently picked up a Classic Airframe rag wing Hurricane. I have built one before as a Finnish example. Overall it was a decent kit , but a real sea of flash so I used some spare cockpit parts from a trashed Italeri Hurricane and replaced the U/C with metal replacements which for minimal cost saved me a load of boring clean up. Since this one was apparently clearly based upon the Hasegawa kit, I was wondering how close the design is such that O could try to pick up a Hasegawa kit that sometimes pop up at a reasonable price and then use this to kit bash with the CA kit , saving myself a lot of time for a better result ( fortunate to have more spare cash than spare time). I do have a built Hasegawa kit but because I cleaned up the seams pretty well I cannot work out if the wing roots and under fuselage cut outs are in the same place! I know both kits have some inaccuracies but I can live with most of those and try to correct any I can't . I have read that the Hasegawa kit has the underside join through a fabric section but the CA cut is on a panel line. Has anyone given this a go or measured up the parts to see if it would work?
  6. If you use a very dark grey/almost black, you can then use pure black washes to pop out the detail. A dry brush with a lighter grey will get it looking pretty much like the real thing. I'm not sure they were as battered as the ones we see in museums when in service use, at least earlier in their careers.
  7. I can say from our Avon experience we do usually have a waiting list of traders, however its not just the number of traders, but the mix needs to be considered. If everyone was either selling brand new kits or all second hand traders, it will be a race to the bottom on price to get the trade, and that's not good for their turnover when they have to pay for their pitch to the organising club. What helps make a good show is a variety of traders selling different things. Avons show seems to be able to adequately support a couple of big volume box shifters at keen prices for both new and second hand, but what helps make the show more interesting is having some niche products for sale that the alternative is maybe only import or get from Hannants by mail order. These are often sellers for whom this is not their main source of income so we cannot afford to price them out either. Tools , paints and the like are also popular and although relatively small purchases, enough of them might hopefully be enough to warrant trading. I know myself that I have bought finishing products and tools from sellers at shows that I would probably never have bought online unless I had seen reviewed on a popular website or a club colleague recommended it. I then become a repeat customer of that trader if they sell on line.
  8. Hi Jamie, that's an interesting and unexpected view from a trader. I know you have a stellar reputation for sharing knowledge and advising your customers ( I being one of them) but do you not feel that there is any benefit in meeting your clientele to " press the flesh" or is online just as good in your experience? I do see many show attendees chatting away to traders, and in general it seems to be warmly reciprocated. The " attendee" also seems to usually walk away as a " customer" but I guess each individual trader will have a view as to if their time chatting translates into more sales, and even then if they could have made more sales by staying at home/in the shop fulfilling web sales with no show expenses?
  9. yes, I did find it but was not expecting to find it in " Chat" which is subtitled " non modelling". I asked the admin to merge and move to where they felt most appropriate. This is proving to be an interesting thread so far. Thanks.
  10. Am discussing that with Pig Sty at the moment. Put this here as its about shows rather than in " non modelling chat" which doesn't get much traffic. Not fussed either way but want to get maximum opinions on the topic. Will ask the Mods opinion.
  11. Which earlier thread Graham?
  12. As part of the thread discussing Scale Model World 2021, there was some interesting discussion from both Traders , Clubs and non affiliated attendees about the viability of a show, trading at them and paying for attendance. There were some very interesting ideas and opinions (largely) politely put, so I asked the Moderators if I could start this topic to try and capture some ideas and opinions for those of us who do currently provide a show to the modelling hobby. IPMS Avon was one of the first to run a show post the Covid lock down. The show was well supported by trade, clubs and some non club attendees on the door, and feedback was very positive from many attendees. It was great for the club too with a nice atmosphere and perhaps a little feeling of freedom and seeing light at the end of the tunnel. It was a little different as we chose not to hold a competition or a children's make and take, driven by risk assessment at the time. but was still a large show filling three sports halls as usual. It was however not a commercial success and if we have not held a buffer against low turnover from previous shows takings, could have been extremely damaging to the club. With social distancing rules only just being removed our Show Manager did deliberately try to allow some additional spacing this year , and some space was also due to a few of our usual traders choosing not to attend or scale back their stall size. All this led to a much lower turnover and would not be sustainable if the show was to remain at this size or this venue. This is not a moan by any means and not an official IPMS Avon stance but as the club secretary and someone who's day job is very much a commercial role, I am interested in how we as a community see shows in the future when the current model is largely that the traders table rental usually pay for most of the commercial costs of running a show, clubs generally pay nothing to attend and display , but whilst being part of the show per se, also enjoy the full benefits of the show . Costs of running a large show runs into £k's now so are a large financial risk to a club, especially one without the protection of Ltd company status and given that cancellation insurance can now be unaffordable and is now unlikely to cover pandemic risks. Clearly the key going forward is to always ensure that the income is secured to at least break even before committing payments to venue and table hire etc, but should that not happen, we might see shows cancelled at relatively short notice, venues lost for future use and other knock on effects. Your views welcome......
  13. Very nice indeed with really subtle treatment for the weathering on the upper surfaces. We could be looking at a photo of the real thing there.
  14. Some of our guys from IPMS Avon are attending with a display. We had not been invited although we usually are but they kindly found us space for a couple of tables.
  15. Yes it was Models For Sale. Their white logo's carrier bags were much in evidence. https://www.modelsforsale.com/
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