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  1. The pictures in the build review in the Airfix magazine mentioned above look exactly right to me, no " squat nose" at all. Photos are large, all angles and close up too. Getting our own kits will tell but I wonder if in the build featured, cutting the lower bracing bar off the wing struts changed the rake and then that in turn could mean strut lengths and cabanes would be put out of synch. The Tamiya Swordfish has a similar arrangement and is easily cleaned up to show no trace on the finished model and the wing rake is perfect as a result. I suspect I will build mine as designed and blend in the lower bar and slot if a test fit shows the fit to be correct.
  2. I like their plain aluminium, finished with the semi matte or flat finish an example of a vampire painted that way http://ipmsavon.org.uk/meetings-gallery.php?year=15#20150819-1
  3. I did- having tried to finish a Magna kit for the last 3 or 4 years. Significant rebuilding of short cast parts , but biggest problem is that even Mr Surfacer won't stick to the weird Magna resin. I've build replacement U/C I can re use ( although the Combat kit has white metal U/C). The moulds have been cleaned up significantly compared to the Magna kit, with a decent clear resin canopy. The detail parts have been cast in resin rather than white metal so it will be easier to drill out the exhaust. I bought the fixed wing version as that's the Magna kit I was trying to build. Combat did have folded wing versions which looked nice in the box. Having said that the CAD shots of this look much superior than a "garage" resin kit would ever be. At least this is the bubble top version so I can think of getting this one too!
  4. neilh

    Telford 2019

    Last year there was a demo table set up in hall 1 just by the entrance. There were certainly airbrushing and vac form modelling demo's that I caught over the weekend.
  5. neilh

    RNAS Yeovilton

    There is a show held in Yeovil now each year in the Spring, as well as on being tried in the Autumn on 26th of this month. Chap by the name of Ken Bugler stepped up to organise these after the RNAS Museum cancelled theirs. I have not had the chance to go yet as it keeps clashing with my winter holiday break, but it's popular with our club members of IPMS Avon. Try contacting Ken at yeovilmodelshow@gmail.com if interested. You didn't mention where you live but our own IPMS Avon show fills three complete sports halls and another room at Thornbury in North Bristol every August. Advance details of most shows run by IPMS branches will be advertised on the IPMS UK events web page. https://ipmsuk.org/events/
  6. Yes, I know Marcrus Stores and Andy the Manager of Antics is a fellow club member of IPMS Avon. I recently bought one of the brightly coloured airsoft pistols from Antics to scare off the foxes who are looting our food recycling bins nightly, as I didn't really want to shoot them and damage them with my full sized air rifle- they are just trying to feed themselves. I too was surprised when I looked into buying the airsoft pistol how easy it seemed to be to buy a very realistic air pistol that I certainly wouldn't argue with the business end, yet airsoft equivalents are very tightly controlled for sale.
  7. Yes thanks for the comments- once noelh identified them as L & S a google search picked up the previous ( long) thread from here on Britmodeller. Interesting read. would like to try to get one again at some point.
  8. I remember as a kid building plastic kits of a Colt model 1911 ( the automatic) and a Navy Colt ( percussion cap revolver). Can anyone remember who made these? I have never seen any in the piles of second hand kits at shows. Wonder if they were a victim of the handgun ban ( they were quite realistic - the automatic even had a slide action and a removable magazine.)?
  9. The instructions for their Yak 28 Firebar were similar ( I too opened my IL-28 this week). All I would say is that you do need to check the instructions before deviating from the sequence. I didn't and then found I should have fitted the intakes/exhausts earlier in the sequence than I had chosen! Cut open, re glue - you get the gist.....
  10. As Hosts - we wish! There seemed to be an improvement in the airflow this year, especially in Hall 1 that has had some extensive refurbishment, but the temperature is the downside of holding our show in August. Boy ! was set up and put down a sweaty experience! Glad you enjoyed it.
  11. Just bought on from Antics in Bristol as they arrived through the door.
  12. might be worth a look at the latest supplement in the Airfix magazine on the Hellcat there were some photos of phot recce Hellcats in that.
  13. I found the same with mine for the Airfix Seafire. There have been numerous threads on this on various forums but the general upshot is they are stuffed. You could either fill them with a suitable plaster of paris/resin and smash mould a few copies from a sheet of PET plastic that will not go yellow, or contact a guy on Hyperscale ( Hofnerbassman - trades as 109ace on Ebay), who is currently specialising in remaking these for people form various kits. He may already have masters for yours, if not, you send him the canopies and he makes a master and moulds you a few.
  14. Have you tried a personal message to Artie via Britmodeller - has always worked for me.
  15. I think the way in which they tried to use Ebay and Paypal was almost crowdfunding. Basically, you wanted what they were advertising, paid up front on trust, and waited for the goods to turn up in the post. As you rightly point out, eBay is not geared up for that process.
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