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  1. I got mine - out of the blue . Send a PM to Artie- think one of the key guys is back on manoeuvres.
  2. neilh

    Telford 2018

    Bring your coats, hats and wellies - weather not looking too pleasant for the weekend.
  3. neilh

    Telford 2018

    I think given the size of the attendance and the usual desire to get in and see as much as possible ( and maybe the fear of missing a bargain) will always generate a queue. I'm travelling on Friday for the first time this year to help set up our stand as in previous years like many I've tried to get there very early with my models so we can complete the table display before the show opens to the public an hour later, only to find myself and many of my club colleagues in the queue carrying our boxes of models to display. My guess is only a small proportion of those members displaying can travel up and deliver their display models until the day of the show. On reflection I'm not sure its worth turning up early and queuing. Last year my colleague and I grabbed a coffee in the Costa up the hill, then walked down just after 9 and although we queued it was inside. It's hard to see everything in one day, but given there are no under the table sales, and the vendors prices remain fairly constant , it's not likely that bargains will be missed if you arrived 30 min after the queue died down.
  4. neilh

    Anti-Flash White best colour?

    If a spray can is too "vicious" for the scale and you don't want to decant the paint but can airbrush, Gunze lacquers have a number of whites available which spray beautifully to a hard semi gloss finish.
  5. I'd like to get one of these. I am stalled on building the resin I -3 from Rest models since I snapped the cabane struts, and this one looks equally as nice. Biplanes are not my favourite either - because I do struggle aligning struts - hence the snapped cabanes! Susoectthis one might be a bit easier as the top wing won't weigh quite so much and styrene has more flex than resin.
  6. neilh

    Alclad 2 - RAF Colours

    Range here- only they will know if it is destined to be expanded. There is a " contact us" drop down section. Google shows no US stockist holding the Mil spec paints, but several who sould ship to the USA. https://www.alclad2-online.co.uk/index.php?CATEGORY=1&SUB=8
  7. I've ordered a Scimitar and it's yet to arrive, but based on that I'll likely order a Swift. Wish however Airfix had considered scaling up their 1/72 offering.
  8. neilh

    1/48 Luftwaffe Code Letter Decals

    may also be worth asking on here or other forums for the letters you seek as many people ( including me) may have used aftermarket decals and have either kit decals or unused aftermarket decals.
  9. neilh

    Seafang Cockpit

    Hi Steve, When I build my Spiteful, I chopped the cockpit floor to create that clear " step" up to the foot rest area you can see in Troys photos, using just plastic card and scraps to bridge the gap and make a closer resemblance. It was quite easy to do and looked much better in relation to the position of the seat and panel. The cockpit opening is quite small but I felt it worth doing once completed. All I had to work with were the same photos shared above.
  10. neilh

    White Meteors

    unfortunately that's 1/72, the Tamiya Meteor is 1/48th.
  11. neilh

    White Meteors

    Thanks Troy- now does anyone have his set and is prepared to sell/swap a canopy for the Meteor Mk III? For swaps I have 3 sets of Falcons canopies, mainly WW II fighters and US Navy ( or anything else).
  12. neilh

    Best Hurricane Ml.1 1/48

    There have been plenty of threads on this topic. Search out posts from Troy, who has researched all the available kits pretty thoroughly. If it was me, I would go for the Airfix kit as long as you are OK with a metal winged version. According to Troy, the curve where the wing meets the fuselage is not quite right but shape wise it is much better than the Italeri kit and the Hasegawa kit. The Hasegawa is still a nice kit and as a non expert it looks pretty good to me, but the under fuselage joint is a little tricky. If you want a rag wing , and can find one , the Classic Airframes kit is harder to build but you can substitute some detail parts designed for the Hasegawa kit ( like metal undercarriage legs) that ease the clean up and build. Personally having built one and trashed 2 , I would avoid the Italeri effort. My favourite is the new Airfix kit. If you do go for that one, read the build reviews because its a complex kit and one little misalignment will make the rest of the build tricky.
  13. neilh

    White Meteors

    Came across this thread in a Google search an opportune time. I wanted to build a white Meteor, however the only one in my stash is the Tamiya Mk 1, but the later boxing paired with the V1 so does not have the airbrakes moulded into the wings. Does that mean I can convert it easily into one of the early Mark IIIs described above? There are two canopies in the kit so one may be the later version or if not I can perhaps find a vac form for the rear section?
  14. no problem, I am modelling a Hunter Mk 1 from 54 Squadron " the Black Knights" 1954- 1956, so pretty early in the Hunters career.