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  1. Thanks all. I used Halfords Ford Strato Silver for the NMF.
  2. Now released and for sale on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Eastern-Express-1-144-BAC-1-11-200-BUA-EE144143-6/265110071027?hash=item3db9caa6f3:g:APcAAOSwZZ1gZ2NW
  3. Thanks all for you kind words. The kit did go together surprisingly well once all the parts were cleaned up and I can definitely recommend it. On the the next build
  4. Hi All. Here is another of my completed models this week. It is the Eastern Express Boeing 747SP which went together really well after cleaning up the parts.
  5. I just spotted this on the Eastern Express site https://ee-models.ru/en/
  6. Thanks for all the kind comments The Amodel kit is quite a nice kit to build and is the second one I have built, although it has a couple of shape issues it is in my opinion much nicer than the ancient Airfix kit with engraved panel lines plus it has the benefit of having the correct engines for the 10R, the only annoying thing for me is the window strips done in the same way as the BPK 737s but it's no major problem. I have 2 more that I will be building although they will be the series 3 and 6N. Cheers Ray
  7. Hi All. Here is my latest completed model the AModel Caravelle 10R in Transeuropa livery. Cheers Ray
  8. I always thought it was natural metal . https://www.airliners.net/photo/Aeroflot/Tupolev-Tu-104B/2623167/L?qsp=eJwtjUEKwkAMRe%2BStS7UQaS7egFdeIGQCXVg7IQkgqX07sbB3ef9x/8rUJudP/5YhGEAY1R6wg4EFV8GwwrKUzFX9NLmkfyNNTwikn06pnQJ15r6dQma0XkkYnHOf37TzPqr2KjPTnFziMB67xlO5%2BC5mFTsG%2BxYKmzbFxVoM2Q%3D
  9. I have now had a reply from the Avro Heritage Museum: Hi Ray, Sorry for delay in getting back to you but here are the details you require: BS381c-172 Pale Roundel Blue, BS381c-454 Pale Roundel Red. The colours we used to repaint our Vulcan XM603 to BS381c standard. Hope this helps. Regards Kevin Whittaker Director Avro Heritage Museum
  10. Nice, been waiting for this one for a while although looking at the nose gear doors it actually represents the -300/400 rather than the -200. I can feel a rebox coming on
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