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  1. I already have 9 decals for the SP available so it will just be a matter of adjusting them to fit http://www.26decals.com/epages/62035508.sf/en_GB/?ObjectID=79984&ViewAction=FacetedSearchProducts&SearchString=747sp
  2. http://www.pas-decals.ru/forum/novosti/1078-novinki-vostochnyj-ekspress?start=540
  3. That is incorrect, it is a new 1/144 scale kit which I have been selling re-boxed versions of with a choice of 8 different liveries
  4. The Negus & Negus has been rolled out: https://www.planespotters.net/photo/934222/g-civb-british-airways-boeing-747-436
  5. Yes you can build a British Airways 707-336B from the Heller kit or a 336C by adding the forward freight door.
  6. Thanks , I will just be getting the extra 100 years logos and registrations screen printed for the 747-400s to compliment my existing BA/BOAC 747 decals (assuming they paint them the same as the originals).
  7. If that's what it takes for BA to paint up some retro jets then I'm all for it, I don't really care why ! Decals to follow
  8. 26Decals

    Aer Lingus

    I have to admit that I also like it and I'm sure nobody forced Aer Lingus to choose it right? They give the reference as PMS 3155 for the darker shade which is a teal blue/green, the Shamrock as yellow green PMS376 highlighted with green PMS7738C. Cheers Ray
  9. CAD images now up on the Pas Decals forum for the Trident 1c http://www.pas-decals.ru/forum/novosti/1078-novinki-vostochnyj-ekspress?start=486
  10. Thanks Ian. Other liveries will be Transeuropa for the 10 and Aerotour for the VIN. All from my spotting days at LGW during the 70s & 80s
  11. Thanks for all the kind comments It is a typical short run kit , the cabin window strips need a little sanding to get them to fit and a bit of a sand on the mating surfaces but other than that a pretty straight forward build and I plan to build a couple more Now what to build next........
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