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  1. While building my 4C I thought it worth mentioning that there is no tail bumper in the AModel kit.
  2. As it happens I have also started to build the AModel Comet 4C, here is a side shot of the nose primered:
  3. Please be aware that the Welsh Models 727 kit is the shorter series 100 model and not the 200 series.
  4. Thanks all for your kind comments. Re the nose wheel, it was already in the box when I got the kit from ebay so don't know it's origins and the nose gear doors were plastic card which admittedly weren't in the box. The grey is Holts HGREY 01 acrylic auto paint.
  5. Thenks for the kind comments. It's not converted from the -200, it is the older series 100 kit TWA issue from the 1970s.
  6. Hi All. Here is my Airfix Dan-Air London Boeing 727-46 built OOB except for decals (26Decals) .
  7. Xtracolor X550 BEA Blue is the colour you need from Hannants.
  8. QUOTED FROM SCOTT HENDERSON'S VC10 BOOK....The last scheduled British Airways super VC10 flight was on the 29th March 1981 when G-ASGF returned from London from Dares-Salaam via Arusha and Larnaca.
  9. My recent 748 decals are actually for the new Authentic Airliners kit but they will be adjusted to fit the Mark 1 kit if necessary
  10. https://www.aviationmegastore.com/?action=prodinfo&parent_id=&art=169717
  11. Ok so far I have done BKS, Dan Air and Aer Turas and am now working on Instone/Atlantic Air Transport G-BISU
  12. Good evening all, I hope you are all keeping safe and well. Would their be any interest in some laser decals for the newly released 1/72 Fly Models Bristol Freighters? All the best Ray
  13. I currently have on the drawing board: Skyways of London Skyways Coach Air Dan Air (4 liveries) Emerald (2 liveries) Austrian Airlines I may do a screen printed British Airways sheet with both Negus & Negus and Landor on the same sheet
  14. Hi All. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else yet but here is a new release from Kurt: https://www.authentic-airliners.de/epages/64205758.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64205758/Products/K144-69
  15. I am working on BA NEO decals for the Revell kits and hope they will be available in the Summer. The registration letters are Airbus designed letters. Hope that helps. Cheers Ray
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