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  1. Info just received from Eastern Express: https://ee-models.ru/en/the-747sp-is-slated-to-be-released-in-the-limited-edition-serie-at-mid-november-2020/
  2. As it happens I am currently drawing the decals for that livery and hope to have them released next week
  3. The decal is designed to fit the F-RSIN plastic DC-7C kit which I reboxed with my own decals a number of years ago. All the best Ray
  4. The underwing serials on my sheet are definitely light grey http://www.26decals.com/epages/62035508.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62035508/Products/STS7214 Cheers Ray
  5. Indeed I am getting it reprinted for the Zvezda kit All the ebst Ray
  6. Hi Mike. The Alia cheatline is metalic gold but due to laser printing limitations is is simulated gold. Interestingly I have just released the Caravelle decal in the red & gold hockey stick livery
  7. While building my 4C I thought it worth mentioning that there is no tail bumper in the AModel kit.
  8. As it happens I have also started to build the AModel Comet 4C, here is a side shot of the nose primered:
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