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  1. Very impressive! I’m new to the hobby and would have been very happy with a kit finished to such high standards.
  2. Nice build and colour scheme. I remember having a P-40 as a kid many moons ago, loved the sharks teeth on it. Liking the RNZAF markings on your build.
  3. Thanks for the replies chaps. As a novice, I may stick to one of the newer Tamiya Zero kits and do a bit of research into getting some decals to show it as a fighter that took part in some of the later carrier battles (even if it actually was land based) if they are not included with the kit.
  4. Hello all, Even though I’m still thinking of a Korean War collection, I’m interested in Pacific Theatre carrier borne aircraft, both USN and IJN. Could I ask which Tamiya 1/48 Zero is closest to a PH/Midway era and what if any aftermarket decals/parts would I need to get to make it as authentic as possible. I’m still in the early stages of the hobby so my build won’t be ‘spot on’ but looking for advice and tips for the best kit to fit. Andy
  5. Looks fantastic. I have this kit on one of my wish lists, if I get anywhere near the result you have, I'll be more than happy!
  6. Thanks for the feedback and hints and tips. I've spent the afternoon making a start on the Airfix 1/72nd Vampire which was next on my build list. Going to have a go at getting rid of seam lines and filling/sanding if required. Andy
  7. Cheers, Troy, I did realise when I put the fuselage halves together that they were slightly out, rookie mistake that I won’t make again. I used Humbrol Clear Gloss, 3 coats through the airbrush, and let cure for 48 hours before adding the decals, with Decalfix, but the roundels just won’t sit right for me. It’s all a learning curve, but I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for the hint, links and tips. Andy
  8. I did think to give sanding the fuselage a go, got to build my confidence that I’m not going to totally square it off!
  9. I’ve ordered some VMS soft/set, will try microsol/set as well. Thanks for the tip.
  10. For some reason I’ve had my head turned by Korean War fighters and/or WWII Pacific Theatre carrier borne aircraft, both USN and IJN. Still got an Airfix Lancaster BIII in my rapidly expanding stash though!!!
  11. Decals are a little disappointing on the wing uppers, still getting to grips with decals and Decalfix, may look at another option.
  12. First go at airbrushing and chipping, still plenty to learn and improve on, but this is only my 4th kit after learning the ropes on some Airfix starter kits. May finish the kit off with a Matt varnish, but not looking too glossy at the moment. Must say, this hobby is addictive, planning next build already. Andy
  13. Thanks for all your input and suggestions, quite a list to work through and decide which ones to buy and build.
  14. Morning all, So, for some reason I still can’t really explain to myself, I’m going to start a 1/48th Korean War collection, maybe the prop/jet transition interests me. I’m no expert in the era by any standards, so asking members with far more experience and knowledge, what should be on my ‘Korean War Must Have’ list and the best representation of each aircraft by the kit manufacturers. I know Mig15 (Bronco kit en route) and F86 Sabre are given and I’m looking at the Sea Fury as well, what else would you suggest? Andy
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