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  1. My sincerest thanks again everyone! I am glad that this re-kindled some fond memories of childhood builds in some other folks too Thanks again, BC
  2. Hi all - I know that this is an old topic, but I must say I am rather chuffed that Airfix considered my little build worthy enough of putting up on their Workbench for this month - https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/mediterranean-blenheims-at-the-double?utm_campaign=2828577_Airfix - Workbench - Week 35 2020%2F2021&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Hornby PLC&_%24ja=tsid%3A71284&dm_i=2DJZ,1OMJL,A15NPU,5QEXT,1 It's only a little thing but I am still rather chuffed Cheers, BC
  3. Thanks all, you're all too kind Vinnie - the silver is Alclad RAF High Speed Silver - it lays down very nicely and is tough as nails, unlike other Alclads which can seem a bit fragile. Not sure why that's the case, does anyone know? Cheers, BC
  4. Hi all, here is my latest off the bench, the Airfix 1/72 Supermarine Spitfire F Mk.22. I set myself the challenge of getting this one built within a month, and am pleased to report I achieved my goal! The kit was built with a few additions, namely: - Aires Tail Surfaces - SBM Models Exhaust and Gun Barrells - Pavla Cockpit Set - Eduard RAF Seatbelts - Jay’s Model Kits Vacuform Canopy I also added some other minor details, including brake lines. I had some trouble with the wing fit, but this was probab
  5. Hi folks - not much progress, but the big 'bits' are together. I tried something slightly different, in that I attacjed the upper wing halves to the fuselage first before I glued on the single piece underside / belly. This worked well for the upper side of the wing, i.e. no filling or rescribing needed, but not so great for the underside. The way the wing is moulded, along the flaps and inboard from the wingtips, means that there was quite a bit of a step here and at the leading edge which needed a bit of filling and smoothing. It wasnt too bad in the end, but I suspect I would have had more t
  6. Hi all - here is my next project - the Airfix 1/72 Spitfire F Mk.22. I've had this kit in the stash for a few years, and have collected some odds and sods for it over the years... so now, it's time to build it! It should hopefully be a relatively simple build. Anyone have any tips? Here is where things are at after the first 24 hours - cockpit is done. The Arfix plastic is quite soft, but that makes it easy to work with for things like removing the cockpit door (as I did). The Pavla set is a very good fit and doesn't require any extra trimming. The primary com
  7. Thanks gents, you're too kind! Cheers again, BC
  8. Thanks all! Tony, that's awesome, looks like the old bagged kit box art - how did you do that one? Cheers again, BC
  9. Thank you everyone for your kind words - this indeed was a fun little build and did re-kindle some of those feelings from a more simple modelling time - it was great to not have to sweat over too many details. These old Airfix kits actually aren't too bad to build. The only real fit issue I had with this one was the lower wing piece, which needed a bit of filling and sanding to get into place. The struts were a tad fiddly too, and the horizontal stabiliser was split in the middle, but overall not too bad. I have been eyeing off their old DH4 from the early 60s as a fut
  10. Many thanks to you all for your very kind words about my little Albatros - I am humbled! Hi Bigglesof266 - I am sincerely sorry, I had no intention to be disingenuous - I have modified my post to say that I intended to build this largely out of box, but I couldn't help making a few refinements here and there. Sorry again. Thanks, BC
  11. Hi everyone, World exclusive – the seldom seen super-rare box tops from some of the classic kits! Feast your eyes! Just kidding ….or am I…? Have we gone back to the future? Is this life imitating art imitating life? Nup, I am definitely kidding. Every now and then I feel inclined to have some fun with our hobby. I remember some of the boxings of Revell and Airfix kits from the 1980s, which featured built up models, often in odd settings or clearly done in a hurry. For example, I
  12. Hi all, Here is my latest completion, the 1/72 scale Albatros D.Va from Airfix. This kit’s moulds date from 1957, making the mould around 63 years old! (that's 24 years older than I am...). This is the boxing from the early 2000s, picked up for $4 at a swap and sell. With this build, I wanted to re-kindle that child like feeling of building something for fun, with minimal modifications, and not a care for accuracy. To correct the ancient Airfix kit's flaws would be to scratch build an entire model. So, in the spirit of fun, I wanted to keep this one largely
  13. Thanks all! Duncan - don't worry, I knew very little about P-51s before I started these ones, but they are such pretty birds that they are hard to resist Cheers, BC
  14. Brilliant work Andrew - out of curiosity, what camera and lighting set up do you use? Your photography is outstanding. Cheers, BC
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