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  2. I didn't explain it very well, but I cut a large hole through the trivet and the water sheet - Bemular's glued over that so his innards are accessible. However the small USB power pack I just got is too big to fit so it looks like back to the 2 AAA batter box or similar. I should get the wiring sorted out before I do the water really Cheers, Will
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  4. I had thought about that and at the moment Im thinking a bean cannon on one side and either a set of funnels or a bean saber/wing on the other. work done so far added some details using a red WD40 straw and paper clips for these. Added some stuff to the engine, still need to integrate the front of the engine into the spine. and made a start on what might become the beam cannon.
  5. I still prefer to read from a page rather than a screen. so books are still my favourite. I bought a smart TV a couple of years ago and it has been fantastic. As well as all the archive stuff on youtube, there are a number of vloggers and sites which host some interesting space related content covering both historic and up to date matters. Apart from NASA TV, my current favourites are - TMRO Curious Droid Scott Manley Amy Shira-Teitel's Vintage Space Lunar Module 5 Spaceseshuttlevideo For daily news updates on what is happening in the world of spaceflight, I generally use Spaceflight Now and I watched the Orion test flight live in December 2014.Obviously, those re-entry images could not be shown live due to the plasma induced radio blackout but the on board re-entry images were released within a few hours of the recovery of the Orion spacecraft.
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  7. My dilemma is that I have a Hasbro Falcon which will probably need a fair bit spending on it to make it look anything like!!
  8. Which disk set did you buy? From what I have heard, the Target set with the 3D BluRay is the most complete with extra features, And of course Han shot first- that is one of the most defining character moments in the film series.:-)
  9. 'Twer my b/day yesterday & because I'd given up my seat to the premier midnight screening locally so my youngest could go with his older brothers ( he'd not wanted to originally) my oldest rented a copy & we all watched it together, 'cept for my youngest who was messaging girls. I thoroughly enjoyed it, was inpressed by the Cushing /Fisher cgi work & like others, disappointed in the paucity of extras, not as much I suspect as my older two were, complete Star Wars geeks. I'm guessing we'll own a copy in time, when they drop in price a bit. We have the rest. Steve.
  10. There is only one edition of Star Wars. It came out in 1977. Anything else is merely a figment of George Lucas' imagination. P.S. Han shot first.
  11. As usual one job leads to another, i measured up where to put the chunky flank detail on the other side and noticed he's got a few dips under his arm and down tbe side of his back So i rolled out some chunks of sculpey and smoothed them over. And i also tightened the bolt into his back a bit too to firm it up. And with that job done next i can start copying over the details. Thanks for looking, more soon
  12. Bought the Blu-ray and enjoyed the film just as much on the small screen as the big. The "uncanny valley" aspect of the CGI Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher is almost absent. But the package (despite having a second disk) is very mean. A few featurettes about the characters and that's it. No deleted scenes or "making of" stuff nor yet a scrap of commentary. It is especially mean given that you can view several deleted scenes in the trailers! Bad form Disney, no need to insult the fans who buy early.
  13. Thanks for that not something i have seen and is now top of the list to mod the droid now. He looks great!
  14. Daft question as it may be Will, but it must be asked, if ol' Bemmers is epoxied to the base, how are you going to change the batteries?
  15. Different how?
  16. It is done. The Haynes Space Shuttle book is on the way. I couldn't help myself though. I had to add in the ISS book too. There is so much info on the web but having someone sift through it and put it in book form is so much better.
  17. I think the Rankor or Jabba's Sail Barge would be welcome to the Bandai collection
  18. Hi Madmonk - you can now pay a lump fee to DeAgostini for all 100 editions as a single BIG order - they just wont send me the last 20 odd editions as I am in a monthly subscription agreement with them. Its tempting and well worth it by my reckoning - just don't let your Mrs see your bank statement if you do it!!
  19. For those that have watched the Blu-ray release, did you notice the bacta tank scene seemed different on Blu-ray than it did in the theatre? Or is it just me?
  20. Again, thank you all for your insights. Looking at Tim's forest of parts, and comments, can I assume then that the process is prep and paint all parts and then assembly followed by weathering? I guess all painting has to be done before assembly, considering they're posable, yes? Not really a bad way to go - you don't break your flow moving from one stage of the build to the next. I haven't found a 1/100 Unicorn HG, though the RXF-9/Kai looks interesting (both iterations). I think I'll just get the MG Unicorn - HLJ has one with premium decals included, so that's probably the one I'll grab. I don't have as much time as I'd like to model with a young family to raise, so finding time to get into the actual story lines is problematic. However, hopefully over time I will get the chance to watch more of the series and maybe do a few more kits that grab my interest.
  21. I wondered about the Haynes Space Shuttle book. I was even going to post a question here about it, asking if it was any good. Sounds like I should get it. Thanks for the recommendations Eric. My interest in the SV has not waned but I have found myself looking at other projects. There is just so much to learn about. I have been reading and watching videos on the Shuttle and ISS. I know at some point I will want to model them. Speaking of watching videos. I recently upgraded my TV. I had an early HD model. It was an old picture tube type. It worked great, a little small for my aging eyes but I saw no reason to replace it. When I watched youtube it was always in front of the computer or with the IPad. With either it wasn't a lot of fun. Small picture and poor quality. I could only tolerate it for a few minutes. As a consequence I did not watch youtube often. Well, the TV finally died. I bought a replacement and it is a smart TV. I can now watch youtube sitting in a proper chair and the picture is big and clear. I am blown away with the amount of space content. I really see no way to ever run out of stuff to watch. BTW, have you seen this video? It is a reentry test for the Orion space capsule. The video is shot from within. Pointed out the window in the top. To many it may seem boring but I loved it.
  22. What a great job! The mass of wires inside looks like springs under pressure just ready to burst.
  23. I'm constantly tempted by this but not sure I would be prepared to wait all that time to get all the parts, then there are all the mods to it, particularly upgrading the lighting! Time, time, time, why do we have so little of it!! Keep up the great work.
  24. Great work so far, don't apologies about the number of pictures, you can never have enough Falcon WIP pictures!
  25. If you read the Star Wars Aftermath trilogy there is a modified Battle Droid called Mr Bones!
  26. Hello, some more updates of the weathering of the Falcon. First I have painted the exhausts with thinned black color with the airbrush in several thin layers. Black color was also used for other areas on the hull as well as on the damaged areas. With brown colors I have varied the color of the exhaust streaks, Tamiya Smoke was used for some further variations of the colors on the hull. A washing with black oil colors was used next on the complete hull, specially on the joints between the several plates on the hull. Clear coat matt came next on everything, then some black, brown, rusty and silver pigments. The two cannones were built and painted. I have used 3D printed cannons instead of the kit parts as these were much better deteailed. The frames of the windows were hand painted and weathered. Cheers Micha
  27. How big are these Will? It would be interesting to see a common object to get a hint of the scale you are working with. Im really liking that first tank you did and the pilot orcs look amazing
  28. There is no shortage of material on Apollo - whether through books, TV or the internet. The Shuttle is not so well covered but the list of available sources is growing. Haynes also do a Space Shuttle manual which is worth getting. It was written by David Baker and is well worth a look - In the US, the Nebraska Press has put together two books on the Shuttle based on interviews with people who participated in the programme - And finally - this is a cracker of a book which covers the development of the Shuttle from a political and military point of view and the lead up to the first mission in 1981 -
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