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  1. Yesterday
  2. Y-wing- 1/48 scale scratchbuild diary

    Sierra Hotel indeed!
  3. I really have to add one or two of those to the collection at some point. Stunning.
  4. Ditto, but I also wish I had ther skills to build them well to do them justice - especially the Dropship
  5. I love all the old, Halcyon Alien kits.... Just wish I could afford them! Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  6. Astronaut Birthdays for February

    February 23rd Vasily Lazarev (1928) USSR Selected 1964 Soyuz 12, 27 - 29 September 1973 (1d 23h 15m) - Test flight of modified version of the Soyuz craft following the Soyuz 11 accident Soyuz 18-1, 5 April 1975 (21m) - In-flight abort after second stage failed to separate; crew subjected to deceleration forces up to 21G; capsule landed on a steep slope and began rolling towards a 500ft sheer drop before the parachutes became entangled in vegetation. The cosmonauts had to wait until the following day to be airlifted out. Lazarev's injuries took him off flight status but he remained on the cosmonaut team until retiring in 1985 Died of alcohol poisoning 31 December 1990 Marc Garneau (1949) Canada Selected 1983 (Canadian Group 1) STS-41G, 5 - 13 October 1984 (8d 5h 23m) - Deployed Earth Radiation Budget Satellite STS-77, 19 - 29 May 1996 (10d 0h 39m) Carried the privately-developed SPACEHAB module, also SPARTAN 207 experiment pallet and tested an inflatable antenna STS-97, 1 - 11 December 2000 (10d 19h 57m) - Delivered the first set of solar arrays to the ISS Total flight time 29d 1h 59m Retired January 2001 Jerry Rij (1950) USA Selected 1979 (USAF Manned Spaceflight Engineer Group 1) Retired 1985; no flights Sergei Moshchenko (1954) Russia Selected 1996 Retired 2009; no flights Clayton Anderson (1959) USA Selected 1998 (NASA Group 17) STS-117/ISS Expeditions 15/16, 8 June - 7 November 2007 (151d 18h 23m) - landed aboard STS-120 STS-131, 5 - 20 April 2010, (15d 2h 47m) - Delivered Multi-Purpose Logistics Module 'Leonardo' to the ISS Total flight time 166d 21h 10m Retired 2011 Information from Spacefacts website
  7. Last week
  8. I think you have absolutely nailed it with the level of weathering. Spot on!
  9. Thanks All,admittedly none of the above will be winning any beauty contests anytime soon,the last of the 1-1 scale creatures I have in a half finished state is the "Queen Alien Chestburster" Which only appears towards the end of the theatrical cut of Alien 3,and then we only get a brief glimpse. There are also some accuracy issues around the dog burster alien,as apparently Halcyon were given access to the creature design when it was to exit through an Ox(as seen in the assembly cut) but re-shot and changed to a dog for the theatrical release,Still if I slaver it in enough viscera we should be ok.
  10. Ooo,Good to see this back,looks stunning!
  11. This is the first time I've seen this thread and have now just caught up. Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to replace the photos so that people like me can catch up on your amazing work. Secondly, this is incredible. I am extremely envious of your ability to scratch build, but am grateful for you sharing this so that I hopefully learn how it's done.
  12. Astronaut Birthdays for February

    Oh yes we are, daily, very many thanks. Paul
  13. Astronaut Birthdays for February

    February 22nd James Bagian (1952) USA Selected 1980 (NASA Group 9) STS-29, 13 - 18 March 1989 (4d 23h 39m) - Deployed the TDRS-4 communications satellite STS-40, 4 - 14 June 1991 (9d 2h 14m) - Spacelab Life Sciences 1 Total flight time 14d 1h 53m Retired 1995 Information from Spacefacts website (Thanks for yesterday's 'like' - I wasn't sure if people were still reading!)
  14. Sweet the whole set! They're going to be a lot of fun to paint, look forward to seeing more
  15. Looks stunning, cant wait to see it finished
  16. Y-wing- 1/48 scale scratchbuild diary

    Great work so far 👍
  17. Good evening all, At this point the Y-wing’s nose section had been painted in the base pale gray color. Painting the yellow-gold “swooshes” and the canopy are next. Using my scale plans, I laid out the lines for the swooshes. I made several copies of these in case they were needed. My buddy Boz then laid out some 2” Tamiya tape on a cutting board. The swoosh shape was cut out, received some tacky glue, and was then pressed down onto the tape. The shape was cut into the tape by hand. Then we turned another swoosh upside down to get a mirror image and cut a new piece of tape, then repeated the process twice more. The result is a three-piece set of tapes for each swoosh, and enough repeats to do the top and bottom of the nose. All these pieces were cut a bit “long” to give some wiggle room; once the pieces were in place, the rest of the front end was taped off. With these fairly simple shapes, the swoosh masks could be cut by hand, albeit a professionally trained one (not mine!), but could have been passed to one of the professional masking makers out on the internet. I used a dark yellow shade of paint and laid on the swooshes. Shortly after paint application I carefully peeled off the masking to let the painted edges settle a bit; this helps keep me from having noticeable ridges of paint along the masked lines. Once the swooshes cured, I masked off around the canopy and covered the rest of the nose and painted the canopies, using a mixed shade similar to RAF Medium Sea Gray. Here is a look at the top of the nose with all this painting done. Now it is time to do some weathering. First up was to put an acrylic gloss clear coat over the solvent-based paints to seal the whole nose. Thanks to my deeply scribed panel lines and the dark-ish undercoat, the lines were visible but not as uniform as I prefer, so I mixed a wash of medium gray-blue using oil paint and naphtha (lighter fluid) and added that to all the panel lines in a pin wash. They actually look darker than I normally prefer (due to the depth of the scribing), but they fit into the Star Wars universe pretty well so that was good enough. Next I did some paint chipping. I used the pale gray base coat on the swooshes and a darker gray to do chips in the pale gray base color, all done by dry brushing. The torpedo blast tubes got a very thin coat of dark gray paint followed by some pastels. I later sprayed some clear gloss to seal that and added another layer of pastels in and sealed it again. I’m not entirely satisfied with them, but I do not want to get them overdone. Here is the lower nose after the first couple of weathering passes. And here is the top of the nose. I added pastels here and there around the nose to create smudging and some sort of dirty stains, trying to give the impression of dirt and gunk being blown back when the vehicle passes through atmosphere. The trick is to not be symmetrical; sort of a logical but abstract effect. Applying the pastels with a small, stiff brush I use for dry brushing gives very subtle effects even when I use straight black pastel. I added more small paint chipping on the left side of the nose. The canopies open up to the right, so the left side gets a lot of foot traffic resulting in more chipping and accumulation of dirt. Since the swooshes were fairly dark, I took some white pastel and brushed it over parts of the yellow to lighten it up a bit and blend them into the overall paint. Here is the bottom again... Finally, I applied some chipping along the bottom edges of the canopy, and used colored pencils to add wear to the canopies’ edges. I masked off the dividing point between the front windscreen and the two canopy sections and drew on the panel lines with a sharpened, soft leaded pencil. The canopies and the rest of the nose then got a clear flat acrylic finishing coat. Besides sealing everything in, that also flattened the metallic sheen of the pencil lines, turning them into normal-looking joint lines. Note that the finish is just a touch off of dead flat; once I got that done I really liked the look versus “dead flat” so I quit while I was ahead! And now the moment of truth was at hand. I peeled away the masking of the cockpit windows. To my relief and happiness, there was no hint of overspray having gotten into the cockpit during painting. There are a few spots on the outside of the canopy that need a bit of clean up where the masks did not stay quite snug on the surface, but that is not a big issue. Sierra Hotel! I'm getting towards the end of the journey now. The rear vectrals are assembled and will soon be mounted to the booms. There are lots of detail pieces to be made and added, but it's all straight forward. Onward! Cheers, Jim
  18. I found it at the local small-town hardware store last weekend. Maybe I should stock up, just in case it disappears from Canadian stores too.
  19. Star Wars Revisited

    Thank you all for the very kind words! This are great deliveries from Bandai! Just wish they were easier available in Portugal!
  20. Star Wars Revisited

    Thank you very much Andy! Your work with the stormtrooper on your build served as an inspiration ! Thank you
  21. For my sins I have a recast facehugger kit and the detail is very nice. Great start so far, looking forward to seeing your painting techniques as that is what is putting me off starting mine. As for the Chestbuster, I've often thought of getting one and replicating the John Hurt scene with a white t-shirt and wearing it at Sci-Fi conventions!!
  22. They look like they're performing some kind of nightmarish karaoke in that last pic! The knuckle detail on the facehugger is exceptional - I've seen them on eBay and often wondered about the quality. Now I know
  23. man alive! they're awesome..
  24. Thanks Brian! I need to get an led in the gun so it'll probably be mostly made up by me for the sake of ease, still thinking about how it'll look
  25. 1/32 Viper Mkii

    i thought pledge had become as rare as unicorn poop?
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