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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hello everybody, but there is also an easier and above all faster solution, provided one has a quiet hand and a good sense of distance, which I've tried today. The strip is clamped between the steel rulers as before. Then I've tackled the support at the upper ends with the tweezer and gently dipped the edge into a flat CA drop, and set it down as centrally as possible on the strip, where it started glueing. For a short moment it is possible to correct the support's seat minimally with the fingernail or tweezer. Then I have still painted a little bit MEK onto both sides. Finally I've cut off the front overhang with the slanting edge of the cutter chisel, and then the rear overhang with the straight cutting edge. And these are less handgrips than with the previous solution with the cutting compass, so why complicated, if it goes also easier.
  3. Stellar Envoy

    Thanks John, but there's nothing that fancy going on with the masking. Just lots of tiny bits of Tamiya tape. I'll show some pics of the next masking steps though, if it helps. I'm doing the masking in stages, since getting every section masked in one go would be nigh on impossible in the scale. It's a bit of a pain doing it that way, as I'm using a custom mix for the blue, so I need to match it each time. It's not a complex mix though so it's not a big deal. For anyone interested it's 3 parts Vallejo 966 Turquoise to 1 part AMMO 063 Pale Grey. I've done the bulk of the rest of the upper markings in this session, mainly the engine deck, the chevron in the centre, the back of the gun surround and the edges of the mandibles. As you can probably tell by the blue staining, I'm reusing a lot of the tape from the previous masking session. Yes, I am that tight, and I won't throw tape away until it's unusable. For areas where the tape's going over raised detail, like the pipes on the nose, I used a short stiff bristled brush to press the tape as tightly as possible over the surface. It's impossible to get it completely perfect, but if the paint's sprayed at 90 degrees to the surface, there's virtually no bleed, or soft edges. For any curved sections, I measure the the radius from wherever the centre point is (the rear edge of the gun glazing in the case of the Falcon's main saucer), set the compass cutter to that measurement, and cut the arc For the main bands on the Falcon's hull I didn't cut one big curve. I used short overlapping section of tape instead, as it was easier to manipulate it over small details that way Once all the sections where marked out with tape, I filled in the surrounding area with silly putty, and it does get quite hard to handle at this stage, as everywhere you touch it the putty sticks to your fingers. Most of the illustrations of the Stellar Envoy seem to show the surrounds to the engine grills still in grey, so I had to mask these off too, and it was easier to do it with putty than try to cut tiny circles of tape. I spread the putty slightly beyond the edges of the surrounds to make sure they were fully covered. Any areas of the main deck that don't get hit with paint as a result can be touched in by brush at the end. That would be much easier than having to repaint any blue over-spray with the original pale grey If you prod and poke the putty with a tooth pick you can get it to seal very tightly around any fine details. That was the easiest way of masking the side panels on the mandibles. I'd never have got such a tight edge with tape With all that done I could spray the blue and strip the masking off to check if it had all worked, which for the most part it had. I did need to touch in the blue around the engine vents as I had expected to but, apart from that and a tiny bit of over-spray on the left mandible, where I'd obviously left a gap in the masking and not noticed, everything else look okay. And, yes, I did save all the bits of tape again So, this is the state of play for this evening. The only remaining blue sections on the top are a couple of small squares at the ends of the mandibles, another couple on the airlocks, and some areas around the cockpit. After that there are some red markings, including an odd emblem design next to the main dish, then I'll have to figure out something for the underside, which will be more or less a work of fiction, as I don't know of any references for the bottom of the hull Andy
  4. Have to admit not my usual sort of thing, but that is IMPRESSIVE!!
  5. You are a joker, Kirk! Whether you believe it or not, but this stress is meanwhile a familiar part of my daily work at this scale, but then comes the success and the satisfaction, and that is the main thing.
  6. Like i saidin the wip, a very nice job indeed! Lovely paint
  7. Like it? Love it! Beautiful paint and so much detail.
  8. Nope, don't think so.
  9. If I didn't know better, I'd say it sounds like you're not enjoying this. You could always take a break and do a bit more of the launch tower!! Or chuck it in the bin and start again in 1:72 (much easier on the eyes).
  10. getting there all the last parts are painted, just finished masking, got to put a few decals on the pistons, panel line then flat coat. you wont believe(i cant) but im actually looking forward to doing some prep again.
  11. i know the feeling, ive invested in some perspex blocks so im gonna take some propper photos for all the detail, like on the stock photos on page 1 of the thread. i love putting the effort in but many times i dont properly lit photos for inner frames and detail that is normally covered up.
  12. Stellar Envoy

    you're so bloody annoyingly brilliant at this stuff Andy ! I need some tips as to how you mask such a tight tidy line across such a distorted bumpy surface like the top side of a YT1300
  13. Aoshima Gigant

    Just seen this one Andy, the perils of having a holiday! Great start and a nice looking kit, reminds me a little of a Vulcan bomber. I'm with picard and looking forward to how you go about painting this one.
  14. Stellar Envoy

    Great start Andy, you just have to admire the detail on this little kit. Will be watching with interest as I plan on doing a similar thing with one of Revell's big scale easy kits.
  15. Wow! It looks extraordinary. The paint job is really great. All the metallic painted bits really look convincingly like real metal.
  16. Stellar Envoy

    Yaaas! Been looking forward to seeing this. It's already looking much bigger than it is in actuality, what with the individual panel shading. Looks excellent so far.
  17. 1/100 │ MSN-04 Sazabi Ver.Ka │

    Beautiful! My absolute favorite MS and you have done a really very nice job on this one.
  18. Finally finished. hope you like it here is the wip topic
  19. I think I've gone a little overboard.
  20. Thanks Mark for your nice words, this is really pure stress for my eyes, which is why I have to take a break more often, but the show must go on ...
  21. The tiny parts are as impressive as the macro photography. If it wasn't for the famous cent and the markings on the rule it would not be possible to believe the small size.
  22. Last week
  23. Stellar Envoy (AKA Millennium Falcon) I've had Bandai's little box scale Falcon sitting about in a base coat for a while, and since I was waiting for some filler to dry on the Gigant, I decided to get some more work done on it. I wasn't originally planning to do a wip for it, so I don't have any construction pics, but there's not really much to these vehicle model kits, and this is built OOB anyway. I have taken some photos of the painting steps though, so I thought I might as well post them. As the title implies, this is being done as the Stellar Envoy which, if you don't know the Star Wars EU that well, was the Millennium Falcon in a previous life, before Lando acquired it and then lost it to Han. The main difference between the Stellar Envoy and the Falcon we all know and love, is the blue deco over the hull, and that's going to form the bulk of the paintwork I'll have to do. To begin with, the whole ship was base coated in a pale warm grey I then spent this morning painting in some random panels in various warm and cool grey shades, using thinned acrylics and some washes. These aren't matched to the Falcon's panels, or even to the few reference images of the Envoy. It's just going to be my take on the ship Tonight was spent masking up and painting the first of the blue markings. I've started with the curved sections, as they're the trickiest to do. The masking for the edges of the curves were cut with a compass cutter, then the rest of the area covered with silly putty. While the blue paint was still a bit soft, I made a few scratches in it to give it a more weathered look I'll be fitting the work on this around the Gigant, so I'll probably be switching back and forth between the two over the next few days. Andy
  24. Aoshima Gigant

    Looking forward to your latest painting masterclass yet again Andy, and definitely wheels up imho on this strange beast. The burning question of the day is though, how's Nigel these days and will he be helping out at all? He,he. Cheers
  25. Aoshima Gigant

    Thanks Kev, I've pretty much decided to go with the wheels up, as I think that's the best look for it. I'm just in the process of getting it prepped for paint, although I may have got slightly distracted by painting some blue stripes on a YT-1300 . Andy
  26. Aoshima Gigant

    The landing gear is really nice looking with all the wheels, but personally I'd most likely go without them as it looks much sleeker. Although I do tend to prefer craft in flight most of the time so what do i know. Either way, I'm positive it'll look superb.
  27. 1/100 │ MSN-04 Sazabi Ver.Ka │

    Superb. I like it.
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