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  1. Yesterday
  2. Superb little kits, and they look good together
  3. Wow I love the dark red and grey color scheme!
  4. Yes, painting these little things is pretty fun. I like that they are forcing me to do more with brush work and less of masking and airbrushing. Its a good change of pace.
  5. Very nice indeed! Mike.
  6. Here's a valuable lesson for me in not trying to get *too* subtle at this scale. Inspired by all the detail on the rear cockpit panel of DaveG's "Green Leader" over on the RPF, I painted that panel in 3 different metallic shades. Well, they weren't different enough to really be noticeable at this scale, in such tiny areas. I may yet paint a pipe or two yellow or red. P5269694 Here's a couple more detail shots of the nearly finished fighter. P5269687 P5269690 And a couple in formation with my other non-canonical Y-wing in blood red colors. P5269705 P5269700 I've a little more to do on adding paint chipping and some more sooty weathering on the engine vanes to the gold Y-wing before I call it done.
  7. Agreed - the Y-wing kit is amazing! While it's not my favorite fighter in the movies, I think it's my favorite mini-kit. There's just so much detail in a tiny package to go nuts painting. Brush painting it feels like a form of meditation to me. I've done two now, both in non-canonical color schemes.
  8. A quick build. this was finished over a week. the wet splotches you see on the solar panels are a black wash. Tried to vary the fuselage colours, but the camera doesnt really capture it well. things to improve >> Colour Variance on the solar panels, tried experimenting with splotches of black wash without luck (they were basecoated with Tamiya Rubber Black) Greater modulation on the fuselage Never rush a project comments and criticism welcome as always Cheers Shane
  9. I cracked open the Y-Wing the other day. This thing is great! All the beautiful detail is there and its all nice and crisp. I built all the sub-assemblies to prep for paint. I really don't have a plan for the color scheme on this one yet. I think im going to go a different direction and do something not exactly canon. I was thinking maybe a fictional Red Squadron Y-Wing to go along with the two X-wings. Not sure yet... But the next step is to get some black primer on this thing. This thing is awesome! Anyway, thanks for looking. Hopefully I can get some paint on this thing over the weekend.
  10. Hi Richard, I loved the series as a kid and even more so now!
  11. The more i look at this the more i love it, im definitely going to have to get one! Great paint on the little guy
  12. It really does- I have been watching the show this past week and it is surprising how well it still works. It is also very nice to have a show that does not spoon feed you all the answers before the last commercial- some episodes do not have any real explanation for what happened- you just deal with it as it is - that is how life is.
  13. Nice invite, but will there be a long dark teatime of the soul? Cheers, Andre
  14. B L I M O U S ! Quite tremendous
  15. Classic Kit - classic gaps ! Keep up the good work - this superb old timer deserves all the love and care you appear to be giving it
  16. Thanks, all! I did have to go buy myself some magnifying glasses to make the detail work easier :). It's also nice that I can't actually see some of the mistakes the camera picks up at a normal viewing distance!
  17. aboard, and a rather nice job on that Y-Wing, especially given the scale
  18. I've got two of those things, but I'm missing the important one, and it's not for sale anywhere. I've checked
  19. Very nice paint and weathering so far, look forward to seeing this come together
  20. I prefer gee-N’N-T’N-ix.
  21. This series stands the test of time so much better than Space:1999 as the writing, acting and direction is so much better.
  22. You are a really hoopy frood!
  23. Will be really handy for the upcoming cargo Eagle! When that announcement first came out a couple of days ago it broke the CultTVMan site wasn't able to see the page for several hours because he'd gone over his hosting data limit...
  24. Welcome aboard and what a nice way to i troduc yourself by showing us such a cracking WIP
  25. Spidey senses tingle! Leg is back on So i got back on with smoothing over the milliput to cover gaps & webbing. I've developed a pretty quick and effective technique; i put some milliput over the area i want covered like this: - I get my water handy so can have a wet thumb and a dampish thumb, then use the damp thumb to spread it over the detail and the wet thumb to smooth. Re-did the thigh gap on the reattached leg, there are some rough spots where the break smooshed it up and then dried, but i can easily sand that out later. And i made a start smoothing over the face. Next up will be - you guessed it - more milliput work!! Thanks for looking, more soon
  26. No better way to hide massive project overruns than a nice big pie in the sky space plane. KC46 bailout on the way!
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