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  1. Yesterday
  2. Vladimir Lyakhov

    Vladimir Lyakhov, who flew to three space stations and spent more than 333 days in orbit, has died. http://www.collectspace.com/news/news-042018a-obituary-vladimir-lyakhov-cosmonaut.html
  3. "Lost In Space" on the Netflix

    Yep. Finished the series now. Definite thumbs up from me. Chris.
  4. Garmilas Astro Battle Cruisers

    To my old Mark 1’s these look pretty good. 👍
  5. Garmilas Astro Battle Cruisers

    Cool ships Will, look good for such a crazy fast build! Very impressive as speed is not something i associate with my modeling these days!
  6. I’m sure it was a dog in the book
  7. Got this yesterday courtesy of Warren at Tyridium Models, it’s the JPG Productions 1/12 scale Imperial Probe Droid: The lighting kit is also from Tirydium and will be my first foray into a lighted model; now all I have to do is find the time to actually build this - my stash grows but I’ve not built anything for months!
  8. It seems unlikely to be much good for pushing doesn't it? I think I prefer the skinny one despite the 26 individual prickles I had to stick on to it. W
  9. Garmilas Astro Battle Cruisers

    Faster than light builds then? They look great to me. Though does the Destoria have the bulldozer blade on backwards?
  10. Hi folks, I've been running around like a mad thing organising Scale Models Expo and haven't really had the mental energy to finish any of my ongoing projects, but I did want to build something new for the show. So I started these on Wednesday night and finished them before midnight on Friday. For me that's unspeakably quick I would have waited to take proper pictures but that didn't seem to be in the spirit of the adventure so here in all their awful glory are my mobile 'phone shots of the models on the table at Expo. (Kelkavia class High Speed Astro Battle Cruiser) (Destoria class Heavy Astro Battle Cruiser) No, they didn't win anything and nor did they deserve to! But they're big and green and they give my Cosmo Fleet something to shoot at. I will produce some studio pictures on Monday hopefully. Cheers, Will
  11. Astronaut Birthdays for April

    April 21st Aleksander Leveykin (1951) USSR Selected 1978 Soyuz TM-2/Mir Expedition 2, 5 February - 30 July 1987 (174d 3h 25m) Retired March 1994 Sergei Zalyotin (1962) USSR Selected 1990 Soyuz TM-30/Mir Expedition 28, 4 April - 16 June 2000 (72d 19h 41m) Soyuz TMA-1/ISS Taxi Flight 4, 30 October - 10 November 2002 (10d 20h 53m) - landed aboard Soyuz TM-34 Total flight time 83d 16h 34m Originally retired September 2004; returned to flight status 2011 but retired again for medical reasons May 2014 Soyuz TMA-1 was originally to have carried musician Lance Bass of NSYNC as a fare-paying passenger but financial agreement could not be reached and he was dropped Andrei Babkin (1969) Russia Selected 2010 On active status; no flights yet though currently assigned to Soyuz MS-12/ISS Expeditions 59/60, scheduled for March - September 2019 Information from Spacefacts website
  12. very cool. I recently watched alien 3 and found the creature emerged from a dead cow (directors cut?).
  13. very nice (if nice if the right word 😎)
  14. Parallel universes

    Thank you all. Yes, maybe the next time I'll make that TIE fighter idea.
  15. Looks great, nice job. Always been a little apprehensive about the vinyl kits but do have an Alien 3 that I'm working on in fits and starts. You have done a very nice job, really looks the part. Cheers Richard
  16. Last week
  17. Wot Pete said. Steve.
  18. Parallel universes

    Great idea and well executed! Cheers Hans J
  19. That does indeed look cool!
  20. Erm, yuck? Very impressive.
  21. Parallel universes

    Do we need to see a German/Luftwaffe Tie Fighter? YES WE DO!!!!
  22. Thanks, Bruno. Very worth the effort to bring this thread back. An inspiring model! Regards Tim
  23. Parallel universes

    So cool seeing an RAF x wing! Great concept well executed
  24. Oh wow, fantastic paint on this guy, he looks ready for his close up!!
  25. Oh yes, definitely the dog’s b...... bits. Graham
  26. Small update! I got started on the last bit of sculpting; the large open flower that will be under him. I rolled out some sculpey and wrapped the armature, started with a thin layer that I could really press in to the wire to ensure good contact and a solid base to work on. 20180413_131253 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Then I added another layer on top that I could smooth over 20180413_132925 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180413_134412 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180413_134607 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20180420_133942 by Nick Frost, on Flickr And I poked a hole in it, this one is going to have its small inner mouth open with some smaller tentacles coming out 20180420_134340 by Nick Frost, on Flickr And I made a start on the inner ridges. 20180420_134802 by Nick Frost, on Flickr Next up I'll add the lip to the edge with more sculpey and neaten up the ridges. Thanks for looking, more soon
  27. No idea at all but it looks cool. It was from Aliexpress. BIKE Its 1/20 scale so I might add a M.ak tech to a small dio around it or I might add it to my TY build and scratch a nuclear warhead on a sidecar.
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