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  2. Have fun, Pete!
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  4. Continuing with non-canon Space Battleship Yamato builds are four ships from the Iscandar Protectorate Fleet. Again, this is non-canon. The idea is, that after the Earth/Garmillas War, the new Garmillas leaders decided that Iscandar had been too vulnerable to the duplicitous actions of Supreme Leader Desler. And after nearly losing Garmillas itself, a bit of fanatical fervor overtook some of the military leaders and their subordinates in regards to Iscandar and Queen Starsha, with whom there is a such a wealth of respect and awe that is almost godly. Add to that, the threat of the Gatlantis Empire, and measures were taken to ensure that Iscandar would be protected from any threat - including any from Garmillas itself. To that end, a fleet of ships were detached from the greater Garmillas forces and were set in orbit of Iscandar, and volunteers were asked to crew them. It would turn out, that they did not have enough ships for all the men and women who volunteered for the honored duty... As to the ships, I didn't take too many pictures, as they are all pretty much straight from the box. The first is the flagship, the Aeber'carin, a Haizelard class dreadnought. The second is the Galla'heiren, a Destoria class heavy criuser, followed up by two Kripitera class destroyers. First primer coat added to the parts. I'm keeping them all in sub assemblies, to make it easier for the 'eye' inserts and to help get into the nooks and crannies. The panel lines really hide the seems. Here is the super structure of the Aeber'carin next to the Haruna's, which is in another build thread. The Aeber'carin up top and the Haruna at the bottom. In the box are the two Kripitera class destroyers. Ships that size I don't think have any names. Just numbers. A forest of turrets... Still more to paint of those... And the little destroyers before paint. As for paint, I wanted something that would be more suitable for Iscandar, and so there will be no dark greens or blues, or camo patterns. Instead, I'm going for colors similar to Starsha's dresses. All the ships will have Duck Egg Blue 4748 over Flat white 4769. Inlets and bow fins will be aluminum, and the flagship, Aeber'carin with have a gold band going vertically amidships. I wanted something flashier and fitting with the deep reverence the Garmillas hold for the Iscandarians. We'll see how it turns out...
  5. Last photo of the build - the vanes have all been attached with epoxy glue and the top dome is now firmly glued. Just the acrylic domes left...
  6. Thanks for the link John. I've just placed an order for a light set. Interesting times ahead. Cheers Pete
  7. Okay, next sci-fi build and I'm sticking with Space Battleship Yamato. Although, not canon. This build was inspired by this image taken from Lighthouse. Though I will stress, inspired and not exact. The idea behind the construction, is that after the Earth-Garmillas War, Earth was in desperate need of ships to outfit its depleted defenses. And with the rise of the Gatlantis threat and the defense pact signed between Earth and Garmillas, the idea was floated to buy old hulls from the Garmillas and outfit them with Terran technology. Namely, command and control, guns and engines. All Earth needed was the hulls. As a test of the feasibility of the idea, one hull was bought, that of a decommissioned Gaiderol class dreadnought, and it was towed from Garmillas to Earth. And so, construction began on the Haruna, named after the Kongo-class battleship BBS-552 that was lost at the First Battle of Mars. The first bit was removing some of the Garmillas tech that was remaining on the hull and make way for systems far more familiar to the human technicians and the crews who would use them. Some pieces of a Gundam kit, sourced from my deep spares bin. Part of the original superstructure was removed and new construction put in its place. The command deck from a damaged Murasame class cruisers was sourced to replace the old bridge. And since Earth leaders saw no need for the 'eyes,' these were removed and sensor bulges put in their places. A new wave motion engine was built to fill the stern. And with plumbing being vastly different a lot of unused space in the hull was cleared up for hangar space. Not much, but enough for some utility craft. The new hangar opening. Test fit of the new superstructure. The lower bow fin was removed and replaced. (This from an old Andromeda kit, though it has been reshaped.) And atop the bow. These are from some old jet fighter kit. With both, I wanted to give a more human look to the shape, such as with the Andromeda and the Borodino class ships. The strakes on the upper stern were removed and replaced with simple styrene strip, and the new engine received a cone. I prefer a simpler base than the kit provides, so I glued shut the opening and drilled for a brass rod. And since she was now using Terran guns - I needed some! And as timing would have it, the kits from HLJ have not come in yet and the only guns I had were on my already built Kirishima... I also took some guns from a Mursame and a torpedo destroyer. Though I have decided to not use those from the destroyer. The resin was applied and some copies came out! It's white resin and so is washed out a bit, but it looks good in real life! Of course, then I had to seal the original mounting holes and make smaller ones for the brass rod. With that done, a primer coat was laid. Painting is next. She's going to be a mix of 2199 and 2202 colors. Overall, she'll be red over white like the Kirishima but they'll also be a gray vertical stripe amidships and with the UNCN logo that will be sourced from one of the three Yuunagi kits that I ordered from HLJ. And yes, she's not alone there. Theship at the top of the pic is a Haizelard class dreadnought with two little destroyers in the box. Those, and a Destoria class heavy cruiser, will have their own thread. Back to work tomorrow, so painting will have to fit into my days off. More updates soon!
  8. Next bit of progress, the Alclad on the vanes and paddles are done So now these are all done, time to start attaching them... Finally for now a better photo of the base which has had 2 days to dry out... I'll be adding more of the vanes today so more soon...
  9. Look out for the special edition around mid November, Just in time for Crimbo. Me, cynical?
  10. Incredible work on such a tiny ship!
  11. mega work on the model and the base, you can almost smell the burning Ewoks
  12. Besides, seeng as the imminent release lacks stuff like a commentary track and dleted scenes, Disney may pull another double dip like on TFA. Cheers, Andr
  13. Fabulous result, Will.
  14. looks great, very nice job on the finish and the water looks great, nice work all around....
  15. way cool - it looks a lot bigger than it is. Maybe its a different type of plastic so it won't crack?
  16. Very nice Will, great finish and a very interesting subject, thanks for sharing. All the best Chris
  17. Reordering in June by the looks of it. They must have only had a few copies of it on hand for it to sell out that fast. I like that ship - much better looking than the Andromeda - or should I say, at least the bridge looks better. I would much prefer the dreadnaught bridge on the Andromeda. Like you say, I would also prefer a version without the toy like lights and sound gimmicks.
  18. Hi folks, Finished off this quickie project this week - the elapsed time is quite long but the time I actually worked on it is pretty short as it was waiting for the Cosmo Zero. Another enjoyable little kit from Bandai with crisp details which belie the tiny size. (click for more/bigger) The base is another rubberwood coaster with a sheet of clear plastic on top. I painted the bottom with ocean colours in reverse, and then applied tinted gel on the top to get waves. The two layers give a nice impression of depth, albeit one that might be a bit unrealistic for the scale. The gel texture is a bit lumpy and messy in detail but if you look from normal viewing distance I think it does the job. The wave crests are just a bit of white paint, variously sponged, drybrushed and painted on and then wiped with a finger along the wave to break up the shape. I forgot to take a scale cue picture, but the model is just under 100mm long. No problems with cracking plastic on this one - I did give it a good coat of Klear before doing any weathering, maybe that did the trick? Thanks for looking! Will
  19. Last week
  20. Looks like the next kits are re-releases with a tweak. The SNowspeeder is back but this time the 1/48 is packed with a 1/144 version, and Slave 1 is back but in Jango Fett markings from the prequels. After that there is a 1/144 Jedi fighter out in the mecha scale kits, looks like the triangular Episode II version to match Jango's Slave 1
  21. Yeah it's just so expensive. Fingers crossed they release a version without electronics maybe with markings for one of the sisters, those nice blue ones. They also put the standard Earth battleship up for pre-order, the Dreadnought class designed to replace the old Kirishima type it sold out in less than 24 hours, took me by surprise before I could make a choice
  22. SC is biodegradable and non-toxic. But I can imagine it still might not be available to you. It was able to strip it down to bare plastic in under a day. It's good stuff!
  23. Thanks Rich and Pete for your nice compliments, which put me in the mood for an ice cold beer ... Cheers my friends! BTW, this SSWS pipe and support madness is now coming to an end, slowly but surely ... Thank goodness!
  24. The second version of the metallic looks great. I'm surprised at how dull the dull aluminium is; I'll be avoiding that shade in the future. I know from experience that the regular aluminium always looks better in person that it does in photos. Oh, and I think you're doing the right thing by adding the clear coat before masking. Better safe than sorry. Andy
  25. Seriously good job.
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