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  3. Thanks for all your kind comments guys. A joy to build & I will be getting at least one more.
  4. METAL GEARRRRR! Sweet job with the colours Gaz
  5. Steampunk is normally Brass and brown... I just like to Goth it up a bit... Dieselpunk is a cool look as well though and this is normally more black and silver.
  6. Oh no! Not another one. Certainly shows up how bad the re pops are. Should fly together for you. Matt
  7. Looking fantastic hunter. The hoodie is really working out. Matt
  8. Don't worry about the thread drift, it's all relevant John. The more I learn about leds, the better. Matt
  9. Nice work ^-^ This one looks likes its based off the TESB one rather than ROTJ, what with the longer legs Gaz
  10. Is there anyplace out there where I can stream this?
  11. Rather wicked, is what I think.
  12. Oh cool, great seeing it together. I really love that camo pattern
  13. Today I wanted to get some idea of how its going to look once finished. So I loosely placed the external stowage and popped the legs on.
  14. Just a quick one, I've sanded down the filler and gave it a blast of primer. Right, I'm happy with how its looking so thats it for sanding. Next up I'll sculpt the hood and do some tassles, then its time for paint! Thanks for looking, more soon
  15. Thanks guys. I'll have more to post over the next few days. Not sure what size the LEDs are, but yeah, they are TINY. Soldering up a few is not bad, doing many would try my patience! I use the squeeze to open pointy tweezers to hold them while I solder.
  16. Yeah another one!!! Its a comission that finally got the go ahead this week and im saving for a holiday so needs must and all that. But its really cool to work with the proper kit after the two recasts, and this is being done as spiderman so no mods (and no filling web details!!!!! ) Flash has been removed and i cleaned up the bits as coffee had been spilt on them (not by me!) You can see here the detail is pin sharp, chalk and cheese compared to the white repops. And after just holding some bits together the clouds parted and the modelling gods smiled because the fit looks really good so minimal filling work required. Now theres karma in action! Not done much with it yet just wanted to kick off the wip, next I'll get the plaster in for weight and begin the pinning stage. Thanks for looking, more soon
  17. Hello everybody, the Fuel Cell Pipes are put aside and let's look again to the Bay 18, in which are still to install the through-sleeves and connection sockets of the three ports for the ECS purge lines. Here is again the original using the example of the MLP-1. Source: NASA (Street View) These are the painted and shortened parts, and here on the tailor-made insert. And here ist still the GN2 line with the blind flange. The eight screws I tried to hint with a fineliner, but what not still convinced me. But the next attempt was already better. Since the through-sleeve (Ø 1 mm) was somewhat too long, it was inserted into the wall, and then the insert was finally glued over it. The GN2 line was initially inserted only temporarily, since its installation height must match the height of the connection sockets, which were subsequently glued. And with this result, I am now quite satisfied, although the too bright red could be mitigated by a final Washing. But a small thing is still missing, if one looks closely, namely? Exactly, the labelings above the three ports are still missing and have been added by carefully removing the color with the cutter. Fortunately one must not be able to decipher them. And here once again for comparison, how the ports looked before in 2D ...
  18. Hi Thanks to our dedicated and most loyal club photographer at IPMS Farnborough, here are the pictures of my completed DeAgostini Millennium Falcon (20 editions of which belong to him I do need to add!) - Built from 100 editions of various sized parts as a studio replica of the 3 footer Falcon used in ESB and ROTJ. Mine had its own paint job and face-lift as I was not particularly impressed with the basic toy look of the parts from the kit supplied parts. This is BIG, heavy, and has already been exiled to the garage by my Fiancée ("get that bloody great big plastic hamburger out" were her exact words I seem to remember) - perhaps a show piece for Telford in November, I'm not sure as its table top greedy. A fun build and as I stated numerous times on the WIP threads, very much worth its weight in metal and plastic when the costs are spread out - the pub till takes more from the average Gent per month than DeAgostini do when building this kit. May the Force be with You John
  19. Ooooh I see a SW race pod with those two fairings! It would be a crime to waste those! I myself smugle parts from the recycle bin to the attic... how low can you get...
  20. Tel me about it the wife thinks Im daft as it playing with plastic but when I start collecting spray bottle tops and start calling them rail gun mounts or engine cowling etc she just shakes her head at me but these are just to good not to collect.
  21. I am seriously considering a bunch of computer mice and a couple of keyboards at 1€ each... just for parts! I see parts everywhere now... "oooh, look at that plastic cup..." Thanks for your comment!
  22. Hi Chief I would say that what is presently built (having been made heavy by the timber) weighs around 4 pounds in weight to date. My main concern is that there is no real way to secure the forward section to the middle bulkhead - hence the rear end internal structure so I have built a frame that can carry a forward pilon as the completed kit will be mounted from the underside on a single pole, making the forward section vulnerable to simply dropping off if not correctly supported when banged. Randy's facebook pages (screen shot below) show a new internal structure which would have been a better design for me to have started with - but I have only just seen his new internal workings and will look forward to building his new designed ISD once he has it in production John
  23. A very original looking craft and I like it, there is a great feeling about putting a load of junk together to make a great looking sci-fi model, I have only done 1 myself (so far) but I have plans for lots more, in fact i have the tops of 2 squirty cleaning bottles on my desk that look just like intake cowling to me, now were did I put the garden hose connectors (AKA jet engines)? Great work let see some more.....
  24. thanks Madmonk - much appreciated - I got myself 20 or so off the web and some from maplins a while back but having looked at the LEDs on express models site, I can see my bulbs don't have the resister built in so I have mailed them for their recommended best options - this lighting thing is all very new to me and just adds to the even larger task of building such a huge kit of cast resin cheers again madmonk and sorry to deviate from your own build here Matt John
  25. thanks for the Link Matt - will do - good luck with the build - John L
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