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  1. Today
  2. Makes me want to dig out my X-Wing kit and put it together. Fantastic job!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Thanks for watching Rose. Appreciate your interest.
  5. "Down that Drone" Diorama WIP

    I absolutely love the Falke, its a dream model of mine that I've never managed to get so will watch this with interest. The cockpit and pilot look really good, nice paint and the added details are very cool
  6. I will get around to it. I promise!
  7. Pictures! We need pictures! Trevor a child of the 60’s
  8. Get one quickly before Santa snaps them all up. Latest news on my two. I finished the Kreiger build I was doing the other weekend and found a few minutes since to glue the resin Fireball together with epoxy. I've had to use some filler in various places such as the base of the fin and the wing/fuselage joint, especially where I accidentally made a hole. That was a couple of weekends ago so it should be dry by now, and, when and if I get time this weekend I can get it rubbed down. I also have to sort out a base for it. I still didn't have time to rub down the paint on the juniors. And I still haven't sorted out a photo host. (Obviously). Not really much to see though. I do have a week off in January so maybe things will come together then. I hope so.
  9. Thanks guys, you know my attention to details close to the real thing. I cannot withstand.
  10. The old FM kit holds up pretty well, and your finish of it is excellent - very nicely done
  11. C1-10P 'Chopper'

    Great work Andy!
  12. Wow! That is seriously impressive! Perfect weathering for that X-wing.
  13. Great stuff, always wanted one of these but the prices they go for now are insane! Love the panel work and the base, overall an excellent model!
  14. On Britmodeller, no one can hear you whimper. Superb model of, as you said, an icon.
  15. C1-10P 'Chopper'

    I don't 'do' SF and space, but that is brilliant.
  16. C1-10P 'Chopper'

    I don't think you'll be alone in that Thanks John, I think the Gonk's probably my fave too Andy
  17. The figure painted and mounted in the cockpit. I used Citadel paints to paint the figure. I added a decal from an old aircraft kit, I had lying in my 'box of tricks'. The kit's decal is a little tough to get it to sit. So if you are going to build this kit, make sure you lay a good coat of gloss on the surface of the area you are going to put decals on. I think I am satisfied with the look.Hope you guys are too. Now I can glue the two halves of the craft together and continue unto the exterior part.
  18. Now it is unto the figure building and painting. The figure is not the best but since half of the body is going to be hidden within the cockpit, I am not so concern. I used putty to fill in the gaps and ONLY areas that were going to be seen. As I will not be painting the lower legs and the back of the figure,as these areas will not be seen. I also left the feet off the body, as they will definitely not be seen when the figure is in the cockpit.
  19. C1-10P 'Chopper'

    he looks brilliant Andy - another fine looking droid to add to your amazing collection but your Gonk is still may all time favourite (sorry)
  20. looks convincingly real - very good - I have this kit coming my way for Christmas love your tired and weather look
  21. saw this at club night on Monday - its a brilliant model - finished to a very clean and high standard I know you are after another one Mr P - but given your skills, perhaps you should try making a Davros in the same scale to keep this ne company
  22. And this is the same dalek

    great Dalek - 2 on the forum in just a week - what a treat
  23. good to see nice and frequent updates here - coming on good a proper
  24. AMT B1 Battledroid - Mister Bones

    he's looking brilliant
  25. Cheers Gimme! As always with my plans (or lack of!!) its subject to change! Thanks Brian, I'll add some texture and detail them when I've finished laying them down too Cheers dude, it'll all come together more once I start on the alien flowers I'm on my christmas hols from tomorrow so not sure how much more I'll get done this year, so for now heres just a couple of pics to show more of the vines done. 20171213_134847 by Nick Frost, on Flickr 20171213_134824 by Nick Frost, on Flickr So not many if any vines left to put down, I'll start on the vines wrapping around his feet and the large one reaching for his thigh next then I can make a start on the flowers and begin to add some texture to the vines. Man I just glanced at the start date at this and I cant believe that in another month I'll have been working on this guy for two years!! hopefully it wont take another 2 to get it finished! Thanks for looking, more soo... Probably after christmas!
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