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  1. Your Messerschmitt looks really great! Can you explain what you mean by using complimentary colours? Did you spray a marbling pattern of yellow on the black base before applying the RLM 78 (yellow as the complimentary colour of blue?)? In any case, it looks very convincing.
  2. Fantastic work! I very much like this short-lived camouflage scheme (Light Slate Grey, Medium Sea Grey and PRU Blue, isn`t it?) What paints did you use for these colors?
  3. And another foto of 38+37 with 10 BL755: http://www.aircraftslides.com/Auction/AuctionDetail.aspx?ID=2069815
  4. BTW: You might also search for photos of West German RF-4Es. They were updated in 1979/80 to carry BL755 and Matra 250kg GP bombs. I've seen photos of a RF-4E carrying 3 BL755 under each wing.
  5. Photos of West German aircraft with any offensive armament are quite rare, but there is this one with apparently 12 (or 10?) BL755: https://www.airhistory.net/photo/175502/3837 (I hope the link is ok in this way). Probably rather something to show off and less practical for real missions.
  6. Well done! Looks weird and great! I think, they were only a few aircraft types that were directly converted from prop to jet like the Saab 21. Collecting twin-boomers also is a nice idea.
  7. Regarding the dis/advantages of doppler vs INS: Does it make a difference if you fly high or low, over water or over land? In addition, I imagine aligning the INS is difficult on an aircraft carrier that itself is constantly moving?
  8. AFAIK, a doppler navigation radar measures the aircraft's movement relative to the ground. Thus it enables the crew to measure the true ground speed and ground track, taking account of wind drift. Based on the data from the doppler a navigation system can tell the crew more or less exactly where they are and in which direction to fly to reach a specific target (if the starting point is known). BTW: An inertial navigation system (INS) does the same, doesn't it?, but without any radar emissions. What are the pros and cons of both systems? The Tornado probably has both. Of course, nowadays, using GPS is much simpler and more precise (as long as the system works).
  9. There is a very cool website on the RAF in Aden/Yemen during this period: http://www.radfanhunters.co.uk There are also photos of 233 Sqn. Valettas The author, Ray Deacon, also wrote a highly recommendable book about the subject: "Hunters over Arabia". Actually, he is also on Britmodeller.
  10. Good job, looks great! In addition, I like the histoty of the post-war RAF in the Near, Middle and Far East.
  11. I also checked Flightradar24 regularly in the last days. Quiet dramatic to see the C-17s flying from Doha to Kabul and back. I assume, however, that many/most military flights do not appear on this website. I guess it depends on whether they identify themselves to the civil air traffic control? Does anyone know more about this?
  12. I'm also highly interested. I've built the s&M Canberra that seems to be a stablemate of this Venom and I'm very satisfied with the result, although it surely took some work. But IIRC some Britmodellers were less than enthusiastic about the Canberra kit. So I wonder what the verdict will be on the Venom.
  13. Cool idea and excellent modelling! I just wonder what the pilot is standing on when the water is deep enough for the plane to submerge. Even with a life vest, a swimming pilot would probably not rise that much out of the water. Nice to see how the AK Water Gel works. Does it harden completely or does it stay "gummy" like sillicone? In any case, it looks convincing.
  14. Great model and a fascinating subject! As I am interested in whaling history, I also have thought about building one ot the whalilng Walruses,but never even got close to starting the project. So its nice to see that someone has done it. And thank you for providing the sources!
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