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  1. Really interesting kit! Although I prefer the HA-1109 with the Hispano-Suiza engine.
  2. Great looking models! What can you tell us about the panel lines on this kit? The panel lines on Airfix' Mk.I/Mk.Va are a bit deep and wide for my liking. This is why I am a bit sceptical about the new Mk.V.
  3. Thanks for your hints! I had also thought about the books from Rodeike because I own the Rodeike/Prien book on the Bf-109, which I like a lot. Rodeike's FW-190 unfortunately is difficult to get at a reasonable price.
  4. Great looking model! It made me remember reading Bernhard Grzimek's book "Serengeti darf nicht sterben" a long time ago. Bernhard Grzimek, the father of Michael, was a hugely influential zoologist, environmentalist, film maker and author in West Germany. His film and book on wildlife in the East African Serengti natural reserve turned out to be a great success, but his son died, as you wrote, during the making of the film when D-ENTE crashed.
  5. Looks fine to me. The re-scribing of the panel lines is impressive.
  6. Hello everybody! Which book or booklet can you recommend as the best reference of the Fw-190? I've recently noted again that my library has a significant gap when it comes to Kurt Tank's famous creation. "Best", of course, is a debatable and highly subjective category. What I am looking for is a publications that tells the different versions apart and contains a lot of (WWII-era) photographic material. I am less interested in pilots' stories, surviving examples in museums or profile drawings (if not backed up by photos). Also, the radial-engined versions and the fighter-bomber
  7. It looked fantastic, especially the nmf. Some decal softener smell a lot like vinegar, so I am not surprised that vinegar works as such. But it still takes courage to try it out
  8. Really cool. It looks like the ultimate Steam-Punk propeller fighter. I also like your metal finish.
  9. Well, I just wondered if there is a known reasons why they deviated from the pattern used on the Mirage IIIE, 5F, F.1 and 2000. Maybe just a matter of taste.
  10. Does anybody know why the wings on camouflaged Mirage IVs always (?) were painted green overall? I already posed this question in another thread, but so far nobody seems to have an answer:
  11. BTW: does anybody know why the upper side of the wing is painted uniformly green while the fuselage has the typical green-and-grey disruptive scheme (well invisible in the video at 21:08). This seems to be feature of all camouflaged Mirage IV unlike the single-engined Mirages.
  12. Very nice! It is easy to forget how small these 1/72 helos are. The windscreen wiper is amazing in this scale!
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