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  1. Very nice, it's visible that a lot of work went into this model.
  2. Just to demonstrate that there is still life in this thread/built: There is quite a substantial ridge at the trailing edge of the wing. Probably the short-run moulding technology made this necessary, but it needs to be sanded down to achieve a reasonably thin looking trailing edge. The engraving highlighted in green might make sense on a T.17. I guess, it indicates the position of some air intake or radiator probably to cool the ECM equipment. In any case, I don't think it should be there on any other variant. It is not difficult to remove, of course, but I wish the instructions would mention this.
  3. Great looking model. Based on the finished model one wouldn't suspect that the kit is difficult. And nice to see a Mig-23. The Flogger is the ugly duckling of the Mig-family despite its historic importance. Modellers and kit-maker, in general, don't seem to like it.
  4. Very nice. The Dauntless normally doesn't get the attention it deserves.
  5. That's a beauty! Is the kit as good as everyone says?
  6. You should have listened to the half-crazed beggar ... Seriously, that looks like interesting work.
  7. And now with a bit of color and seat belts. As you can see the pilot's seat has received more attention than those in the rear (that's good enough for them, in the B(I).8 only the pilot had a ejection seat...). Technically speaking, I have now committed myself to building a B.15. The B.16 had a different lay-out with radar-related black boxes in the place of the starboard bang-seat, but with the canopy closed not much will be visible anyway.
  8. Interesting! Any photos or stories from that time that your colleague wants to share?
  9. Nice, I like everything in PRU Blue. Amazing what can be done without an airbrush.
  10. A bit of progress so far: There's plenty of lead (also some hidden under the cockpit floor) and I think I will add some more to make sure. With some careful dry-fitting, fit isn't that bad. The simple shape of the Canberra and the general lack of surface detail (on the real thing) will make filling and sanding easier anyway.
  11. That's a nice one. I always liked the AMX event though it wasn't a great success. Somehow the last dedicated light strike aircraft. The Brazilian camou looks neat and I like the slightly patchy, faded paintwork on your model.
  12. Well done! Your T.17 looks very convincing. I am working on the closely related S&M B.6-kit, so I appreciated your comments on the kit.
  13. Thanks for the swift responses. In the end, not too much will be visible from outside the cockpit anyway. I happen to have an old white metal Aeroclub Martin-Baker 3 in my stash and I thought I could use it here. Now I will instead modify the kit's parts a bit.
  14. Hi all, does anybody know what kind of ejection seats were installed in the Canberra B.15 and B.16 during the 1960s? I've already looked at the site of the IPMS Camberra SIG, but could'nt find anything. The Martin-Baker Mk.2 seems to be a likely candidate. Thanks in advance!
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