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  1. Excellent work on the Swift, but I also like the display base. It is completely homemade or based on a kit (e.g. Coastal Kits)?
  2. Looks cool! I like the weathering, in particular the fact that the roundels looks weathered, too. When I first saw the tags, I thought I have never heard about Uruguay using Spitfires. But, well, you explained it. Anyway, the Uruguayan navy used Hellcats and Avengers, so the country has quiet an interesting aviation history (even without Spitfires).
  3. Doc72

    Tamiya 1/48 Bf109 E4

    Looks cool! I like them dirty, too.
  4. Doc72


    Very nice! I have always considered this one of the coolest mottling-styles on the Bf-109. You are good at free-hand airbrushing! What did you use for weathering (e.g. on the wings)?
  5. A very nice looking Gekko! I like your subtle weathering and chipping/scratches. The Gekko is a somewhat fascinating plane. It might be the only fighter with up- and downwards facing oblique guns: Schräge Musik at its best.
  6. Doc72

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Good evening everybody, I have currently two 1/72 Airfix Hurrys on my bench. The first will be become an early fabric-wing, two-blade propeller aircraft from 85 Sqn in France (VY-X) and the second is planned to end up as V7118 by 306 Sqn (with the help of the Alley Cat tin-wing). I hope you can help me with some questions regarding these aircraft: 1.) Did VY-X have a reflector gun sight or just the ring and bead? I think the Airfix kit does not include a gun sight, and while this might be correct for pre-war Hurricanes, I wonder if a reflector gun sight was fitted when 85 Sqn moved to France. 2.) As far as I can see, V7118 in late 1940 was equipped with the Rotol propeller and the longer, pointy spinner. Where can I get this propeller? Quickboost produces two Rotol propeller for Hurricanes, but I can't tell from the pictures on the net, which one is the Spitfire-type and which one is the later version with the more pointy Spinner. Thanks, Ole
  7. Doc72

    New compressor? Advice needed

    Thank you, Paul. Sparmax indeed seems to get a lot of positive feedback in this forum. Does it matter how much pressure and how much air intake the compressor has? The typeplate on my old Revell says 3 bar maximum pressure and 52 l/min air intake.
  8. Hi everyone, my Revell 7600 has started to make alarming rattling noises, so I guess, I might need a new one soon. It has served me well since the early 1990s, so Revell can call me satisfied customer. What would be good replacement? And will my equally venerable Badger airbrush fit to any new model or do I need a new hose or some kind of adaptor? I also thought about opening the old compressor to see what is rattling around, but given its age there is probably not a lot that can be done. Thanks in advance for any useful hints.
  9. Doc72

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Could it be a Sea Hurricane? I read somewhere that some Sea Hurricane were equipped with rockets to train future Firefly-pilots.
  10. Doc72

    Trumpeter P-47D Razorback

    Really impressive weathering.
  11. A fine model in an unusual paint scheme! Does anyone know why Czechoslowakia had a Police Air Force at this time (equipped with such fairly capable combat aircraft)? Some kind of internal political rivalry before the communists took over ? Armed forces controlled by the ministry of defence vs. police controlled by the ministry of the interior? I don't want to start a political discusssion, I just wonder why the police had such aircraft.
  12. Doc72

    Mk.IX and Mk.XVI Mosquito's and 1/72 Two Stage Engines

    BTW, does anybody know where to find photos of these Mosquitos? I am in no way a Mosquito expert and don't own extensive literature on this type, but I have difficulties to find photos of this paint scheme.
  13. Doc72

    Oops, Mind your head!

    Funny and well done! I saw that photo a number of years ago, but I have never seen a model of this scene. I have always wondered what happended to whoever was responsible. And of course, how much more did the repair of the wing cost in comparison to the VW bus.
  14. Looks gorgeous (just like all of your work I've seen so far). I have this kit in my stash, too, and I am looking forward to build it one time (probably to convert it into a VII? Should be possible).