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  1. Very fine model of an aircraft in a most interesting scheme. I always liked these Italian fighters in their desert- or mediterranean camouflage operating over the boreal forests of the North. Well, at least some of them were (partially) repainted at some point in time when operations allowed for this. Your photographic skills are top-notch, too, by the way. I wish I could get my pictures so sharp and clear.
  2. Doc72

    WWII Baltimore pic

    Remarkable photos! Thanks a lot for posting them. Pictures of PR Hurricanes and Beaufighters are quite rare.
  3. Looks fantastic! I like your weathered paint scheme and also the real plane.
  4. Looks great. The tutorial is very helpful.
  5. Very nice. That is a plane and a paint scheme that also has appealed to me for some time. Was the Dragon kit tricky to build (probably all P-38 are in a way tricky)?
  6. Nice work on the early Spit. I completely agree with you on Airfix' new tooled kit.
  7. Nice, an aircraft based at my home town!
  8. A fine looking Meteor! What was your experience with the kit? I think Xtrakit has the reputation of not being easy to build.
  9. A clean and flawless model! Very nice. And a rare subject: you don't see the Belgian air force here in this forum very often.
  10. Tamiya paints work very well for me (probably because I have most experience with them). They smell better (ventilation is still a good idea from a health point of view), and I have no problems with paint peeling up. It is true that they don't "bite" into the plastic as solvent-based paints do, but at least since I use a rattle-can primer first, the Tamiya paint sticks well enough to the surface. I recently finished a D-Day Spitfire (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235034766-spitfire-ix-june-1944-172/) with lots of masking (invasion stripes, sky fuselage band, yellow leading edges), but the masking tape (also Tamiya) never lifted up the paint. Fine lines also are no problems if you use a volatile thinner (high ethanol or IPA content). I used to built German planes and tanks with a lot of mottling etc.
  11. Very impressive. Hard to believe it is vac form.
  12. Very nice model. The weathering looks just right. The salt technique really looks promising, but it doesn't seem to work with my favorite Tamiya paints (water content dissolves salt causing fogging). Mr. Color are "solvent"-based (=solvent other than water, IPA, Ethanol), aren't they?
  13. Hi all, this is AZ's 1/72 Spitfire IXc. Not a bad kit with nice surface detail, but the next time I would try the Eduard kit. Decals came from the Kagero booklet on the Spitfire IX. The model represents an aircraft of No. 340 Sqn filmed at Merston apparently on 18 June 1944 before flying to Normandy. It was piloted by Sous Chef Denys Boudard who had joined the RAF after quite a remarkable escape from France. On 29 April 1941, Boudard and a fellow conuntryman had dressed to resemble German mechanics, walked into a Luftwaffe airfield, stole a B├╝cker Jungmann and flew to Britain. Two pictures of this aircraft can be found in Christopher Shore's and Chris Thomas' fantastic book on the 2nd Tactical Air Force. These pictures also show that this aircraft was unusually heavily weathered by Spitfire standards, something I tried to replicate on the model. Thanks for viewing and all comments welcome.
  14. A very nice model of a historically significant aircraft. And a rare sight here: Japanese bombers don't seem to be very popular with European and Northa American modellers.