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  1. Excellent work, especially the painting and weathering.
  2. You choose a very nice paint scheme and achieved a convincing and impressive weathering!
  3. The S/T-series of the Ju-88 are fascinating aircrafts und you have done a great job on this model!
  4. OK, last time I posted something here was in July. At least, I finished my Hellcat in the time being. Now, I have finally added the pylons. Guessing the size and shape from photographs took some time. In addition, their position and size has to fit the kit's wings and the decals (none of which might be a 100% correct). So I cut out the serial from a photocopied decal sheet and fixed it temporally under the wing. In this way I made sure that the pylons are in the same position relative to the letters and numbers that we can see on photos of the real aircraft. The ne
  5. I'll take the opportunity for a quick guess before more qualified people can answer: It is not just a matter of horsepower but of engine power at a specific altitude. Some engines produce their maximum power at low level, others (especially when equipped with a supercharger or a twin-stage supercharger) performed best at higher altitudes. I guess the Hercules delivered optimum power at a relatively low altitude. Therefore the ceiling of a B.II might be lower than that of a Merlin-powered Lanc simply because the Merlin delivers more power at altitude. Of course, there were different versio
  6. Agricultural aircraft look kind of cool. I would welcome more kits of these types. Your model and display capture very well the nature of this aircraft and its mission.
  7. Very nice! I like the patchy and weathered paintwork. It looks very convincing.
  8. Well done! I agree that the Gannet AEW.3 is a fascinating aircraft.
  9. It looks great! Remarkable what is possible by now in 1:144. Only the canopy and the antenna show the technical limitations of mould-building.
  10. A great looking model! I am still struggling myself with the S&M Canberra B.6 (essentially the same kit, I guess), so I am not surprised you used a lot of filler.
  11. Well done, especially the freehand-airbrushed stripes. I agree, that this in an attractive scheme for the Messerschmitt 'Emil'.
  12. Well done, really impressive. I like the multi-hued paint job in particular. Did you start with a black base coat?
  13. A very nice Fulmar and a good summary of its history! I always considered it odd that the US and the Japanese Navies never seemed to have felt the need for a twin-seater fighter (at least not in the late 30s). And this although their fighters had a longer range than the Fulmar and Firefly. By insisting on this concept, the Admiralty really missed an opportunity here: With its sound design, the engine and armament of a Spitfire and being purpose-built for carrier operations (unlike the later Seafire), the Fulmar could have been superior to the Wildcat and a match for the Zero if it h
  14. Thanks for your kind remarks. I forgot to mention that the kit is virtually OOB with Albion Alloy tubes as gun barrels and exhaust tubes as the only addition.
  15. Both look really nice and Tiger Moths in Foliage Green are not seen that often.
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