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  1. Interesting and well built model! From what I have read so far, the kit has quiet a daunting reputation. So congrats on overcoming all these issues.
  2. Looks gorgeous! Interesting that you used green spots. I would have thought something like RLM 75. Or did you interpreted it as a 70/71 standard camouflage as base with 76 applied on top but leaving out the spots? I am just interesting in your interpretation. I don't pretend to know anything precise on later bomber camouflage. Anyway, well done. I also like the variations in the black underside.
  3. Looks gorgeous! Especially the weathering on the metal.
  4. AFAIK the BoB movie and others used the Merlin-engined Buchons and these also entered the Warbird-market after retirement . I can't say whether these were all new-built or whether the Hispano-Suiza engines were simply replaced with with the more reliable Merlins. In any case I guess they were all Spanish-built.
  5. The aircraft are indeed Spanish, but strictly speaking no Buchons. For this film the earlier versions with Hispano-Suiza engines were used (Ha-1112K.1L). Only the later Ha-1112M with the Merlin engine were called Buchon due to the deep chin.
  6. Looks great! I like the smoke-ring decals and also the base plate with the cracked earth.
  7. Nice job! You don't see Mirage 2000s here very often. I hope somebody will issue an up-to-date kit some day.
  8. Good job! I feel the same about the panel lines and I also agree that the Phantom looked best in the early paint scheme and markings.
  9. I also failed so far to airbrush these squiggles/Wellenmuster/Mäandertarnung. Your technique seems to be good approximation. Probably decals would be the best solutions. Something like Mike Grant decals has done for the Italian "smole rings"-camouflage or Tamiyas decals for the new Ki-61.
  10. Looks cool, especially given the age of the kit! How did you make the squiggles on the rudder?
  11. Nice Sabre Hog! The huge nuke really gives the model the atmosphere of the early cold war. Scary to think how they would have flown (most likely one-way) doomsday missions with such aircraft. By contrast, the later much smaller sized nukes looked almost deceivingly inoffensive on a F-104.
  12. Doc72

    desert pink paint

    Very interesting! The 2000ish Desert Pink/Grey scheme looked ver cool, BTW. Sad, it was never adopted after the trials. Were there any other ARTF schemes tested for eventual use in different climates (apart from Desert Pink and, most likely, Arctic white)?
  13. Doc72

    desert pink paint

    BTW: does anyone know when the Desert Pink scheme was developed? Did the RAF choose this paint spontaneously in 1990 when Operation Granby became a possibility? Or did they plan ahead for the case of fighting in the desert and had already decided on a colour and paint much earlier? Did the RAF ever use Desert Pink before 1990/91? The only RAF desert schemes, I know, used between the withdrawal from the Gulf in 1972(?) and Operation Granby are those used by Buccaneers in the Ref Flag exercises. They look more like traditional Light Stone/Dark Earth, however.
  14. Good point! I didn't notice the cut on the trailing edge so far.
  15. Ok, thanks for the quick response. I have already started to reshape the spinner. I noticed that the diameter at the base ist bigger for the Spit and I might be able to reshape this, too. If the final shape doesn't satisfy me, I can still get me an Airfix Hurricane on Ebay that includes the 2-blade prop. But what about the diameter and shape of the prop itself? Both planes should be very close in terms of speed and engine power.
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