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  1. Interesting footage! BTW: did these USAAF pilots ever practised taking off from a carrier before? It must have been quiet scary...
  2. The model and the photos with the shelter in the background are most impressive!
  3. Great model! I always liked the CV-990. It's the most sexy aircraft of the 707/DC-8-generation (albeit the least successful). Spantax was also fascinating airline, I think they crashed or lost a significant part of the total CV-990 production (3 out of 37). It seems they had quiet a bad reputation due to their safety record at the time. There is also the story of Spantax landing on the wrong airfield in Hammburg. The CV-990, with the company's president at the controls, was supposed to land at the regular Hamburg Fuhlbüttel airport, but landed by error on the (then) much smaller runway at Finkenwerder, only a few kilometers away across the river Elbe. This was the runway of the Hamburger Flugzeugbau factory, which was not at all suitable for a jet of that size (nowadays, its considerably longer as this is today the Airbus factory). The pilot, nevertheless, took off again and continued to Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel. This was widely reported in the German press at the same time and did not serve to improve their reputation. Nevertheless, Spantax did a lot to establish German mass tourism to the Canary Islands.
  4. Great looking model! You said you used homemade decals. May I ask what software, printer, clear decal sheet you use (especially for the white/light coloured markings)? Making your own decals sounds like a really useful skill.
  5. Most impressive as always with your models! Did you use a silver pencil for the paint chips (I think I asked that before on your B-25)?
  6. Outstanding job, especially the rigging. Very well photographed, too!
  7. Beautiful model of an interesting aircraft (despite its actual performance). That is a kit I would like to build one day, too. So it's good to hear that this short-run kit is buildable.
  8. Interesting aircraft with an immaculate paint job! And a nice collection of odd-ball Meteors. BTW, does anyone know, why G-ANSO had fins at the front of the wingtip tanks?
  9. Nice model! I like the base a lot, too.
  10. Your models look great. I am also building this kit at the moment and I agree on its quality.
  11. Thanks for your kind comments. I forgot to add that I was quite happy with the Alley-Cat conversion although I needed some minor surgery and putty to mate it with the fuselage. Just the armored windscreen cast in clear resin provided by Alley-Cat isn't as clear as the Airfix plastic clear parts. But I guess nowadays everyone will go for the Armada Hurricane Mk.I instead of converting the Airfix kit. The Plastic Planet Club decals worked flawlessy without any issues while those by Techmod are prone to folding. I had to fight a bit with the serial numbers. In addition, some decals included in the instructions are missing on the decal sheet. Once applied, the Techmod decals look very fine.
  12. Looks perfect! Also one of my favorite Me-110 versions. My only doubt is whether these planes could really carry two 900 l tanks and two bombs at the same time.
  13. Cool model! I can also remember building this kit sometime in the early 1990s. Of course the resulting model did not look as good as yours. In my case the white spots were just thicks blobs of white paint that gave the model a tactile texture.
  14. This the Alley-Cat conversion in 1/72 from my stash:
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