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  1. When have they released a PZL P.11a?
  2. You think Eduard will release a LanceR? It would be awesome, but also so simple you`d expect hearing about it by now if they were interested. Btw, Hobby-Park (formerly Parc Models) has released a new decal sheet for the Romanian MiG-21 LanceRs: https://www.hobbypark.ro/en/decals/15901-decal-mig-21-lancer.html Of course, you`d still need all the other visual bits to convert Eduard`s kit into a Lancer and the only ones available are those from RV`s kits (72036 and 72037). Ironically, the LanceR PE fret included in those boxings is made by Eduard.
  3. Yes, I thought about it, but even before considering accuracy, how good (in terms of use) are the Mistercraft decals? Anyway, I might as well buy and build Azur`s PZL P.11c boxing that comes with two options for Romanian aircraft. It would also be cheaper, because I can buy that locally, while for some reason no shop here stores the Arma Hobby kits. Still, I`d like to have the Arma kit with good quality decals made specifically for it.
  4. I suppose it means they wanted people to guess the subject, but do not have someone to follow the discussion. Either that or things are turning violent over there. EDIT: Google comes up with a better translation:
  5. Yes it`s been like that for a few hours now. It all depends on when their evening starts I suppose.
  6. This is the third boxing of the Arma Hobby PZL P.11c and none of the three has a decal option to build a Romanian machine. There were 35 Polish PZL P.11c that took refuge in Romania in 1939 and 32 of these were put into service (3 were used for spare parts and later on another 2 had the same fate). Some (later on, all) were used for training, but in the early stage of the Barbarossa campaign they were used for combat, alongside the Romanian produced PZL P.11f. To my knowledge, there are no aftermarket decals for Romanian PZL P.11c either so perhaps Arma Hobby might consider a new boxing to cover the P.11c in Romanian service too. After all, since the "Kresy" release above is dedicated to the Borderlands squadrons and Poland bordered Romania in WW2 Arma Hobby just needs to cross that border.
  7. Ideally, you should have a Spitfire De Havilland which has a cone that is slightly larger in diameter than the nose of the aircraft. Also, Romanian Hurricanes had the early gunsight and bead (on the cowling) arrangement, not the electric gunshight, but I don`t know if you can still make this change. You can see them here: https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Hurricane/RRAF-Petre-Cordescu/pages/Aircrew-Romanian-pilot-Constantin-Pomut-MkI-Hurricane-01.html Either way, great job on this model! :)
  8. Perhaps it is a nostalgic edition? You know, for people who want the new plastic, but in the correct box.
  9. Well, as long as it is an IAR-80...
  10. Thank you very much! The "C" version boxing it is then. If Revell would have included the Sniper pod it would have been great.
  11. I`m looking to build an F-16AM and was wondering which of the Revell kits (the MLU or the C) is a better start. Looking inside the boxes: https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/F-16-Mlu-Solo-Display-KLu.html https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/F-16-C-SOLO-T-RK.html it seems that they contain the same plastic, except that the C version has an extra sprue (conveniently named "C Version") with specific C parts(AIM-120c, AGM-88, pods, different tail, wheels etc.). I`m not bothered by the decals because I`m gonna use aftermarkets anyway. Can anyone confirm that the rest of the plastic (fuselage, wings etc.) is exactly the same in box boxes?
  12. Thank you, but I`d need more info than this (if it is available). As I`ve shown, sometimes those lines were black and if there was some distinguishable rule as to which planes used the red ones and which the black ones I`d like to know. Maybe the colour depended on the year of production or on each version or production lot. In that case it would be useful to know the specifics, as i`m in the process of finishing a Yugoslav and a Romanian machine. All - modern - illustrations of the Yugoslav Bf-109E that I`ve seen show the lines red, but the L-61 wreck proves them to be black. The same thing with the modern illustrations dealing with the Romanian Emils (all red lines). However, I`m tempted to follow the example of the Swiss Emil on this one, unless anyone knows better.
  13. Is there a rule as to what colour was used for the lines on the wings of Bf 109E, noted with Nicht betreten? A majority of illustrations I`ve seen show them to be red and most kit decals come with those red lines too, but, for example, the museum restored Swiss Bf 109 E-3: https://www.facebook.com/PlasticWorks.ro/photos/a.432935923492341/432937853492148/?type=3&theater and the wreck of L-61 (which the Germans never delivered to Yugoslavia): https://www.jagdgeschwader4.de/images/flugwerft/bf109/bf109-e-3a-L-61-zirchow/gross//0026_Zirchow_Messerschmitt_Bf_109_E-3a_L-61_Handloch_Tragflaeche.jpg show the lines to be black. Also, I got this Techmod stencils decal recently and it recommends the black lines for the E-1, E-3 and E-4 and the red ones only for the E-7. https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/Stencils-for-Bf-109E.html Was there a standard in this regard?
  14. It`s not so visible when the painting scheme helps. For example when the white or yellow band is narrow or passes from one ring to another. Yours is a good example in this sense and all the details you`ve put into it(rivets, weathering) also help. It`s more annoying when the identification fuselage band is meant to cover that whole second to last ring. That`s because Tamiya didn`t just make the whole fuselage shorter, but made two rings that were meant to be wider narrower. ICM`s Bf 109E which is very similar to Tamiya`s has corrected this. Here`s a comparison of the two (not my photo) showing the wider ICM bands (top fuselage half): http://www.cartula.ro/forum/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=148777 Unfortuantely, ICM`s kit has a range of its own problems and does not build as easy as its Tamiya brother. Anyway, I`m basically trying to make peace with using the Tamiya kit without alterations because it`s a wonderful kit to construct and the fact that you`e chosen to keep it like this and seeing your result helps me in that direction.
  15. Hi, Petr! Any chance I could get an answer to this question? :)
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