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  1. Are you thinking about something like the base mats that coastal kits is selling? http://www.coastalkits.co.uk/newstore/airfields/1-48-scale-airfields.html I linked to the airfields, but there are also some with insignia.
  2. What paint did you use for the wheel wells? Awesome model btw!
  3. In case anyone is wondering, this is what is included in Kora`s Fokker D.XXI-Dutch & Danish service-Elevator Set (DS7272) mentioned above: My package contained an extra piece with 2 counterweights for a total of 6 (only four are needed - two on each side, top and bottom). The counterweights are not included in MPM`s kits. On the downside, one of the elevators has an air bubble hole right on the edge. And here is a comparison with the plastic piece from the MPM kit: Obviously, the resin ones from Kora come in two pieces so you can pose them as you want. The resin elevators also have the necessary holes for the counterweights. At first sight the plastic and resin pieces seem to be about the same size.
  4. Could anyone say what colour that green is? Is there a difference between this and the later standardized Interior Green (34151)? Does any of the hobby paint manufacturers make something suitable?
  5. Great model and entertaining build story! :D As a matter of fact I was recently thinking about making a P-36, but I`ve always had a problem deciding who (and, in some cases, at what time) to believe about the interior colours. What did you use for yours? Sorta looks like a green zinc chromate. Happy New Year!
  6. Congratulations for your model! I gave up on mine. What exactly did you do to that canopy? :D It seemed impossible to fit. Did you just file the entire middle section on both sides?
  7. Valom offers the Fokker T.V and it`s still available: https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/Fokker-T.V-Late.html https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/Fokker-T.5-Early-version.html The MPM Douglas DB 8A-3N: https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/DB-8A-3N-Attack-Bomber.html has been discontinued, it seems, but I think it`s still easier (cheaper anyway) to find than the G.I. I haven`t heard of anyone working on a 1/72 Fokker G.I. Perhaps you`re thinking of the 1/48 kit: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235021818-148-fokker-g-1a-jachtkruiser-by-mikromir-released-new-dutch-decal-sheet-reference-book/
  8. The asymmetrically placed national markings probably had to do with the ring gunsights of the time. I.e. not helping the enemy fighter use them as guides to center on the cockpit. Romania had the same system when the war started and there wasn`t much consistency in applying this asymmetry, which makes it a nightmare for modellers when there aren`t photos showing both wings of the same aircraft.
  9. You`re gonna have a much easier task with the Dutch aircraft. There are decent kits for all of them. Of course, the MPM Fokker G.I kit is gonna be harder to find though.
  10. Congratulations for the very good looking model and the project you`ve started! The scheme reminded me of the Fox in Belgian service. Pity that when it comes to the Fairey Fox there doesn`t seem to be any injection plastic kit available for any of its versions. Unless I missed something.
  11. Very nice model! You`ve made me wish to buy the kit. How was it to build, by the way? Anything to watch out for?
  12. I have to applaud this! Especially cool that they included Agarici`s n.3 Hurricane. I see there are 5 spoke wheels included too which reduces the need for aftermarkets. Unfortunately, in addition to this and the two changes noted on the Arma Hobby site (antenna mast and lack of the right side access panel) in order to build a proper Romanian Hurricane (one of the British delivered machines) one still needs a Spitfire DeHavilland propeller (which I understand is not part of the AH kit) and the old style bead and ring gun-sight.
  13. Fin

    I hate photo etch

    I don`t know how to help, but I`ll give you a sympathy like for your situation. :D
  14. Should be RLM 65, 70 and 71. Someone on a Romanian forum is using the 1/72 Italeri kit to produce a Romanian machine: http://www.cartula.ro/forum/topic/15536-henschel-hs-129b-2der-geflugelte-buchsenoeffner/ Language barrier aside (there`s always google translator available), the thread is full of useful photos. There`s also a book on the subject of Romanian Hs-129, in the same series with the one about the Hurricane that I`ve reviewed here - that should be ready by November and present at Telford, according to this post: http://www.cartula.ro/forum/topic/15536-henschel-hs-129b-2der-geflugelte-buchsenoeffner/page__view__findpost__p__230629 Hopefully it will bring together everything that is available atm as far as imagery is concerned.
  15. Anything on the interceptor version being released as a weekend edition? If I remember correctly, that was the first one to come out as a profipack.
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