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  1. Hornet133

    P-47, 1944.

    One can see the over painted fuselage stripes on A8-J and the under wing ones are clearly there (with the wing pylon fitted on top of one, thus likely a replacement as postulated). Thus an August date seems correct. Lack of under fuselage ones are unusual, but would not be unique.
  2. fasterry Yes good point. I have not seen the photo of that airframe, thus hard to tell.
  3. Standard spinner colour in Meditteranean fighter units was RED. It was a friend/foe I.D marking. Thus I strongly doubt the Blue. Another point - the spinner is in direct sunlight, the rudder is in shadow. This affects the apparent colours.
  4. From memory the Ju 87s of II./SG 103 were not on an operational sortie but were caught in the air when transferring from one base to another. Sometime during the Normandie campaign NSGr 1 and 2 started operating Ju-87s on night ground attack sorties.
  5. Syd, Attached is the closest I have. One can see the first digit of the code 'F' under the wing root. They carried the sqn codes to the front going by other photos so it should not be the individual letter that we can see. Steve
  6. The next film in the list was more from the same occasion and the date is given as May 30 1943 (which makes a lot more sense) and Bontarick Aerodrome in Algiers, Algeria. I think it is standard Olive Drab over Neutral Grey. By the way, it is an Lodestar transport, not a Ventura.
  7. Oh that one, been known for ages. Good film, well recommended.
  8. A56-5 carried the name 'Mischief' in small letters on the cowl as per attached link. You will have to click on the link as the system to 'attach from a web link' never works for me. As said apart from the name not hard to make up from available decals. A56-6 is not known to have carried a name so would be simpler. According to Scalemates one boxing of the Dora Wings 1/48 kit (No DW48034) has decals for A56-5 complete with nose art, but I suspect it is not released yet as it is not on the Dora Wings website or any sellers that I checked. http://www.adf-galler
  9. Ah yes..but have they done one of the airframes with side package guns ala B-25 and B-26.
  10. Mark, I assume Buz will have sent you images to show you what 'Typhoon McGoon' looked like, but just in case I will attach some I had. They may interest someone else anyway. First off the nose art. I am surprised you did not find the 1st one as it has been in several books, being an official USAAF photo. I am not sure of the source for the 2nd, it looks like an official photo but maybe not. This IS the same airframe but interestingly the Nose # has been repainted between the two photos, and the name added. Buz said it had a White tail, that may be correct if the airfram
  11. the IWM description for the photo says 'Armourers wheeling one 500-lb and two 250-lb GP bombs into position for loading onto a Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX of No. 132 Squadron RAF at B11/Longues, Normandy' That looks correct, the outer ones looks like a 250 Lb bomb not 250 Kg. Whether it could have a drop tank on the centre line - yes often they did, depends on how close the target was. If longer range they needed a drop tank.
  12. Well Tony only said 'Beaufighters' and did not specify which ones... Night Fighter Beaus in Egypt and Tunisia were often in Dark Earth and Midstone with Black under surfaces. So yes technically.
  13. You are correct, the video is wrong AFAIK
  14. There is no Osprey Australian Aces Aircraft Canadian Aces Aircraft New Zealand Aces Aircraft South African Aces Aircraft But they have wierd things such as Bulgarian and Slovak Aces. Makes you wonder where there priorities lie.
  15. AZ brought the KP brand name only (which was as famous in Eastern Europe as Airfix is in the UK) but did not buy the old 70s-90s moulds. They have since issued a number of brand new moulds under the KP label which have no connection to any other manufacturer. AZ uses the KP brand name for standard, long term, steel moulds. Their short run items are issued under the AZ label. The OLD KP brand moulds (which AZ does not have) are now issued under labels such as SMER and Mistercraft.
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