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  1. Hornet133

    Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I here now!

    Now former Manager of Manchester United Football Club, sacked mid season.
  2. From memory it has been said elsewhere that no photos exist of the airframe used at the time. That photo has been said to be of the airframe that later replaced it. i.e it really IS an ND-C but not the on used on the famous raid.
  3. The Italeri 1/72 Pe-2 was indeed just a reboxing under the tie up that they have, of the Zvezda kit that was realised well over a decade ago. Hopefully the one they are going to release next year actually IS a scale down of the 1/48 one.
  4. Hornet133

    Bristol Beaufort restoration

    Well known in OZ. They have been working on it for quite a few years...
  5. Hornet133

    RAAF Vengeance colours, US Dupont MAP colours?

    The late Harold Thomas obtained EZ999 (A29-99 allocated by RAAF) from the Aeronautical Engineering School, Sydney Technical College where it had been used along with other types for Apprentice Training. While with the Aeronautical Engineering School the airframe was in Natural Metal, i.e not painted as per the attached photo. The story that has been told is that Harold painted it after acquisition with some original wartime RAAF paints that he had in storage. It NEVER carried it's current codes (as it was never issued to an operational unit) during the war and the nose art is a complete invention (likely copied from a photo of a B-29 that carried the same art in WW.II). P7979-0032-126 A27-99 EZ999 Photo John Hopton Coll by hornet103us, on Flickr Steve Mackenzie
  6. Hornet133

    Hurricane II and Iv in Italy

    Hi Ley, Mk.II - no Mk.IIs were used by operational fighter units in the Italy mainland, although there a a few random photos of airframes sitting on airfields, probably used as hacks, communication airframes etc. The only Mk.IIs that operated from Italian soil were from 73 Sqn (flying as night intruders, usually Black) during the campaign in Sicily. They re-equipped with Mk.V Spitfires (as a normal Day Fighter unit) before they went to the mainland. Mk.IV - both 6 Sqn RAF and 351 Sqn (manned by the Yugoslavs) used Mk.IVs in Italy. They used a mixture of schemes but quite a few were in the Dark Earth/ Dark Green etc temperate scheme that was used on tactical types in Italy. A google search on 351 Sqn will bring up photos and profiles of examples.
  7. No thanks if it is Hasegawa. Way over done rear fuselage stringers, incorrect wheel wells and way over priced...
  8. Hornet133

    Pawn stars on tv

    The show is FAKE anyway. The big money items like that, are hired by the production company from the owners (collectors in the case of the 'collectable' items that are featured) and the so called owner played by an actor. There was an episode in the U.S recently where a guy supposedly tried to sell a Delorean, it was actually hired from the collector who owned for 2 days for the sum of $10,000 for the filming. Most things on so called 'Reality' shows are setups and anything but real.
  9. Hornet133

    RAF P-40s

    Some answers Kittyhawk Mk.1 was the designation for those P-40Ds (20) and P-40E-1s purchased directly with British Bullion reserves before the lend lease act was enacted. They differed from P-40E models supplied to the USAAC as they had British spec equipment such as 24 volt electrical systems (USAAC airframes used 12 volt), British radios etc. Once lend lease came into force the remainder of the P-40Es supplied to the RAF were to U.S specs and were designated as Kittyhawk Mk.1a to differentiate them. Mk.IIas were long tailed P-40Ls...NO long tailed P-40Fs served with the RAF, the P-40Fs were all short tail variants under the Mk.II designation. Yes the Mk.III designation included long tail Ks. That designation covered a very mixed batch of variants. And of course the Mk.IV was the P-40N, including about 90 airframes which were the P-40N-1 model with the older style canopy. There are very few photos of those in print from the RAF in Italy. I don't believe RAF received any Tomahawk Ia/b aircraft in French markings or camouflage. Believe me, the Squadron 'In Action' book has absolutely no idea when it comes to the RAF designations. It is replete with a mass of errors. Steve Mackenzie
  10. Hornet133

    Ju87 B-2 Seat

    The Ju-87B-1 and B-2 pilot seats both had a flat top with a hooped frame around the top, as decribed above for the Quickboost seat. Attached is a diagram from a wartime B-2 manual showing the seats for both crew members. HTH Steve Mackenzie
  11. Hornet133

    shop with paragon stock

    Believe me they do not have any stock. Advise them immediately to cancel the order and they are NOT to charge your credit card.
  12. Hornet133

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    The Innex kit is available under the Akkura label. Available as double boxings from Ebay seller 'Trinitymews2' . More accurate than the Fujimi kit. Not a bad kit, engraved panel lines but not up to the standard of a new Eduard mould. A lot cheaper however than what Eduard will be.
  13. Hornet133

    Very Interesting SAAF Mustang MkIII

    The Face book page is under the name 'SPRINGBOK Mustangs in Korea & Here' just to be tricky...
  14. Hornet133

    Very Interesting SAAF Mustang MkIII

    Steve, You will have to join the group first (it will take a day or 2 before an Admin processes the request), most groups are like that these days, but the process is no problem. I am a member of the SAAF Mustangs group and I can see the photo without any problem (very nice photo it is too). Steve Mackenzie
  15. Hornet133

    Very Interesting SAAF Mustang MkIII

    Mk.III Mustangs were used in the Sqns in Italy right up to the end in May 1945 (alongside the Mk.IVs which gradually replaced losses etc). A number of Mk.IIIs had the louvres as well as Mk.IVs. Quite a few Mk.IIIs were fitted with Malcolm Hoods in the U.K. A few of these with Malcolm Hoods were transferred to Italy in March 1945 (along with a greater number with the original canopies) when some Mustangs were transferred from stocks in the U.K as there was a shortage of numbers against requirements in Italy. 3 Sqn RAAF had one example with the Malcolm Hood as did 450 Sqn when they received a small number of P-51s for training purposes after May 1945 (both RAAF units were disbanded in Aug 1945 after VJ Day). 3 Sqn RAAF had two batches of Mk.IIIs, the first were P-51C-1 airframes which did not have the tail fillet, the 2nd batch were P-51C-10 airframes which had the tail fillet fitted at the factory (the last 200 P-51Cs built had this factory fitted tail fillet). FZ187 has no fillet so I assume it is one of the early airframes. As for Facebook I suggest you get over your paranoia as there is masses of very useful Aviation info there. Steve Mackenzie