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  1. Incorrect - kit 03939 is a re-issue of the SH mouldings and has all the parts for the bomber nose included as per the sprue shots linked to by Jerry Brewer on post #2. kit 4420 is a rework of the 1970's Revell A-20 moulds and only includes a solid fighter nose. The only clear parts are for the cockpit canopy and the gunners position. I have both kits and just checked 4420 to confirm what was included.
  2. Yes that Revell boxing has all the parts to do a Mk.III Boston. Unlike SH who block off the gates so that you only get the parts appropiate for the version they have in the boxing, Revell's release includes the parts used for all the NF versions. That includes the bomber noses as some of the P-70 ones that SH did had overpainted bomber noses.
  3. Shown in the open position on this photo (last Australian production airframe)
  4. The crest on the nose of BS342 is Cerberus, the 3 headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving. It is the centrepiece of the 238 Sqn badge. Thus that lineup has been said to be of 238 Sqn airframes.
  5. Has happened before. Way, way back the FROG PV-1 Ventura was on sale in Sydney (the local shop got one container full which sold out in 3 days) but was never sold retail in the U.K where it was made before FROG went bust. No I didn't buy one.
  6. Note - create an account first to get FREE downloads, otherwise they charge 3.50 PDST for item.
  7. The 73 Sqn book (actually books) is 'The History of 73 Squadron' by Don Mintern. Tutor Publications, Dorchester. I only have Vol 2 (ISBN 0 9523157 1) published in 1997. There were 3 Vols, the last covering the Spitfire period. As I said there were a number of variations, but in general the flash became more toned down as the war progressed.
  8. Originally it was but on Spitfires it was toned down somewhat to a Dark Blue flash with 2 NARROW Yellow stripes (there were a couple of other variations in between also). See this discussion for more details plus photos.
  9. Yes it was attached to 1 AAU for a while. Which is why we in 'Oz' are very glad to see that photo.
  10. Actually to correct that, 3 Mk.Is were supplied to Turkey from a pre-war order. Due to a lack of spares the Turks had to cannibalise one of them to keep the other 2 flying. In 1942 the Turks agreed to supply the 2 survivors to the RAF in Egypt in exchange for later supply of Mk.Vs. As said they were given HKxxx serials.
  11. Hi PTM. Never noticed before but BR537 has an unusually tall aerial mast. Steve Mackenzie
  12. Yes the ground crews, including the Admin Office who wrote up the ORB were taking the long way via the Cape. Thus there is no mention of 601s activities on Malta in the ORB. They probably only re-united when the aircrew flew their machines across to N.Africa. Same situation occurred the year before when 260 Sqn flew off a carrier to Malta and then on to M.E while the Ground crews took the scenic route onboard ship to Egypt. In the meantime 260 Sqn was involved in the Syrian campaign (flying Hurricanes) being serviced for 3 months by the Ground crews of 450 Sqn which had arrived wit
  13. Were they really going to try to fit a Merlin 61 (a Mk.IX engine) to BR234 (a Spitfire Mk.V) ?? OK it is possible ala the 78 Rolls Royce converted Mk.V airframes with 60 series engines, but it sounds like a very BIG job for someone other than the original factory or engine makers.
  14. Dinghy Cole thanks for your two posts, the info is very helpful Steve Mackenzie
  15. I originally looked up the wrong serial in my 451 Sqn records. By co-incidence both Z4117 which I originally talked about by mistake and Z4771 served with 451 Sqn at different times. I have attached a photo of the subject airframe Z4771 below, the pilot shown is Ray Goldberg, talking to the Air Liason Officer, having just returned from a recce. The Air Britian records for most M.E Sqns are very incomplete. The Aircraft History Cards for M.E airframes were destroyed postwar and the only way to make a listing is to go through all the unit records. But many of those are
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