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  1. Neither was the G.55 or Spitfire. The Wikipedia article confirms the presence of Ju-52s.
  2. Grahame is correct in saying no problemo was rather ambitious on the behalf of Allison. There was a problem and the 3 Sqn RAAF Engineering Officer developed an additional filter that was fitted entirely inside the air intake trunking at the top of the nose. Nothing different was visible externally so no need to worry about it from a modelling perspective.
  3. The Group has a good Facebook page at this address. https://www.facebook.com/362ndFighterGroup/ A request there may bring the info you seek.
  4. Go to Plaza Hobbies Japan. They are only charging $17.73 USD for it. HLJ is not the cheapest option. You can also set the currency to PDST and pay with Paypal with them. I have used Plaza with very good results.
  5. Hornet133

    A Good Hampden?

    Or maybe some Erk just held the stencil upside down when applying the marking that is different.
  6. ALL Mk.VIIIs had the so called 'Caufman (Coffman) Starter' bulge. This was because the factory building them used a standard panel on all the airframes built there (including Mk.VIIs), whether the type being built required it or not.
  7. Hornet133

    Nose art

    Yes 'Lady Godiva' was 58 FG, it was a Razorback P-47
  8. Not familiar with the Tempest ones but a Spitfire Manual that I have seen specified they were to be Red (as mentioned above).
  9. There are extremely high import duties in Japan for imported kits which no doubt is the reason why the Chinese products you quote are so highly priced at HLJ. Annoying obviously but not their fault.
  10. Also the Academy T-6 is clearly 'inspired' by the Heller Kit.
  11. Yes, Airfix knows but they ain't telling unless they decide to actually release one. No one else has any idea, and don't believe rumours put around by anybody unless Airfix has oficially announced it.
  12. Now former Manager of Manchester United Football Club, sacked mid season.
  13. From memory it has been said elsewhere that no photos exist of the airframe used at the time. That photo has been said to be of the airframe that later replaced it. i.e it really IS an ND-C but not the on used on the famous raid.
  14. The Italeri 1/72 Pe-2 was indeed just a reboxing under the tie up that they have, of the Zvezda kit that was realised well over a decade ago. Hopefully the one they are going to release next year actually IS a scale down of the 1/48 one.
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