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  1. Excellent painting and not an easy subject. Michael Kontraros does some fantastic sculpts and you're really doing these justice..... Best wishes BillyD
  2. Mick, Brilliant work again.. was the scarf tricky to do ? BillyD
  3. Excellent Mick. The colours are so vivid. Did you use Scale 75 throughout ? I have a couple of their new Scalecolor Artist sets. I'm yet to use them. BillyD
  4. The gods are obviously not pleased either ... BillyD
  5. 1351... just got 500 error when trying to access figures section... BillyD
  6. Had the 500 error last night approx 2300, but retracing my steps on the site 1345 today, it appears to have gone, but site a little slow to start with, but ok in general now... BillyD
  7. Really nice. I like the maroon, makes a change from the usual black. I think as well maroon shows off the body shape of the car better. BillyD
  8. Interesting... I'm going to follow this as coincidentally I've just ordered one. Best wishes BillyD
  9. Ordered some 1/72 track sets from OKB just before Christmas and they were dispatched on 4th Jan .. not bad allowing for Christmas holidays etc. BillyD
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