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  1. Nice build so far, with convincing paint finishes. Will you be colouring the clear plastic tubes to indicate fuel or oil presence? Regards Keith
  2. Thank you, Can you post a link, description and manufacturer or photo please? Best Regards Keith
  3. Hi, I know this is an older build, but it came out very nicely after all your hard work. I have just managed to get hold of one of these kits and would be interested to hear if you managed to source some "gold" replacement decals? I have been looking around for a while but so far with no luck.
  4. Very nice progress Roy, I like the different shades of "black" you are using so far. I have just received this kit and I am following with great interest. Can you post a link to the other site where this is being built, that you mentioned in your first post please? Best Regards Keith.
  5. If you are new to modelling, then the TS050 kit probably isn't a good kit to start with as the build up, paint and decal procedure is quite tricky. If you want a GT car then I can recommend the Porsche 911 GT1 24186 from tamiya, it is not expensive and builds up into a really nice model.
  6. If you have some Tamiya extra thin or another similar "hot" extra thin glue, you might be able to soften the joint by running some of this around the two parts then separating them with a scapel or hobby knife. Regards Keith
  7. Mpfiend

    Paint Pens

    yes there are various tip sizes from very fine to enormous
  8. Hi Martin, Yes the kits do share a lot of parts, I'm not planning to start mine in the near future as I have several other projects in progress, but i will start early next year. with regards to paint pens I use POSCA paint pens, they are available;able in different nib sizes and give a good finish, however the paint can be a little fragile on some glossy surfaces so its best to seal it with a clear coat of some kind. I brought mine from Hobby craft. Hope this helps Regards Keith
  9. I haven't got any photos yet but here is a link to a really good in box review if you shop around you can get the kit for £119 rather than the RRP of £134.
  10. Hi Martin, Lacquer can be quite "hot" even the acrylic based ones, if you apply it too heavily it may attack the paint below, so always build it up gradually. The Halfords range of paint and lacquer can be quite aggressive (I use this on my 1/8 car builds as it goes further with the bigger can size!) I think all car builds benefit from a clear coat it helps tie in the finish and the decals, also it protects the decals, as over time they can lift and curl at the edges if not properly sealed in. You may be better off finishing this with a semi gloss finish rather than a full gloss
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