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  1. Thanks Rob. Be careful what you wish for. I'm having a bash at a 1/48 Grumman Hellcat at the moment! I mostly enjoy it and if I can give a bit of light hearted fun to the fine folk on here so much the better.
  2. Thanks Jamie, a very comprehensive answer!
  3. As above I am building an F6F and haven't a clue of the interior colour scheme of US Navy fighters at the time. No help from the instructions I'm afraid. Thanks in anticipation.
  4. Please post your model Harold. I'd love to see it and I'm sure others would too.
  5. Thanks everyone for your kind remarks. I did enjoy building it and will carry on doing so on cheap old fashioned kits for the sense of deja vu they give. I don't mind posting them as I like to feel part of the forum. You really are a very decent bunch of coves.
  6. Up to my usual standard - schoolboy. I haven't made a biplane since the old Dogfight doubles of my youth, and surprisingly my wife quite liked it. I suppose it does look pretty different to the usual WWII fare. The model itself was like a step back in time, which to be honest, I don't mind at all as high quality models are a bit wasted on me. Even the instruction sheet was mostly written instructions that bought back the old models of yesteryear and which I found quite quaintly pleasant. I shall be buying more of this make for its olde tyme feel. Look at that flash on the sprue! Anyway I can't put it off any longer, here is my Supermarine Walrus MK II in all its glory. Well not all exactly, as the some of the decals fell to bits so I had to use what was left! It is supposed to be the RAF air sea rescue variant but Gawd knows what it is now. And as for the rigging - Forgettaboutit! A bit of lighthearted counterpoint to the frankly wonderful quality modelling usually on show here.
  7. Mark, don't let your imagined shortcomings in kit building take away your enjoyment from the hobby. I am definitely the worst builder on here but I still derive pleasure from it although I agree it is often frustrating. They are a great bunch of chaps on here who never stint in helping or giving useful critiques when you post and greatly add to the pleasure of the hobby. Hopefully a pic of one of my "masterpieces" that I dared post in Ready for Inspection will give you a laugh and raise your spirits a bit. Although I have improved a bit I am still frankly rubbish and I may soon inflict my latest Supermarine Walrus on you soon! Keep going mate.
  8. Beautiful job. I built that same model but it didn't come out as nicely as yours!
  9. A new two stroke strimmer for the garden. Fed up trying to start the old one!
  10. Lovely builds Tony. That Forrestal Phantom brings back happy memories for me.
  11. That's a very unusual box illustration for a military aircraft. Normally they have a wartime background but that one has the peace sign and flowers which I guess are reminiscent of the summer of love?
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