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  1. I was going to say, remember cricket before the helmets? That last match was exciting. Australia will be very different without Smith. He is really a one man team. Warner's not helping him at all.
  2. Australia were pretty rubbish yesterday and really only saved by Smith's wonder innings. Let's see what happens today! I love proper test cricket, so much more enthralling than the short game.
  3. Neil.C

    What are you reading?

    Sovereign by CS Sansom. I never thought I would find a historical novel interesting but I was given this by a friend and am pretty much enthralled.
  4. Nice work Steve. I have a Revell version awaiting that was a gift. I hope it comes out as good as yours!
  5. Lovely builds of those great old kits Tony.
  6. What a lovely collection. The sort of stuff I used to look at in International Musician and Recording World back in the day.
  7. Very nice Sunderland. I love the look of those, I made an Aliteri MkI version recently. Like you I made a bit of effort with the interior but can't see any of that either!
  8. Looks really nice Roger. Came out better than mine.
  9. Neil.C

    D-Day 75 years on

    Bit late to this but my late Dad was at D-Day, as well as Sicily, Anzio, Salerno etc. D-day he was at Sword beach in LST 367 delivering much needed tanks. Once they started they couldn't stop. Here's a pic of his ship in the Med doing what they did.
  10. Nice one. A few years ago I went into a pound shop and they had a stack of those. I bought - one. The pile would have been an investment it seems.
  11. Neil.C

    2019 Airshows

    Just to add, if you get the chance go to an airshow in the US. Plenty of military involvement (usually with fake explosions!) and a lot of different types on display.
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