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  1. Fantastic job Michal. My late Father's last ship in the Royal Navy was HMS Amberley Castle so was lovely to see a model of similar. After the war he joined the RNZN and took an ex RN Loch class frigate down to NZ where it was renamed HMNZS Taupo.
  2. I certainly would be and will no doubt get around to buying the collection after I have got through some of my backlog. I have a read a couple of Continental Op stories in other collections and enjoyed them. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. I enjoy reading reprints of vintage American pulp fiction. Currently reading this. The covers have nothing to do with it!
  4. I remember seeing those big orange Braniff 747's at Gatwick back in the day.
  5. As a child of the '60's I had an Airfix British Infantry Combat Group which was basically British infantry.
  6. Picked this up from the boot sale yesterday, all sealed in the box. Never built a helicopter before but couldn't say no for £3!
  7. Love those Tony. I remember the Revell models as my local shop sold them. A bit dearer than Airfix in Woolies unfortunately. I recall the ME109 I had was in brown plastic with a solid stand (not transparent like Airfix) and the base had a map (of the world? ) on it. Had the Kawasaki Hien shown on the box also. Made quite a few of the old 2/- mk IX too! This is the nostalgia thread that keeps on giving!
  8. Here's my latest attempt and I think my best to date, although any improvement would have been welcome! I've gone a bit upscale as I have found it easier with my pork sausage fingers and fading eyesight to manage. Not had a model from the Japanese firm of Fujimi before but it was pretty inexpensive from Kingkit so I gave it a go! All in all, very good. The painting instructions were good and with sets of decals for four different models. I should add that the decals were superb, nice and matt, and even a heavy handed idiot like me could get them on without
  9. Neil.C

    This day 76 years ago

    My late Dad was in LST 367 on Sword beach, D-Day. I still have his tract from Eisenhower that was given out to all participants.
  10. First time back - superb! Nice to see someone returning to the hobby. I've been back a while and mine are still abominable.
  11. Great work Steve. Love the paint job! Were all the little brown blobs hand painted?
  12. WOW! Just off to smash up my Hellcat!
  13. Thanks Rob. Be careful what you wish for. I'm having a bash at a 1/48 Grumman Hellcat at the moment! I mostly enjoy it and if I can give a bit of light hearted fun to the fine folk on here so much the better.
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