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  1. Neil.C

    Covid Jab

    You win!
  2. Neil.C

    Covid Jab

    All you Gents who are a bit afraid of needles; don't ever go to the dentists, they stick the needle in your gums!!
  3. Laurence Rees, Auschwitz; the Nazis and the final solution. Quite a hard read but incredibly detailed.
  4. Preferably on the canopy!
  5. My Dad and I used to go to Mildenhall probably about the same time. Those yanks certainly know how to put on a show. I often see the Cocoa Beach air show when I am at my son's in Florida. Sit on the beach, watch a great airshow, all for free!
  6. When I think I used to go to RAF Biggin Hill with my Dad for a fantastic air show - all for nothing back in the day.
  7. Neil.C

    Cats and Dogs

    Always a dog person. They make you go out when you otherwise perhaps wouldn't but it's good exercise. Also, there is no question that dogs are of far more use to humans than cats. Ever heard of a guide cat, sniffer cat, guard cat, helper cat etc etc? All cats seem to do around here is kill song birds and crap in other people's gardens which gives me perhaps a jaundiced view of them. We had a couple of cats when we lived in our first small flat, useless things really, no affection, just want food, and as soon as we had a house and children we got dogs. My three boys were bought up with dogs and love them. We have 6 year old Dot at the moment, an English Bull Terrier. Wouldn't be without her.
  8. Fantastic! Post them up!
  9. Unless you wear and wind them most days they are going to stop. They are mechanical watches not quartz.
  10. Nothing has changed for me. I came back to kits a few years back and still build them like a 12 year old!
  11. Beautiful work @Jered
  12. Indeed! I do like looking through them on occasion.
  13. I keep a dozen or so for normal rotation and the others are put away.
  14. My main collection is watches though. I think I have around a couple of hundred at the moment. They have been a great investment over the years. Can't possibly show them all but here are some Omega Speedmasters...
  15. I don't collect them as such but I seem to have accrued a bit of an electric guitar collection. Fender Strats... Gibson Les Pauls...
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