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  1. I love the Panther and that's a beautiful build.
  2. Neil.C

    Trumpeter eh?

    Ah right, cheers Mike. Got some Araldite here.
  3. Neil.C

    Trumpeter eh?

    While I'm here.......there a quite a few metal parts in the kit, fix with superglue?
  4. Neil.C

    Trumpeter eh?

    Thanks for the top tips everyone. I did use a little superglue to stick the plug leads into the head and seems to have done the trick. I have eventually finished the engine, bulkhead and engine cradle. It's a lot more involved than my usual basic 1/72 jobs.
  5. Neil.C

    Trumpeter eh?

    Thanks for the info. Yes they are the little cylindrical pins and I was unaware of their benefit previously. Another thing I have learned on here. Whilst I'm here, the flexible spark plug leads that go into the engine block, glue in with normal plastic cement? They are a soft material and wanted to check before I destroyed them!
  6. Neil.C

    Modelling in wartime.

    I saw some of those aircraft recognition models at the warhawk museum recently. They were all painted black as I guess they would look against the sky.
  7. Neil.C

    Trumpeter eh?

    I've just got into their 1/24 Spitfire VB and lots of the smaller parts have those little cylindrical bits of flash attached to them which are very tiresome to clean off. It's my first Trumpeter, are they always like this? Their kits aren't cheap.
  8. Neil.C

    Modelling in wartime.

    I guess scale modelling was very important during the war. I saw a documentary about the Amiens prison raid by Mosquitos and they had a full scale model to work from during briefings.
  9. Neil.C

    My for sale or trade post deleted.

    Thanks Troy. Fair enough. Sorry everyone, new at this.
  10. Neil.C

    My for sale or trade post deleted.

    I've just noticed my for sale or trade post for some Star wars cards has been deleted with a couple of irate remarks from members. I obviously fell foul of the rules for which I apologise. I must admit to being a bit surprised as a scan through the forum shows that plenty of members model Star Wars stuff and there is even an X wing fighter on the BM logo! I assumed as aircraft books, pilot biographies etc are sold all the time on here some cards illustrating Star Wars vehicles and characters would be fine........obviously wrong!
  11. That's excellent, always loved a Skyray.
  12. Neil.C

    A visit to the Warbird museum in Titusville Florida.

    Just found another pic, a rather forlorn Mig 21 they use as a gate guardian..