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  1. GordonM

    C-124 lift

    Watch the original Italian Job!
  2. I feel a diorama coming on with Cambridge Aero Club’s G-AHIZ, G-AOEI a blister hanger and a very young GordonM and father watching from the fence!
  3. Perhaps Peter Jackson has got a contract to clear the oceans of waste plastic?
  4. According to iModelKit Humbrol 36 (Pastel Green) is pretty closely matched by Gunze H74 (although 36 is a slightly brighter green - more ‘mint’) whilst Tamiya XF14 is also near. Closest match seems to be FS 34666. Disclaimer unlike some experts on here who can give exact variance I’m just going by my eye!
  5. The news that the ‘new blue British passport’ will be printed by a French firm - nearly made me pee myself with laughter!
  6. The Australian Government will send us their convicts?
  7. Sorry I’m late, but I have got a note from my mum sir!
  8. GordonM

    What are you reading?

    Just finished Patrick Bishop’s ‘Wings - The RAF At War 1912-2012’ slightly odd history. Manages to completely fail to mention the Far East in WWII, post war is patchy, the Berlin Airlift is mentioned in passing, but there’s a large amount of USAF Korean War discussion due to RAF officers being on attachment. Apparently the RAF did nothing noteworthy until the Falklands, although Bishop uses the phrases “Cold War preoccupations in Germany” & “rebellious natives across the water in Northern Ireland” to discuss ‘The Troubles’ All in all a bit of a strange history, it feels Bishop should stay on ground he knows - Bomber Command and Fighter Command in Europe.
  9. I’ll pull up a seat for this one, my late father was a Corps Cpl in AFS from 43-47
  10. I believe the scheme the gate guard is wearing was called Ghost, Alconbury used different names and slight differences to the Stateside schemes. Airfix Model World had an article on building the AFV F5E as a Gomer about a year ago, I just cant find it at the moment
  11. I’ll watch this one! On the question of wing height I would have thought that as it was released lift would take it up and back, thus clearing the fin?
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