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  1. There’s also Glenluce in South West Scotland, near Luce Bay.
  2. Have you asked the DH Aircraft Museum at Salisbury Hall?
  3. A bit like the statement about ‘predictable subjects’ which seems to have fallen by the wayside too?
  4. You are indeed correct Tom, it was a semi winged beast when I saw it!
  5. GordonM

    Sand and Spinach

    The only drawback with ‘RAF Colours’ is the price: currently the cheapest copy on Amazon is £125! My wife would murder me if I paid that for any book!
  6. I have to say it was awesome, mainly because in those days a fly past to grab the public’s attention was probably done lower and with more ‘dash and elan’ - even from ‘Coastal Command’ type chappies! I saw your beast at St Ives and had a chat, it was the most impressive modelling I’ve ever seen.
  7. Years ago (probably about 1976) I was a lazy slug and used to spend Saturday mornings just lounging in bed. One morning I’m assuming it must have been September and Battle Of Britain day I was disturbed by the sound of large piston engines. Jumped out of bed to see a Shack doing a low run along the line of the main thoroughfare that runs North/South through Cambridge. It climbed, turned and to a 15 year old positively thundered back towards the city centre. If my memory serves me right it did a total of four passes. Sadly not going near any operational bases that was my one and only time I saw a Shack fly.
  8. GordonM

    Nimrod R1

    I’ll be bookmarking those photos! I went to Huntingdon Technical College, so my education was interrupted by Canberras!
  9. GordonM

    Nimrod R1

    Ok, so I’m going to need a couple of buckets of hemp.... cheers chaps.
  10. GordonM

    Nimrod R1

    Hopefully a simple and quick question! I’ve got the Airfix ‘Mighty Hunter’ in the stash and lockdown is making me look at getting on with it.. My question is during the time 51 Squadron were based at RAF Wyton can someone clarify a timeline for the following: IFR probes and colour schemes. Namely did the white / light grey scheme pre date IFR probes being fitted? By the time 51 Squadron moved to Waddington from Wyton were the aircraft in the two tone grey scheme, or did that happen after the move? Thanks in advance
  11. I kept getting a message stating along the lines of “this page is not secure, leave this page it is trying acquire your financial information” this morning all is good
  12. @Britman & @gazza l is it worth asking @Mika Jernforsfor a quote to do us sets?
  13. Luckily not at the Royal Signals Museum at Blandford Forum who knew all about AFS,
  14. I got into an increasingly heated discussion there when I commented that my late father who served in the Royal Corps Of Signals landed on Omaha Beach on D Day as part of 11 Air Formation Signals, a formation that the US forces didn’t have an equivalent of. It culminated in the member of staff I spoke to telling me my father was obviously a liar!
  15. The first one looks a bit (to me a least) like a Saunders Roe SRA-1 flying boat with the hull chopped off....
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