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  1. I'm pretty sure theres a photo of it in Little Friends, I'll check my copy when I get home from work.
  2. I'm a volunteer at Bottisham Airfield Museum, amongst our highly knowledgeable staff we've got several than met Ben Drew, I'll attempt to find answers. It's a shame Airfix couldn't identify either of the two Me262's he shot down and mark it accordingly. However we are selling quite few of the kits at the museum shop, despite that!
  3. Surely it depends over what period you're extracting this data? Early war flak was less accurate, by the end radar laying and proximity fuses improved the accuracy. Also by the time the 8th Air Force were putting thousand bomber raids it's reported the formation took over an hour to pass a point on the ground.
  4. I was worse I lived in Cambridge itself from 1963 - 2010 and now live 17 miles outside the city. I finally went to visit the cemetery when it was part of the university’s history festival in 2018 (the university owned the land and donated it to the ABMC) I’m rather glad I did as not only was the guided tour fascinating, but at the end our guide asked me and an acquaintance I hadn’t seen for some years to assist her with the lowering of the flag. It’s larger than it looks while it’s flying and we learnt the secrets to folding it properly. An incredibly moving experience I was honoured to be allowed to perform.
  5. IWM Duxford also has a TT35 and it’s suspended, so easy to check underneath
  6. I flew Heathrow - Tokyo - Sydney, then Sydney - Osaka - Heathrow on JAL 747’s around 93. They still had a massive screen on the bulkhead in those days not individual screens, the films being showed changed on the Europe/Japan and Japan/Oz legs while I was there, so got stuck with the same films on each leg. However on the flight back from Oz I’d bought a proper full size Didgeriddo, when I boarded at Sydney the stewardess took it from me and put it in a large cupboard. After my overnight at Osaka having taken the didg as hand luggage to my hotel, I went to board and instead of turning right and heading for cattle class I was shown to the left and up the stairs! Better still I got a seat next to the large blanket boxes built in alongside the windows, and told to put my didg on the box, not only that I was front row with the emergency exit in front to me, so there was enough room for a pool table between me and the bulkhead where the stewardess sat and faced me for take off and landing!!! There were only a few people on the top deck and I had the whole row to myself and pretty much I had the undivided attention of the stewardess, happy days!
  7. There’s also Glenluce in South West Scotland, near Luce Bay.
  8. Have you asked the DH Aircraft Museum at Salisbury Hall?
  9. A bit like the statement about ‘predictable subjects’ which seems to have fallen by the wayside too?
  10. You are indeed correct Tom, it was a semi winged beast when I saw it!
  11. The only drawback with ‘RAF Colours’ is the price: currently the cheapest copy on Amazon is £125! My wife would murder me if I paid that for any book!
  12. I have to say it was awesome, mainly because in those days a fly past to grab the public’s attention was probably done lower and with more ‘dash and elan’ - even from ‘Coastal Command’ type chappies! I saw your beast at St Ives and had a chat, it was the most impressive modelling I’ve ever seen.
  13. Years ago (probably about 1976) I was a lazy slug and used to spend Saturday mornings just lounging in bed. One morning I’m assuming it must have been September and Battle Of Britain day I was disturbed by the sound of large piston engines. Jumped out of bed to see a Shack doing a low run along the line of the main thoroughfare that runs North/South through Cambridge. It climbed, turned and to a 15 year old positively thundered back towards the city centre. If my memory serves me right it did a total of four passes. Sadly not going near any operational bases that was my one and only time I saw a Shack fly.
  14. I’ll be bookmarking those photos! I went to Huntingdon Technical College, so my education was interrupted by Canberras!
  15. Ok, so I’m going to need a couple of buckets of hemp.... cheers chaps.
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