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  1. GordonM

    My kit was stopped by Customs.

    Imagine what the charge would be for a decent service?
  2. GordonM

    My kit was stopped by Customs.

    Some years ago when I worked in a warehouse our forklift service engineer came and told us how he’d got a new boss who was an Anglo Saxon idiot. When we asked why he told how new boss called him into the office and accused him of skiving, claiming excess mileage for jobs and generally taking the urine. Apparently boss enquired why to go from Felixstowe to Harwich he drove ‘the long way round’ taking extra time and fuel when he could ‘use the bridge’ Engineer says what bridge? To which boss points at small scale map of East Anglia with dotted line between Felixstowe and Harwich, apparently the secretaries in the office nearly wet themselves when he asked how you get a Transit onto a foot ferry!
  3. GordonM

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    The news that the ‘new blue British passport’ will be printed by a French firm - nearly made me pee myself with laughter!
  4. GordonM

    Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    The Australian Government will send us their convicts?
  5. GordonM

    The Queen settles a jammy situation

    Londoner????? Via Saxe-Coburg....
  6. GordonM

    The Queen settles a jammy situation

    The biggest question is Scone as in Cone or Scone as in Gone?
  7. GordonM

    The Queen settles a jammy situation

  8. GordonM

    Things I don’t understand

    On the topic of ‘recliner drivers’ some years ago I worked on an industrial estate. Our unit was at the end of the long road that units radiated off. The investment company that owned it then added phase two which meant all the new units users had to make a ninety degree right turn to access their properties. One firm was a photocopier firm, all their reps drove like they owned the road, way too fast and always cut the corner. The worst driver was a large individual who drove with seat reclined, leaning on the door, using what young people apparently called a ‘cripple hook’ ie one hand draped on the top of the wheel. Imagine our delight one snowy day when several staff witnessed large bloke and another rep meet head on as he cut the bend. I was nearly trampled in the rush to go and inform them we’d act as witnesses for the insurance claim!
  9. GordonM

    The Queen settles a jammy situation

    My daughter always goes Cornish, but her justification is she likes warm scones and the jam stops the cream melting.....
  10. GordonM

    Things I don’t understand

    Got agree, especially when you get someone who thinks it’s a good idea to do all the windows including the windscreen. Saw a brilliant episode of a Traffic Police show where a copper pulled a Range Rover and checked the woman’s drivers window tint, it turned out to be about three times as dark as legal. The woman starts with the “I didnt know, I’ve only just bought the car” speil , although strangely it checked as registered to her. Copper took a car key made a slit in the tint, pulled a strip off and told her to get the rest removed. Husband had arrived looked at this and started to go “I paid a lot of money to have that done” then thought better of it!
  11. Sorry I’m late, but I have got a note from my mum sir!
  12. GordonM

    Fuel economy

    I believe the engine was the same in both, although the single digit consumption lasted quite a while under acceleration!
  13. GordonM

    The Sign of FOUR

    town, before they come
  14. GordonM

    What are you reading?

    Just finished Patrick Bishop’s ‘Wings - The RAF At War 1912-2012’ slightly odd history. Manages to completely fail to mention the Far East in WWII, post war is patchy, the Berlin Airlift is mentioned in passing, but there’s a large amount of USAF Korean War discussion due to RAF officers being on attachment. Apparently the RAF did nothing noteworthy until the Falklands, although Bishop uses the phrases “Cold War preoccupations in Germany” & “rebellious natives across the water in Northern Ireland” to discuss ‘The Troubles’ All in all a bit of a strange history, it feels Bishop should stay on ground he knows - Bomber Command and Fighter Command in Europe.
  15. GordonM

    The Sign of FOUR

    But Knights go NIIIII!