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  1. Flyingdutchman

    Canadian M113 ca late 70's early 80's

    Thank you both for your advice and suggestions. I will go with the Academy then. Now let's find one. I'll have a look a the different tracks, maybe a Friul to get it really realistic. Cheers, Evert
  2. Flyingdutchman

    Canadian M113 ca late 70's early 80's

    I'm looking at building a Canadian M113 as used with their forces stationed in Germany. I've come across this absolute brilliant site in terms of color photos and reference HERE. Looking at the various pictures my guess they used the early M113A1 with .50 cal mounted or maybe M60. Some had cable cutters, some not this could be my own variation. For example this one with: and this one without So now the question what kit to pick? - Tamiya; old but still doing the job? I'd say this one would be good https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81w5otDxgwL._SL1500_.jpg/img] - Academy; © Scalemates or Italeri © ModelingMadness Your input is welcome on this subject Cheers Evert
  3. Flyingdutchman

    Revell M60A3 (1/72)

    Still can't believe it's 1/72nd scale! Briliant work so far, those tiny handles are amazing! Look at the size of the knife blad as if it's a machete, noooooo!!! The bit's are so tiny Evert
  4. Flyingdutchman

    German MiG 17F Color Scheme

    I'm currently building a Mig-21PF also in DDR colours. I'm using Mr Paint FS36079 for the green and Vallejo Camo Light Brown for the brown. To me it suits the colours pretty good. Though I will darken the brown a little with a different tone. The Mig-21PF and Mig-17 are from about the same time frame so you might want to try it. Back in the DDR/GDR not many airfields had shelters so Mig's stood on the tarmac most of the time. Sun and bleeching was also happening so different tones were always there. Cheers, Evert
  5. Flyingdutchman

    F-14 A 1/48 HobbyBoss

    Very prety Tomcat! Love the weathering on it. Evert
  6. Flyingdutchman

    Myamnar Air Force F-7 II

    Not an every day plane and scheme! Great build.
  7. Awesome Harrier, well done!
  8. Flyingdutchman

    1/48 Eduard MiG-21bis

    Very nice Ian! It think this one of the best Bulgarian Mig-21's being build so far. Some call it too bright. Judging the real plane it's spot on! Congrats on this superb build. Evert
  9. Flyingdutchman

    Hasegawa 1/48 P40e Warhawk

    Very nice Warhawk, the shark mouth is very realistic. Much better than the usual decals. Evert
  10. Flyingdutchman

    Best Model Filler?

    Lately I've been using Mr Surfacer 500 and Vallejo Putty. The first one stinks the hell but works great on seams! Vallejo putty has the ease of being wiped easily with water on the q-tip. Evert
  11. Flyingdutchman

    1/48 Eduard MiG-21bis

    Very nice Ian! The paint looks spot on compared to images of the real one. The black masking putty looks nice. Evert
  12. Flyingdutchman

    IAI Kfir C-2 ATAC - AMK

    Very neat and clean build on this Kfir. Very nice!! Evert
  13. Flyingdutchman

    1/48 Eduard MiG-21bis

    The master pitot is a very nice addition compared to the plastic one. The Mig is looking good! Evert
  14. Looks pretty. I see some slivering on the tail decal, were they thick? Almost there!! Evert