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  1. Flyingdutchman

    Trumpeter 1/35 BMP-2

    Very nice BMP and the figure is outstanding!
  2. Flyingdutchman

    1/35 AFV Club Scimitar UNPROFOR Bosnia mid 90's

    Thanks for all the kind comments! Will post in future more work from the bench Cheers Evert
  3. Flyingdutchman

    ZIS-42 Russian "Snow Coach" Halftrack

    Very impressive, I find the snow very convincing. Well done! Evert
  4. Hi all, I normally buy planes but this one was a nice alternative. I enjoyed building it, the kit has a good fit but the manual is different........ The manuals was made for two types and you as a modeller have to pick the right parts to get the right build. Nevertheless I used Ammo Pigments, Rembrand Oil Paint, AK interactive white spray can (Veryyy nice stuff btw). Not sure about the accuracy but I was able to find quite a few pictures of the British UNPROFOR Mission in Bosnia in the 90's. Hope you like'm! Cheers, Evert 1/35 Scimitar Fv107 Bosnia mid 90’s 1/35 Scimitar Fv107 Bosnia mid 90’s 1/35 Scimitar Fv107 Bosnia mid 90’s 1/35 Scimitar Fv107 Bosnia mid 90’s
  5. Flyingdutchman

    Tamiya M40

    Yaw-dropping. Really cool dio and build. Really like it. Evert
  6. Maybe this can be of help: http://leopardclub.ca/ It has a LOT of info about the Leopard also related to modelling the Leopard tank. Evert
  7. Flyingdutchman

    Somewhere in Italy - 1943 1/35 scale

    Hi Matt, This looks convincing to me. Especially the wall with 'damage' to the bricks. Will follow with interest. Evert
  8. Flyingdutchman

    1/72 Airfix Sea King HC.4

    Great SeaKing and same goes for the water! Looks very realistic.
  9. Flyingdutchman

    Dutch Army vehicle colour before tri-tone?

    Hi Reini, Often used is the Yellow Olive/Black Olive RAL6014. But many modellers tend to mix it. On photos it sometimes looks green like this one: #1 © Flickr.com Land Rover 109" "Koninklijke Landmacht" by harry_nl, on Flickr But sometimes it's almost brown #2 © Google.com / Defensiefotografie.nl Evert
  10. Flyingdutchman

    1/48 B-70A

    Still can't believe the sheer size of this 1/48 monster! You're doing a great job on the plane. Looking good so far! Evert
  11. Flyingdutchman


    Lovely scheme on this Japanese Phantom! How were the dxm-decals? Any good? They have some interesting subjects. Cheers Evert
  12. Flyingdutchman

    Kitty Hawk 1/32 F-86K

    Very nice, as a fellow Dutchie I can appreciate the work you put in the F-86. Nice High-Res photos too. Evert
  13. Flyingdutchman

    Tamiya 48th scale F-14A

    I've had this too once in my final stages of the build. It was the last time I put any tape over decals.... But I think you'll be able to repair this. You can always reprint and spray instead of using the decal. Evert
  14. Flyingdutchman

    1/48 Eduard MiG-21PFM

    Nice progress Ian. You’ve nailed the Mig-21 before so I’m confident this will be a beauty too. Cheers Evert
  15. Flyingdutchman

    Tamiya 48th scale F-14A

    Love your attention to detail, same goes for your research about the colours to get it right. Vegemite, I had to google that to learn it's more like Marmite which I once ate in Australia thinking it was the same as a Dutch spread we have.....but after one bit I knew it was completely different!!! Will follow with interest! Evert