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  1. Wow just wow! This is a great looking C-130. Well done. Cheers Evert
  2. Beautiful Mig! I like the soft edges on the camouflage Cheers Evert
  3. As a Dutchman I can only applaud for making a Fokker. You made a brilliant model of this. The painting and decaling look excellent. Cheers Evert
  4. Photo number two looks like a screenshot from the magazine der Adler produced during the Second World War. It’s an absolute amazing Messerschmitt and the photos are phenomenal. Cheers Evert
  5. Bravo on the decals . The Japanese know how to design striking schemes. Great kit and build. Cheers Evert
  6. Outstanding work on the Phantom. Love the weary look especially around the intakes. Evert
  7. Wow just wow. It must be huge at 1/32! Cheers Evert
  8. A type you don’t see very often. I think it turned out excellent, very crisp paint finish and weathering. Job well done, I’d say five stars Evert
  9. Great work so far! The details look very good on this phantom. The cockpit looks very nice even while it’s OOB. Cheers Evert
  10. Very nice Dave, like the detail with the French patch. Will follow with interest. Evert
  11. I’d say it’s a ALQ-131 .
  12. An absolute beauty . Really like the colourful tail. Cheers Evert
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