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  1. Gefeliciteerd! Fantastic model and love the transport box! Cheers Evert
  2. Hi Vitaly, Welcome to the forums. The DC-8 looks very promising. And very good for the community to support a Ukrainian company! A very noble thing to give 10% to the aid for the people of the Ukraine. As for the company name my suggestion would be: Tryzub Model Company. Cheers Evert
  3. Good to see the 1/48 Draken back on the list. Was quite hard to find these days.
  4. Looking good. Never built a MiniArt kit myself, is it any good?
  5. Last update was end of January ..so here is where I am now; Tried to vary more on the snow/winter effect as mentioned in the comments in this thread it looks a bit 'even' / regular so with the possibility of ruining the whole thing I started modulating the effects. Did some various things; 1) added more streaks just by brushing water with light pressure from top to bottom on the side skirt with water, the chipping fluid reacts to water thus the effect is there 2) added with some brown and black with Rembrandt oil paint and added a bit of grease/dirt on the back above the sprocket wheel 3) then I did the mud splatter on the rear replicating mud which come up when manouvreing through the field with a tank 4) Some more Rembrandt oil paint was just for the whole lower part of the side skirt to make it a bit more greasy/dirty \\ A more closer look Thanks for watching! Cheers Evert
  6. Great Starfighter your've made! I have the exact same CMK goodies for my Starfighter, hopefully I'll be able to complete it just as nice as you did. Cheers Evert
  7. Very nice progress on the weathering. Love the looks of it! Cheers Evert
  8. What a beast! Turned out great. Have the kit in stash too, hopefully mine will turn out just as good! Evert
  9. ** after posting I realized it was in Cold War section, darn this EC is definately not a cold war one.... ** The 1/32 EC-135 the colors of Defence Helicopter School could be an option. You'll need the Revell kit and some aftermarket decals. I guess that would look OK next to a Land Rover. © Flickr.com Sam Pedley Cheers Evert
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