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  1. What an amazing Tomcat you've build. I like it! Evert
  2. Some very nice scratch building so far! From what period will the M113 be? Evert
  3. Impressive diorama. I like the figure, very well painted. Cheers, Evert
  4. Great story and background on the dioarama. Looks very convincing same goes for the figures. Cheers, Evert
  5. What a wonderful build! As a Dutchie I like this a lot. Evert
  6. Very nice Ian I like the base you've made for the Flanker!
  7. Very nice BMP and the figure is outstanding!
  8. Thanks for all the kind comments! Will post in future more work from the bench Cheers Evert
  9. Very impressive, I find the snow very convincing. Well done! Evert
  10. Hi all, I normally buy planes but this one was a nice alternative. I enjoyed building it, the kit has a good fit but the manual is different........ The manuals was made for two types and you as a modeller have to pick the right parts to get the right build. Nevertheless I used Ammo Pigments, Rembrand Oil Paint, AK interactive white spray can (Veryyy nice stuff btw). Not sure about the accuracy but I was able to find quite a few pictures of the British UNPROFOR Mission in Bosnia in the 90's. Hope you like'm! Cheers, Evert 1/35 Scimitar Fv107 Bosnia mid 90’s 1/35 Scimitar Fv107 Bosnia mid 90’s 1/35 Scimitar Fv107 Bosnia mid 90’s 1/35 Scimitar Fv107 Bosnia mid 90’s
  11. Yaw-dropping. Really cool dio and build. Really like it. Evert
  12. Maybe this can be of help: http://leopardclub.ca/ It has a LOT of info about the Leopard also related to modelling the Leopard tank. Evert
  13. Hi Matt, This looks convincing to me. Especially the wall with 'damage' to the bricks. Will follow with interest. Evert
  14. Great SeaKing and same goes for the water! Looks very realistic.
  15. Hi Reini, Often used is the Yellow Olive/Black Olive RAL6014. But many modellers tend to mix it. On photos it sometimes looks green like this one: #1 © Flickr.com Land Rover 109" "Koninklijke Landmacht" by harry_nl, on Flickr But sometimes it's almost brown #2 © Google.com / Defensiefotografie.nl Evert
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