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  2. Ced's study definitely has some sort of cosmic significance. Suddenly, it's a Sunderland. Looking grand Ced.
  3. for it's soothing qualities
  4. No not all of them, you're good on the 3 color lights. There is a formation anti-collision light on each wingtip. The fuel tanks in the wings were eliminated in production models to make room for the 6 x .50’s. These two links can verify. The first is a navy manual showing one internal and two drop tank fuel capacities http://www.missingaircrew.com/pdf/Corsair.pdf This one gives a brief history as well. https://www.si.edu/object/nasm_A19610124000 Dennis
  5. Not sure if there are supposed to be photos there, if so I can't see them Sorry just now saw it's only a placeholder, my bad
  6. Hello! This is my new kit. I wanted to assemble a model with custom color. Therefore, the choice fell on the option that Lifelike Decals offers. I used PE, a resin hood, metal racks from Eduard and copper exhaust pipes from Rexxx. T Paints Tamiya ,HATAKA gloss varnish and gray washes.
  7. Thank you for your welcome Chris , It's really nice ! For languages, the main thing is to be understood is not it? !! me personally I am a nozzle in English and I assume it! We can not have all the qualities either! Glad to know you !
  8. Really wonderfull work, very impressive! I bought the dualist kit of the Felixstowe and the Hansa Brandenburg W.29 at Telford together with another member of our club. The Wingnut Wings Guys had a great offer on the kit. I am going to build the W.29 and my friend the Felixstowe. Glad to see one completed!
  9. Place holder. I'm not one of those gifted people who can knock out half a dozen masterpieces in a year. I am a moderately good modeller who, by sheer determindness and an ability to do, re-do, re-re-do and re-re-re-do a thing until I'm happy with it, can just about knock 1 or 2 good models a year, that, aside from all my faffing about with a pair of dioramas which may take another 2yrs to complete! So, forgive me for the high number of photos to bulk out what would otherwise be a very short yearbook! First off, my Nashorn, which started life in the PzIII STGB back in late 2018. This was my second attempt at a Nashorn, my first, which having been completed, had the cheek to fall apart in my hands, and fell further apart thereafter having met repeatedly with the kitchen tap under which I had been rinsing off some bi-carb snow. Upgraded Tamiya 88mm King Tigrer brass shells and Friulmodel Winterketten tracks, the latter being a joy to put together because they raise the 'beastliness' of the Nashorn by a factor of ten. Tamiya acrylic 3-colour camo scheme with winter whitewash over the top, Whitewash, chipping and all other weathering effects were achieved using Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks. Next, Tamiya's classic Tiger I early. (fruhe) which I decided to open up to display a scratch-built HL210 Mayback engine. Upgraded further with Friulmodel tracks. I can't imagine building tracked vehicles with anything other than Friul's now. Battle damage. And finally, some work on my dioramas, with improvements to the building in my Ever Evolvin' Dio, including a repaint of the whitewashed rear wall, and the addition of carefully selected specimens of REAL moss to represent plants, and the replacement of the entire rear wall of the building in my Pit Stop diorama.
  10. I did! In one gorgeous two month binge several years back I got through the whole series. You're right about their brilliance Crisp - I was completely transported into that floating world he evoked and bereft when it was over. I may have to join you quite soon on that voyage Paul...
  11. Thank you much! A little more 'evolution' tonight. Getting all the ordnance and tanks cleaned up, as well as putting the slats on! The join is a little messy looking, but I think some PPP should cover that. The flaps are being 'adjusted' for fit and those will be put on after painting is done., as well as the elevators and the fins. The canopy may go on tonight or tomorrow morning, and be masked up, then I can clean that seam by the chines. Model on! Thom
  12. Beautiful work Roger - not sure you can weather a KV-1 enough but yours looks absolutely fantastic. Love the weathering - it's severe but totally convincing which is all you can hope for. I'm thinking of having a crack at an armour model and this looks very tempting so thanks for the inspiration John
  13. Thanks, Wez. I'm pleased but upset about by paint ingress issues as it messed up the nice seal around the canopy. :(. Thanks Djordje. I love the Latin machines. Thanks mate Thanks mate Thanks Justin. My challenge was to get the rounded swirling demarkation lines. I think it worked okay Thank you. I, too, love all of those machines - Mustangs, Thunderbolts, Invaders, etc. I love the jets too! Martin
  14. Sven, Thank you for posting. F-16XL-2 is a future build. Have kits to do both the single seat and the tandem seat. Though I have the intention to making the XL-2 with the cranked wing and the hump on the back where the gun drum went. Again thank you. Ron VanDerwarker
  15. Thanks again TonyW, got the delivery today, superb book, plenty to see and read and understand who and which manufacturers were/weren't prepared to go out on a limb with such outlandish idea's! Here it is....................
  16. Hi again, I've been slowly working on this build in the last few weekends, but didn't have the time to update the thread. As I'm now in Brussels for a few days for a conference, I'll use some free time before sleeping to try and update this. I had a few colours to apply to the smaller parts before moving to closing the fuselage. The first things to paint were the propellers, which had yellow blade tips and white hubs. I determined the length of the blades to paint yellow from this picture (This is a different machine, with blue propeller hubs, already with Russian instead of Soviet markings. It seems there are no pictures from the one I'm building): I used pieces of tape with the right length (to scale) as templates for marking the yellow tips: IMAG6577 Then, I masked the propeller blades, to protect the dark part, and exposed the tips: IMAG6578 Here are the propellers ready for painting: IMAG6579 The end result: IMAG6586 The antenna assembly was also painted (light grey support - mask - medium grey radome - unmask): IMAG6587 Before going further, I noticed, in pictures of the real thing, that there were two auxiliary intakes near the nose, below the main intakes: These are simulated by decals in the kit (just like the fuselage windows). So, I decided to drill these openings. I used a PE template with circles and ovals over the said decals to determine their dimensions. Next I cut pieces of masking tape, using a nº 11 blade and the oval template, which were applied on the fuselage halves: IMAG6588 A manual mini-drill was used to partially open these intakes: IMAG6589 Next, I masked the metallic areas of the fuselage, the backs of the fuselage windows and some surface details that should be black in the final scheme (there are also black decals for these, but the black primer should provide a better looking end-result): IMAG6590 The back grids of the air intakes were glued in place: IMAG6591 The back grids were masked, for protection during the paint phase: IMAG6592 And the intakes were glued to the fuselage: IMAG6593 Here's how they look with the fuselage halves closed (not yet glued together): IMAG6595 I also glued in place the main undercarriage part: IMAG6596 and the propeller engine internal parts: IMAG6597 Finally, I glued the two fuselage halves together. This was done by, first, applying regular Tamiya liquid glue along the mating surfaces. Then, I joined the halves together, and, finally, applied Tamiya Extra Thin glue along the join, in small sections. The fuselage was left clamped: IMAG6598 That's all for now, and the thread is updated. Thanks for looking. Jaime
  17. What's the difference between a snow man and a snow woman? Snow balls! Sad that @Rabbit Leaderisnt hosting the year long GB, but great to hear he will make up for it by participating and completing in most of the others
  18. Welcome back into the hobby from the Land of Enchantment New Mexico. Great looking Spitfire you have there. Looking forward to seeing more. Ron VanDerwarker
  19. Maybe. The un-cuffed props of the real aircraft in my latest builds had Hamilton-Standard logos on them! Martin
  20. Did anyone else find the final episode on Sunday rather tedious? Some of the most boring TV drama I've ever watched. A shame, as I thought the previous episodes were decent telly... What say ye, my good Lords? Chris.
  21. Now, how often have we all inwardly thought the very same thing at some critical juncture of a build!
  22. That's nice. The weathering looks very convincing.
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