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  1. IMHO cancelled project was updated and remoulded Pavla model like some other AZ kits. They bought Pavla mould or masters.
  2. Looks like short-run, like late Amodel and Modelsvit kits.
  3. Pic was changed after competion company Special Hobby laugh about it at public forum. (they have 1/72 two-stage variants Mosquito project in progress too)
  4. source: czech forum A.R. from Special Hobby confirmed Mosquito project publicly announced some time ago is in progress and people from AZ/KP know it. The next battle in the war.
  5. 298 CZK local price is not so cheap compared to Eduards 225 CZK for Weekend and 325 CZK for Profipack with PE and masks. BFC and street prices are lower.
  6. 1/72 F-22 Raptor and Su-47 were produced under name WASAN, W.S.N. , later under name MINI HOBBY, later under name TRUMPETER and only small logo was changed. After about 10 years was re-released under name HOBBY BOSS with updated boxart. But still it is a same company.
  7. Two years ago KP (now brand of AZ Model) announced 1/72 MIG-21 PF. Still unreleased and pic was usually quietly deleted, but they announced and never realized dozens other projects...
  8. "new boxing" name is still wrong, both fuselage and wing sprues are retooled. Not only so much visible wing ports but engine cover shape issues are repaired too. And B 534 Series 1, Series 2 versions are different from Series 3 like Bf 109F and G from Bf 109K.
  9. 3D renders found here: http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=110753 they researching for differences of the RCAF and RAF versions
  10. Eduard P-51D Mustang renders, check second half of this video: http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/11412378947-90-ct24/217411058130316/obsah/530818-ctvrta-prumyslova-revoluce-prumysl-4-0
  11. SK Models reboxing Airfix and Hobby Craft sprues Hobby Craft reboxing Kitech/Shengdefu kits (and Academy reboxing Hobby Craft) Kitech/Zhengdefu copying many Hasegawa and Italeri kits
  12. Yak-38 and some more types were from Hobby Craft.
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