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Rod bettencourt

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  1. That is model making at its finest!!!! I truly thank you for posting. Rod
  2. Rod bettencourt

    Academy 1/350 HMS Warspite

    That's gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  3. Rod bettencourt

    Su-22M4 In grays Kitty Hawk 1:48

    That came out great, thanks for sharing. Rod
  4. Rod bettencourt

    BoB 1968

    That's really COOL!!! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  5. Rod bettencourt

    TBM 1 C bombardier d'eau trumpeter 1/32

    That is excellent, thanks for sharing. Rod
  6. Rod bettencourt

    1/125 SUNKEN U-BOAT.

    That's cool!! Rod
  7. Good looking jet, excellent work Russ!!! Rod
  8. Rod bettencourt

    Wingnut Wings Sopwith Camel "Br.1"

    That's cool, thanks for sharing. Rod
  9. Rod bettencourt

    Bf-109 E-4 'Yellow 13' of Lt. Josef Eberle

    I dig it!! Nice work David. Rod
  10. Rod bettencourt

    1/48 Tamiya F-16C 25/32 ANG

    WOW, well done sir!! You sure did that jet justice. Thanks for posting this. Rod
  11. Nice work!! Thanks for sharing. Rod
  12. Rod bettencourt

    1/48 Tamiya F-16C 25/32 ANG

    Well thanks for the compliment, glad you enjoyed the pics. I didn't know that she went to foreign country. I know she went to Vermont when we converted to block 32's. If you didn't know we are flying Eagles now. I have somewhere a great pic (IMHO) of the model next to the real one. I took it because when I first starting posting people were emailing me basically calling me a fraud....LOL. Anyway 316 was a great jet, I got 56 code one's in row for a stretch. I used to polish all the toggle switches in the pit and brought in my modelmaster paints once a week to do touch ups. I would ask the pilots to put on their gloves when they strapped in. I didn't want finger prints on my stuff! LoL... And yes they would! Rod
  13. Rod bettencourt

    1/48 Tamiya F-16C 25/32 ANG

    Having worked on 144 on many occasions your model is looking good. Although I am partial af 84 316 (I was the dedicated crew chief) I really like what your going. I don't know if it matters to you but but our seat cushions were black, kind on a cheap lamb skin. Not a big deal if you leave as is. I look forward to seeing your progress. Here are a couple of pics of me modeling mine years ago. This is the Hasegawa kit. I wish the Tamiya kit existed back then. Best wishes. Rod
  14. Rod bettencourt

    Tamiya 1/48 F-16C Fighting Falcon

    NIce build! Always fun to see a build with this scheme. I will show the crew chief of this jet these pics. Just one heads up, the 144th FW never carried bombs. Strictly air to air. Rod
  15. Rod bettencourt

    Tu-22KD 1:72 Modelsvit new picture

    Great subject and great build!! Well done. Rod