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  1. Hi all, Related to the Zvezda kit configuration has: - narrow prop blades *, - early, thinner compressor air intake *, - deep (late F, G-2) oil cooler under nose, - windscreen without external armour, - angural wheel wells, - main wheels up to G-2, - early tail wheel. G-2 often later fitted with larger tail wheel, - strenghtening strips on the rear fuselage * Making it as a G-2 needs in addition to this needs to taken into account points marked with stars. In adition with little scoops on nose, deleting the triangular windows bel
  2. John - exactly my thoughts! I was thinking converting an La-7 before I got a resin kit of it. What I recall was that it can be done with a single kit. Ofc some parts from other kits might be helpful but not absolutely necessary. Let see and hopefullky soon hear something new about a new 1/72 infection La-9/11! Cheers, AaCee
  3. Hi Martin, I have another opinion. As bis had more powerful engine it had both slightly larger round intake with shorter lip than the MF. This (and next ppoint) is easy to see from good nose profile photos, Extreme front part was also slightly more bulbous than MF - Eduard 1/48 didn't take this into account. Early aircraft had windscreen side windows with rounded corners, later were angular. In 1/72 Zvezda spine front part is quite fine but back end starting ca, main wheel is too narrow. RV/KP spine is too big for bis. Correct Eduard 1/72 MF to start is that one they ca
  4. Hi Steve! This one is not seen too often. Pity, that both kit and aftermarket decals for the Ba Yi-aerobatics team leaves the livery to be masked by the builder. Regarding to the building it would be better to add some support to the wing upper surface and fuselage joint. It is in the model a push fit joint without any support from below. That is literally a weak point of the kit! Cheers, AaCee
  5. Yes I know The WS-10 design was started with co-operation of GE, J-10 fly-by-wire software was designed with help from Israel. and did Northrop to do something with the concept design? JH-7s have been using even original Speys. PLA Army have (or had?) UH-60 Blackhawks and so on. It is a fascinating subject to study. Without Tianmen or something similar later world would be different. Cheers, AaCee
  6. Hi, Anything known about the current status of this project? Cheers, AaCee
  7. Hi Adrian, When Frog was new a review in a local magazine told to fill the front fuselage with putty and carve to shape. I think getting Frog is almost beyond possibilities to get accurate or at least it has no sence to do that! JUst forget to do that or build it as it is. Heller is much easier and taking into account that it is from ´60's it is a good kit of the period. What I recall after 30' years ago correcting a couple of them the rudder was too narrow and hinge line too far. It also needed some extra material to lower corner, windscreen should be even width, bell
  8. Hi, Chinese got a few Egyptian MiG-23s during mid-70's. Air intakes and radar might be just co-incidences or not... Cheers, AaCee
  9. Hi Larry, Overall white was a common livery for many Chinese types, J-6, J-7, J-8, Q-5, H-6 belly etc. For me this one looks like a weary one. Cheers, AaCee
  10. "Never before in the history of the mankind Frog Morane has been praiced so highly" (with the voice of Winston Churchill). Frog looks more like a generic single-seat fighter almost without any detailing when the Heller kit has s petite surface detailing as could be expected from a kit of the vintage of it. IMHO differenc between Hasegawa and Heller ws less than Heller and Frog despite the latter two had something like 5 years defference and the other two 25 years. And yes, I have built all of those. Both H-kits several times. Cheers, AaCee
  11. Would that F-5A be Italeri or Esci kit? Dakota seems to be Esci as the built model has front door and flaps opened. Cheers, AaCee
  12. I have been wondering lack of a Fiat G.50 "Freccia" as they have full range of Macchis, a Reggiane and both CR32, CR42 and something resembling G.55... For the AMX someone should tip a certain Czech manufacturer that another company for same country is doing one. And vice versa! It might generate even two kits! Cheers, AaCee
  13. Vee-Pee, Don't even think to try - they don't fit! Says someone who had both sets and started to mask the AZ one with the Hasey masks... Cheers, AaCee
  14. Hej Björn, While watching your latest picture I remembered building this kit several times. And always the fit of the front edge of the wind screen fit poorl Cheers, AaCee
  15. Hi Charlie, Sorry not to have an answer for your question but a little more information about this incident: It happened April 1944 at Malmi airport, Helsinki. At least earlier other Bf 109G-6 night fighters were painted with partial winter camouflage. IMHO this aircraft carried some remains of white distemper. Cheers, AaCee
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