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  1. Some of Western modellers can get very upset about this model - decals will be with Z letters.
  2. Thomas V probably bought a controlling stake in the Zvezda company and has access to the accounting reports on the sales of each model.
  3. https://vk.com/zvezdamodels?w=wall-29859496_2736409
  4. https://vk.com/video1127115_456239035
  5. Zvezda will publish catalogue in the end of year, will see.
  6. On all pictures - Mi-35 (export name of Mi-24V, Zvezda catalogue number 4823), not Mi-35M (export name of Mi-24VM, Zvezda catalogue number 4813). Its a two different models form Zvezda and i think Ediard will repack Mi-24V model
  7. Today we released 48-032 1-48 decal for Grumman F9F Panther from US NAVY and MARINES aviation and Argentinian naval aviation. http://begemotdecals.ru/files/48-032 F9F.jpg Full stencil set for one aircraft - for Drak Blue scheme and for Grey scheme too. http://www.begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=211
  8. Rivets - yes, will be on all surfaces of this model.
  9. BTW - Begemot working now about decals for Yak-9, similar to 1-48 and 1-72 scales. http://begemotdecals.ru/files/dyak9pre.jpg
  10. Same base sprues as all Mi-24V and Mi-24P - no rivets.
  11. This complect will be only for clients, who made pre-sale order in Russian Arma model shop, its only for Russian market. Additional decal printed at printer, not silcscreen technology.
  12. Serial Su-25 model made by grey styrene
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