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  1. BTW - Begemot decal for Zvezda Yak-130 now in print:
  2. Begemot decals for Su-34 on 1/72 and 1/48 scales almost ready to print, I'm decide add another one markings scheme with badge and wait clear photos from Shagol airbase http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/img_1474795_1524724406_Su-34-in-1.jpg.html http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/img_1474795_1524724424_Su-34-in-2.jpg.html http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/img_1474795_1524724439_Su-34-in-3.jpg.html
  3. It is pre-design view of decals, now its looks different - with stencil for missile I can't publish pictires, but Armata models i hope do this soon.
  4. kotey

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    Mr Sulc at Novemberfest-2107 sayd that thay hav'nt big enthuziasm about MiG-21F13 and MiG-21U and UM - big differences and to much new moulds.
  5. Thia aircraft were repainted in regiment by ustandard scheme, in magasine Mir Aviatsii 1-2004 shown only sides, but no upper view.
  6. kotey

    Ukrainian Su-24M with UPAZ refueling pod (?)

    Sorry for late answer - Ukraine Air Force don't use in-flight refuel, all Il-78 were converted to cargo aircraft or sold to foreign customers. About UPAZ - they were rare use even in RuAF, i never heard about UPAZ in Ukraine, Ukranian air spase not so large as in Russia, in-0flight refuel is no need.
  7. It is preproduction view of decal, in print some decal elements were a little changed for next reason: you can go by two way for made big red area on bottom part of fuselage: 1. from decal (elements 01, 02, 03, 04); 2. you can paint it, all other elements - you can use form decal, including doors and dark grey stripes.
  8. Надо очень четко примерять собранную кабину ко всем трем деталям фюзеляжа, чтобы она (кабина) не мешала сойтись им в идеальный круг и оставаться в виде круга пока сохнет клей. It is necessary very accurately to try on assembled cockpit to all three details of the fuselage, that it (cabin) didn't prevent to meet him in an ideal circle and to remain in the form of a circle all time, when glue dryed.
  9. I'm almost finished La-15 from Mars Model - its were not easy to fit two sides fuselage parts and upper part + wing - even even need clamp to fix - that the fuselage has met in a circle profile.
  10. It is two different fuselage moulds - cargo and passenger, this models in production in same time now, cargo - for Russian Post and passanger - for all shops. Zvezda have plans release cargo version in future for sell in own sales network, not in Russian post markings.
  11. Yes, I'm wrote about this situation in instruction, not all MiG-29SMTs, which were assembled for Algeria were delivered there, all aircrafts, which were delivered were returned back to Russia. And this decals were made for exactly SMTs, so, sorry no 9.20 there.
  12. Today Begemot release decal for MiG-29SMT (it isn't really important - have you model form Trumpeter or Zvezda) in 1-72 scale. A little later will release same decal in 1-48 scale too. You can choose any of now known aircraft from Algerian or Russian Air Force (include aircraft, which took a part in Syrian campaign), also in decal include full stencil set for one aircraft and any external armament for MiG-29SMT. http://www.begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=172
  13. Begemot about three years work about MiG-15 decal, it will be "encyclopedic" decals - all. what we know about MiG-15 - all differences from all MiG-15s from producers factory numbers and stencil.