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  1. Yes, there is a problem with mail to US from Russia - some our envelops with Begemot decals avait export to US since end of March, its some misunderstood between Russian and US posts.
  2. In Russia decal in sell about 4 weeks, i think some Ebay resellers have it in stock, but not all western distrubutors have this decals - Russian post still not work to some coutries.
  3. As i say you in FB PM - this helicopter were returned back after repair in Ukraine in 2015, in this time on helicopter wern't this sticker - its ad later. We havn't clear photo of this badge and in time, when were designed our 1-72 decal (1-48 just upscale our old 72-064 decal with colour instruction) there no any photo of this 101 and 102 helicopter with this badge.
  4. What do you say if it will be first Zvezda's release in several Il-2 1-48 model series?
  5. So, in Rissia quarantine holydays were prolonged to end of April, so how modellers in Russia and outside now can buy new Mi-24 model - its a question. But i have so much time for new decals design - as never before.
  6. Hungarian - yes, as Czech version used in inbox decal for Zvezda model, so i'm add Hungarian overal grey scheme. About Syriam markings - RuAF used Mi-24Ps and Mi-35Ms, SyAF - Mi-25 and ex-RuAF Mi-24Ps, its another modifications of Mi-24
  7. In Russia this week is non-working for prevent enlarged Q virus pandemia, so Zvezda and hobby shops closed now, after end of medical holydays model will be in shops. BTW - as i'm working at home - i'm have time for rescale our 1-72 Mi-24 decal to 1-48 and rework grayscale instruction to colour version
  8. Inbox decal - 4 marking scheme, full stencil for helicopter (external and internal surfaces) and armament.
  9. As usual in last days of many last years Begemot release new decal - and here it is in 2019 - 144-004 Antonov An-225 Mrija, 5 marking schemes from USSR and Ukranian times (except current Antonov Airlines scheme), full stencil for aircraft. http://www.begemotdecals.ru/showpos.php?lang=2&id=183
  10. Many of wrong dimensions in this catalogue - mistakes during design.
  11. It will be own Zvezda new design and tools.
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