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  1. Hello, It seems that your instructions are downloadable from there: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-04703-hawker-hunter-fga9-mk58--114500 Philippe
  2. Hello, There are two pictures of A3-49 in this scheme in the Mason and Mottram book http://mmpbooks.biz/shop2/?target=product&product_id=17670 But Revell decals appear to be not too faithful, the stars on the Southern Cross are positioned differently on A3-49 and the yellow on the Squadron markings should be a bit more orange. Actually, it was a 77 SQN aircraft repainted for the parade to mark 3 SQN reformation on Hornets in august 1986, and this livery was very short-lived. Philippe
  3. PhilHoff

    ETO P-51D Bare Nose

    Hello, 479th Fighter Group Mustangs didn't have coloured noses. Some examples on Little Friends website: http://www.littlefriends.co.uk/galleries/479th-fighter-squadron/ Philippe
  4. Hello, The serial number on the tail is the USAAC/USAAF serial number, minus the first digit of the fiscal year. In your case, the complete serial number is 41-7617. With this serial number and a little ggogling, I found this: http://www.ww.aerialvisuals.ca/AirframeDossier.php?Serial=165322 And that: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dougsheley/3232711621/ That makes your airplane a P-38F-1-LO, of the 71st Fighter Squadron, 1st Fighter Group. Crashed during landing at Goxhill,England on August 19,1942. Philippe
  5. Hello, As 71chally guessed, those are parts of a 1/72 Dujin kit of the N-20 Aiguillon. Look here: http://uamf.org.uk/viewtopic.php?f=182&t=2916 Philippe
  6. Hello There are the Montex masks for the Tamiya Spitfire: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MXMM32105 HTH Philippe
  7. Because the sprues are identical, even the photoetch plate has a 2004 copyright on it. Let's see by yourself: http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/tru/kit_tru_2807.shtml Philippe
  8. Hello, So, it does not appear to be a new tool kit, but the old tooling with the shallow cockpit and all... Well, let's wait to Airfix, now. Philippe
  9. Hello, A great exercise in weathering, indeed, but completely unrealistic for my taste. Filatov's plane, like most soviet P-39, was well maintained and far for beeing that scruffy: Source: http://www.modellismopiu.it/modules/newbb_plus/print.php?forum=132&topic_id=117352 But once again, this is a matter of personal taste, and the work to obtain that finish is certainely interesting, (to depict an airplane abandoned for years in the tundra, IMHO). Philippe
  10. Hello Michael, If I'm not mistaken, the Eduard Mirage IIIC / IIICJ family shares the same plastic, only the decals and accessories (masks, photoetch ans so on) are not the same. Cheers Philippe
  11. Hello, This is a Mirage IIIS. Switzerland purchased a lone Mirage IIIC to use it as a testbed for the Falcon missile integration. See http://www.mc-one.ch/Documents/right%20stuff/dokuments/IIIC/Mirage%20IIIC%20Instructions.pdf Philippe
  12. Hello, You'll find some infos about the interior and the weapons of the Fennec there: http://avions-de-la-guerre-d-algerie.over-blog.com/article-24140042.html Main differences with the T-28D are: No ventral airbrake on the Fennec Additional armour plates on the sides of the forward cockpit Additional air conditioning scoop (already mentioned by Russ) Anti-crash pylon behind the pilot Probably some differences in the cockpit The additional armour plates are visible on this picture: Source: http://fighters.forumactif.com/t57229-t-28-fennec-debut-peinture The Fennecs had two different canopies: Source: http://fighters.forumactif.com/t56878-sud-aviation-fennec?highlight=Fennec All operational Fennecs were silver, the camouflaged one is a modern warbird livery. Hope this helps Philippe
  13. Hello! Look at the path to the picture: www.hphmodels.cz/images/stories/galerie_modelu/Concorde-1-48/48/Concorde-reklama-samostatne5.jpg I think it is more 1:48. Still 1.28 m x 53 cm though. Philippe
  14. Nick, I agree that the three picture may not be related to each others, but at least the third picture (that shows the famous "The Spook" at Iwo Jima after her accident, april 20th 1945) clearly shows a fixed guns installation with a fairing that is not related to the regular Northrop turret. And, for me, this not an opinion, honest or not, it is a fact . There are other pictures of "The Spook" that show this fairing, and it looks a lot like the first picture provided by Sergey Kosachev on Hyperscale. So, we can assume that at least "The Spook" had a fixed gun installation with a fairing that looks a lot to the pictures provided by Sergey, and it's also my opinion (but I don't force anyone to share it) that this kind of fairng was used on several P-61 in the Pacific theatre of war. Kind Regards Philippe
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