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  1. I’ve used Gunze quite a bit for luftwaffe and IJN/IJA colors. They’re quite good, I’ll have to pick up some for my modern US jets. Thanks!
  2. So I found out my go to enamel paint for Modern US subjects, Model Master, is being discontinued. Any suggestions on a paint brand I should try that’s accurate for modern US aircraft? MRP? AK? Hataka? Gunze?
  3. Boy I hope they get this one right, would love to have an accurate B-1B, I hope they tone down the panel lines and make sure to add all the antennas and bumps, I didn't build the B-52 but heard it was missing a lot of those details. I did build the B-2, it was a bit of a bear to build, but in the end it turned out really nice.
  4. USAJustin


    Oh we most certainly did have panic buying of toilet paper. Its still not as stocked as it was. Cleaning supplies are still hard to come by. We really botched up the response over here. Thanks for the new British slang! Hope you all are hanging in there and staying healthy! I’ll post some pics of a couple projects I’ve built recently soon!
  5. USAJustin


    Okay so being an American with no clue, what’s a dunny roll??
  6. USAJustin


    Yeah I just saw something posted on the Airfix Facebook page about Hornby raking in cash from all the stay at home folks building models
  7. USAJustin


    They have vastly diversified that’s for sure. I'm certainly aircraft centric 1/72 scale too boot. I’m just being a selfish baby here. Seems like we get one new tooled 1/72 kit a year. I can dream
  8. USAJustin


    Just asking for opinions, has Hasegawa pretty much put an end to making new tool aircraft? They had a pretty good run of nice new kits especially the 1/72 bombers they brought out approximately 5-15 years ago. I’m hoping they complete the 1/72 F-35 variants with an F-35C soon. Anyhow, just shooting the breeze, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there.
  9. I bought a 1/72 Hasegawa Tornado F.3 on eBay and the seller didn’t mention the instructions were missing. Instead of returning the kit, and going through all that, I thought I’d ask the community if anyone had scans of the instructions they could provide? I’ll even post pics of the beauty when she’s done.
  10. A newly tooled 1/72 Herc is much needed! Looking forward to this!
  11. A scale wasn’t specified for the early Spits in our conversation I’m afraid. Late model Corsairs are sorely lacking any really good accurate kits in 1/72 scale, sure would be great to see some, they look great with 4 bladed props! Lots of differences between variants too.
  12. Yeah, she didn’t specify the scale, drat! Guess I’ll pick up the Tamiya kit in the meantime
  13. In an Facebook Messenger conversation with Alena from Eduard this morning about my suggestion for a 1/72 scale series of late model F4U Corsairs, I also asked about the upcoming Bf-109 series to which she replied, "it'll be released in November". She also mentioned a series of early Spitfires as a future project.
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