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  1. I have the new 806 book and am carefully checking through it right now to try and identify any bits of information that help with our own revision of 'FAA 39-45'. However, it's hard going unpicking the narrative to compare against records and is therefore taking some time. I would say, however, that over the years we have seen (and extracted information from) a number of the 806 NAS aircrew and it is against these, as well as the aforementioned TNA records, that I'm checking the details. Unfortunately, we haven't seen Barnes' or Sewell's logbooks. I did note that in the 'Selected Bibliography' to the book there was no mention of any of the Air-Britain books, not even 'Squadrons of the Fleet Air Arm' or the current 'Squadrons and Units of the Fleet Air Arm' which I found to be a curious omission. I'd repeat my plea to all who think they have identified errors in or omissions from the 1995 edition of the book to make contact with me and let me know. This book is unlikely to get another revision.
  2. Can't help, I'm afraid. Code (if indeed one was worn - not always the case!) not yet known.
  3. Sea Vixen Manual is still being worked on. Keep an eye out...
  4. Geoffrey, Apologies, I overlooked the message as it went into a Spam folder. That said, I'm not entirely sure what the gist of the message was? You seemed to be saying that you'd done some research, but I wasn't sure what point you were trying to make? Is there something that we've put into print in the various books that you feel is incorrect? Lee
  5. Ian Noted, thanks. I'll pass on to Mick. Need more of your comments like this! Time's slipping by! Lee
  6. I've had, this week, a list of suggested amendments and additions to the original 1995 'Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to 1945' from Claudio Narduzzi (thanks Claudio!). We're still open to any more comments (I'm currently wading through Hellcats) to add to the mountain of amendments, so please do send me a message if you think you can assist. With dwindling resources left to tap and with the amount of time it has taken to get to this stage it is likely to be the last reprint of the book, so I'm keen to try and capture as many changes as possible and make it as definitive as possible. Judging by the number of times it gets referred to on this site alone, the book is still held in high regard (the second edition will be far more accurate, as the original did have quite a lot of errors) and so I think it would be in everyone's interest to make this new version as good as possible. Please PM me if you think you can help. (Ian G, nudge!) Regards Lee
  7. We are currently going through the Hellcat histories for the second edition of FAAA39-45. If anyone has specific amends they feel are necessary, I'd be grateful if you could message me. We've got a lot of material to wade through and cross-check, so highlighting alterations would be helpful.
  8. Just to clarify, Wheatley was actually Sub Lieutenant (the second edition of the book will correct this).
  9. Tony Contributions have been welcome, so on Mick's behalf thanks. I presume you sent them to his new address (and not his old Yeovil one)? Always keen to see new photos/have suggested amendments and additions sent through. Lee
  10. Hi All It is now 23 years since the first edition of Air-Britain's 'Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to 1945' was published and Mick Burrow and I are currently motoring our way through amendments and additions that have come to light since then with a view to publishing a much-needed, much improved second edition, hopefully within the next 18 months. The amount of new and corrective material unearthed is staggering and, as with the recent 'The Squadrons and Units of the Fleet Air Arm', the print quality and photographic coverage will be vastly superior. In a bid to try and ensure that as much information is captured and incorporated (a third edition is probably unlikely given the timeframe for production), I would like to invite anyone with information they believe might be additional to, or corrective of, what was in Edition 1 to drop me a PM. Mick and I are also keen to source any new images - especially with identifiable unit marking and serials - for potential use. ['iang' - lost contact with you for far too long! Hope you are well.] Here's hoping for some feedback! Thanks in advance. Lee
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