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  1. The name of the author of THAT book may be familiar to some who have tried to research FAA Diaries and combat reports in TNA, found them to be missing and then noted the sheet of paper stuck in the front of said records advising the poor reader of the lamentable reason for their absence. One reason I flatly refuse to buy it. Also penned the Dickie Cork biography under the nom de plume 'AH Wren'.
  2. Many thanks. Clearly another document that wasn't checked properly years ago which I'll have to go dig out (when Kew becomes an option)...
  3. Ian Do you have a copy of the Combat Report that you could share? Rgds Lee
  4. Answers on a postcard, please! Only currently have '6A' as a contender for Op EF which was N4075. If anyone has any further info, I'd be glad to add it to our amends for the book!
  5. Andy As far as is known the aircraft retained their standard FAA camouflage. I've sent you a PM, by the way. Regards Lee
  6. While you're re-checking those sources, any serial/code tie-ups you said you might have would still be useful if you have them! Lee
  7. Lee Howard

    Blackburn Skua

    Many thanks. One of the documents I didn't manage to copy when I was last able to get to TNA (a year ago!). I've been trying to go through all such records in a bid to double check and make sure nothing has been missed....which clearly on the first pass it was! Do you happen to have a copy of the whole document (for sharing offline)? Lee
  8. Lee Howard

    Blackburn Skua

    Raising an old topic here but one which is vexing me at the moment as we try and nail down the second edition of 'Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to 1945'. I have seen the colour photo from cine film which shows aircraft 'Q' with wings folded which some have stated is L2991. However, we have L2991 as 'A' and L2955 as 'Q'. Can someone advise how the aircraft in the cine film has been positively identified as L2991, please, as I remain sceptical. I'd still like to hear from anyone with any suggested amendments to the Skuas (and other types - Gladiators, for instance) from what was printed in the first volume. Mick and I have spent nearly 20 years working on this, both in terms of new research and a huge amount of fact and error checking, and it would seem a waste of effort and counter productive if we unwittingly go to print with errors that others may have identified. Thanks Lee
  9. S7B was 17.11.40 but the precise serial is unknown. 804 had quite a number of landing incidents with the twitchy Martlet so it could be any one of a series of aircraft.
  10. While tidying up some loose ends as we get nearer to finishing the book I found this in ADM 207/8 - 804 NAS Diary for 8 December 1940 which reads: "R-Parker [Sub Lieutenant J Reardon-Parker RNVR] took the damaged Grumman [Martlet] to Hatston after lunch & returned with a beautiful pitch black Gladiator. The new scheme is all-black for night & we have gone back to one black mainplane for day & also a duck egg blue snout & truss or belly band just ahead of the tailplane." The only aircraft that appears to have arrived in December 1940 was N5537 and we only have a record of it for this month. There are no recorded incidents of incidents involving Gladiators for that month and there is a large gap in N5537's history thereafter.
  11. In the master file for Gladiators we (now) have it as being Fighter Flt RAF Shetland but in use by 804 NAS. If correct, presumably Cockburn borrowed it. At some point we have seen his logbook (noting it's not at FAAM) but at the moment I don't have the transcript to hand to check (I'll get it re-checked). But we've been going back through these copies as part of the new research for the second edition of the book, so I'm guessing that's what is in the transcript although it is, of course, entirely possible that a '6' has been incorrectly scribbled down instead of a '5' when the logbook was copied (the original edition is littered with mistakes like this that we're trying to weed out).
  12. It was Partridge's personal a/c marking.
  13. Ah! Didn't realise it was you! The pic makes sense now!
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