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  1. I agree with Codger, I am building one and trying to include as many of Bengalensis improvements as I can, so far so good, but more importantly I am enjoying the ride. Bryan
  2. My bolts arrived today also. Superb quality well done Jan, many thanks. Bryan
  3. Excellent model, no issues with the build. Bryan
  4. Brilliant inspiring build, well done Renek. Bryan
  5. Sloucher, If you decide to go ahead with this project I will buy a set from you. Bryan
  6. I was very lucky, I purchased a Welsh Models Vanguard for the ridiculous price of £5 from a modeller at the Milton Keynes show a couple of years ago, following advice from a friend in my model club I cut the front cabin section from the Airfix kit and substituted it with the front of the Welsh Models kit. After a lot of fiddling and faffing it finally looked okay to me, it has been on display on my club stand on the model show circuit this year and received a favourable response. We are all different, I could not live with the failings of the Airfix kit, others can. Bryan
  7. The nose contours are still wrong, it will take a great deal of work to correct them. Bryan
  8. I built this kit a few years ago, quite a bit of work needed to get a good result but well worth the effort. It may be worth your while to look at the build article on Perth Military Modelling site, I found it very helpful. Bryan
  9. Well done superb model, the KLM livery always looks good. Bryan
  10. Very interesting Radleigh, Looking forward to seeing your progress on this one. Bryan
  11. I think that you are in for a very "interesting" build, it may be worth your while seeking out the build blog for this kit on the ARC forums. Bryan
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