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  1. I shared my photos of this build with Bear Mountain Boats, the manufacturer of the kit I used, and supplier of kits for the full sized canoes. It was surprisingly popular with their followers, which I must admit was quite gratifiying.
  2. Bertie, I don't mind a good natured tease, certainly no offence taken.
  3. Bertie, The trouble with text only communications is that I have no idea whether this is a tongue in cheek or joke response - so at the risk of seeing a jest flying unseen over my head, I have to say it is real wood, no paint involved. I'd love to be able to paint like that. Have a look at the build photos in the Work in Progress section if you haven't already.
  4. Thanks Jeff - I'm pleased with how it turned out. I don't intend building another one at this scale; the next one will be 1/6th and that will allow more elaborate patterns in the planking. Also at 1/6th I can use action figures for outdoor shoots as I do with my 1/6th kayaks. Probably won't start that for a while.
  5. I'm calling this finished now - there are a few details that could be improved but I've spent enough time on what's been an unplanned diversion from other ongoing projects. I've left the build process photos in the 'Work In Progress' section.
  6. A little more progress - scuppers and inwales going in, just leaves the outwales and seats to fit. I reckon the next post should be 'Ready for Inspection'.
  7. dnl42, My first post on Britmodeller in April 2018, posted in finished Dioramas, was all about my 1/6 garage. I was going to put a link in to that post, but the photos there don't seem to be loading very well, so if you want to seem more - have a look at my Flickr album: Camwader's Garage
  8. Arnold, The 1/12th garage is really just a WIP in its very early stages - it needs a lot more work. These pics are from my 1/6th garage - I know what needs doing, I just haven't got around to it yet, too many other projects on the go. The canoe is symetrical end to end, the only thing that dictates which end is which is where the seats are positioned. When paddled two-up it goes one way, when paddled solo it goes the other way.
  9. Jeff, I'm pretty sure that garage is the little fella - but at my age I'm easily confused
  10. The hull is now removed from the jig. Next job is to shape the bow and stern toplines, then finish the hull interior. After that it's gunwales, thwarts, and seats. Plus a roof-rack for the VW.
  11. You might also like an earlier 1/6th scale sea kayak I made in my 1/6th scale garage diorama: 1/6th Scale sea kayak build
  12. While I’m waiting for the resin on the hull to harden off sufficiently for a rub down and polish, I made the seats and started carving a paddle. It’s best to leave the hull on the jig for sanding so it’s supported well - once that’s done it can come off and the inside then needs smoothing off.
  13. A bit more progress - outer stems fitted and shaped, finished sanding the hull, and glass cloth skin applied.
  14. Planking virtually complete now - next job is to add bow and stern external stems.
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