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  1. Just a small update: tiny pilots painted, I guess none of it will be visible but it's there!
  2. Hi Michael, My friend and workmate Sérgio Cabral sells the 3D print files for a very small fee, he recreated quite a few aviation classics following his own aesthetics (not exactly "eggplanes") of which we argued for hours, I'm a sailplane fanatic loving long wings of high aspect ratio and him designing these almost wingless flying creatures. Anyway, 3D printed in resin the detail is incredible and they look cute! https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/toy-plane-avro-vulcan-b-2
  3. Congrats Dmitry for your model! I'm tempted to buy the same model but I cant' find any reviews of it, how do you rate the kit? Any particular problems? Best regards, Rui
  4. Let's start... and problem number one: the intakes are molded in one piece, great to avoid filling seams but why did they mold the Bristol Olympus compressor faces with the intakes? How am I going to paint these parts? I thought the least risky solution would be to drill the compressor faces from the back and replace with a "2D" photo of the engine front; not so easy to find a decent photo of the Olympus "straight in the face" but after one hour with Corel Draw I managed to have a nice 5mm wide representation. Unfortunately drilling the plastic parts scarred a bit the intakes when us
  5. I've always liked the mighty Avro Vulcan bomber and have fond memories of twice watching XH588 displaying its amazing power and maneuverability; when my good friend Sérgio Cabral gave me a 3D printed resin Vulcan B.2 Blue Steel of his range of "Fofi" (Portuguese for cutie) models I thought it would be nice to display his model alongside with a "proper" scale model and after reading good reviews of the Great Wall Hobby (GWH) kit I ordered from Hobby Link Japan the Pit-Road version of the Blue Steel carrying B.2 in my favourite livery: overall "anti-flash white" in 617 "The Dambusters" squadron
  6. The MiG-19 had the Mikoyan KK-2 (katapool'tnoye kreslo = ejection seat) derivative of the KK-1 e/s fitted to late MiG-17s.
  7. Hi, According with Eduard's November leaflet several "goodies" will be available for the MiG-19S/PM kits: ejection seat, Löök instrument panels (both versions), wheel well doors and exhaust nozzles. For my part I've already pre-ordered 2 kits and bought the excellent "Mikoyan MiG-19" book from the "Famous Russian Aircraft" series.
  8. I hope there will be in the future a glider towing version of this kit, it would make a nice diorama.
  9. Wonderful idea, I'll buy at least one for sure as the Portuguese Navy bought 5 K.43s floatplanes and the Portuguese Army bought a single W.34L.
  10. Although my triple 1/48 Draken build has stalled I want to say thanks to all the participants in this GB, I enjoyed it and learned quite a few things in the process. Draken för evigt!
  11. Hi Arniec, I notice you made the same mistake as I did as this is not show in the instructions: the rear bulkhead of the kit must be cut to fit the rear of the Aires cockpit "bathtub", as you've already closed the fuselage this could be very tricky to do but here's the (friendly) warning. Keep working, keep posting, stay safe.
  12. Hi all, Following a favourable comment by a Portuguese humourist in a night time radio show about Svalbard's "Arctic Outpost" digital radio emission of classic American music records "from 1902 to 1958" this remote Norwegian radio station is now so popular in Portugal that they had to upgrade the server; notice how many "Tugas" are tuned in, we are so !
  13. Oh no, he won't disappear, I have the J21A, J 29 and J32 kits to make and I need all the info Christer can give us on these Nordic beauties
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