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  1. Wonderful idea, I'll buy at least one for sure as the Portuguese Navy bought 5 K.43s floatplanes and the Portuguese Army bought a single W.34L.
  2. Although my triple 1/48 Draken build has stalled I want to say thanks to all the participants in this GB, I enjoyed it and learned quite a few things in the process. Draken för evigt!
  3. Hi Arniec, I notice you made the same mistake as I did as this is not show in the instructions: the rear bulkhead of the kit must be cut to fit the rear of the Aires cockpit "bathtub", as you've already closed the fuselage this could be very tricky to do but here's the (friendly) warning. Keep working, keep posting, stay safe.
  4. Hi all, Following a favourable comment by a Portuguese humourist in a night time radio show about Svalbard's "Arctic Outpost" digital radio emission of classic American music records "from 1902 to 1958" this remote Norwegian radio station is now so popular in Portugal that they had to upgrade the server; notice how many "Tugas" are tuned in, we are so !
  5. Oh no, he won't disappear, I have the J21A, J 29 and J32 kits to make and I need all the info Christer can give us on these Nordic beauties
  6. Hi Janne, I'm currently bidding in eBay for an Eduard Trumpy MiG-23MF special edition and following your WIP with much interest. Regarding the resin nose and after reading your problems I think I'll wait for the Cold War Studio future correction set. Keep safe and keep posting.
  7. Eduard AM goodies available: EX691 Windscreen and wheel "kabuki" mask set and FE1073 Colour P/E set.
  8. What an unpractical idea of an aeroplane: the mechanical complexity of the drive shafts to the swivelling wings halves plus the control and stability problems in transition between horizontal and vertical flight modes... I WANT IT! More information about this project: http://www.luft46.com/misc/wes1003.html
  9. I looked at the actual scene and I believe this is a posed photo. And I think this would make a beautiful scene for figure modellers.
  10. Off topic but he is the most famous swedish male actor in the most famous swedish movie ("The Seventh Seal") from the most famous swedish director (Ingmar Bergman) and although Death wins, as Death always does, the game was a good game. RIP Max von Sydow
  11. For me this GB led to a very unanticipated trip to Denmark and Sweden in late May; all is booked including the Draken flight simulator session in Ängelholm. Now I have to somehow find time to finish my 3 Drakens, repair the landing gear of my 1/3 scale ASW 17 and start training again, learn how to fly tactically the Viggen in the DCS simulator to prepare for the "Super Viggen" flight simulator in Göteborg, work, eat, sleep and spend some time with Mrs. da Silva that endures it all!
  12. Hi all, With some free time available courtesy of Miss Insomnia here's the final version of my personal GB banner including the mighty Draken, please feel free to use it. https://i.gyazo.com/15e95aaa7451b6315dac72ccd9257032.png
  13. Surface detail is the same, you get a separate rudder in the resin set but, most importantly, the intake in the fin's leading edge is just a flat part in the kit but very well done in resin.
  14. Hi all, Further fun with Aires resin: to use the resin fin and rudder (that has much better detail) one needs to file away the rear (very easy) and front "tabs" (not so easy...) from the original kit parts. A trial fit and it's obvious the resin part is a bit short in lenght and a shim of about 1mm needs to be glued between the kit's spine and the resin fin. Notice the resin part has the correct "fairing over a spine" section at the rear (below the rudder) and that the parabrake housing below the rudder is a "simple" spine shape, check the detail photo. As reported in several build reviews the kit's tailcone part is a bit bulbous and does not fit exactly, more dremmeling in sight...
  15. Drakken tailcone details: I believe that in the real aircraft the parabrake is housed above the tailcone, the housing has a piano hinge at the bottom that splits open for parabrake deployment; Hasegawa has molded a wall that closes this compartment when it should be open and visible, I modified the kit parts just filling away the small wall (left side, top and bottom modified parts).
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