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  1. Hi all, I haven´t done much work on my model, just checking photos against the kit and it seems that Takom has taken some "artistic shortcuts" regarding accuracy. The Lun's bottom hull is quite complex in shape and Takom modelled the rear part of the hull's bottom rounded when it should have the "V" shape almost to the rear gun turret; I will try to correct this simply by sanding. Also the "blast fairings" are depicted in the kit as vertical panels when they should be rectangular "tiles", compare photos of the kit and the actual Lun: That's all for today, stay tuned.
  2. Hi Ken, Thanks for the link and for the kind words, your models are amazing.
  3. Hi Dukdalf, https://www.imo.org/en/OurWork/Safety/Pages/WIG.aspx "WIG craft are categorized according to the following types: type A: a craft which is certified for operation only in ground effect. Within prescribed operational limitations, the structure and/or the equipment of such a craft should exclude any technical possibility to exceed the flight altitude over the maximum vertical extent of ground effect; type B: a craft which is certified for main operation in ground effect and to temporarily increase its altitude outside ground effect to a limited height, but not exceeding 150 m above the surface, in case of emergency and for overcoming obstacles; and type C : a craft which is certified for the same operation as type B; and also for limited operation at altitude exceeding 150 m above the surface, in case of emergency and for overcoming obstacles. ... IMO and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) have agreed that any WIG craft capable of sustained flight outside the influence of ground effect should also be subject to the rules and regulations of ICAO. Other craft, including those with limited "fly-over" capability, should be covered only by the maritime regulatory regime." It seems the problem resides in the national and international regulatory agencies interpretations of certificationof WIGE vehicles as ships or as aircraft, like this: https://www.revolution.aero/editorial-1/2019/8/29/exclusive-uk-at-odds-with-eu-and-us-over-classification-of-wing-in-ground-effect-craft Now please don't tell me I'm a ship modeller!!!
  4. Hi Mike, Thank you very much for the link, these photos are the best "walk-around" I've ever seen and this picture is the only one I know that shows the front of the hidro-ski. It seems that Takom has skipped quite a few details of the Lun's complicated hull shape, I'll just try to depict the hidro-ski using a few photos and this amazing thread at BM, unfortunately stalled for the moment:
  5. Technically it's not an aircraft as it's classed by the International Maritime Organization as a ship but this is disputed, better call it a vehicle and leave it at that!
  6. I am a big fan of Soviet machinery and could not resist buying Takom’s 1/144 scale Lun-class ekranoplan (Russian generic designation for wing in ground effect vehicle). Initial impressions are good as every sprue is individually bagged and surface detail looks decent for the scale. Further study of the Lun showed up some faults: - The take-off/landing hidro-ski on the bottom of the hull is totally absent, details of this are very hard to come by looking at pictures of the surviving Lun and Spasatel, can anybody please help? - The 2 defensive turrets have somewhat overscale twin cannons each, this is incorrect as the Lun was equipped with the same UKU-9K-502 turret as the Ilyushin Il-76M transport, each equiped with two twin-barrelled GSh-23 23mm cannons; - The proposed colour schemes (1 for the single operational Lun and 2 “what-if” schemes) are each represented in a half A4 leaflet, with insuficcient detail due to the very small size of the illustrations and worse than that, the scheme for the operational Lun is incorrect as it shows the wings painted in grey top and bottom when in reality the whole of the bottom surface, top of the flaps and a triangular section between the outboard floats and the top of flaps were painted in blue; also the dark blue waterline stripe (hull, floats and wing top surface) is not represented and absent from the decals. Cutting and sanding the main components showed great fit of the parts, the exception so far is the left horizontal stabilizer that needs some slight filing (in the area marked in red) to fit in the recess in the fin. And here’s the work so far with nothing glued yet, stay tuned!
  7. Hi, Sérgio is now rather busy with his new home WIP but the "loony lun" is not forgotten, so he tells me!
  8. Hi all, My Lun arrived today from Ammo (Spain) and the kit is BIG, it will take a lot of shelf space for an 1/144 scale kit. Meanwhile my workmate Sérgio Cabral is working on his series of 3D-printed "Fofiplanes" and the Lun is the next victim of disfiguration, including a bloated "Moskit" missile!
  9. According with the "Walkarounds/Portuguese Military Aviation" website (http://walkarounds-blog.blogspot.com/2015/02/fiat-g91.html), Ginas only served in Angola for a very short time, from late 1974 until January 1975, replacing the weary F-84Gs of Esquadra (Squadron) 93 at Luanda. BR, Rui
  10. After three months in the "shelf of doom", the Vulcan is back to the workbench. I did some minor rescribing of the elevons, I used for the first time the Scribe-R, it works fine but I'm not so good at scribing,I also closed all the landing gear doors and glued the engine fairings, the model is now ready for priming, stay tuned and stay safe!
  11. I'm looking forward to model a Portuguese Army AF MS.233's, this is one of the 16 built under licence in Portugal.
  12. I'm impressed by the detail of this kit and I'm tempted to pre-order one. I'm about 2/3 of finishing reading the excellent "Famous Russian Aircraft: Sukhoi Su-27 & Su-30/33/34/35" and I've noticed the kit's instructions regarding the options for the infra-red guided R-27T and R-27ET AAMs are wrong according to this book: R-27T/ETs can only be carried on pylons 3 & 4, this is valid for all "Flanker" variants.
  13. Starting to look like a Vulcan, Happy New Year to all!
  14. Hi Adam, Thanks for your advice, I've checked the kit's fuselage roundels and indeed they are of the smaller size, fortunately I've CtA sheet no.2 (V-Bombers in Anti-flash white) and it has the correct 54" roundels, mind you, the diameter difference in 1/144 is all of 1,06mm! Regarding the ECM plates it seems you're again correct, only one and on the right (starboard) side, colour seems to be the underside colour with heavy soothing. On all the photos I saw the fin cap fairing is painted black, the photo below is just to remind us how beautiful the Vulcan was in flight!
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