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  1. I too received the replacement canopies today, oddly a free gift P/E set for 1/35 AFV was included, surely something in 1/48 scale for aircraft models would be nicer but no more excuses to postpone starting the Tornado kit
  2. Hi all, A bit more work done, glued the Aires wheel wells (needed a bit of filing of the top wing roots to fit), glued outer wing panel support pieces and glued the tailbooms. Hope tomorrow I will have time to start working on the cockpit, so far I'm enjoying the kit, it's a big one!
  3. Excelente modelo, parabéns!
  4. Outstanding model and photography, congrats
  5. Excellent model and photography, congrats
  6. Getting started! The kit sprue gates are massive, the plastic is OK to work with and no flash is present, one can notice the spark erosion texture but I think with a primer coat plus paint it will be fine. I will use the Aires resin ejection seats with the Eduard P/E seatbelts, I've already "dremmeled" the resin gates (working outside with a dust mask). I tried the Aires cockpit (amazing detail) in the fuselage parts and as usual it would need a good deal of work to fit, I'll take the easy and quick way out and use the kit's cockpit with Eduard's P/E, one thing is apparent from the cockpit pictures, the area behind the pilot's bang seat is much "busier" than the kit parts depict, I will try to detail it a bit.
  7. Hi all, This is my entry, the Airfix 1/48 scale DH Sea Vixen FAW.2 in 899 NAS "sharkmouth" markings, I doubt very much I'll be able to complete it in time but nothing to lose anyway. For starters the mandatory kit and aftermarket pictures, I bought the kit second hand from a fellow portuguese modeller and some aftermarket was included in the deal, I think there's some duplication in the cockpit dept, I'll sort it out as construction begins. Thanks for looking.
  8. Hi Peter, Please add me to this GB, I'm in with the 1/48 Airfix DH Sea Vixen "sharkmouth" from 899 Naval Air Squadron.
  9. Hi Alan, RAAF's overall Foliage Green could be a good ground camouflage scheme in the tropical jungles, but the Dutch AF "chocolate brown" seems odd for that purpose, maybe it was a "quick id" scheme as Stew suggests, I was hoping some expert on the Luchtvaartafdeling could satisfy my curiosity.
  10. Hi all, Just looking at the schemes for the G.1A and I wonder why did the Luchtvaartafdeeling use brown wing bottom surfaces? Usually camo schemes have a lighter "sky" colour on the bottom unless it's a warplane used for night ops but the "jachtkruiser " was used as day heavy fighter and ground attack aircraft.
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