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  1. Surface detail is the same, you get a separate rudder in the resin set but, most importantly, the intake in the fin's leading edge is just a flat part in the kit but very well done in resin.
  2. Hi all, Further fun with Aires resin: to use the resin fin and rudder (that has much better detail) one needs to file away the rear (very easy) and front "tabs" (not so easy...) from the original kit parts. A trial fit and it's obvious the resin part is a bit short in lenght and a shim of about 1mm needs to be glued between the kit's spine and the resin fin. Notice the resin part has the correct "fairing over a spine" section at the rear (below the rudder) and that the parabrake housing below the rudder is a "simple" spine shape, check the detail photo. As reported in several build reviews the kit's tailcone part is a bit bulbous and does not fit exactly, more dremmeling in sight...
  3. Drakken tailcone details: I believe that in the real aircraft the parabrake is housed above the tailcone, the housing has a piano hinge at the bottom that splits open for parabrake deployment; Hasegawa has molded a wall that closes this compartment when it should be open and visible, I modified the kit parts just filling away the small wall (left side, top and bottom modified parts).
  4. Thanks @Christer A , the Aeroseum is a must! The underground museum is unique and I'll take a ride in the "Super Viggen" flight simulator, then to Göteborg and some "Gustavus Adolphus" pastry (I suppose it can be eaten all year round?) and some shopping and sighseeing to please Mrs. da Silva.
  5. Kransekake, naturlig! I am still wondering if we have time to go to Norway, we have 10 days from arrival in Copenhagen, maybe going to Oslo and Gardermoen museum via Ängelholm (museum and Draken simulator) and Göteborg, then east to Linköping (Flygvapnet museum) and Stockholm and back to Copenhagen. SWMBO must be kept happy with some shopping and sightseeing too!
  6. You are correct, I've done a bit of homework and it's an interesting story, according to Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danish_pastry): "The origin of the Danish pastry is often ascribed to a strike amongst bakery workers in Denmark in 1850. The strike caused bakery owners to hire workers from abroad, among them several Austrian bakers, who brought along new baking traditions and pastry recipes. The Austrian pastry of Plundergebäck soon became popular in Denmark and after the labour disputes ended, Danish bakers adopted the Austrian recipes, adjusting them to their own liking and traditions by increasing the amount of egg and fat for example. This development resulted in what is now known as the Danish pastry. One of the baking techniques and traditions that the Austrian bakers brought with them was the Viennese lamination technique. Due to such novelties the Danes called the pastry "wienerbrød" (Vienna bread) and, as mentioned, that name is still in use in Northern Europe today." So, we owe the delicious Danish pastry to an early capitalistic offensive against the working class? Karl Marx would not approve but I cannot resist sweet temptations!
  7. Hmm, lets keep the invasions in our distant historical past where they belong and enjoy our European culture. Danish pastry looks wonderful, swedish semlor also look like excellent with a cup of tea and what about a norwegian ring cake? Give me sweets with almonds and cream plus some airplanes I never saw in my life, like Drakens and Viggens and I'm a happy man!
  8. I don't know about Viking invasions but I convinced SWMBO and a "Tuga" (Portuguese) couple will "invade" this May the shores of Denmark, Norway and Sweden looking out for Danish pastry and Draken & Viggen flygsimulatorer!
  9. Hi James, The F-86 Sabre is one of my favourite airplanes, keep up with the good work!
  10. Hi all, This is my version of the Nordic GB banner, feel free to use it if you like it. Thanks @trickyrich, @JeroenS, @vppelt68 and @NorwegianWood for your advice. https://i.gyazo.com/914970e75480c51ca6952d17ec3f6a05.png
  11. Hmm... the midnight sun is a good "graphic idea", I'm thinking about the sun in the dark blue sky and in a turquoise sea the "reflected sunbursts" in the colours of the five nordic nations. I'll give it a try this afternoon.
  12. Thanks for your comment, I just wanted to make a personal banner, perhaps only with Drakens, but I understand your request for the colours of Denmark, Norway and Iceland to be included in the GB banner. First let's do some homework and find what colours are right, I need RGB codes to use and according to Wikipedia: Denmark & Norway Red: Pantone 186C = RGB 200, 16, 46 Finland Blue: Pantone 294C = RGB 0, 47, 108 Iceland & Norway Blue: Pantone 287C = RGB 2, 82, 156 Iceland Red: Pantone 199C = RGB 220, 30, 53 Sweden Blue: Pantone 301C = RGB 0, 75, 135 Sweden Yellow: Pantone 116C = RGB 254, 203, 0 Now for the difficult part, what do we make with this?!
  13. Pardon my ignorance, can I design my own group build banner or is there an official GB banner? And how can I show it in my posts?
  14. Tried the wing gun port fairings, like in the J 35F/J kit (gun only on the starboard side, plain fairing on the port side), the starboard side fits fine but the port fairing lacks height and needs correction: dremel and file a groove on the inside as much as you dare and then squash the piece on a vice. It worked but it's pretty boring work. Notice the top of the rear bulkheads filed away, thanks again @Jens and @trickyrich.
  15. Thanks for your advice @Christer A, I did make a groove on the port wing filler piece and then squashed it a bit on a vice, now it fits much better than originally; luckily the starboard gun port fits well enough, it would be trickier to squash that one.
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