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  1. Monograms old F-100D kit had a rather nice open gun bay. It was quite rare back then
  2. Yeah but for all that being said the plane as built from the kit, even including the gear door "problem" if you build the kit with the kit decals then it ends up accurate right? Ive eyed up those kits for a long time now because of the decals in them but the thought of it being what I now know is the old kit and not the new one put me off as I didnt think the decals were worth the price if you then have to go and buy a decent kit to put them on. The decal options are the most attractive part of the kit... Revell do love their tiger meet markings and some of the other European anniversary markings are nice looking too. I always liked the Italeri C/D Night Falcon kit because it could be built as either a A/C or B/D from the one box. The decal choice was lack luster for me, and it was one of the few F-16 kits that has LANTIRN pods OOB. (which aint that great but they are there) Back on topic as it were the Italeri kit isnt all that bad for what it is taken in isolation to itself. (I do now want a Revell kit to compare it to though). The bar and the engine dolly from the old kit Ive got a couple of, that with a nice F-16 kit on a nice base with some interesting markings could be rather nice.
  3. But if you build it as one of the European versions that should matter though right? Ive been looking at the boxings, they all seem to be for some rather nice and colourful European versions which were A and B versions right?
  4. You mention more complete stores above, I assume the stores in each boxing are different as the one I just looked at online shows only AIM-120 and AIM-9 in the F-16 MLU
  5. Thats the one. I didnt realise it was a new tooling. In what was is it better than the Italeri kit? I found the Italeri kit to be ok apart from the little problems already mentioned in this thread. Is there an option to build it as a single and double seat?
  6. Depends on what flavour of F-4. I still prefer the old old Monogram tooling for the F-4D when considering cost, but the Academy and ZM kits are technically better in every respect its just the price difference... Though the old kit seems to have collector kit status now ((( There are many good after market open panels for the F-4 kits, and the F-16. I dont know of any OOB but that doesnt mean there arent any.
  7. So the one with the yellow and grey stripe down the spine isnt the same kit, it doesnt have the dolly? I cant remember the kit number off hand. I think its a F-16 MLU
  8. They are not the cheapest or earliest of suppliers but always a very reliable one.
  9. Must confess Ive not built one for a very long time. I remember when it was released and it was better than the Revell kit at the time. Is the retooled Revell kit a A/B/C/D/AM/MLU too?
  10. I would say it was as good as the Revell kit for a European F-16. The LANTIRN pods were ok, but the weapons provided were its weak point, some unusable cluster bombs I think it was. It was very cheap back then, and it still is, its just under £11 retail.
  11. I was wondering if anybody can help me. I was wondering what the name/number of the trailer in this picture is behind the M-977 HEMTT truck. If not would you happen to know where I could ask. M270 MLRS w/M26 Rocket Pods, Dragon 3523 (1992) (scalemates.com)
  12. Takom have re-released several of their kits. Its nice to see them come back. The prices of the original release were getting out of hand.
  13. A mobility kill is still a kill, but what happens next very much depends on where it is. The Ukrainian farmers towing away damaged equipment is in areas where the fighting has passed to other places which is why they can go and recover them for the bounty the government is offering. Have you seen any evidence they are actually able to repair them and put them into service? I cant find much of that but I would be interested to know. From what Ive seen on the telegram posts they are all making the moral in such cases is much higher that you would believe because their tank armour protected them and they lived to fight another day. dead men have no moral. What I did find interesting is there is no consensus as to what the cope cages are actually for. Its all wild guesses at the least. Those tanks fitted started to be seen about a year ago now. And all of them look "home made".
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