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  1. What a great video. Thank you for sharing that one.
  2. Change the orintation so its vertical or add a lot more much smaller supports. Make sure your resin is at the correct operating/printing temperature. and the first thing I would do is make sure your exposure time is correct using a test print for that.
  3. He wasnt very well so stopped. Which was a real shame as he had many wonderful sets.
  4. I like that one too. It is a challenging colour to paint and get the shade to match. It has a a deep yellow hue (shade) and a wonderful lustre (gloss) to it IRL. I think we will have to wait for this one to be released.
  5. I think the Jaguar retool is long overdue now. Im not sure if I should sell the two Kitty Hawk kits Ive got on ebay while they still fetch stupid money or wait. I can almost feel it. And it will put the Kitty Hawk kit to shame when it comes.
  6. Phil Flory just put up a youtube review for the kit. It sounds a bit like a paid promo as he smooths over somethings, but over all its a good review and nice to see it in such clear detail.
  7. Well in spite of the new Airfix kit I still have 8+1 of these things needing conversions, as Im sure many others do. So I cant wait
  8. There are indeed. I can think of many other subjects myself but Im happy with this one too Given the quality of Airfix kits over recent years I think they would do a Wasp and a Scout justice. I wouldnt mind seeing either, or both.
  9. Sorry my mistake. I didnt realise that was about the Seaking kit... It seemed unrelated. So I didnt read it before I posted this.
  10. Were you aware that Airfix would be releasing a new tool Seaking?
  11. Airfix just released a Seaking NEW TOOL Westland Sea King HAS.1/HAS.5/HU.5 1:48 Scale! Is this video all that is known about it or does somebody have something else to share about it?
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