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  1. You’re welcome buddy, good to see it again in the flesh today. ATB Ben
  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I can find out this was the only one to receive the European 1 paint job. The other were wraparound SEA, and the one-off ‘Desert Fox’ in a 3-tone brown scheme. Rgds Ben
  3. I should of put it in the title. Its 1/48th. Trumpeter do the 1/32 & 1/72….yet the HB kit is pretty much a rescale of both of these. So I don’t get that. But in all seriousness, never again! I’ll stick to Monogram for all future Thuds, life is too short! ATB Ben
  4. Thanks Andy, its amazing what you can do with a sewing box and an old tree stump these days! 😂
  5. Ground equipment & figures are a mix of Hasegawa & Esci Best Rgds Ben
  6. Still scared witless about uploading anything here. Ingredients: Reskit centreline MER pylon Master Pitot Probe Monogram ALQ-87 (From F-4C kit) Hasegawa MER + ordinance LP models 3D printed ladder Armory mainwheels Eduard photoetch set + RBF tags Quinta 3D cockpit Aires Ejection Seat Twobobs decals Was it worth it? Probably not. Enjoy folks Ben
  7. That is literally all that matters, and for the most part, why we are here. And for you 7-8th build, its way better than my 40th-50th builds!! ATB Ben
  8. Mal Absolutely stunning work, especially with all of the scratch building that went into this! One minor niggle for me though would be the staggered waist guns, although this is the kits fault (its a late G with the later ball turret, and LMM had both types of rear turret fitted during its career), the replacement rear fuselage of was of an early Block 15 B-17G (Walleroo MkII) without the staggered guns. I did this aircraft late last year with the Monogram 1/48 G model (its here in RFI somewhere) and you could say I obsessed over it to the point of rivet counting and analysis paralysis. All the best Ben
  9. Amazing Work Ash Fantastic to see it in the flesh today mate, the photos don’t do it justice, it really has to be seen to be believed! ATB Ben
  10. Thats brilliant Mike, thank you ATB Ben
  11. I had an idea to put removable car tyres over the offending language, to give those the option of seeing it ‘uncensored’ should they so wish to do so. Just an idea Ben
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