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  1. The fact that this kit has the wrong gun vent really irks me. Great weathering. Ben
  2. Could you not rotate it 180 degrees to read ‘100’?
  3. Absolutely fantastic build.....but is there an issue with the modex number on the starboard side? Best Regards & Merry Xmas Ben
  4. Really sleek Davey, when the finish is this good it’s easy to see why modellers prefer the Fujimi model to the newer Airfix one. That’s a beauty! Ben
  5. probably what could be best described as a mess Rgds Ben
  6. Looks great to me.....as far as I’m aware no phantom ever had an all black cockpit though. Apart from that and the underwing serials I’d be well happy with it. Weathering is spot on! best rgds Ben
  7. Some airlines keep their planes cleaner than others. You can get a pretty hefty fine from the CAA here in the UK if you are caught with an excessively dirty aeroplane (£20,000 I believe) I still think Google is probably not the best example to use when researching any particular subject matter, as I find it a little too generic. Extra points for attempting any sort of weathering in 1/144, it’s not the easiest scale to work with by any stretch of the imagination and I applaud anyone that undertakes any sort of weathering, aftermarket or scratch building in this scale. You’re a brave
  8. I think you were slightly heavy handed with the weathering, they were certainly never that dirty when I worked on them. I've attached some pics of the real deal Best Rgds Ben
  9. Looks like us modellers have been doing it wrong all of these years, looks like all of the highly detailed photos I’ve taken of exhausts, engines, wheel bays, ejector seats, cockpits, also the neverending collection of books and other reference material by people that actually operated said aircraft are all incorrect! So obviously my level of aviation knowledge is clearly no match for your level of rudeness, or the be-all and end-all of aviation research that is “Google” so I shall say no more on the matter. Off to burn my books Ben
  10. Those reference photos look over edited, this could be the case as links are not provided. It’s a shame as anyone can drop any photo into Lightroom or any other editing software and change an image.
  11. Now that is smart! Looks more like a Lightning than that Trumpeter abomination, Echelon is easily the best in this scale. Top marks.
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