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  1. Looks like us modellers have been doing it wrong all of these years, looks like all of the highly detailed photos I’ve taken of exhausts, engines, wheel bays, ejector seats, cockpits, also the neverending collection of books and other reference material by people that actually operated said aircraft are all incorrect! So obviously my level of aviation knowledge is clearly no match for your level of rudeness, or the be-all and end-all of aviation research that is “Google” so I shall say no more on the matter. Off to burn my books Ben
  2. Those reference photos look over edited, this could be the case as links are not provided. It’s a shame as anyone can drop any photo into Lightroom or any other editing software and change an image.
  3. Now that is smart! Looks more like a Lightning than that Trumpeter abomination, Echelon is easily the best in this scale. Top marks.
  4. Looks like the Revell model not the Airfix! Did you rescribe?
  5. Now that’s an absolute belter! Stunning work all round. Well done!
  6. As a phellow Phantom phreak I spotted this too.....it’s a stunning finish admittedly, but the markings and outboard wing sections mess with my OCD heavily rgds Ben
  7. Looking forward to more! Best Regards Ben
  8. Loads of pics here:- http://www.fradu-canberras.co.uk/
  9. Wahoo!!! You sir are a gentleman. Thank you Best Regards Ben
  10. £8 at Hannants. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72106 and it has ALL of the codes for the F-4J(UK)'s including tail letters and serials. Now if only Hannants could replicate these sheets in 1/48th, they'd sell out pretty quick. So many people with Revellogawa Phantoms in their stashes waiting on sheet releases....I'm one of them! Rgds Ben
  11. Seriously? I'll have to dig a little deeper Rgds Ben
  12. I have also been working closely with Ian Black to try and figure out the pilots names on the canopy for this livery....here are the tie-ups so far....if anybody else has anything to add, then please feel free:- 1984 Camo - Hanlon & Morrison 1985 Special Livery #1 - Morrison & Cowieson 1986 Special Livery #3 - Roser & King 1988-1989 Special Livery #3 - None (up to IAT Fairford) 1989 Special Livery #3 - Hanlon & Blackford Rgds Ben
  13. Really? They're they like £1 for 6 on Amazon, I just bin them, not worth the aggro. rgds Ben
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