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  1. That looks really good Yg! Always had a softspot for the Gaplant, it looked so cool and iirc all it did in the show was to literally zip around the battlefield after the Zeta. Admitted it has been near on 20 years since I have seen it, so I could be wrong. Love the colours you have used on it, but where is the booster? Or are you saving that for the Hrairoo/Hazel? I will get around to repainting mine one day... one day! Not keen on WFM then? I am looking forward to it coming out. Kind regards, Dazz
  2. No worries Yg, you're welcome. I really do like your designs although I'm not sure I could have so many Rex's though! Even though I do think Rex was the best design out of the whole series. I actually met Hideo Kojima about twenty years ago when MGS2 came out. I don't really remember much about the meeting except he was interested in my hair (I had a mohawk then). It is pretty annoying being an European modeller who is interested in Asian subjects. Most of the time I get "Oh is that a Transformer?"... I just usually agree and say yes it is. I'll reply to your other questions in a PM, that way it doesn't take over this RFI thread. Well thats probably because the TV shows/Manga/Games are actually designed/made to sell more models - well it is in the case of Gundam. However I always found 40k to be more toy like in my eyes. Look at the magainze of a bolter, that would hold 5 rounds max. The Titans while looking cool, have no real throught put into them for their ammo... yeah I know I am going way too much into it. If you enjoy them though then crack on! Then again I am a Tau supporter myself. Kind regards, Dazz
  3. You've got some really lovely schemes going on there, I love the Night Time and IRT ones the most, although I do have to say that the Bullfrog camo is damn impressive. The camo on the 7th one, the "soft camo" really reminds me of MechWarrior/Battletech - which I know alot of their designs are rip offs from the anime circles. Really impressive work you have got there. I would post what I am working on as about 90% of my kits come from Japan, but I haven't finished any of them yet - yeah I know I am a lazy git. Kind regards, Dazz
  4. That looks to be a sweet little kit, truth be told. Shame about the sprues being painted though. I guess you *could* paint over the top of it, but that runs the risk of losing all of the details. Oven cleaner (Mr Muscle), Dettol, Dot3 brake fluid and heard great things about "Simple Green" for paint removal from my wargaming buddies. Kind regards, Dazz
  5. Thats the beauty of 3D printing, you can upscale the print to be any size that the printer can handle or even break it down into smaller parts. You might even find a GK/Resin print from one of those places that seem to annoy the hell out of you on social media. I am not a wizz at 3D printing myself, but there is a 3D printing area here on Britmodeller and you should be able to get any help there (if you haven't already tried). Kind regards, Dazz (Yes I saw the "closing topic" bit, but wanted to point the above out.)
  6. Oo a Vanship from Last Exile. I haven't seen that in show in ages, I might have to dig out the DVD's one day when I can find them! If I remember correctly, these where used for courier duties mainly and for gunnery spotting sorta like how aircraft where first used at the start of the First World War. I look forward to seeing what you do with this one Pete. Kind regards, Dazz
  7. I have seen these kicking around and have wondered what they would be like. I will be keeping an eye on this build (love the C-1 btw). I just wish there was a decent 1/144 example of the Herc/C-1. Although now I know what the scheme is like inside of the Zvedea kit, I might get my mits on one of those. No idea where I will store it though lol. Looking forward to more - says he who hasn't posted about his kits in a while... Kind regards, Dazz
  8. Thanks for the heads up Jockney, Guess I had better pull my finger out then huh? No pictures, but today I have painted the chassis, the road wheels, the rubber bits and the tracks. Should be able to build it together tomorrow. I need to work on the tanks on the back as they where shocking. Kind regards, Dazz
  9. It's funny you mention that, I had to do a double take of it as it looks just like the Scalextrix car (I know it will do because it's an Evo VIII), but I mean the way it is painted and the colours used for the plastic and some of the "simplistic" way it is painted. It's hard to describe, but it really looks likes the moulds too (I do own the Scalextrix version). I will be keeping an eye on this build also as I love Evo's too, although I still think the IV is the best looking with the VI being the one I want to own one day - haha yeah right! I am enjoying the build thus far. I think we are missing something from Mazda and Suzuki (that I am aware off), but I do not own anything of theirs unforunately. Kinda sad not to see a 787B tbt Kind regards, Dazz
  10. "Sun-swept beaches, hot sun, and nasty ramen noodles. We tried to have fun, but in the end, we found ourselves in the middle of another military idiocy. Is it any wonder this crew is getting all stressed out? I'm beginning to wonder if a lot of them aren't so much resilient as just incredibly dense." - Ruri Hoshino Hello Everyone, Wow has it really been a month since my last post? How time flies eh? Well I have spent most of the time painting the white which is all over the ship. I got to the point where I just thought "sod it" and have left the white. The ship is pretty much covered and as coloured white. I will just say that the ship is on its return journey from Mars. I was bored of the plain white, so I decided to paint random parts of it grey and some more proment red areas. This is where I am upto at the moment. While the colours are not official, I think it is more interesting than the normal white/red it is meant to be. I still need to paint some small details like the VLS' ports. I am thinking of putting a decal on top of the bridge that says "Nadesico" in a Enterprise kinda way. Just need to gloss it and pin wash it. I just love the cheat line below the bridge. Amazing how cameras always so the errors in your painting huh? Kind regards, Dazz
  11. That's looking really good. I am really liking the details on it, but it's way too big for and my man shed. I had a quick look at 1/48 Macross models out of curosity and there only seems to be about 5 versus the 100+ in 1/72. Still, looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I think the greatest thing about the Macross kits is that you can build them up in modeules. A feature I wish I had known 20 years ago when I started my Super Valkyrie - oh well. Kind regards, Dazz
  12. That's looking really good, I never knew there was a kit for this Mustang in 1/72, I do have some aftermarket decals floating around somewhere which I plan to do at some stage - just like the rest of our stashes huh? I did built this version in one of the Mustang GB's a few years ago but in 1/144 from a Sweet kit. The canopy painting is just terrible... actually it's very shocking. I love the star inside of the Hinomaru, I am not too sure how accurate that is though. Looking forward to seeing more of this build. Kind regards, Dazz
  13. Hello everyone, I know everyone has been wondering what I have been prattling on about - well here we are. It has been mentioned by my self a few times on this forum that I am a big fan of the "Flag of Titans" series in the Gundam UC universe. Even though the Titans are right gits (massive understatement!), the mobile suits for them are just amazing and I love the designs for them. This is a build I have been planning for a while now, ever since I saw the official P-Bandai kit. Anyhow, this is the base kit I will be using. This is an actual kit that appears in the show "Gundam Build Fighters Try". IT's a really good show and isn't a serious one at all, but is really aimed at model making and Gunpla in the main. I forget the name of the character, but he has a bit of a crush on one of the fighters in the Try Team who builds the Cardigan GM (below and a kit I still have to finish) - notice the similarities in colours/load out. When Fumina see's this kit of her, she is a little embarassed - who wouldn't be?! But that is where I will leave it story wise. So a few years ago I saw the P-Bandai Titan's Maid version which looks likes the one below. I have always liked the Titan's coloured mobile suits and I liked this design so I wanted to copy to a little degree - notice the bunny ears? I need to play with the colours a bit as I am not a fan of the black, but am thinking of a purple/royal blue version. Also I will be modifying the kit so the knee highs will be thigh highs, the cycling shorts will go (these are a Fumina trademark of sorts) and I hate the gun she holds. I will probably use the beam gun that the Hazel carries as I have a few of them. I was also thinking of giving her Hazel "heels" if I can figure out how to scratch build them. I am also toying with the idea of using bigger shields. or even curved ones. Pictures of the parts and the instructions. I have to use the stand as she will not stand on her own, her backpack is far oo heavy. Lots of runners and plastic. I think I will try painting the eyes as well just to make things a little more difficult for myself. I have been watching a lot of GK (garage kit) builders on YouTube of late and I really want to give figure painting a try. That is why this is way out of my comfort zone, I have never done anything like this before. Lets see how badly I can mess this up eh?! So as always, you start with the head, arms and chest. Kinda freaky really. In the background you can see the two Hornets, the T-80 the Titanic and the engine nacelles from the Nadesico. I can see a few gaps that will need to be filled in and some work that will need to be done here or there. I love the beam sabres, thats pretty cute/clever. The finger tips will all be red as well as a nod to the Titans Test Team mecha. SHE STANDS... but not for long. It doesn't take me that long to get to this point. About an hour. This is the first kit that threw me off by having specific left and right legs, took me a while to figure out why they didn't fit together correctly. With the stand built as she did fall over and landed on the two Hornets that have since been moved out of the way. Now it's time to plan the colours/paint and what I am going to glue/fill. Bonus points to anyone who can tell me who is on the monitor and what song they are singing I am working on the Nadesico still, but it is alot of white on white kinda work and not worth showing off. I also have builds #3 and #4 lined up as well. Kind regards, Dazz
  14. I've got the 3-tone JGSDF one in the loft so will be keeping an eye on this kit. Looks really good thus far Kind regards, Dazz
  15. Woohoo! Finally an update on this, I have been waiting for this I would of guessed more but I thought I was disqualified. I do love the shape of the Excalibur and Macross Plus is one of my favourite OVA's/films. It is based on the competition between the YF-22 and YF-23 back in the 90's didn't you know? If you can find it, there is an artwork book called "Valkyries : First Sortie" that has some amazing artwork in it from the show, or it could be the Second Sortie now I think of it. I only build in 1/72 for Macross things, but this one is beautifully moulded and you are going well with her. Looking forward to some more. Kind regards, Darren
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