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  1. I don't know why, but it's bothering me more than it should. I could use the 84 decals, but it would be different drivers and a different numbered car and year, but it did win in 1984 as well. Those decals cost the same price as the model itself! I have sent Revell an email asking if they have any spares at all, but I will not hold my breath as the kit was produced in 2004 -ish. I will see what Revell say first before I make a decision. The Spaceshuttle is a good back up plan, but would require alot of work to bring the Airfix kit upto standards. Does the spaceshuttle count as an aircraft or as an falling object? Kind Regards, Dazz
  2. Looking very good there Dennis! You are a braver man than I for attempting the red line around the cowling. I built this version myself a few years back using a decal set I have since lost. But at the time it never mentioned that there was a red line on the cowling nor spinner - it also never mentioned about the black/white bands going around the fin extension. Oh well, I was just happy to get a kit done back then. I used all of the Revell stensils iirc... heres my attempt at it. Looking forward to seeing how yours comes out Dennis. Kind Regards, Dazz
  3. Well I was all ready to go with an non-aviation themed build (shock horror!). Had the kit for a while, I have only just looked at it and I have no bloody decals in the box. I was going to make the Revell 1/24th Lancia 037 1983 Acropolis Rally winner. The rest of the kit is there but no decals... a little fuming I am as the description said "sealed in box". So I have been searching for decals to buy, I can find some from 1982 and 1984 but not 1983... ggrr. I could always fall back on the Spaceshuttle Challenger that was launched in 1983. Hhmm... Kind Regards, Dazz
  4. Evening Dennis, Only just seen this build. Been enjoying it too. Hope you feel better soon. Quick question, have you or are you doing the white bands on both sides of the black bands? They are both on the fuselage and wings. There's also a very thin red line around the white of the cowling iirc. Would be a right pita to do. Looking forward to seeing more. Kind Regards Dazz
  5. Little update... I have managed to cut out the electronics bay, I didn't heed my old mans advice of "measure twice cut once" and I just assumed that the bay would be the same size as the panel on the model and cust started cutting/sanding. See my bodge job below... So here we have the bay that needs cutting out... thought I'd play it safe and drill/cut/ The blue stuff is blue tack that I thought would make a nice pillow/block for the knife/drill... but here is the result of the cutting. Here is the bay fitted, took me two hours to get to this point. I was doing some final touches on my Harrier GR3 and washing the other resin bits inbetween this. In the end, I had to cut out the tab that holds the cockpit in place. I didn't cut the whole thing out however, only enough to fit the bay, I also had to cut away a lot of plastic at the bottom for the panel that goes there... not sure why that part is modelled like that thought. The eagle eyed amoung you will notice that I had to glue a 0.4 mm shim as I over cut/sanded. This is where she stands as of now. I'm thinking that as there wasn't any actual operational aircraft that my source for colours is very limited. However on the otherhand this aircraft is a fictional one.... I think I will copy/use the colours on the prototypes as that seems like the obvious choice for the colours. I was going to get more done today however my hayfever is absolutely knocking me for 6 today... I hate plants/flowers! Hope everyone had a good Sunday! THoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? All accepted... Kind Reagrds, Dazz
  6. Hello Everyone, Sorry for the lack of updates, it's been a busy few weeks for me. I have been working on the TSR2MS here and there. I have nearly got the cockpit finished. I just need to finish the fuselage before I can finish off the cockpit - you'll see what I mean soon. So this is where I am upto right now. If you look at the pictures above, you will that the cockpit is boxed in hence the plasticcard. The plan is to get the rest of the fuselage done (you'll see what the hold up was) and then I will fill in the gaps with some filler and sand flat. I decided to throw some extra stuff at this model as I want it to look really good - my modelling skills not withstanding. Which I didn't have the funds for until now. Most of my money has been sunk into my girlfriends cake business. She is going to move out of her mothers kitchen and use a big log cabin... so £5,000 later my girlfriend has a nice big... woman cave for lack of a better term. She likes it so that is the main thing. Anyhow the bits I have purchased. So I have purchased the CMK Resin Sets for the control surfaces so that elevators/flaps, airbrakes, airintakes, eninges, various air vents and the electronics bay. I also purchased the Pitot Tube x2 for it as well, I have two as I have a second TSR2 to build as well... but depending how I get on with this one, I might sell that one... might! Anyhow, I will be stealing alot of hints and tips from other builds I have seen on here. As if this build wasn't difficult enough already! Better get a shimmy on huh? Kind Regards, Dazz
  7. I will be paying attention to this one. I managed to aquire an old Matchbox Lysander myself and the very same decals. They look pretty good. I also have the Airfile book that this comes from and as far as I can remember (I will check when I get home) that is the only picture of the Lysander in the book. Saw above that you couldn't find the book dnl42, wasn't sure it you meant to purchase it or to download. But I found it on Amazon, but it is $35... but it is a nice book. There is a nice bit at the back about the Luftwaffe's limited role in D-Day. https://www.amazon.com/Operation-Overlord-June-Commonwealth-Camouflage/dp/0956980201/ref=sr_1_40?crid=3BNLW2CT9KWFZ&keywords=operation+overlord&qid=1562935113&s=books&sprefix=Operation+over%2Cstripbooks-intl-ship%2C211&sr=1-40 I just wanted to know about the fuel tank. Is that the same as the paper ones you see on Mustangs or was it a special one for the Lysander? My kit doesn't have the tank hence the question. Kind Regards, Dazz
  8. Thank you for the comments Peter. Knowing me, I am probably over compicating everything, but this is something I have always wanted to build (since I saw the show back in 2002). I *WILL* get her finished to a half decent standard. If I don't push myself, I will never know what I am truely capable off. There is alot of bits on the kit that I just want to ask Airfix "Why?!". There is a way to make the tailplane/rudder move. I dont think that is an good idea on this version. Right so the work I have done today has centred around the cockpit. This is what I have started with, those seats have to be lowered for my plan. So out with the microsaw. A few swipes with a scaple blade got those seats out. I thought to make my life easier, I would put the front seat in the back and only cut the back up for the front. While not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, these are better than what I started with. I do see lots of room for improvement, maybe on the next one. A little bit of scratch building on the back headrest. You can't really see much as it is all white, but when I slap some paint on it, you will get a better idea - hopefully soon. I'm thinking that if I do a good job with this one, I might try my hand at the MiG-31... maybe. Any pointers greatfully received That is all for today. Kind Regards, Dazz
  9. I built this a few years back as well, I didn't struggle with the sharkmouth at all, then again I knew it wasn't going to fit correctly, so I didn't bother trying. I made it fit as best as I could then filled in the rest. I am more afraid of the wasp tbh... Look forward to seeing this one coming together. Kind Regards, Dazz
  10. Nice! I was wondering if a P-40 would be turning up or not. I am glad it has. I built this kit a few years back and throuoghly enjoyed it. I had a few issues with the build, but nothing that I hadn't caused myself. See below for my attempt. It will go together really quickly too, Kind Regards, Dazz
  11. I was just wondering how far can you push the teeth idea? Looking at my stash, I have a few F-14's/VF-0/1's with the jolly roger on it that displays it's teeth. I also have a few tigermeet meet schemes that show teeth/fangs as well. Not that I will be enterting with anything else at this point as my TSR-2 will keep me busy for a while yet. Kind Regards, Dazz
  12. Thank you helios. I have wanted to build a TSR-2 for a long while now. I remember seeing the one at Duxford as kid (8-9 years old) and thought it was the fastest thing there. It's nice when a GB combines two of my pastimes as well (aircraft and anime). Thank you Peter... that fills me with such hope for the future... I've made a start on her and I can agree with your comments. This is no shake and bake kit. Guess it will test my sanity and skills. You and me both Hockeyboy! I did win anoher TSR-2 the other day with a cheeky little bid... almost half the price of this one. Think I am going to build this one with it's wheels down and the other with it's wheels up/on the Zero Length Launch platform. That will not be part of this build however. So with out further ado, lets get this party started. I'm not going to show pictures of all of the sprues, there is plent of them floating around on this site. Just proof that this has started as a jumble of plastic... it will probably end up the same way too! So as with almost every other build in history, you start off with the cockpit. Airfix will have you just splash black everwhere! The above shot proves that theory wrong sraight away and yes I am smooth... lol. Good job I did do some research into this aircraft/version huh? I also put this here to prove that it isn't just the women who pilot these aircraft. Doi Shizuha-san (brown hair) below sums up my feelings about the colour call outs in the Airfix instructions, that is also a facial expression I wear alot too... I do work in IT if that makes anymore sense? I am going to blame it on being a translation issue between Studio Fantasia/Mori Takeshi-san. So first thing you have to do on the build is cut up the airframe/cockpit parts (below). This is a relatively simple task, however it has made me think looking at how Iwasaki-san (front seat) and Fujitani-san (back seat) are sitting now. I am thinking of displaying the cockpit open and having the pilots sitting down normally. Pretty simple task huh? But looking at the cockpit with the seats in place, there is alot left that needs to be worked on. Have a look below. I am thinking of boxing in the cockpit with plasticard of some sort and then filling the rest in. I need to do some scratch building in the cockpit to bring it up to scratch. It's nice to see that Airfix did include the actuator parts to open the cockpit even if they do not describe how to use it or what it is for. The plan for the seats, is to cut them down and then refit in their lowered position. I am not sure now to do this at this moment, but the two below pictures give you an idea of what I am on about. This is how Airfix would have you displaying the pilots if you had the cockpit/canopy open, however that is correct for when the pilots first get into the cockpit. They sit down like below. This is the main character of the show Honjou Mikaze-san, she usually flies with Kikuhara Karin-san, but she annoys me for some reason. So it will be piloted by Mikaze-san and Shizuha-san just because I always felt that Shizuha-san needed more airtime. Still trying to work out what colour that side console is... I know it's not interior green... I will need to see what I have in my stash. Once again I refer to the picture above with Shizuha-san in regards to the colour call outs for the suits. Airfix would have you paint them plain white, as we can see that is just wrong. You can also see the straps just infront of Mikaze-san. They look painful... This model is going to be the biggest one I have ever built. Still trying to decide if i want to buy the CMK resin for the airbrakes and electronics bay for more interest. I was going to get the wheelwells as well, but as the bombbay will not be seen, I felt that was a waste of money. Looking at the RATO bottles, I think I will have to raid the Gundam Nozzle sets i have as those are shocking. Oh and a picture of what I am aiming to build just to show off the Sharkmouth goodness. This is the only picture of it I can find from the show. Looking at it now, those vents on the intakes might need to be cut open as wel... hhmm. Not much as been done as of yet, but I am getting there. I believe that once the cockpit is done, this should more or less be plaint sailing. Unless I get the resin bits... still not sure on them. Kind Regards, Dazz
  13. Nice little kit you got there. Might enter with 2-3 of these myself to go beside the TSR-2. From what I remember, the kit builds up nicely however the nose sits a little too high. Think it's because the leg was moulded in its fully extended position. Look forward to seeing you progress with this. Kind Regards, Dazz
  14. This looks interesting and scary at the same time. I'll be tagging along for this one. Kind Regards, Dazz
  15. A TSR-2 with a Tornado's nose (I'm assuming GR.1/4?)... That could work actually... An F-3 nose might be better however. Will be good to watch that WiP trickyrich. Unfortunately, I have seen how they "pilot" the aircraft. They pilot the Yak-28 and MiG-31 in the same way. Allegedly the series creator got the idea from the Gloster Meteor F-8 "Prone Pilot". It's not just the girls that pilot the aircraft that way neither... The men do also! In the extras for the DVD, they have a military expert talk about the aircraft, he does take a few digs at it. Lol Funny enough, I have just purchased another one. Might do that one as a Whif though. Kind Regards, Dazz
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