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  1. There are still good FROG kits of the Miles Magister and Percival Proctor around, plus NOVO issues at bargain prices, so can't understand why these types are re-kitted by Czech companies around £30 a pop? Are they really sooo much better and worth that?
  2. KMC make a 1/72 B727-200. Just a matter of taking a section out of the fuselage to make it into a -100 series.
  3. 'Constructive criticism' not possible I'm afraid as this looks perfect!!! Well done - I love it.
  4. Time to bump this thread up, as the latest SAM magazine has an advert from FLY showing the Bristol Freighter kit, so it must be imminent...geeez, how many years does it take??
  5. I photographed this aircraft at Middle Wallop in July 1971 in silver and dayglo. Army Chipmunks were delivered in silver with yellow training bands in the late '50s, which changed to silver with orange dayglo adhesive paper strips in the early '60s. This lasted til the mid-70s, when they adopted the RAF red/white/grey scheme. pm me for a hi-res photo
  6. It is extremely rare, as it was never reissued on DVD, so I got my VHS cassettes professionally converted to DVDs and sold the VHS versions.
  7. I was also disappointed that Corgi never got a mention, neither did Airfix, which only focussed on the 1/24th Hellcat launch in Part 1. So they sold '5000 Hellcats' in the first week? I wouldn't mind betting the majority went to the USA, as I don't recall anyone here requesting a 1/24th Hellcat?
  8. Very nice Steve. May I suggest it just needs a coat of matt varnish now, as the Swedish camo was matt, not gloss.
  9. Which Japanese scheme? A JGSDF green scheme or a nice JASDF rescue yellow, white and dayglo scheme?
  10. I built one of these when it was first released many moons ago. With filler and the rivets sanded off, a decent job can me made of it. I have another one in my stash and hope to convert it to a civilian New York Airways Boeing-Vertol 107.
  11. Very nice. Just on a point of accuracy, JPs did not have a frame bar across the middle of the canopy. Airfix incorrectly moulded this on the outside and was actually a stress bar fitted INSIDE the canopy, so should really be sanded off and polished and not stand proud outside the canopy and painted.
  12. "The Green Berets" movie with John Wayne has nothing but loads of UH-1 Hueys in it.
  13. Model Alliance do an RAF Germany decal sheet in 1/48 including a 19 Squadron Lightning in the green scheme, available from Hannants here: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ML48188
  14. Too many kits stashed to build in my lifetime, so I must cull....I must cull...I must cull!!
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