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  1. 'Sub hunting' and 'arctic camouflage' don't go together! Not sure which version this will be, but the pic in Arctic camo is of a 72 Sqn. RAF HC.2. Both 18 Sqn. and 72 Sqn took part in winter exercises in Norway in 1970, but 'sub hunting' wasn't one of them! They were just straight-forward troop transports.
  2. I would love to build this, having seen several Arguses over the years here in UK. However, the cost of a MACH2 Britannia kit plus the cost of the conversion parts makes this completely unjustifiable for me. I have that old issue 'where do I put it when it's finished'? If it was in 1/144th scale for use with the Roden Britannia kit, all at half the cost, you would sell bucket loads! Another issue I have noticed is with the decal scheet! There is only one set of RCAF and CAF roof titles included, whether you make it RCAF or CAF. The French word 'Forces' is missing Also only one current Canadian flag is included on the sheet!! Same with Squadron badges and markings - only one of each for just one side. You would need two of these decal sheets to complete the model!
  3. The scheme Airfix has chosen is the Shuttleworth Collection's Tiger Moth, but the markings are inaccurate for an authentic 1932 CFS Aerobatic Team machine. See the Guidelines Warpaint book on the Tiger Moth by me that shows the painting errors and pics of the actual team.
  4. Checked all my slides and no sign of the name " Winston" painted on it, so no idea where this came from?
  5. The Austrian Air Force pilot flight suits were a light 'sand brown' colour during the '60s. By 'flight cap', I assume you mean helmet? B/w photos appear to be either white or yellow.
  6. This is a lovely kit and Airfix did a great job. As an aerobatic teams fan, I have built one and thoroughly enjoyed it....so much so that I now have NINE more to build, for a full " Red Arrows" team and plan on doing a ground-based diorama with ground crew etc. Needless to say I did not get all nine at the same time, as it would have provoked 'domestic opposition', but sneaked them in one at a time! The 'ROYAL AIR FORCE' nose lettering was only used during the 1978-79 seasons, so mine will have the lightning flash nose marking which was used more extensively between 1968-77. Looking forward to seeing this to the end.
  7. I'm enjoying this as while I'm mainly a 1/72 builder, I do fancy a few things in 1/48 and a Fouga Magister is one of them, as I would do it as a " Patrouille de France" machine. Reading the pitfalls with this build, how does the Kinetic kit fair against the AMP and FM 1/48th Fouga Magister kits? Has anyone got one of these?
  8. Ah, just caught up with this...through eight pages of chit chat! I have one of these 'on the go' and helped with the kind donation from my good friend Mike McEvoy of the very rare Maintrack Belvedere HC.1 resin conversion set, which includes a vac-formed nose and new tailplanes. I have heard rumours that someone is working on a new 1/72 Belvedere kit (Micro Mir, Valom perhaps?) so perhaps all this work will be superceded! It's typical that when you do all the hard work improving and converting an old kit, a new one comes along! Re the work being stopped on the Belvedere at the Weston-Super-Mare museum. I am told that this is partly due to the anticipated move of XG454 from the Manchester Air & Space Museum to the Heli Museum...providing they can get it out!
  9. Ah yes, I stand corrected. I was at Lyneham on 22nd July 1967 and the first Britannia had already had its titles changed!
  10. Mark, This was not taken at Brize Norton. but in static at RAF Benson's Battle of Britain Day on 19th September 1970. The steps were brought over from Brize as none big enough at Benson. Also 'Transport Command' changed to 'Air Support Command on 1st September 1967.
  11. Well done, very nice. I never knew there was a 1/144th scale kit of the BAC 221. I did have the Heritage/Whirlykits 1/72 BAC 221 but sold it regretfully. Looks like the panel lines may be a bit heavy on this kit, which another coat of paint might have resolved, but it looks good and no doubt will sit alongside a 1/144th Concorde model?
  12. My goodness Alan, you are a master of perfection and I just have to take my hat off to you for the detail, accuracy and skill you have put into this. ' Not putting it in your display cabinet, so it won't be seen'? Well if that's the case, I can give it a good home where it will be displayed! Your modesty belies your ability! Having seen and photographed XR528/A in Hong Kong - and even flown in it- I can vouch for the authenticity of this model - superb!
  13. Hmm 'stands out' as opposed to 'accuracy'? I think we have to put that down to modeller's licence'!
  14. Peter, I did the research for that Oxford Diecast Minibus with the DC-3 on the roof, based on a colour photo, so you can take that as accurate......but Skyways cheatline/tail colour did vary between two colours - a pale blue cheatline on its Yorks and DC-3s, but changed to a pale green for its Avro 748s. The 748s were always the latter colour and I have good colour slides of G-ARMV at Farnborough in 1961 in that scheme.
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