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  1. I can't watch this thread any longer...I'm starting to suffer froim MIC.....Modeller's Inferiority Complex!!! This is soooo good! You could win trophies Hendie!
  2. Is this speculation, or do you have this kit in hand? Looking at the sprues, BOTH tailplanes are on the same sprue.
  3. I think you mean 'Sycamore' Tony? I have built a couple of these and have one more in my stash. Originally made by Lincoln, then Kadar in Hong Kong, I think it;s something like 1/69th scale but still makes up into a decent Sycamore and much cheaper than subsequent resin/vac-form kits., Nice one!
  4. Considering this mould has been passed from FROG to Novo and Maquette, it's not surprising it has an amount of flash on this well-flogged mould, but nothing that can't be cleaned off. Not sure why this one is moulded in black plastic as I have one of these in my stash moulded in white plastic. Going to take a few coats of white paint to cover it.
  5. Not so, I have an official Westlands photo showing ther HAR.10 production line at Yeovil in 1961 (see my WARPAINT book on the type , P.35). Not sure where they got that from as Westland's build quality was second-to-none and they converted several piston Whirlwinds to HAR.9/10s with Gnome engines.
  6. The tailplanes on the C.1 and T.5 were the same. It was the C.2 that had the lower and larger tailplane. It is only the addition of the ventral radome that differentuates the T.5 from the C.,1, so any version can be made and only the decals will be different.
  7. Not true as the sprues inclide tails and parts for a C.1, C,2 and T.5
  8. AMB

    Mel Bromley RIP

    So shocked to read this! I have known Mel for years and always made time to chat with him at the Heathrow Aviation Enthusiast Fairs and at Telford SMW shows each year. Bought loads of his laser airline decals - far more than I would get around to building. Hope someone takes over his business. RIP Mel
  9. Well I have complete confidence in your building skills that anything that served in Hong Kong will end up as a masterpiece. Actually, I have been after one of these kits for years - the Revell H-19 - never knew it was reboxed by Hobby! I believe it was the only 1/48th H-19 -cum-Whirlwind ever made and I am intrigued how you will make the HAR.10 nose, possibly from a block of balsawood? I shall be following this with greatest interest.
  10. Yes, that box top that Hombee posted is confusing as it says 'Hastings C.1', but TG505 was a Hastings T.5? If you look at the tail section, there will be boxings and decals for a C.1 ( actually the decal scheet for TG527 is for a choice of the same aircraft at different periods in its life - 1950s and 1960s ) The Duxfod Hastings is a C1A so requires no modification. Just use the decals supplied and change the serial TG527 to TG528.
  11. Go ahead, no problem with that.
  12. I have just received some very sad news that Brian Param, who built these fine Malaysian Air Force models, died suddenly from a heart attack yesterday. Thought I should report this in case any members were corresponding with him. RIP Brian
  13. You're not the first to attempt this - read this thread
  14. ..and include the radome for a T.5. Can see several boxings for this. Can't wait - will go nicely with their Beverley and Argosy. Now we need an Andover C.1 and a Varsity.
  15. Superb!! I hestitate to add the cost up of this kit plus conversion ,but well done. Sorry to mention this but it appears that the Swordfish badge decal of 415 Squadron on the tail has been printed twice facing to the left. If should face forwards ( to the right) on the starboard fin side.
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