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  1. ...photographed on a dull day no doubt? Definitely gloss blue-grey!
  2. My Wasp kit has just arrived - a real beauty! This is selling so well, they are now considering releasing these kits in 1/48th scale? Any takers?
  3. Just checked all my slides and it appears to be the same dark blue-grey as the main body colour.
  4. Meanwhile three years later, this thread has died? What happened as I was looking forward to seeing this completed?
  5. I built mine in Hoverlloyd colours, but the tail logo decals disintegrated. If you don't do the Hoverlloyd livery, could I have the tail logo decals please? As mentioned above, fitting the skirt needs some pasticard as there are gaps at the back. Also it was difficult fitting the transparent roof. Not enough cars in the kit, so I added some N-Gauge cars by Oxford Diecast.
  6. I think we might see one from Micromir later this year, after I encouraged them with my Warpaint book on the Varsity
  7. The Revell Rotodyne kit is far superior, albeit in 1/87th scale ( but close enough for 1/72) and can still be easy found. It has full interior with passenger seats, passengers, luggage and an opening side panel so you can see the interior. It also has a removable rotor head engine panel and depicts the Rotodyne at a later stage in development in 1960 with additional central tail fin.
  8. I have buit this kit as one of my Schneider Trophy racers theme . Very simple construction but looks the part.
  9. I photographed this Buccaneer at Boscombe Down on 18th March 1971 and it was in a high gloss finish then and only had the polar bear badge on the port side of the tail. Instead it had a small white shield on the starboard side of the nose with that polar bear badge on it.
  10. Very nice - built for the film but never used as it was found to be too difficult to fly. Instead they used radio controlled Stuka models.
  11. The red and green paint faded as it was actually fluorescent/ dayglo paint which always faded quickly in prolonged sunlight.
  12. The box art leaves a lot to be desired with distorted RAF roundels and a C.19 in 'silver/white' with 'Air Support Command' titles, as they were painted Light Aircraft Grey when they had those titles!
  13. I am delighted that they have chosen WM159 as that is the actual aircraft I have flown in out of Hurn on 5th June 1968 and believe they used my photos as reference!
  14. Is that the old FROG/NOVO kit, as I am not aware of any other Mk.1 Wessex kit in 1/72?
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