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  1. Skill + ability + know-how + persevereance + patience - you have all these in abundance Alan and I take my hat off to you once again. I have two Fujimi Wasp kits in my stash and am now reluctant to build them, suffering from an inferiority complex in the wake of your masterly build! Having flown in many Scouts with 660 Sqn. in Hong Kong during my RAF tour there during 1979-81 ( mostly with all the doors off as it was damned hot) I really can relate to this.
  2. I never noticed the fogged canopy immediately. I thought the error was in the colours, as the museum aircraft appears to be light grey. Were Austrian AF Treners also painted yellow?
  3. The final scheme the prototype Rotodyne flew in had RAF roundels and ' Westland Rotodyne' titles. S&M did a lovely decal sheet with his scheme to fit the Revell Rotodyne. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/sandm-models-sm78-001-westland-rotodyne--1306104 Can't see any after-market decals being issued for a reissue of the old Airfix kit that needs a lot of work to make it acceptable.
  4. Big mistake! The Revell Rotodyne was far superior to the Airfix one with full interior, passengers etc.
  5. Dekno Models are horrendously expensive. Their 1/72 DH87 Hornet Moth is over £40, so God knows what they will charge for any 1/48th kit?
  6. I have been advised that Air Graphics are working on a 1/72 Auster AOP.9 kit. After years of only having the old Airfix Antarctic, plus the short-run AZ kits (that cannot be found anywhere), this is more than welcome. Can't wait to do an Army Air Corps one with dayglo panels or Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force! Previously the only AOP.9 kit was the horrendously difficult Hallam-Vac kit.
  7. I thought that too, but the early pics do not show the 'cranked' tail boom, so looks like only the early Sikorsky versions so far.
  8. Alas, so far there are none. I can only suggest that you get the 1/72 S&M decal sheet for Dragon Rapides and scan the BEA decals, rescale them and print them off on a colour printer.
  9. Thanks for quoting my book. I can assure you that the undersides of those BEA Tridents are light grey, probably looking paler in the bright sunshine. All BEA's Viscount, Comet and Trident fleets initially wore natural metal undersides, but all got painted light grey around 1966-67. The later delivery BEA Tridents were delivered new from the factory with grey undersides. Only all the Vanguards and Argosies were delivered with grey bellies from new.
  10. Absolutely fabulous build Alan, what skills that many of us admire and aspire to! If you were in UK, I'm sure your would bring this to the Scalemodelworld show at Telford in November. If it didn't win a 'Gold' award, I would sack the judges! As for your next project, with the Hong Kong theme still in mind, I presume that 1/48th Scout conversion from the Fujimi Wasp will be next, as I can't see the S&M Scout and Wasp kits appearing now. However, perhaps a RHKAAF Alouette III might be an easier built, but with your skills I'll bet you could 3D print a new nose to convert AMP's 1/48 Westland-Sikorsky Dragonfly to a RHKAAF Westland Widgeon....hmmm, food for thought? Many thanks for sharing this wonderful build.
  11. Yep, it's actually the original Aurora mould that I built many, many moons ago. Not bad for its time.
  12. Alan, I am assuming either that black belly paint is an undercoat or you have a photio of a 28 Sqn. Whirlwind with a black belly? All my photos of 28 Sqn Whirlwinds show the belly to be painted in High Speed Silver, at least up to 1968. 84 Sqn in Cyprus and 230 Sqn. had their Whirlwind undersides painted black in the early '70s. However unsure if any of 28's Whirwinds did as the squadreon disbanded in August 72?
  13. I can't watch this thread any longer...I'm starting to suffer froim MIC.....Modeller's Inferiority Complex!!! This is soooo good! You could win trophies Hendie!
  14. Is this speculation, or do you have this kit in hand? Looking at the sprues, BOTH tailplanes are on the same sprue.
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