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  1. Looking good, not too many issues so far. I saw two of these finished at Telford last year and they looked great, so I have my optimistic hat on for this!
  2. Excellent job! I am an aerobatic teams specialist and just checked my shots of the " Firebirds" Lightnings and everything checks out 100% accurate, even the walkways you were concerned about. The Lightning hanging vertically in the Cold War Museum at Cosford has the same pattern walkways that can be checked out at any time. Well done!
  3. Message me with your e.mail address - I took colour slides of this aircraft at Bicester when it was retired before it got scrapped.
  4. Shame they are all USN aircraft. How about some British Royal Navy aircraft - Buccaneers, Sea Vixens and some helicopters Sea Kings and Wessex?
  5. I'm looking forward to this. I have two of these Beverly kits in my stash, one will be silver/white and dayglo Transport Command and the other in MEAF camo 84 Sq. Sadly saw the last of them being scrapped at Bicester in '68
  6. Good grief - building an Auster Autocar from an Auster III kit is far too much wiork for me. I take my hat off to you and can't wait to see it finished. I have built THREE Lincoln/Kadar 1/41st Auster J5 Autocar kits and have scratch built their interiors, but that's as far as I would go. Well done!
  7. I reckon all those aircraft still survive in their extensive museum collection. They have F-102A 56-1151, a Beech TC-45J and four F-100As listed in Bob Ogden's current Museums of North America book.
  8. I have been in contact with Armory and they said " - we lost one of our workshops in Kharkiv, which prepared molds for us. But anyway, we expect the release of the model in the 1st Quarter 2023.
  9. I have been in touch with Armory and they say their 1/48th Dragon Rapide will be released during the first quarter of 2023.
  10. Mne is nearly finished and I'm pretty pleased despite my misgivigs although the fit is not good overall.
  11. Maybe the Armoury Dragon Rapide kit will be available at the SMW show at Telford next month? Meanwhile, for references,the latest Warpaint Series book on the Dragon Rapide will be available at Telford from the Guidelines stand written by ' Yours' truly'
  12. Disappointing that only the short-nosed Prince is being done. A missed opportunity as the long-nosed Pembroke/Sea Prince had a lot more scope for operators. I contacted Valom and they said they are not going to do that! A pity at the Special Hobby and 16 Escadre Pembroke kits are hard to find now.
  13. What on earth has happened to their 1/32 set of NATO pilots and ground crew? Announced in catalogues years ago, but never released?
  14. 1/72 HMS Ark Royal late 1960s era. Too big? Well it could be released as a series of kits so you can spread the cost of building it! Oh wonderful with Phantoms, Buccaneers, Gannets and Sea Kings on board!
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