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  1. If you mean in the States contact Sten at www.fcadecals.com
  2. Very interested! Just an FYI the email in the original post is apparently no longer valid as it bounces back as undeliverable.
  3. Grateful for the kits I have gotten and wish Juan, Artie and everyone involved the best in the future! Thanks for everything you have done!
  4. CE conversion has recessed panel lines and clear resin parts. Excellent casting quality. You still needed the Koster high hat Martin turrets as CE did not include them.
  5. Mike is supposed to be upgrading his website so that should improve. Resin2Detail did buy Koster but as of yet, nothing has re-surfaced.
  6. Again I am not sure if either used the Koster kit as a starting point. Based on the pictures of the ebay vendor's conversion, I think he may have used the older resin Concise Models and Graphics PB4Y-2 conversion as a starting point but that is from just looking at the pictures.
  7. I am not sure. Lone star will issue a full kit not a conversion. The other one may have used the old concise model and graphics resin conversion as a starting point but it us hard to tell from the pictures. I have used that guy for some vacuform replacement canopies and been pleased. The resin sets where put in a drawer to stay as I was not impressed. The B-36 slumbers until I retire. As to PB4Y-2s and 1s, I'm going with Lone Star as the detail level is vastly superior and better casting quality.
  8. The vac canopies are great, The resin is okay but not very detailed. If you want to do one that is externally okay his products fit the bill but very lacking in detail and he has stated it was not worth his time to add the details as those that wanted it could add it themselves and those that didn't he would give them an externally correct model at least on the PB4Ys. He concentrates on ease of building more than detail and accuracy. Lone Star has a much more detailed PB4Y-1 conversion and is bringing out a full PB4Y-2 in 1/48.
  9. Special Hobby announced one years ago and when asked at three of the last US Nationals they have said it is being "worked on".
  10. Also try https://hobby.dn.ua I have had good luck with them!
  11. FS 34227 pale green plus 5% gray, FS30117 military brown plus 15% white and FS34092 euro I dark green for topside . Underside FS36495 light gray. Then prior to spraying the yellow or as I did sprayed yellow first then masked it off and lighty overspray the camo with a mix of 50% future and 50% pale green until you get the desired weathered effect as these birds weathered fast and heavy and the whole upper paint weathered with a greenish hue.
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