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  1. For those interested per the Facebook post e-mail Sergey @ tankbuster76@mail.ru
  2. I'll buy on in 1/48! I have a thing for ugly, ungainly and unusual aircraft, especially when they had a decent service career.
  3. A post by Glen who works for them and whom I met at the 2016 IMPS/USA Nationals on Large scale planes states " Selling off current stock, no new molds!"
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/164857336131?hash=item2662435143%3Ag%3AsDEAAOSwfKtgmAhX&fbclid=IwAR3fMR_pxThELUK38j30-cEJ7lRvR0nfhx_pdbZNmQt16iWY7zBx0hmLvYM
  5. Looks like fun! Can't wait to build this!
  6. If not, I have the 1/48 Collectaire kit and could scan the decals so you could make your own.
  7. Most of the real classic Revell/Monogram molds were sold to Atlantis Models
  8. Got to be much better than the old Modelcrap(craft) kit.
  9. may get two and use one for my Paragon Lincoln conversion.
  10. This was posted on the Vacuform and resin kit builders group page on Facebook yesterday by David Cooper; I have had some communication with Neil Cramer of Aeromodl. I had placed a pre-order for one of their 1/72 Boeing 737 kits, last September, I wanted to know the status of my order. I have made contact with him via Paypal, here is his message to me: "Hello David. I'm sorry for the lack of communication from us. Some major life issues happening with my family and I fell very far behind in production and shipping. We are working very hard on getting everything sorted. In the meantime, you may go ahead and get your refund or you're welcome to keep waiting in the delivery queue. I'm very, very sorry for the inconvenience! Warm regards, Neil Cramer Aeromodl" 1010 8 Comments Like Comment
  11. With our move and setting up the new hobby room just a few builds for the year. 1/48 Fokker G1 MikroMir kit. 1/48 Wilde Sau/Hobbycraft XP-42 1/48 ICM O-2 1/48 resin Bristol 138a 1/1400 3D printed USS Enterprise XCV-330 ringship from Star Trek 1/48 Hasegawa Bf-109T tried a new painting technique but it didn't work that well. Best thing though was setting up the new basement work room which includes (not shown) a room for the stash and another for the built-up display cases.
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