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  1. With our move and setting up the new hobby room just a few builds for the year. 1/48 Fokker G1 MikroMir kit. 1/48 Wilde Sau/Hobbycraft XP-42 1/48 ICM O-2 1/48 resin Bristol 138a 1/1400 3D printed USS Enterprise XCV-330 ringship from Star Trek 1/48 Hasegawa Bf-109T tried a new painting technique but it didn't work that well. Best thing though was setting up the new basement work room which includes (not shown) a room for the stash and another for the built-up display cases.
  2. Just finished building the Wilde sau resin kit of this so all of you are welcome! Look forward to building this one too!
  3. This is looking really good! Have they announced the release date yet?
  4. Anyone know how to get in touch with the owner of NobleKraft? Please let me know. Thanks Hub
  5. Also out there for this kit are decals for Elvis' Lisa Marie from www.atlantic-models.com if they are still around. ( Can't check as work blocks their site)
  6. Properly modified but quite probably the starting point.
  7. Based on the instructions, it looks like a cast of the older Air Collections P-66 short-run injection kit.
  8. I slogged through the modelcraft F-82G with lots of aftermarket and beat it into submission. Really looking forward to this one as it HAS to be an improvement. Just hope they get the radome pickle the correct size and shape as Modelcraft's didn't come close.
  9. Mine arrived Saturday and I am very happy with the kit!
  10. Got an email today that mine is on the way!!!
  11. My understanding is that they have a low volume production capacity.
  12. 2 to the USA, 2 to Sweden wonder who got the 5th one.
  13. Yes and a good friend in Florida also got the same email!
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