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  1. Yes a link or possibly an email would be most appreciated.
  2. Can you point us to where it can be ordered?
  3. Go to Hobby.dn.ua they have pictures posted
  4. Looking forward to following a build thread as it will be a bit before I start on mine. Alan, the "new" decals arrived and look great!
  5. Good to see as I had read that when the owner died, his family trashed the molds. Glad those reports were in error.
  6. Good, now i can stop looking for the MTS/Miku resin kit!
  7. Artie: I ordered on May 2nd the HA-220 the HA-100 and the HS-P75 as of today I have not gotten anything or a shipping notice. Please check with Juan and let me know.
  8. In the homestretch now. Mostly a very good fitting kit other than what I pointed out above. On the landing gear the scissor links will require surgery or replacement to get them to fit as shown. Final thoughts are that I really liked this kit and found it an enjoyable build. Take your time, dry fit and you will love how it turns out. Also these decals are some of the best ever. Strong and yet conformed to all indentions, and raised details without any decal solutions.
  9. Okay so I have joined the fuselage and most all was a good fit . I did have to shim in some evergreen plastic strip on the underside. Not sure if it was the kit or I messed something up but it was not a very big gap. I also used the same amount of plastic strip on the cowl to keep it the correct diameter. Wings and tailplanes have just been added and the joint will some clean up. Engine looks good but I see some touch up needed. All in all so far so good and I am pleased with the kit.
  10. Nice! I emailed him a couple months ago but have not gotten a reply.
  11. So far the fit is good, there are several ejector pin marks to clear up and unfortunately some are in prominent places but others won't be visible. The color callouts are a bit simplified with Aluminum, interior aluminum and Natural Metal to be figured out. Only real complaint is that even with 20/20 vision the color callouts on the instructions still need to be magnified to read. It would have been easier of the drops were clear and the letters black instead of the drops black and letters white. Only other thing is the tailwheel bulkhead needs to be placed behind the indicated line and not in front of it so the rear fuselage will close properly.
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