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  1. Bummer, I required a replacement set from Lucky, and as you know the packaging isn't the best.
  2. It's a real shame about the L.29, and to a lesser extent the Me 410, which I do have the HpH kit of, unlike the Delfin. Sadly short run kits get bad press because they require more work, but with that comes a better sense of satisfaction, and no less a completed model than one from Tamiya. The Helldiver was criticised because it didn't include all the extras in the box, for the same price, yet it's a large aircraft with a price compatible with Hasegawa kits. Hopefully the sales of the Helldiver and Tunnan improve, and all their future releases. My Vampire is being delivered on Monday, can't wait.
  3. I've got it on pre-order from Hannants, it'll work cheaper - can add to the order and get free postage. Strangely, they've removed the 10% discount now, let's hope it's a sign it's close to delivery.
  4. It doesn't work for the UK, I tried a week or so ago, couldn't proceed with the order, entered a random country, no problem.
  5. It's been released, got mine direct from Japan a couple of weeks ago, obviously going to take a while to reach the worldwide distributors.
  6. Came across this via the magic of Google, outstanding Skyhawk.
  7. What an amazing thread, you've done Steve proud getting his 109 over the line, and his Jag is equally superb.
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