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  1. If you go with the surface post option at Lucky - it's only $20 - and use the discount code OCT15, to get 15% off, the total is $529.99
  2. A sight for sore eyes, thanks for posting Heinz, very much appreciated.
  3. That your sweeping generalisation was correct, are they ever?
  4. Absolutely spot on, though I have to confess we have a staff policy to hide any thread where possible that isn't about those three iconic fighters, why only yesterday I hid an RFI of an utterly superb Il-2M3, based on a profile in Viktor Povinsky's ebook, and I think I was the first person outside of Eastern Europe to review the ICM I-16 Type 24 kit, but that was purely a cynical act in the way totalitarian states hold large sporting events/buy soccerball clubs. The last Russian kitset subject I bought was the LEM Kits Il-10, which I'll be doing in the markings of Big Beautiful Doll, gotta love a Mustang!!
  5. Kagemusha

    LSP hacked

    Looks like LSP has been hacked, just a message to anyone who is a member not to log in.
  6. I know there's a thread elsewhere, but the title is obscure to say the least! https://www.facebook.com/kotaremodels/videos/2967141560169423/?t=9
  7. Absolutely outstanding Tomahawk, very inspiring for the 1/32 GWH kit.
  8. Does this mean it's coming with a hard wing option?
  9. The second sprue shot looks like one from their Sufa kit.
  10. There's a reliable ebay seller from Poland, Bob something?, gets the new SH releases early, I've bought from him quite a few times.
  11. Kinetic produce a couple of etch sets, if I recall correctly, the RAAF is very similar to the RAF version.
  12. That's great news, I don't normally do airliners, but an SP is something else, the hardest part will be choosing which scheme, thanks Ray.
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