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  2. MFH 1/12 McLaren Mp4/5b 1990 Monaco

    As Codger says, great news for you, us and especially your family! Kind regards John
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  4. Fantastic work on that artwork. Even if it won't be seen easily it's still an artwork in its own right. Ian
  5. Mostly finished the figures and interior. Wish I had a 1/32 scale picnic basket.
  6. first finished car in over 30 years

    Hi Nikki looks good, but I know very little about cars (the thing above is something in metallic purple...I have NO idea what kind of car it is...I can't even spot any clear name..EDIT I note the tag says R34 Skyline...still none the wiser) ... but, my reason for posting... have you seen this? some interesting ideas here, I found very informative and interesting, plus @cmatthewbacon is a helpful chap. And, you got it finished.... cheers T
  7. first finished car in over 30 years

    Thank you for the kind words guys. Thought I best see how it looked through the big camera with a pair of daylight rated studio bulbs. I think I'll let her live with her scars and just try and go easier on the next one.
  8. Yesterday
  9. With the amount of mods I do must have a decent tool kit! Another banger/DD candidate.....
  10. Wonderful news on all fronts.
  11. Formula one last season 2018

    I LOVE the BTCC! What an excellent championship....plenty of on-track action and good close racing!!!
  12. Formula one last season 2018

    As an alternative, ITV4 will be broadcasting all of the British Touring Car Championship race meetings live until at least 2022.
  13. Good news. The tumour in my lung has shrunk slightly and is stable, so time to get on with some modelling me thinks! 😀😁😁
  14. Formula one last season 2018

    This like football, golf and all the other mainstream sports/games/etc it's now all about money and as long as we the fans are willing to pay what are now ridiculous charges to watch/follow or buy whatever from each the money grabbers behind it all will keep racking up the price. Its all very simple if we don't enough numbers they will be forced to reduce the price, thing is a lot moan but keep paying. Personally I've stopped I used to be a ardent GP /motoGP/WSB etc now I don't go to any race meetings they're a massive rip off especially Silverstone others aren't much better your herded into crap corners or sections of the straights. All the good stuff is either premium on top of the entry or given over to cooperate parking, drink and food are a joke same goes for shows in the NEC and alike . Its a real shame but it's the reality of whats happening.
  15. Wallace and Gromit (Top Bun Van )

    Hey up lad. all my parts have arrived 🤪 Come on boy get the kettle on and lets get cracking so on with the floor then, there’s a good pouch. So this is the floor extension Here is the link for the floor I have just gone for the standard white strong and flexible option https://www.shapeways.com/product/Y7VYLM88W/1-12-airfix-austin-a35-raised-floor-extension?optionId=64804121 And it fits like so and as you can see it buts up agents the wall nicely i have glued the extension to the original floor only as I want to spray this separately to the van floor. So this bit is finished really, nice an simple the next bit I will cover will be the seat conversion I have my boy with me this weekend but if I can get time I will get the two seats done stay tuned and don’t forget the cheese and crackers
  16. Revell 1/24 HLF20 Varus 4x4

    Hi a little more progress
  17. Just got this,it was sold as a Chrysler Horizion over here..
  18. Aoshima McLaren f1 gtr long tail

    The scale motorsport set is alot better than I ever imagined it would be. Some of the templates were a little off and most are slightly bigger than the part the go on but any oversized bits are sorted with a sharp blade or the just roll over the edges and are hidden away. The front area If it were me I would have broken up into more than 2 bits just for ease of installing (you'll see why in my next update) but other than that any bad bits on the car are mainly my fault not the decal. Shaun
  19. It turned up today and my word is it a beautiful car. Platz or nunu who ever really made it really knocked it out the park with the parts also and the detail set with the carbon (yes I know I love carbon) and the etch bits are really top grade. Shaun
  20. Something different. A airbrush cover to avoid fumes and dust. The cover is done so far.Only need to attach the front cover with the 3 holes in it. I used clear acryl sheet which i bought a while ago for my display cabinet.I want ti use it as glas floors,but the models are too heavy.So i ordered some real glas in the mean time. But what to do with the 5 acryl sheets? So i decided to build a cover for my airbrush extraction system. The frame is 3mm aluminum and all is screwed together. Will test them i a couple of days. regards Christian
  21. TYRES

    I think there was a discussion on this on hyperscale.com some time ago. I seem to remember that matt varnish was the answer but it won't completely halt the deterioration of the vinyl. Use it on the inside of the wheel as a buffer between it & the tyre, and on the bottom of the tyre. Having said that, the PVA might just work too.
  22. Gotta love surprises in the spares bin. Hadn't heard of the Bond Bug before, it's quite a car. The figure from the bug kit looks pretty groovy.
  23. 1/32 Arii Mazda Carol

    They are great little kits, aren't they? Some very odd designs though. Bizarrely, Yesterday I was sorting out an old toolbox I haven't touched in years. I one of the compartments (probably since 1990 something), I found that same female figure! I also found the driver figure from an Airfix Bond Bug!
  24. Arii has a bunch of models of 50s and 60s Japanese cars, trucks and delivery vehicles. The detail is basic but the subjects and scale tick the boxes for me. This is the third one I've built. I'm adding a couple figures that came with an Airfix kit, the gentleman has a Hornet resin head and jaunty straw boater added. After assembling the interior I primed with Tamiya flat black and gave it a coat of Reaper crimson red.
  25. Got this. Two of these,one ICM and one Revell - got an ICM in the stash allready.
  26. Got a wittle mini,dont normally do 43rd but it's a mini....
  27. That artwork is marvellous, impressive stuff.
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