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  2. Eyeballs starting to go fuzzy now. Throttle linkages and more wires etc added. Time to look at bigger bits for a while methinks. Roy.
  3. Thanks Roy.
  4. Today
  5. Back to the Maxi along with a Landcrab....
  6. If you subscribed originally, you should have had an email about the upcoming release - now March 15th nationally. If you still have your original sub number, call DeAg and say you still want to get the kit. You will get the first 5 issues FOC. Here's the new DeAg page - contact info is there. Roy.
  7. I've heard nothing from DeAg - Will those of us who originally subscribed have to re-subscribe? And if not, will we automatically get the re-issued improved parts such as the seat leather?
  8. After studying and comparing our new photo 28 my sum total is as follows :This photo is very useful and also means a great step into the right direction. But you should be cautious not to transfer everything you measure to your model imho . Especially at it´s borders there seem to be some minor differences compared with other photos . In my opinion the tail´s end , the topline of the radiator case and the height of the fairing should be only seen in combination with other informations . The error margins in these regions are about 1-2 mm imho . Many greetings ! Hannes
  9. Looks really good to me. I love these engine details.
  10. A very neat build with beautiful weathering. Great!
  11. I have changed my mind about applying my red over the True Metal Silver. Some tests have shown there are important risks to remove some parts of red paint removing masking tape that will be necessary, in particular to paint the "15" number. So, a thin primer coat will be applied under the red. Maybe, if tests are good, I will apply on this primer a coat of metallic paint before applying the red. About that problem of masking tape, my experience is that the Tamiya one is not the best to avoid this problem of removing paint. Its tack is not low enough. I prefer the Tesa professional Precision Mask, less expensive and with a lower tack. But even with this one, there were risks with my red paint. Pity, I liked very much the metallic effect of True Metal under the red.
  12. superb build! ciao Ale
  13. I glug red at times too Pete... The engine is now in, and some of the wiring and plumbing has been connected. Lots more to add, but the front 'picture frame' needs to go on next. If anyone wants to know anything, please ask. Roy.
  14. Once I'd worked out the method fitting wasn't too bad. I pre drilled the parcel shelf with the holes set at an angle then put the body over before adding the bars which I put a slight kink in. Hopefully they stay put when I come to remove the body. Thanks for adding the info on the arches, much appreciated.
  15. Yesterday, I continued with painting the clear parts' edges but encountered with unwelcomed situation.. When i was painting the edge, the paint leaked to the window... (I always clean with IPA but this time, it made the whole part blurry and stayed like that although i tried everything to remove the blurry and this part is the front window) edit: wiping with olive oil, yes olive oil worked little bit. Now it looks better!
  16. @FazerThis kit has just come in stock at a local (1700 miles away!) model shop and I'm really tempted after reading about your build. How's that Commando coming along. It is a year since you said you'd have it done in a year
  17. Just got Heller's new Fergie tractor kit. It's pretty darned amazing with all the small details bits. It is so close to what Ford was selling in the US that changing things won't be too difficult. I'm doing the first stock as a Fergie to familiarize myself with it's assembly, then maybe a Ford V8 or Lincoln V12 powered version for a tractor pull machine. I can see those smooth tread tyres going on a land speed car as the more familiar ribbed tyres are going on the farm tractor in my builds.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Local tradesman still using one, saw it on Friday last.
  20. IIRC (40 or so years ago!) there was much variation in bubble arches. You could special order cars from Ford AVO with the steel bubbles already welded on, or buy them from your local RS dealer & have them fitted by them or do it yourself. These should have had the 'lip' on the rear arches that Belkits moulded on but I don't remember them being as pronounced as those on the kit. Then I had a steel arched car that supposedly had had dealer fitted arches (before I bought it) and these didn't have the lip. I also helped a friend weld on a set of dealer arches one weekend that also had no lip! I know there were aftermarket suppliers of steel arches, so maybe Ford used different suppliers at different times? Neat work on the interior & those brace bars Mark, they look fiddly! Will those 7 inch wheels be appearing on the website....?! Keith
  21. This morning between Bristol and Yate, A Volvo 240 Estate. Haven't seen one of those for years...
  22. Fantastic representation of the Alan Mann Mk1 Escort, very well done. I remember them with great regard, seeing them racing at the Silverstone Circuit just 5 miles where I'm sitting now. I also saw the great Frank Gardner when he visited the circuit on a few occasions, driving one of these, showing his great skill and talent. I had just started my marshalling 'career' in the early 70's. The Escorts, Mini Copper 'S' and of course the Ford Falcons and Chevy Camaro's. Great times and even greater memories of outstanding real saloon car racing. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Nice that, really takes me back some. The Alan Mann Escorts were pretty exciting, even when all one could do was read about it weeks later. I do like what you've done with the rear end, a bit non standard like, front looks dodgy too. Steve.
  24. Roy, what a great thread you are creating here. Not only with respect to the model but also with respect to methods and tooling. This will help many along. great machine you have, this PD400 and a nice set of accessoires. One thing to add. You described the main components of the lathe, but forgot to mention the name of what you indicated as Part 1. It is the headstock. Superb stuff and I will be following you closely on this challenging endeavor.
  25. Busy, busy. Lots of work, but the results are there. Great stuff.
  26. Weren't some of the builds farmed out to a few other companies too? Although not sure if this included fabbing the arches. I ain't not never going to be doing any mods to the arches at this stage. I do also wonder, looking in Robson's book, if the 'refreshed' version hasn't had the arches subsequently modded to more factory standard? Any road up, the bracing bars have been added from some Contrail Styrene rod, it has a bit of flexibility to it which hopefully will survive any further disassembly and assembly. The fuel filler pipe has been added too, it having been wrapped with some tape to simulate the banjo clips.
  27. Thanks Gents.!
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