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  1. Well then, what's going to be your next project? Better to look forward than back.
  2. Perhaps leave it be for a week, then have another look at it. It's usually better repairable than it would seem at first glance. All those hours you put into it... perhaps three hours of saving work if you're luckier than you were. Don't give up on it just yet..
  3. Like the Ducati topic, the current build clearly showcases your talent and feel for realistic weathering finishes. I enjoy reading through the topic, a smile of approval often on my face. I realize I reply too little to fine topics such as these but per this post I'd like to show my appreciation. Technically, nothing to add (which says something, I often have something to nag about anything that could in my view be subjected to only slight improvement... such sentiment not necessary here).
  4. Ah yes, with which information I'll amend my statement as to include both 1/24 and 1/16
  5. The Fusion 360 drawing as well as the printed result of the knob look awesome. I might even say that I didn’t expect the knob to have resulted in such high quality. Although I really look forward to seeing your work on the 1/8 Bugatti resumes, your smaller scale work is not bad at all either.
  6. Luckily your photo hosting server chose not to surrender to any Photobucket syndrome. Would have been very bad news if all photos were gone / taken ransom again. Very helpful tips and tricks to be found in this topic, once more.
  7. What an incredible amount of correctional work. Not only will your Mustang most probably easily surpass the quality of any specimen built from this kit, I reckon it’s going to be one of the best 1/24 Mustangs around overall.
  8. Thank you gentlemen. Yes I am happy the research has paid off. Took me long enough! :). 430. The wheel was sketched once more. 432. A number of details will have to be added on the 1/8-model: 1) Small reliefs on the tyre wall. 2) Winding around spoke. 3) Air valve. 4) Text on knock off. 5) Adjusting nuts. 6) As many texts and symbols as reasonably possible, both sides of the tyres. 433. Due to the different shape of this vintage wheel, the big difference between the official 1927-track width and th
  9. My apologies, didn’t realise.. as a fan I know how frustrating that is. Again my apologies..
  10. Just as impressive as I first read through this WIP on the other forum. Highly inspiring.
  11. That carpet looks to be on scale... what did you say it was again? Mesmerisingly convincing.
  12. I not only bookmarked it but also copied all photos and text Landmark build..!
  13. My thoughts exactly. And if I may grab the liberty to assume, these would be Mr Codger’s thoughts as well.
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