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  1. This is also approximately the way I'll try to get my Delage drum brakes to work. Looking good!
  2. No I also think it's the 2nd. They just don't seem to be interested. They probably think, better be safe than sorry.
  3. Oh they were welcoming me to their archive, as long as I didn't do any research. Like you, I was invited to sit there at their desk, await them putting all pieces on the table and deciding which to buy a copy of. To me that has no use; I know approximately what they are aware of exists but I'm sure their large archives contain more stuff. The decision to grant me access to their archive (which would have been easy if I had asked for that a year earlier... but policy had changed) which I asked for end of 2016, indeed yet has to be made. Of course I won't remind them -again- as I have tried several times before. I guess they are just not interested in me sniffing around in their archive. As for me, I've moved on to the Delage project where there are friendly people who are really willing to help.
  4. Had I known what exact dimensions you still needed I would have brought my ruler or other measuring tool and I would have asked to take dimensions. I know you understand I follow many car builds on multiple forums and wherever I feel I can or could help I'll do so. I understand very well how difficult it can be to get the dimensions. You'll remember we had shared problems on that when researching the Fiat 806. Centro Storico proved less than willing to have us research their files. They more than likely hold blueprints of the gearbox and better photographs of the car. There are however reasons for keeping those files from our research team, and some might have something to do that we, modellers, are not so important to them. We are not there to make (large) donations to the museum, or help them in any other way. Trying to convince them that our research would be 100% shared and they could benefit from that, was to no avail. So to my eye there two kinds of people in this world: those who are willing to share knowhow and reference material if they were in a position to do so and if they could; and those who don't. I know that most people have too little time to help us modellers so we must cherish those who do. I had mainly positive experiences, I must say. When I asked the curator of RAF museum if I could take close-up pictures of their (single survivor) Heinkel 111 Luftwaffe bomber, he agreed and I flew over. When I asked Louwman museum to be allowed to make a walkaround of their Bugatti 50T for Crazycrank, permission was swiftly granted; under reasonable conditions of confidentiality. They even let me climb all the way to the back of the car to take some pictures of the gas tank. So courteous! Now with my Delage I have people helping me... it helps of course that I'm very serious about the project but still... they don't have to do that. Of course I owe Revs Institute... the way they received and welcomed me, trustingly, in their museum is mindblowing and I still think of it often. But not only that, they have also provided me with restoration pictures and additional dimensions of the car. Of course they will receive the drawing I am making, which is good for their files, but I am an ever so grateful man and I will consider myself always indebted to them. In case I find out something about the car or get access to rare reference material I will always inform them (in those cases where I can). Also Mr Daniel Cabart, Mr Sebastian Faurès, Mr Christope Pund, Mr Peter Giddings and others, have provided opportunities and a wealth of information that I can use. But of course there are the others. I remember when I was taking pictures at the Delage stand at Retromobile 2017, to which I was more than kindly invited by Daniel Cabart who managed that stand. There was a guy who, after one hour and a half of my photographing, asked me if I had taken enough pictures already. Mind you, I was always at the 'private' side of the stand, so I wasn't blocking anyone's view. Yes perhaps sometimes those of the 20-year old girls who had also been invited along with a 45-year old gentleman with strange coloured pants, those girls sipping champagne while using their mobile phones all the time, instead of admiring the 90 year old jewel of a car. Or those invitees who couldn't keep themselves from touching the car, after I had carefully succeeded in not touching the cars at all, not even to support myself while making recordings. But even when these people (invitees) did want to take pictures I immediately made room. So this guy irritatedly asked me if I had not taken enough photos yet. Of course I felt agitated and I soon left the stand, giving this guy a summary of my thoughts as nuanced as I could, but sincerely thanking Daniel Cabart upon leaving. Later when I wanted to have my copy of Cabart's book signed by him I reentered the stand, ignoring the other guy who was still walking around the stand. After waiting a bit (Mr Cabart was very busy) I had him sign the book and to my surprise he introduced me to Mr Scott George, director of Revs Institute. We had an interesting talk, he said the people at Revs would be glad to take some dimensions off of the car once it was returned to Florida (at that time I didn't feel the urge to measure the car myself and in detail, as I thought the side view drawings available online were correct), and he showed me some old photos of the car. After our talk I noticed that the bonnets had been taken off of their car and I asked Mr George if I was allowed to take some more pictures. "Take all the pictures you need" was his answer, so I gladly took that chance of course. The other guy who was more worried about how 'glamorous' and 'special' their stand would be (probably not a car enthusiast, really) never interrupted me again. So that's the difference between people. I have had few setbacks during the Delage research but I know how frustrating they can be if they occur. We modellers are totally dependent on other people. Perhaps those at Centro Storico have good reasons to keep the info from us, for example it was ruled by Agnelli back in the day, a rule that is still followed; or perhaps they intend to recreate a 1/1 Fiat 806 from what stuff they have, or whatever, but if that's the case they have not been honest about it. They could have just said "you won't get it, we have reasons for that" but instead they just kept us waiting and waiting. I'm still waiting for their decision whether to grant me access to their archive, for that matter. This is the reason why I made those videos or why I bother to take some pictures or such when I happen to think of it and when the opportunity arises. I know how difficult it can be to be fully dependent on other people.
  5. Unfortunately that is not possible as I was there for only one day (hadn’t brought measuring tools anyway). I’m sure eventually someone will get you those dimensions though.
  6. Roy vd M.

    1/8 scale F40 Beurlys Barchetta

    Keep up the good work, very pleased to see another Pocher build resumed.
  7. Allow yourself to enjoy what you have achieved so far... from the Pocher piece to your own built findings: Of course the first two pictures were taken from a higher angle.
  8. Meanwhile, a Jay Leno video of a (apparently highly accurate) Monza replica might be of any use, if you hadn't looked at it already: Hope this is of any use. I know little of Alfa Romeo, let alone this type, so I'm not sure the firewalls of the Spyder and Monza cars were the same... at first glance they look alike. Anyway as said if you could make a sketch and if I'll encounter an 8C tomorrow I could ask to take some pictures. Here is the video I took the screencaps off of:
  9. Could you make a sketch of your exact query? Tomorrow I will visit Interclassics Maastricht (https://www.interclassicsmaastricht.nl/nl/) and if there happens to be an Alfa Romeo 8C I will ask to take some photographs.
  10. Don't underestimate the power of some nice and impressive overview pictures like the ones you just posted. To you it may not seem like much progress but we definitely enjoy watching this.
  11. Roy vd M.

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    That's beautiful Harvey. You're fabricating a highly desirable object.
  12. Roy vd M.

    Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    Thank you Harvey. That's very clever thinking and it could be the answer. I found a drawing in Pomeroy's book, made by Cresswell who had full access to a dismantled engine: Detail: Clicking those images will make them pop, slightly. I think I see an ever so tiny camshaft down there, with one single cam. Looks like a kind of valve...? Any ideas are welcome.