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  1. Just finished "Vulcan on the line" by Brian Carlin Great insight into working on early B1's Next one is " My target was Leningrad" by Philip Goodhall
  2. That is a lovely little model, so unusual to see, shame that sort of thing is not made in a larger scale Well done you've made a cracking job of making it
  3. That is a lovely model. You are able to come up with some cracking colour schemes
  4. using plenty of filler
  5. with port to follow
  6. except for the light
  7. That is beautiful, a lovely choice of colours
  8. or a whisky Bradley
  9. Cracking job, well done And you can't see the join!!!
  10. and definitely not hers
  11. I remember that race So sad to see him limping round for second Lovely model you have done it well
  12. album by Fleetwood Mac
  13. I think you would be surprised at the amount of interest there would be. I would certainly follow it
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