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  1. That is a cracking model, nice to see old British trucks made What did you use for the chassis and engine?
  2. Lovely to see these being built I have this and the road roller to be done and I'll save this for reference Very nice work
  3. I went to wedding at Basingstoke on Sunday and there was a transport festival there. My cousin reckons it's a fantastic show. Only passed vehicles on the road but saw an A35, Triumph Stag, Volvo Amazon?, Volkswagen Beetle and van, Old Rolls Royce, Old buses, Big Army vehicles, Mustang, Corvette, Morris Minor, Minis and loads of others Looked a good day Also on the way I passed innumerable Jaguars going to Blenheim Palace to a Jaguar car club meeting. Mk 1s, Mk 2s, Mk 5, XJS's, XJ6s, S Types, XK8s must have loads there. But missed a Porsche club gathering at Broughton Castle , chap at work has one and said there was about 130 on a run from Moreton-in -Marsh
  4. I think I saw one of these flying at Langkawi airshow from a great distance at the port Nice to see what it was Lovely model
  5. It may, in your eyes, not be up to the standard of some models on here but a lot of us, I think , would be proud to have achieved such a model, I know I certainly would. Lovely
  6. Isotta Frachini, now that stirs memories When I was a boy my family had a couple of holiday houses in Borth Nr Aberystwyth. In the mid sixties I went with my father to have his car looked at in the local garage. In the corner was an Isotta lovingly cared for by the owner. He was so proud of it. Many years later late 70s or early 80s I went back to Borth and as I went past garage I remembered this car, Owner was still there and he beckoned me across the road and in a little building, through a window he showed me the Isotta. Still owned by him. What a car. Not long ago something triggered my memory and I searched on line to find the article below https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/newly-restored-classic-car-lay-9969646 I was so glad to see it has survived and in a good home So if any one has a model of this I would love to build one. not much hope I am afraid
  7. Can't remember any singles I bought, if there was any but the first album was Please Please Me by the Beatles followed by their next three. Still got them as well
  8. Thanks. I forgot that I knew the name of that one.
  9. Recently went on a cruise to Asia and whilst at Langkawi we woke up to find our ship surrounded by warships Below is a selection of photos and I have some more if there is interest The only one that I know is the Australian HMS Diamantina which has the name on side Hope they are of interest
  10. When the father of a friend of my brothers died, his coffin was transported to church on a specially made frame bolted to the back of his 1920s Bentley. It happened somewhere in Suffolk and I think it was reported in the local paper. He had owned the Bentley for many years.
  11. cherry268

    Is it just me?

    I don't understand people like this. Seems to happen in all things not only modelling. Super critical and think they are perfect. If somebody wants to post a lot why not, he doesn't have to read it. As others have said if you don't like a subject or a poster move on, find something else Reminds me of years ago, I had just joined IMPS and went to a show in Bath Walking round the competition hall there was two chaps taking the mick out of a Phantom cause " Everyone knows a Phantom flaps go down when it's parked" Or something like that. It was a really impressive build to a standard that I can only dream about achieving. Well that was the end of my membership because I thought if people are going to criticise models like that there is no way there will ever see my efforts Now, I realise that most people are fine but it was certainly is off-putting
  12. Black Sabbath - We sold our soul for Rock and Roll
  13. With the logo on the corner it should be red Fantastic model though
  14. And nearly 50 years since his "father" died - Jimi Hendrix
  15. Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous
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