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  1. cherry268

    Stories from the courts.

    Some years ago I was on the jury for a case of stolen scaffolding. The defendants ( there was three) case was they found it lying presumably dumped on the side of a road in Harwell Atomic Research Facility. The judge immediately said it must be theft as everything belongs to somebody, even if you chuck something in the ditch. that belongs to either you or the ditch owner. What made it worst was the owner was claiming it was about ten times the amount as much as it probably really was. The defense strung it out for 2 or 3 days calling all sorts of witnesses about all sorts of things even a traffic police officer who was called to testify that the tachograph disc used in the lorry was useless. The judge was getting more and more irate and kept reminding the defense council the same thing as said before. On the last but one day after his closing speech the defense council asked to be excused the final day to hear the judges summing up as he had another case to attend and was told by the judge in no uncertain terms that he was to be in court the next day or else. When the judge summed up he was scathing that there was a not guilty plea and we were directed that we had to find them guilty. The amount stolen was immaterial and should not have part of this case. He refused to sentence them and said he was going to calm down and instructed them and the defense council to return in a months time. I was told much later that they received a custodial sentence which at some point was rescinded on appeal. Four days for a case that should have been over in a morning if they had pleaded guilty. What made it worst for me was that we were asked to do this second case as it wouldn't take long. My boss at the time went ballistic as I kept telling him it was another day.
  2. That is a superb build I will look forward to seeing it close up
  3. cherry268

    Ford GT-40 Daytona 1966 #98

    Lovely model of the best looking car ever
  4. I hope it is a Spitfire. I am not interested so won't be adding one to the stash, already added too many this year. Itching to buy another Victor (Why?) and if it was a Vulcan, well help, I will need a bigger loft. Seriously if improves Airfix's finances I am not bothered what it is. I know full well that sooner or later they will bring out something I will build even it is not the holy grail. I don't think there is many of us that have run out of kits to build.
  5. cherry268

    Volvo 465 1960 1/8 scale

    That is a stunning model You have a fantastic talent
  6. And another stunner Lovely
  7. Lovely model of a different and interesting subject You do know how to find them
  8. A master class in model building She looks wonderful
  9. I am looking forward to this build, your other was fantastic A chap who I used to work with has three Explorers in his family, one of which is converted to a civilian recovery I have thought about replicating when and if the Explorer ever is made by Thunder Models
  10. cherry268

    BAC TSR-2 XR219 - Airfix 1/48

    Superb build
  11. Stunning model and base, up to your usual fantastic standard Its great to see this unusual subjects
  12. Both models have turned out really well Thanks for rekindling my memories of Chaparrals I am looking forward to the 2F, my favourite
  13. cherry268

    1957 Triumph TR 3A

    What a stunning model, you are truly a master of car modelling
  14. cherry268

    A deuce of Chaparrals

    Both models looking really good If I ever get round to building either they will be hard acts to follow
  15. Lovely models, thanks for posting them