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  1. I have one but decided to do the Citroen instead. Can't see me achieving a third model even if I manage the second I have the Hispano Suiza on the go which I tried to finish before the start but didn't manage it
  2. Just caught up 4 pages with this Its fabulous Definitely a concours d'elegance entrant
  3. They all start out like this but I am not sure I am ready to take it out in the field yet. I want to take a picture of it finished and I am still undecided whether to weather/ruin it
  4. So we progress slowly, again two steps forward and one back Had some problems with cab floor, why is it when it says matt on the tin its not, perhaps it was when bought it Have to bite the bullet and go the Vallejo route, Always have used Humbrol but tried a Tamiya black and yuk Probably me but anyway got some thing like in the end So onto seat and dash Why is it when it says satin on tin it comes out gloss, so I have to tone that down a bit Cab is coming on, don't like the decals for front and rear lights but have gone with them. It shows it's origin as a snap f
  5. And so the photos Haven't done much more tonight on this. Couldn't resist taking the last one just to give me idea what it may look like I have started masking the body but need to get a new blade fitted to trim
  6. It's about time I updated this, same as the MF2680 progess is slow and cockups don't help Photos will be put on later Biggest issue I have had with this getting some plug leads on it. According to the internet, which always tells the truth, this was fitted with a tube that sweeps over exhaust manifold and holds plug leads. I had a brilliant idea which I spent too long on and it went in bin So I did it a different way which looks...... well I let you decide Since the start I have been slowly trying to get a wood effect on rear body which looks okay. I have started
  7. It's about time for an update although the photos won't get on till later Not having a lot of modelling time progress is slow and cockups don't help I have managed to repaint the bonnet and wings and they are acceptable, to me anyway, and also painted grill Still on a learning curve to catch up with you lot of master modellers. I have assembled the rear linkage with the plated rams which look ok Front mudguards also suffered with paint problems and have had to be redone Front axle fitted and also wheels. Tyres are on but need looking at which I will do at later da
  8. You may not have done many but you are doing a cracking job with the ones you have Looks very good and realistic
  9. I went to the Dorset steam fair some years ago and there was over 40 of them in two lines What a sight
  10. Contact by Bob Tuxford Ex Victor Tanker captain
  11. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by........... Black Sabbath Has to be played loud
  12. I can supply if you need one
  13. Yeah a sunny day I'll have another try to paint
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