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  1. cherry268

    Lucky find... saved from the dump

    I have one as well, minus the decals as the previous owner took them out and stored them in books and forgot where he put it I didn't find out until I'd bought it. It was in the early days of then appearing on Ebay so was reluctant to try and return it Luckily I found somebody who scanned the sheet so have something to work from regarding replacing them I have the steam roller as well
  2. cherry268

    Vulcan B2 - 1/144 GWH+Shelf Oddity

    That is an exceptionally brilliant model
  3. cherry268

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Heller Talbot Lago GP and a Massey Ferguson 2680, quite a contrast!! Lovely book, Best WW2 Aviation Photos Haynes books on Wessex and Buccaneer
  4. cherry268

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Driving up from Devon on M5 this morning I saw a Triumph Spitfire , hood down and a big coat driving it. ( There may have been a person in it Also saw an Austin 1100 on a trailer that was badly in need of a restoration
  5. Really nice model Nice to see the Appliance White finish as that is what mine will be
  6. cherry268

    Anybody else 'obsessed' with one particular aircraft ??

    V Bombers but particularly Vulcans Obsessive
  7. cherry268

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Ford Anglia 105 in Chipping Norton Looked as if it had a hard life and was definitely due a new exhaust
  8. That is absolutely superb and something quite different
  9. cherry268

    All I want FOUR Christmas

    now covered in Marmite
  10. cherry268

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    White Mk 3 Ford Zodiac or Zephyr on the M40 last night
  11. It's all very well this speculation regarding Telford but what about tomorrow? They have only announced one kit this year ( I think ) and the Telford one is two so surely there is at least one more Buccaneer tomorrow!!!
  12. cherry268

    Has the Airfix Victor K.2 been released yet?

    Got mine from Jadlam Racing on a 10% weekend deal about six weeks ago
  13. cherry268

    Stories from the courts.

    Some years ago I was on the jury for a case of stolen scaffolding. The defendants ( there was three) case was they found it lying presumably dumped on the side of a road in Harwell Atomic Research Facility. The judge immediately said it must be theft as everything belongs to somebody, even if you chuck something in the ditch. that belongs to either you or the ditch owner. What made it worst was the owner was claiming it was about ten times the amount as much as it probably really was. The defense strung it out for 2 or 3 days calling all sorts of witnesses about all sorts of things even a traffic police officer who was called to testify that the tachograph disc used in the lorry was useless. The judge was getting more and more irate and kept reminding the defense council the same thing as said before. On the last but one day after his closing speech the defense council asked to be excused the final day to hear the judges summing up as he had another case to attend and was told by the judge in no uncertain terms that he was to be in court the next day or else. When the judge summed up he was scathing that there was a not guilty plea and we were directed that we had to find them guilty. The amount stolen was immaterial and should not have part of this case. He refused to sentence them and said he was going to calm down and instructed them and the defense council to return in a months time. I was told much later that they received a custodial sentence which at some point was rescinded on appeal. Four days for a case that should have been over in a morning if they had pleaded guilty. What made it worst for me was that we were asked to do this second case as it wouldn't take long. My boss at the time went ballistic as I kept telling him it was another day.
  14. That is a superb build I will look forward to seeing it close up
  15. cherry268

    Ford GT-40 Daytona 1966 #98

    Lovely model of the best looking car ever