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  1. There is an discussion on pprune.org about it Just search Vulcan B2A, makes fascinating reading especially the comments from and about an author who wrote books on the Vulcan.
  2. What I should have said as well was good project and ambitious as well Look forward to seeing finished You should think about building it as XA903 complete with blue steel
  3. "26 B2As were built, which is a B2 which could carry Blue Steel, and other unusual loads. All of these were built with Olympus 201 engines. I believe all that survived to the end of blue steel's service were converted back to having a regular bomb bay." Sorry to say it but I am not sure that this is correct. There seems to be a general consensus that the designation B2A did not exist officially. I am also reasonably sure that some Blue Steel aircraft were in the 301 engine range. Again I am not 100% sure without checking but I think XL426 was a BS aircraft and also XM572 amongst others. I think XL391 was the first 301 Vulcan. I will check my books tonight but no doubt there is someone with a better knowledge than me.
  4. But it is not just GM, Oxfordshire has the Hartwell group selling Fords and after working there I would never buy a car from them
  5. I think she was relatively new but her manager came out and said the same. Huge spanner was in the form of going to another dealer!!! It must be me really as I had a similar experience when I was looking to buy my current car four years ago. The car I bought then came from the Vauhall garage in Northampton, family firm and brilliant people to deal with. As I was picking up some furniture in Northampton in my Vectra I called round to this company to see what they might have available. Unfortunately they had finished and garage was now run by national chain. I saw some Corsas about the right age I was looking for and said I was interested but it would depend on how much mine was worth. Chappie said he couldn't give me a price until he had seen it. I told him I only wanted a rough price so I could see what my outlay would roughly be. No not a chance not even a ball park figure. Got all the spiel about how much had I to spend and then started on about persuading me that a finance deal with them was better than a bank loan or cash. I gave up and went somewhere else. seems to be a pattern here I think
  6. "Sounds like the 1st dealer was more afraid of giving you a p/x price in case you went looking elsewhere than they were about looking after a customer." But why? I was quite prepared to buy a car and I would not been able to without a price My boss reckons the internet was down so they coudn't look it up
  7. And me Hope I achieve the same standard as yours Always love a V Bomber
  8. That is a lovely model, I have a couple of Matchbox Victors which will probably never get built as B2 or K2's so this could be an inspiration for me to build a B1
  9. This is as much of a rant as it is a story and I apologise for the longwinded story and I can assure you have cut it shorter than it actually was. I have just gone through the pain of buying a replacement car. What is it about some car salespeople that they cannot be straight and answer the question that is asked. I recently went to my local Vauxhall garage and told the young sales girl my requirements. I want a Corsa 1.4 litre, 5 door, about twelve months old, only item we really wanted was heated seats. My present car is the same but a 2014 model. It was bought from the same dealer, an ex rental car with 20,000 miles on it and was a very good price. I wanted to know how much it would cost to achieve this transaction albeit roughly. I am fully aware that some cars will allow a better trade in value so the deal can be tweeked but I was looking for an idea as to what my car is worth. When I bought it the salesman at the time said we have cars at about X and yours is worth Y. Brilliant so I knew roughly what sort of outlay I was going to have. But not this time, first we had to search for a car and suddenly she found the perfect car. Then after the first of many “ going to speak to my manager”, she told me, and this was her exact words, “it’s just shy of £10.000”. So my reply was, how much is that? Well that foxed her and she said hesitantly “just under”. So I asked what my car was worth so I could a see if I could afford it and she asked “ how much was I looking to spend”. My reply was “up to £10,000”. I knew full well this would confuse her but there was no way I was going to let her know what my budget was. She told me to look over car while, can you guess, she went and saw her manager. I said there was no point me looking at car until I knew what it was going to cost me. So off she goes and then returns and tells me that they couldn’t give me a price as they needed to do some research. By this time I had been there an hour and was getting fed up. So I said I was going in ten minutes as it was lunch time, she suggested coming back with my partner to look at car as I wasn’t sure the colour was what we wanted. I reiterated that I wanted to know what was it going to cost. Off she goes again and this time the manager comes out and informs me that they couldn’t give me a price on my car as they had to look online and see what others were fetching , blah blah blah. I asked about the Glasses Guide which always was used and was told “ We don’t use those methods nowadays”. I refrained from advising that he should. So I left after wasting an hour and twenty minutes with no cost of a car and no valuation on mine. The last thing that was said was if I came back with my partner, we could all sit down and work a deal out. Again I refrained from saying that I hadn’t got two days to spare to do it as on the progress we had made that day, that was how long it would take. After a couple of days they inquired if I was still interested and I said until I got a valuation I wasn’t , which they then provided,. Can you believe all that. They lost a sale and a customer. To cut a long story short I went to nearby Vauxhall dealer, and once I got the used vehicle salesman, looked at a car, got a valuation on mine and, with a bit of negotiation, signed for it in an hour. He even showed me the valuation he got off whatever site they used. He couldn’t believe what I had been through with the first garage. Unfortunately this sort of experience is not unusual, my other experiences are just as bad but luckily I always manage to find a good salesman in the end. They can be told another day. I do feel sorry for people who get sucked in by all this woffle. In my previous career I used to buy trucks new and used and now work for an agricultural tractor main agent and there is no way these industries would ever put up with the way some car sales perform.
  10. To anybody local to Banbury in Oxfordshire, there is a talk on Thursday 24th October at Saint Mary's House , Wykham Lane, Broughton about "The Restoration To Flying Condition Of The Only WW2 Hawker Typhoon" Starts at 7.30pm and costs £3.00 Talk is held by a Broughton Resident - Dave Hands, not sure in what capacity he is connected Our news letter says the talk is on the history of the Typhoon, the progress of the project and the future plans for a heritage centre to house the fighter Projected timescale is 2024 to fly in honour of the 80th Anniversay of the D-Day Campaign
  11. Cheese, marmite and cucumber roll Every Wednesday as a midweek treat for my work pack up Pure nectar
  12. Our service manager at work, who is not into planes apart from flying them, said he quite enjoyed it and watched the second one He just enjoyed the sight of the planes flying The problem with these sort of programmes is they are made for people who know nothing about the subject and will never know whether it is truth or not and I suppose not really bothered I watch some car restoration programmes and cringe at some things they say and do and gloss over.
  13. We had one of the first remodelled Volvo FH12s. After a couple of weeks we went to move on a Saturday morning to get the truck behind it. Dead as a dodo. Called Volvo out and they duly arrived with the laptop (as you do nowadays ). He connected it up and low and behold an error code came up. Referred to his error code list and got...... "Unspecified fault". After a while he gave up and went. We'll be back was the last thing said. Within the hour a wrecker truck arrived and towed it away. We told, unofficially. that they replaced all the computers and electronic boxes on it.
  14. I have just had a chap come into our stores who noticed my home made V Bomber calendar. He said he used to be a electrician on Vulcans at Coningsby. We got talking about things and he told me he was at Brize Norton when the first VC10s arrived. They connected the ground unit or whatever it was called and it didn't work. " Your unit is faulty " was the opinion from someone. Well this chap said after the fourth one was " faulty " and a few harsh words were said, investigations were made at some point and it was found that a " diode or something like that" was fitted the wrong way round on the VC10 and it worked with some units but not the ones at Brize. Interesting story and I wonder if anyone else has encountered similar problems with any new machinery. And also the supplier that is adamant their machine is perfect. My story is one of a truck. One of our subcontactors bought a brand new Volvo F12 and trouble with the clutch and gearbox engagement after a short while. The Volvo agent was adamant there was nothing wrong with it and when it got worst said it was down to operator error. Luckily our subby was there when the clutch was taken out and they found that one of the clutch drive plates of which there was two was missing. We never could understand how it drove OK
  15. Beautiful bright red hard top E Type What a car
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