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  1. I do not want to clog up CedB's wonderful Scary Skeeter post but his car problems reminded me of a couple of instances I and others suffered in my time as a commercial fitter. It is not an uncommon problem but as you will see it is usually a operator problem CedB's problem and I hope he doesn't mind me quoting it "I remember the Halfords chap (nice bloke) had forgotten what fuse he'd used so I (not an 'Experienced Senior Technician') had a look in the fusebox and guess what? The FUSE FOR THE Stop/Start, Front Assist and Parking sensors was MISSING!!! Halfords had obviously put it back in the wrong place." My boss at the time was called out very early one very cold morning with the words "B----y lorry won't start On attending he found after testing that the engine starting heater was not working. Being clever ( which could lead to other stories) he first checked the fuse and found it was missing. "The fuse is missing" The driver replied "Mmm I expect that was the one I pinched to get the interior light working" My boss wasn't impressed!! The one I remembered was later when I was working for a haulage company. We had about nine Volvo FL10 artic units and they had a habit of blowing fuses when you hitched the trailer up. If you plugged the electrical suzi in with the lights on sometimes it would blow the fuse. I had the early morning call, 4.30 am, and was told "I have no sidelights on trailer" " It will be one of the trailer fuses I said knowingly" The reply was I have checked them, it's not." My reply was have you checked them all , there is four" He was now getting woompfy so I said OK I'll be out in a while . So I get dressed and drive to work, get in cab check fuses, find the blown one, replaced it, see lights are now working and said " Well you didn't check that f-----g one" And went home! Oh the joy of working with drivers ( most of the them)
  2. Pictures of the new corgi Vulcan The only thing I don't like about these Vulcans is the cradle that you attach to it to display it in a flying position Damn great thing about the size of your hand that fits underneath and curls around the edges, black as well Apart from that it's lovely
  3. Lovely little Vulcan and sits well in the diorama
  4. Lovely Victor Don't they look sleek with no bits and bobs every where
  5. New Corgi Vulcan arrived yesterday It's lovely
  6. Apparently there is Viagra eye drops available now Makes you look hard
  7. especially for some ducks
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