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  1. It could be the other way around. Less boxes are sold and management may increase retail price to maintain incomes to pay salaries, subcontractors, etc. Of course the increase has to be reasonable otherwise customers will vote "No" with their wallet.
  2. Where does the "right photo" come from ? Your overlay would be more conclusive if you used non-shaded rendering in eDrawings.
  3. In side view it's not really a kink but rather a different curvature between the radome (straight line, conical radome) and the radar electronic bay (ogival). The kink is really when you look at the aircraft with a 30-60° angle.
  4. I've cut the cabin plug so that the rear of the passenger window is slightly before the vertical line that passes by the front of the transmission fairing. It seems to me the fuselage and probably the transmission+Astazou fairing may not be deep enough.
  5. Thanks. I'll try to do some overlays this evening.
  6. The fuselage symmetry plane is pretty much in the focal plane that's all. Perhaps you could look at your browser's history for Feb 9th ?
  7. You've found the green Gazelle photo on the web ? If so what's the URL ? I did some overlays yesterday but the photos I've used aren't great.
  8. From a message by Alexey Andriyanov in the Airfix Facebook page. The wing leading edge remind me of the one of the Su-15TM. I guess the airfoils between the inner and outer wing are different so that the wing areas stall at about the same airspeed.
  9. The kink is in the CAD around the second wing fence.
  10. My mistake. Not Italeri, Revell.
  11. Bye bye goes the AMK kit rebox rumour.
  12. Just to make sure. You mean tooling and injection rarely happen in the same place ? If so AFAIK you're right.
  13. Thank you for your argumented comments Gabor ! General comments: 1) a CAD model based on a laser scan doesn't guarantee that the CAD model will be perfecty accurate in shape because the designer still has to design the objects from scratch (a CAD model is a parametric model, a scan provides a cloud of points in space) 2) in most cases the designer is not very familiar with the subject to be depicted... the guys who provided the reference material are more likely to know the particular shapes of the airframe so they could check the export of the CAD model before tooling is started... this requires a dialog between the designer and the research guys 3) there are technical limitations when tooling moulds... the omission of the periscope could be intentional... perhaps the periscope cavity would act as an obstacle to the flow during injection and eventually increase the probability of a short shot... the overthickness introduced by the periscope could also introduce problems during ejection of the sprue
  14. I'm not very familiar with the MiG-17 in general. It's nothing I'm afraid. LIM-5M rather I guess.