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  1. Isn't it a relatively common to sabotage the decal artwork to avoid copying ? The colour in the profile is more orange.
  2. The box art looks like an old one painted by Lengellé. Nice tribute but I can't help being puzzled by the short chord fin.
  3. Well Italeri have to pay the mould maker so they're eager to break even. Different story if the company buys sprue bags from another company.
  4. There would be a big risk of short shot as the plastic may not flow up to the end of each blade: flow would have to turn 90° and finish in a dead end with an air cushion preventing reaching it. I believe this why the voretx generator blades are separate parts.
  5. Artists are not producer's employees, they don't work exclusively for them. Adam Tooby is not an Airfix employee ( https://www.adamtooby.com/ ), neither is Vincenzo Auletta ( http://www.auletta.it/ ) who's made numerous box arts for Kinetic... and Italeri and Academy and even Wolfpack. Look at Auletta's portfolio... you'll find the box arts of the Italeri 1/72 F-35B, Academy 1/72 AH-64DBlock II or Wolfpack 1/48 MiG-29. It's the same thing with Adam Tooby.
  6. That would imply that the retooled U-2C fuselage halves sprue is provided to match the retooled windscreen.
  7. If they didn't redo the transparencies, I'll wait for the Modelsvit. The Pavla vacuform only partially addresses the issue.
  8. AFAIK the FL was produced for non-aligned customers so some arab countries received some. I think I saw some photos some years ago but I don't remember where... oh there's an Afghan FL on Twitter apparently ! A Soviet aerobatic team used FLs... Apparently USSR got rid of some their MiG-21PFS at some point...
  9. AFAIK the SM, M and MF (pre-1975) are externally very close if not identical.
  10. It's a little inaccuracy from Eduard's part then. The blown flap (SPS) just tilts down so no guiding rails on the PFM and later versions.
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