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  1. AFAIK the FL was produced for non-aligned customers so some arab countries received some. I think I saw some photos some years ago but I don't remember where... oh there's an Afghan FL on Twitter apparently ! A Soviet aerobatic team used FLs... Apparently USSR got rid of some their MiG-21PFS at some point...
  2. AFAIK the SM, M and MF (pre-1975) are externally very close if not identical.
  3. It's a little inaccuracy from Eduard's part then. The blown flap (SPS) just tilts down so no guiding rails on the PFM and later versions.
  4. There's more to it. The versions with Fowler flaps had a rail on the fuselage (so that the flap could go back and downwards) and the flap actuator fairing was on the wing bottom next to the outer side of the flap. On the versions equipped with blown flaps, the flap acuator fairing was not far from the middle of the flap and overlapping the flap and the wing.
  5. Extremely impressive but £13 more expensive than the kit itself. My enthusiasm in pulling the trigger isn't very high.
  6. I agree in most parts Mike but... Some errors aren't easy to fix at all. The shape of the engine cowling is somewhat manageable with plastic card and putty but the incorrect number of engine cylinders is another story. ... and method. A number of kit producers send CAD exports for review before tooling is started. TrumpyBoss doesn't.
  7. Nope exdraken is right. The kit will come with the existing F-104G fuselage sprue and a new TF-104G fuselage sprue.
  8. Elevons moulded on the wings like on the Modelsvit kit. Still I'm happy that there's some progress !
  9. A hypothesis. The cost of a decal sheet depends on the number of colours and on its size. KH wanted to have the same decal cost per box for the single-seater and double-seater boxings. Since KH put a sheet for the stalk, devil and tiger decals in the twin-seater boxing, they didn't have the budget to put the weapons stencils. It's a cheap idea from the customer point-of-view but it makes some sense from the producer point-of-view.
  10. I'm not sure fear is the reason. Frankly I'm happy without early announcements. No hype but no expectations and no disappointment. Kit released, take it or leave it.
  11. It seems to me they reworked the rear fuselage cross-section... well at least the builder did: faded panel lines in the area. Their F-4D looked like this.
  12. I disagree. It may seem the producers are engaged in an arms race and if it's the case I don't like the idea. For me the SH kit shouldn't seek to compete with Modelsvit. The Modelsvit kit is too sophisticated, it's an "über kit". I'd like a more mainstream kit so that I can build N Mirage kits that build easily.
  13. Raised panel lines so it's the Monogram kit I believe.
  14. No it isn't. In the days of Monogram (for example) the toolmaker would be gathering reference material, visit museums, measure things up, etc. Those days are over, the toolmaker is retired and often gone. Nowadays a CAD designer in China is handed out a folder of JPGs, PDFs or whatever and asked "Do a CAD model out of this. You have N months to do it then the files will be sent directly to the workshop". The CAD designer isn't the bad guy, he does what he can with what he has in a given amount of time. The problem is his boss and his boss's boss. There's nobody to check if the CAD designer may have done an error as his boss and his boss's boss do not think a CAD quality control process would have any added value. Modellers who care for accuracy are doomed and it's not about to change. There's no "A-team" or "B-team" at TrumpyBoss: release of a pretty accurate model is just a happy accident.
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