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  1. Drawings can be ancient and accurate. What drawings are supposed to be better. AFAIK TrumpyBoss take scale drawings and walkarounds lying around and hand them out to a CAD designer. The problem is that the designer doesn't know anything about the subject (which is pretty normal to me: he's a CAD designer, not an aviation enthusiast). What's really missing is someone reviewing his work to debug the CAD model before tooling. Some producers do that (at least Great Wall Hobby and Kinetic) but TrumpyBoss isn't one of them.
  2. It seems to me the builder wanted both wings to be foldable and that one was extended. I have no concern.
  3. I expect it to be a reverse-engineered of the 1/72 Heller/Revell kit: same shapes but with hand-made recessed panel lines. Not a modern kit (CAD design and CNC tooling). We'll see soon enough.
  4. I reacted to a message posted by a forum member and that reaction was one message only... well let's see what will happens with the toolings then...
  5. Well buying their molds could also be a stupid business decision. What would be the price for a particular tooling set ? Would the kit produced using this tooling set sell enough to recover the invested money and in how much time ? Are the molds in a good shape ? How much would cost the production of the kits ? The buyer could shoot himself in the foot by buying a particular tooling. Only KH knows how profitable each of their kits have been. I wouldn't be surprised if many of their kits weren't very profitable and if some weren't profitable at all (break even not reached).
  6. I agree and disagree: it depends if those 5mm are spread all along the fuselage or localized (nose, front fuselage, etc). I've received my kit today. The instructions were designed using the CAD model so I've taken a profile and overlayed it to the photo I've used previously. The match looks perfect to me.
  7. The Mirage 2000 was done by the projects manager that left during the Kfir project. Raymond took over projects for several years then he hired the current projects manager. The switch to the current mould maker started with the F/A-18.
  8. Isn't it a relatively common practice to sabotage the decal artwork to avoid copying ? The colour in the profile is more orange.
  9. The box art looks like an old one painted by Lengellé. Nice tribute but I can't help being puzzled by the short chord fin.
  10. Well Italeri have to pay the mould maker so they're eager to break even. Different story if the company buys sprue bags from another company.
  11. There would be a big risk of short shot as the plastic may not flow up to the end of each blade: flow would have to turn 90° and finish in a dead end with an air cushion preventing reaching it. I believe this why the voretx generator blades are separate parts.
  12. Artists are not producer's employees, they don't work exclusively for them. Adam Tooby is not an Airfix employee ( https://www.adamtooby.com/ ), neither is Vincenzo Auletta ( http://www.auletta.it/ ) who's made numerous box arts for Kinetic... and Italeri and Academy and even Wolfpack. Look at Auletta's portfolio... you'll find the box arts of the Italeri 1/72 F-35B, Academy 1/72 AH-64DBlock II or Wolfpack 1/48 MiG-29. It's the same thing with Adam Tooby.
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