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  1. Laurent

    KittyHawk Voodoo! 1/48?

    90° relative to the fuselage symmetry plane ?
  2. Potential good news: I hope that the surface detailing will be more restrained than the on of the F-15J.
  3. Laurent

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    I share your disappointment. Condor just took their bis and added some parts. The problem is that the -93/UPG windscreen wraps around the nose like a MiG-29 windscreen so new fuselage halves are required. Cost is too high, resin conversion wouldn't be straightforward. In others words, we're doomed.
  4. Laurent

    Mirage F.1 - new and accurate 1/72 model

    Petr, Do you plan to release a CT boxing too ? Laurent
  5. Laurent

    Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    It's not simple: - CAD validation cannot be done internally because the employees are supposed to get the model out, not delay its release... also they'd be the judge and jury, a fresh eye is required - proper CAD validation has to be done externally by sending a CAD export to several people but it would present a risk of leak that the producer may not be willing to take - there's what I call the "craftman's bias": a person who produces a kit or even a CAD model is often somewhat proud of his work, it's his project, his baby... what's good for him will be good for the customer, he doesn't ask himself "what did I do wrong ?"
  6. Laurent

    Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    Landing gear wheels and bays look 1/144 to me.
  7. Laurent

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    Let's say the Czechs are very disciplined and follow thoroughly instructions. Case closed
  8. Laurent

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    The theory is particularly plausible when the same producer offers injected plastic kits AND aftermarket. Special Hobby and CMK belong to the same group ? If so the situation is the same as Eduard. I wonder if it isn't a "Czech thing"... RV initially sold the MiG-21 without wing pylons, missile rails and wing tanks. For me it killed the kit to a certain extent: I'm a MiG-21 fan but I didn't anything more than the SMT boxing. The nose and windscreen shape issues didn't help of course. It is true that technology allows to produce kits detailed enough that no AM is required but that's a customer point-of-view. The producer point-of-view is "If I do this, would the kit be more profitable ?". The producer has to calculate the cost/benefit ratio. Very detailed kit = increased parts counts (to manage undercuts) = kit more complex so more tedious to build so less "rebuyable" and more sprues so production of a box takes longer and the tooling budget is increased. It a matter of balance. Producers of über kits may face high production cost and have big difficulties breaking even especially when the distribution network is limited. The producer is walking on a tight rope... unbalance and he falls (he slowly spirals down rather). Every producer needs to be careful, even Tamiya: initially they release the 1/72 F-16 with very limited optional parts (pylons, wing tanks, ordnance)... they changed their mind, more optional parts were added. Kit is more "buyable" but production cost increased. Again it's a matter of balance. If the producer cuts costs too much, the customer gives him the finger. If the producer costs are too high, he makes no profit and cannot fund further projects.
  9. Laurent

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    Could you please explain more in details the galvanic technology. There's a link somewhere perhaps ? I have a feeling that this technique that used physical masters allowed details that are hard or impossible to do using CNC machines. Very slightly raised panels, ondulated/rippled surfaces. There's a third answer I believe. Eduard started by selling photoetch, then they produced injected kits, then resin parts. Eduard is an eco-system. By making sound but simple plastic kits, then can sell their aftermarket (more profitable to them than plastic kits perhaps) to increase the detail level. Producers like Modelsvit don't belong to an eco-system, they don't try to do "product placement" and they produce "complete" kits.
  10. Laurent

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    What I meant is that a long-run tooling (>50000 injections without maintenance perhaps) may imply more contraints in terms of surface detailing or detailing than a short-run tooling (<3000 injections without maintenance perhaps). What are the technologies used in short-run BTW ?
  11. Laurent

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    I'm not sure it's possible compare as the technology may not be the same. AFAIK Eduard uses steel moulds made from CNC and EDM and high pressure injection. What technology Modelsvit uses for their toolings ?
  12. Tamiya Magazine talking about an incoming Tamiya... a little more than a rumour I believe
  13. Stencel SEU-3A seats. Wingman set made for the German Alpha Jet look right: https://wingmanmodels.com/wm/Pulsar/en_US.Store.display.88./wmf48002
  14. Yes I did notice that. My guess is that they've produced the airframe sprues first to check fit.