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  1. People who own the AMK kit can compare the lengths of the AMK and Tamiya canopies. The point is that there's perfect match with Tamiya but not with AMK.
  2. Profile photos of built AMK kit is enough as suggests the Tamiya vs Grumman overlay The conclusion would rather be that AMK may have used the Daco drawings to design the CAD. AFAIK the Daco drawings don't include cross-sectional data so it's impossible to make an accurate 3D model out of them.
  3. Imagine the following situation: - you discuss with an F-14 enthusiast friend that thinks that there's something weird about the front fuselage profile of built AMK F-14s - in order to figure out what you friend actually means and pinpoint the issue you overlay Grumman drawings to built AMK and to built 1/48 Tamiya photos... Grumman drawings match Tamiya (without changing aspect ratio) but they don't match AMK Would showing these overlays be considered bashing the AMK kit or providing factual informations ?
  4. My guess is Tamiya. According to Shunkaku Tamiya's book "Master Modeler: Creating the Tamiya Style", Tamiya started using CAD & CAM in 1984.
  5. Each company is different with different ressources. Eduard (and other "big" companies) uses CAD and 3D printing to produce their masters, CWS is more a one-man-business who scratchbuilds his masters.
  6. If I'm not mistaken the discussions on this very forum about the 1/48 Trumpeter Whirlwind, Hornet/Sea Hornet and Defiant were quite colourful.
  7. http://www.hyperscale.com/2007/reviews/kits/kinetic4801reviewmk_1.htm
  8. There's no tradition. Neither the AMX nor the M-346 were reboxed by Italeri.
  9. The nose is removable to access the radar. For KH the split is at the base of the radome while in reality the split is right at the front of the IFR probe base.
  10. You have forgotten the M-346 which happens to be the first true 'Gold' kit. The 'Gold' label is associated to the fact that Kinetic has changed of mould maker which can do crisper surface details and better fit. The F/A-18D ATARS (like the initial F/A-18C boxing) is a hybrid: main parts sprues toolings are by the new mould maker while "small parts sprues" toolings were made by the old mould maker. The F-104 should be the second true 'Gold' kit.
  11. The ordnance sprues probably have been injected years ago. The airframe toolings must be more recent.
  12. In French the vowels are a, e, i, o, u and y. A general rule is that if the word ends with a consonant, this letter is not pronounced, it's a "lettre muette", a "mute letter". No vowel after the "t" and "l" of "Dassault" so it's pronounced "da-so". "Mystère" end with a vowel so the "èr" is pronounced... "meest-air". "Potez" is "pot-eh".
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