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  1. For reference here are some plans I drew up for the GPU-5A in 1/72 scale in order to support some CAS BAI F-16 builds. I will be converting/detailing Hasegawa pods for my build though. Edit: it's displaying on the screen larger than it should be in scale, but if you print the image out, it should be 1/72. The pylons shown is the for the F-16. Cheers, Hoops text16689-3-1 by J Hooper, on Flickr
  2. I'm not familiar with the Italeri pod, only with the one in the Hasegawa weapons set. From your provided image it already looks to have some advantages of the Hasegawa item, specifically the upturned rear end and the strong back are both better represented. Good luck with the build!
  3. Kinetic is correct. The prototypes had the dogtooth further outboard and landing lights on the leading edge of the wing. Hoops
  4. That was actually the primary envisioned role for the German Alpha jets, which is why they divested theirs with the end of the cold war. The mission was no longer required, as advanced jet training was/is being conducted in the United States with the US Air Force. Despite issues with KP kits, it would be pretty difficult to be worse than the currently available kits in 1/72 scale, so I will welcome this addition. I have a Heller kit, which seems to be the best place to start from right now, but it still pretty bad. If KP can at least get the wings right (dogtooth in the right position, no landing lights) it will already be a big improvement. I'd like one, we'll see what happens. Hoops
  5. Hi Hoops

    i have the decals you require, will be an unused option from the decal sheet so PM if still interested.



  6. @bobsyouruncle Thank you for the hard work to coordinate and upload the photo! I've updated the decal artwork, please see below! g3738-0-6-3 by J Hooper, on Flickr @TimB @NG899 Thanks for the input! Please see the profile below updated with the feedback: g3738-0-6-4 by J Hooper, on Flickr I have one last question on XV809: Xtradecal has a yellow "AF" on the outrigger gear fairings, but from what I can make out on the photos it looks like there is only an "F" present. Can anyone confirm or deny? Cheers and thanks, Hoops
  7. I think that there are pretty clearly three colors used, as evidenced by the detail here: w8O1WqV by J Hooper, on Flickr
  8. After some tweaking and incorporating what I think is the three tone demarcation lines, here is the result: Edit: Updated Profile below! Cheers, Hoops
  9. @TimB Amazing photos! Thank you very much for sharing and for providing feedback. Edit, looking closely at the third photo, taken from the left rear, I think that there might be three colors to the camouflage. Take a look at the fairing around the outboard landing gear. To my eyes, there are clearly three colors to see there. There are also some aspects on the sides of the fuselage, where a slightly lighter color of grey is noticeable. It can be difficult to pick out exactly where. If so, I think it would change the accepted modeler's understanding of the camo scheme! I'll put them all to good use, Cheers, Hoops
  10. Thank you for the input Bob, I'll definitely have to pick up the AirDoc Book. Looking forward to any response you get. @TimB Thank you for the extra information regarding the serials on XV738. I had a suspicion that the serials were not applied under the wings based on the low visibility markings and the smaller sized serial number and roundels. It just seemed that if applied it would not have fit with the rest of the marking decisions made when painting the aircraft. Edit: Updated Profile below! Cheers and thanks! Hoops
  11. Thanks JagRigger, that inadvertently answers the same question that I was wondering about for the Jags as well! @NG899 Thank you for your very indepth response, it was very helpful. I'm mostly looking at RAF Germany based aircraft at the end of their service life, so I think it's fair to say that they didn't have the underwing serials. I haven't picked up the AirDoc book yet, but I've been considering it, as I'm sure that it would be a good reference. While on the topic of Harrier GR3s, but not directly related to the previous question... Much like any project, once I got into it I started looking at other contemporary GR3s and was intrigued by the Match Coat trials aircraft. XV809, the green painted aircraft, seems to have a badge applied below the windscreen on the right side of the aircraft for a time, but those photos available online are too far away to see any detail. It was clearly painted over at some point in time as well. I've also seen similar touch up spots on other 3 Squadron aircraft, but haven't stumbled across any other photos where the badge is visible. Does anybody know what this badge was? Or have a better image of it? Edit: See Below for updated profile... Thank you very much! Cheers, Hoops
  12. Good afternoon, Looking at lot of photos of grey/green Harrier GR.3s I get the impression that at some point in time the large serial numbers were no longer applied on the underside of the wings. My basis for this observation is that a lot of the preserved aircraft in museums, clearly in original paint and not restored, have no large serial numbers under the wings. That would lead me to believe that at some point time, they stopped being applied, and by the end of the aircraft's career for the most part they were missing. Is this a correct deduction? If so, about what timeframe did they serial numbers stop being applied? Cheers and thanks, Hoops
  13. I think that 144 would be a great scale for this kit. As much as I would love a 1/72, that would be too large to manage. I have long considered the Anigrand kit, but it has some issues and the price point put me off. Don't get me wrong, the price is appropriate for what you get for the large resin castings, but it was just too much for my personal budget. As an aircraft builder, I have the Takom MAZ-537 double kit as a prime mover to go with a Tu-22M3, and it is a beautiful kit. If the Lun is up to anything close to that standard, I'll be in. Cheers, Hoops
  14. Special Hobby has been pretty blatant in calling out the dual combo pack in their advertising. I would tend to agree that this is probably just a single kit, but the box art depicts the two different versions that can be built with the parts inside. I'm curious if there will be any resin to account for some of the aircraft differences, or if we'll see a small additional sprue like with the F.1CR. Either way, I'm getting one, maybe two of them. This is the kit I've wanted most since the new tool F.1 was announced those years ago. Cheers, Hoops
  15. I'm planning to do a styrene sheet framework and surface, probably backfilled with Milliput to give it rigidity and strength. That way I can scribe and detail the exterior easier than if the whole thing was out of Milliput. I want to build Phase II, and I drew the decals for it. They were to appear on a Wolfpak decal sheet sometime this year before Mark passed away. I had also had them ALPS printed, but the orange color on some of the stencils didn't work out very well, coming out dithered. I can get most of the orange warning decals from the spares box, but there is a battery location stencil on the left lower aft of the fuselage that is missing. Cheers, Hoops
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