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  1. Unfortunately I'm in the middle of moving again, and all of my modeling stuff is packed up in a crate in a warehouse somewhere. Hopefully once we finally settle down! Cheers! Hoops
  2. Very nice! I've had a Fujimi A-4M identified for conversion for a very long time now. I have the old Aerocalcas decals, but they leave a lot to be desired. I had drawn up some artwork as well, with the hopes of getting them onto a Wolfpak Design sheet, but sadly Mark Bilas passed away before that came to fruition. This will solve my problem, and I look forward to picking this set up! Cheers, Hoops
  3. A thought that I had when working with laser printing decals: Has anybody used their die cutter to cut basic shapes out of a sheets of white decal paper? My idea being that for basic shapes (squares, circles, roundels, etc.) I could buy a sheet of white decal paper, cut it with my silhouette portrait and apply to the kit. Then put a second laser printed decal layer on top of it. It would be cheaper/easier than ALPS printing, and I could save the ALPS for the more intricate and complicated elements. Has anyone done such a thing? Hoops
  4. Wardog, Bare metal on all, regardless of mark. My PC is packed up and being shipped with the movers right now, so I can't access my references. I can provide some when it does arrive though. Cheers! Hoops
  5. The ACMI pods don't really do much to simulate weapons, they instead relay telemetry back to ground stations for debrief and reconstruction of the flight or other training purposes. ACMI stands for "Air Combat Maneuver Instrumentation." Cheers! Hoops
  6. While the box top photo does not show the outer pylons, the following description was machine translated from 1999.co.jp as quoted above by @CharlieGolf2009 "--The kit comes with two AIM-9 Sidewinder short-range air-to-air missiles and two AIM-120 AMRAM medium-range air-to-air missiles installed on the underside of the left and right main wings." Is that describing the addition of the outer pylons (my guess would be in resin) or is that describing the missile rails on the standard underwing pylons? I think that it could go either way. I would hope that it is the inclusion the new pylons, but would not hold my breath or be surprised if it did not. Cheers, Hoops
  7. Additionally, look at the fairings on the top of the vertical stabs. Very early A/Bs had a flat rear face on the large, port fairing, Additionally, the starboard fairing is midway between the later smaller fairing and the port one in size. The starboard fairing also tapers on the sides only towards the rear. Very early A/Bs had a fairing that was on the bottom of the motors that fit into the notch on the fuselage as depicted by Hasegawa, and extended over the ring of the exhausts. Very early A/Bs also had doors covering the arrestor hook on the fairing between the engines. Fill and scribe as appropriate. I'm sure that there are a few other things, I am not a F-15 expert. Cheers, Hoops
  8. Thanks Stever219, The codes will be custom printed, as I've not found any professionally printed for that specific aircraft. I had actually already drawn up and printed all of them sized off the kit decals. He was doing some test fitting today and we figured out that the kit decals and therefore our decals were too large, It looks like the squadron codes produced by Xtradecal are just plain red ones, unfortunately. NF920 / Easy Elsie, had yellow bordered codes. Thanks for the tip though, Xtradecal has a sheet with just roundels and fin flashes that is very reasonably priced. I wasn't looking for something like that before. Cheers, Hoops
  9. Good Morning! I build almost exclusively aircraft from the 1970s and later, so this is a bit outside of my area of expertise. A very good friend of mine is building NF920 "Easy Elsie," a Lancaster special that had to make a forced landing in northern Sweden after being damaged during one of the Tirpitz raids. He's using the Hasegawa kit: Link to Scalemates Based on some other great information here on Britmodeller, we figured out that post 1942, the roundels on the side of the fuselage should be 54" tall. NF920 was rolled of the assembly line in 1944, so that fits that bill. In 1/72 scale, 54" should be about 19.05mm tall The difficulty is that the roundels on the Hasegawa kit decal sheet are 21mm tall. Can anyone confirm a good aftermarket source that has correctly sized roundels? Xtradecal Maybe? Or Techmod? I'm not familiar with Techmod decal quality though. These two are the least expensive options in the Hannants catalogue... Cheers and thanks! Hoops
  10. Herb

    Hoops, I saw an old post of yours and was curious if you ever pulled the trigger on a Tu-214R conversion? I'm also looking at that as a project, and wondered if you had any advice?




    1. Hoops


      I never did, it was one of those "this would be really cool" ideas, but then I open the closet and look at the unbuilt stash and decide "I'm never going to even finish the aircraft that I already have."


      I would love to build one, but it's so far down the list, I don't think it will ever happen.




    2. Herb


      I know the feeling! Thanks for responding anyway....




  11. More great work Serkan! I modified the PIRATE sensor from a Revell 1/72 Eurofighter to represent the "Falcon Eye" on my stalled in-progress CAS/BAI demonstrator. I haven't touched it in a very long time, however. The Falcon Knight sensors will probably just be built using some rod styrene for my planned AFTI CAS build. I think that the shapes will be a bit tricky, but within the realm of my skills. Cheers and happy modelling! Hoops
  12. I hadn't checked the thread for a long time, I'm glad to see the Falcon Knight sensors! Did you get the Falcon Eye done yet? Cheers! Hoops
  13. Having had this book on my shelf for years, it is highly recommended for anybody interested in building a F-2. Even though I cannot read Japanese, the pictures and drawings are more than worth the price of admission. Hoops
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