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  1. Would you be able to post a picture of the decal sheet? I'm want to build a Norm 83 Luftwaffe version and haven't seen any images of the decals included in the kit yet. Thanks! Hoops
  2. Some of the parts look heavily "inspired" by the Heller kit: Landing gear? I'm lookin' at you. Others, look like they're taking their cues from the Airfix kit: Wings, Fuselage, Tanks Pylons, pretty much everything else all look pretty "similar" to the old Airfix molds. Cheers, Hoops
  3. Amazing work and great photography! Cheers and thanks for sharing! Hoops
  4. Great job on the bombs, and the overall build is amazing. Cheers! Hoops
  5. Here you go Steve! P1050558 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050573 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050566 by J Hooper, on Flickr Thanks Serkan! After taking all the photos, I fixed some of the silvering that can be seen in a few of them, as well as some other minor touch ups. The good lighting of the photo box, and the zoom really does make some of those things stand out, that don't so much with the naked eye. Thank you all for the praise! Hoops
  6. Thank you all very much for your kind words! Cheers, Hoops
  7. Great work so far, I'm looking forward to the next update! That kit looks really nice, I'll have to add one to my stash! Cheers, Hoops
  8. Amazing detail work, you have my respect! Cheers, Hoops
  9. Good Evening from Japan, Please see the work in progress thread. I haven't updated it in a while, as it takes so long to get the photo equipment out and upload everything. I've been working to try to have it complete to turn into the local hobby shop's summer contest, due by Wednesday. Lots and lots of detail work, see the photos of the finished version below! P1050562 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050560 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050581 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050580 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050578 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050577 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050575 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050570 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050569 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050567 by J Hooper, on Flickr Cheers, and thanks for looking! Hoops
  10. Great job, and I really like the weathering. What did you use for the subtle, but very nice looking results? Cheers, Hoops
  11. Thank you for the kind words gentlemen! I appreciate the feedback. Looking at the references I have I can see that there is a difference. It looks to me like the head box slopes down at the back. The shape of the front looks pretty similar to me. As this will be somewhat obscured by the canopy bow, and the work is already done, I will be continuing with the seat I've got. Especially because I don't have any more appropriate Mk 9 seats on hand, and this needs to be complete by Sep 9 to make into my local hobby shop's contest. Cheers and thanks! Hoops
  12. Another update before I start priming and painting the aircraft: Here are the modifications to the canopy, the molded on det cords were carefully sanded off and polished away so that they can be replaced by decals. The panel in the back was scratch built (can be seen in the previous cockpit photos) and the fairings boxed in: P1050549 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050548 by J Hooper, on Flickr The gun pods are mounted on the bottom, as well as the various vents and antennas. Paint looks a bit rough right now, as parts had been primed to check shape, then sanded filled, or otherwise adjusted: P1050556 by J Hooper, on Flickr The detail on the glareshield can be seen, as well as the reshaping of the nose extension, detailing on the deck behind the cockpit and other various vents. The pitot tube base was replaced as the kit item was too short as well as too large in diameter. The kit supplied vent below the right cold air nozzle was significantly cut down, as the Hasegawa piece is way to large, and the other vent on fairing was added from scratch. P1050555 by J Hooper, on Flickr P1050554 by J Hooper, on Flickr Next step is to attach and blend in the windscreen, then mask, prime and check for any flaws that need to be addressed. Thanks for looking! Hoops
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