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  1. This lower picture looks very much like a version of the Pegasus kit, without the sprues
  2. Just received my subscription copy of July issue
  3. Guideline publications do a print to order for these books, so will only cost you cover price, see their website
  4. Received a package today with all my missing issues thanks to David, who sorted the problem. Many Thanks to David @WarthogMKL for all his effort.
  5. Still waiting for my Jan,Feb,March 2021 issues of SAMI and MAM, despite calling office with a promise that they would be sent out, nothing has arrived, Have sent email, will wait to see what happens,, this is now getting silly and very annoying.
  6. Same problem here, but I phoned the office and was told that they would resend issues Jan,Feb,Mar of both magazines. I live in hope
  7. Warpaint series of books are one of the best reference sources, various authors and artists for profile artwork, I have every issue from number 1. Also bearing in mind nearly all of them have 1/72nd scale drawings. Like all reference material, it is only as good as the source it was originally retrieved from.
  8. Hi David My December copies of SAMI and MAM have arrived, thanks for all the help.
  9. Have subscriber issues for December been posted yet, as still not received mine yet.
  10. My November issues SAMI /MAM arrived yesterday, now just waiting for the other issues. Thanks
  11. Could we sadly be seeing the demise of these 2 magazines, I have contacted them several times and each time I get the same response(excuse) the magazines are in the post or they are being posted this week. It all seems to have gone wrong since MA Publications took over the magazines. up until then I always had the magazines on time.
  12. My opinion is that Gary has been, and is the best editor of Scale Aircraft Modelling
  13. Hi everyone, I am looking at treating myself to a new articulated desk illuminated magnifier, any recommendations. Seen quite a few on ebay, but want to make sure I get a good one. Thanks
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