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  1. dwh

    A Models Jetstreams Decals

    Just purchased one of each of the AModels Jetstreams, not checked kits yet but the first thing that jumps out at you is how wrong the decal colours appear to be, the Reds on the T1 do not appear dark enough, and also the Dk Blue on the T2 and T3 again do not appear to be dark enough, has any one else noticed this or is it just a illusion re colours
  2. dwh

    Southern Expo at Hornchurch - this weekend

    Thanks Sean, looks like its sandwiches then, all being well catch up on Sunday
  3. dwh

    Southern Expo at Hornchurch - this weekend

    Do they offer food canteen facilities there, need to know if I have to bring grub along with me.
  4. dwh

    Figure build sequence

    Thanks for the replies gents, my way of assembly/painting appears not to far different from yours, so will continue as is, as it works for me.
  5. Hi Guys. I have been building figures for a few number of years, but one thing still puzzles me. Do you fit the headress at same time as the figure build, or do you paint the head and then add the headress afterwards. Secondly do you paint inaccessable areas while building or do you complete figure then paint? Thanks
  6. Thanks to everyone at NSMMG for a splendid show
  7. dwh

    High Flight

    If you can catch it on the box well worth watching for the aircraft flying shots, another one to watch for is a film called Conflict of Wings, good shots of Swift fighters based in the UK.
  8. dwh

    AIR-Graphics Models

    Just enquiring if anybody has had any dealings with AIR-Graphics Models, run by Gary Madgwick. They appear to offer a wide range of detailing sets, and a few decal sets as per the old Model Alliance sets.
  9. dwh

    1/72 Airfix Skytrain assembly difficulties

    This kit is a reasonably good kit to assemble, building one myself at the moment, the floor/bulkhead assy can cause small fit problems around 1mm but with carefull fitment will fit fuselage halves. Can you post a picture of the assembled cockpit / floor / bulkhead sections, as it sounds as though something has possibly been put in the incorrect place. Derek
  10. dwh

    IPMS East Sussex - July 8th

    Thanks very much guys,we all enjoyed it, I also came home without spending any money. Unfortunately events clash, somewhere.
  11. dwh

    IPMS East Sussex - July 8th

    Looking forward to your attendance again Paull
  12. dwh

    IPMS East Sussex - July 8th

    Less than a week to go now...
  13. dwh

    IPMS East Sussex - July 8th

    I am now able to confirm that we will have in attendance on the day, a Mr Mark Thompson from Plastech in Newhaven. For those of you who are not aware he is from the factory in Newhaven that produce the Airfix kits in the UK, he will be bringing along a small display of the items being produced in the UK. So you may well be able to have a lot of your questions and queries answered.
  14. dwh

    IPMS East Sussex - July 8th

    For those of you who will be attending our Annual show and entering the competition, below is a list of the competition classes. Class 1 Aircraft 1/72nd and smaller Class 2 Aircraft 1/48th and larger Class 3 Military vehicles 1/72nd and smaller Class 4 Military vehicles 1/48th and larger Class 5 Diorama 1/72nd and smaller Class 6 Diorama 1/48th and larger Class 7 Sci-Fi, TV, Film all scales Class 8 Figures, Busts all scales Class 9 Civilian all scales Class 10 Maritime/ships all scales Class 11 Junior modellers all scales If felt necessary there may be additions or small ammendments to the above There will also be a best of show, and again this year there will be a award for the best visiting club display (to be judged by general public ballot), so come on clubs lets see what you can do.
  15. dwh

    IPMS East Sussex - July 8th

    Not long to go now.