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  1. Astounding paintwork and weathering... truly remarkable skills on display! I see a lot of posts from people commenting on photos of a various finished models, saying that they "look just like a photo of the real plane" etc. etc.: this is the first time I've truly thought the same. Outstanding.
  2. Thanks! I think you've just convinced me; I've got a number of unbuilt RAAF aircraft in the pipeline, and I'm going to need a good supply of Foliage Green... AK looks the part. Once again - superb Spitfire!
  3. Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing! May I ask: what brand of paints did you use? The Foliage Green looks particularly good...
  4. @Work In Progress Heads up for you (and everybody else!); the B-26 is now available on the Eduard website. https://www.eduard.com/eduard/wine%2c-women-%26-song-1-72.html
  5. From what I understand, Eduard don't put new products on their site until they're in-stock and available for ordering... I don't think you can pre-order from Eduard at all. They list upcoming products in their "Leaflet for Distributors", but the items won't appear on the website until they're available for the public to buy.
  6. Showing as now available on the Special Hobby website: https://www.specialhobby.eu/en/our-own-production/reggiane-re-2005-saggitario.html
  7. Hehe - I know what you mean... you just need to refresh the cache on your browser, and you'll get the images on the main WnW page. Press CTRL and F5 together (at the same time), and you'll force the page to refresh whilst clearing the cache for that page. Have a look here, for more info: https://refreshyourcache.com/en/cache/ Cheers, Michael
  8. Looks like a BM is slated for next year, according to Hannants: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ICM48905 My favourite version!
  9. Thanks Sturmovik! Yeah, I'm not sure what happened there for a few days... but whatever it was, the link appears to be fixed again: https://www.eduard.com/store/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2018-12.pdf Just as you did your conversion... Murphy's Law, I'm afraid!
  10. Apparently they will! The Series 2 Tempest - with Clostermann's Le Grand Charles - will be released in February 2019. Have a look here... halfway through the second paragraph: https://www.eduard.com/store/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2018-12.pdf Hope this helps!
  11. On display at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018. https://hobbylink.tv/the-latest-scale-model-news-from-the-all-japan-model-hobby-show-2018/ Judging by the artwork visible in the background, note that there's apparently two Halberstadt Cl.II kits... both an "early", and a "late".
  12. Further to my last: Hope I'm not doing the wrong thing by hotlinking to another site... I had a quick look in the Forum Rules, and couldn't see anything saying that it's verboten! Also... this thread has changed from being about the three mystery WnW releases to being about the Lanc(s)... apologies for appearing to go off-topic, but I'm loathe to start a new topic myself; perhaps @Homebee might have an idea?
  13. @Homebee Talking about whatever the mystery third announcement will be, have a look here, troops: https://hobbylink.tv/the-latest-scale-model-news-from-the-all-japan-model-hobby-show-2018/ If you scroll halfway down the page you'll see three photos from the WnW stand - there's a test-shot of the new Halberstadt. But in the background... there's the artwork for two Halberstadt Cl.II kits - both "early" and "late" versions. You can see most of the marking options, too. Given that #32049 is already announced as a Halberstadt kit (no mention of if
  14. If you look closely at the bottom of the WnW release pics of the Dambusters kit, you can (faintly!) make out that it says that the Mk.I/III kit is indeed #32043, and that it's "in development". EDIT: The red sash/banner also says "late 2019" (I think!).
  15. Type 40

    Hornet questions

    The Kinetic kits are the same; they require you to cut off the outer wings, but they also include brand-new folded outer wing parts, so you discard the bits you've sliced off. Here's a link to the instructions... https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10434438/70/8 The Kinetic kits are brilliant, by the way. A step above the Hasegawa product, in my opinion... I've built four!
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