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  1. Nearly all the box contents are off the sprue but when laid out they all seem o be present when I first looked in the box a week ago the decals were very brown but a few days in the sunshine seems to have cured that and the first picture shows them as they are now. As with all my builds (classic of not) I scan the decals at 1200 dpi in case something goes wrong in their application. Now onto some actual construction....
  2. My original thought for the titles of this thread was something like when did you become a mature / serious modeller but I considered those words too subjective. The question arose from my entry in the Revell / Monogram Classic GB which I noted my entry was dated 1961 as that was both a key date in my life and my modelling. In the autumn of that year we moved from London to one of the new town being built at the time. I was 9 years old and had grown up alongside my friends. Modelling was at that point just buying an Airfix (and it was always Airfix as my local toy shop only stoked Airfix) model and just a quick glue and paint. Not many of my friends modelled in any form. When I changed towns and schools, I had to make new friends. With it being a new town and school many were like me in that they had lost their old friends. The school structure meant mixing with some older children and I did find some modellers among them. I was then introduced to what I would now call reference sources, other than the Victor Comic, and models other than Airfix. Our local newsagent sold Revel kits. That’s when models ceased to be toys and a few years later when I moved to secondary school I discovered Airfix Magazine and the rest is history. So my answer to the thread is 1961, aged nine.
  3. Two slight oddities about this GB boxing of this kit: According to Scalemates https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-h-166-republic-f-105b-thunderchief--130434 the US box has the picture on the right mine is on the left. The decals in mine has the old London W1 address on the back whereas the Box has the Potters Bar address. KIt dates from 1958 and this boxing appears to be 1961
  4. Here we are in the second half of 2022 and I find that I have not actually started a kit from scratch this year. This was not due to any lack of modelling Mojo but rather that I have spend time on my railway layout, which has moved on. Added to which this year our vegetable garden has reached full production - leads to lots to sowing. planting out. Now that we are close to the picking season I have slightly more time to return the the modelling table. So my offering is: This joined my stash many years ago as part of a kit swap when the other party felt obliged to make up the volume of what he was offering. What's not to like with the exciting features that are listed on the box? On the side of the box it also says "easy to assemble" I could have built this in the Century series GB but to me this is true Revell Classic and as such it's here.
  5. @cmatthewbacons Said most of the things I was going to say but @brewerjerrym IS probably too far down the line for the most important lesson we would pass on in relation to the question. 20 years ago we bought our "retirement" home which allowed us to join local societies and build up a new network of friends, this served us well as our final retirement home is in the next village and as our brush with COVID this week has shown we had plenty of offers of help. planning is key, we were fortunate as both or jobs allowed us the flexibility, and income, to take this approach. I would suggest you review that you have done, outside of work, over the past year and list as much as you can.Add to the list some things that could happen, such as health matters and the price of fuel going up. Then for city / urdan / rural say how each would impact on your quality of life. Lastly the UK is different to Canada for example Amazon Prime deliveries and home deliveries from supermarkets are availablein most places. These have been a lifeline to us since fully moving to the country. Whatever your choice Good Luck in retirement.
  6. I accept that was the general case but where I was only the RAF were present.
  7. Most of my shots show similar formations to those over London. One difference was that the Red Arrows flew in two formations over Essex, the second of which was a missing man.
  8. I went to Rivenhall and while driving through the village came across a layby with a number of pre looking out over fields. Assumed they knew it might be the correct place for a good view. Turned out it was correct excellent view of approaching formations which passed overhead. Close to you I saw the RAF 100 fly past from White Clone but it was someway in the distance.
  9. Knowing that there are a number of Britmodellers who live in the area can anyone recommend a good place between Ipswich and Chelmsford from which to view the flypast tomorrow. Looking at some of the maps online my plans at the moment will be Rivenhall as there are good views to the horizon there.
  10. The only information is in the quoted forum thread
  11. There will be many modellers, like me, who owe a great debt to the work of Chris Ellis during his time as editor of Airfix Magazine. This thread from RMweb will be of interest https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/169950-scale-model-trains-and-model-trains-international/
  12. @JOCKNEY thanks for checking in as the lack of progress on shows my backlog has stalled. This is mainly as I have been concentrating on work related to a 1:1 scale persevered railway including some modelling related items. At the moment the 5th June seems a long way off, but I am watching this GB daily and should be with you soon.
  13. If this had been an original Matchbox kit I wonder how they would have dealt with their different coloured sprues? They did manage the Red Arrows Gnat and Hawk in 2 colours.
  14. Just to even things up I have voted for the B-26 so currently 13 all between three. Although the Eduard options are 12th Air Force and my interest is the 9th - it's always good to follow a B26 build.
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