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  1. I have already mentioned this site elsewhere http://www.fiddlersgreen.net/ If any is looking for a couple of hours working with card. Rather simple looking. If you sign up to their site you get three free kits.
  2. Comes of reading this first thing in the morning! AEOD is certainty a Snargasher https://cwsprduksumbraco.blob.core.windows.net/g-info/HistoricalLedger/G-AEOD.pdf
  3. According to g-info g-aeoo is a AERONCA C3, which is high sing sports plane. You can actually get a card kit of it. http://www.fiddlersgreen.net/models/aircraft/Aeronca-FlyingBathtub.html Ideal for this GB.
  4. @AdrianMF you have perfected clickbait on this forum. The matched a couple of academic sites I use that keep telling me that my name is in a certain academic paper. That notwithstanding this site is great find and you have made a great job of it. Now we need a paper template for the snargasher.
  5. Believe it of not - on my to list for the next month is to build some 1:1 scale (if there is such a thing) section of track for a museum display, I had not thought of entering it here. I will be in the museum tomorrow so could be tempted to show some sprue shots on here.
  6. Back in the early days of N gauge a friend of mine built a model of Kings Cross without buying any points. He chose the routes he wanted the trains to run on and laid track for those, all the other track and points were fabricated as you suggest. There was a lot of filing to get the points correct. Good to see progress.
  7. I think Evergreen have been rather busy of late with one of their ships stuck in the Suez canal. Before anyone corrects me I know they are different companies.
  8. You are correct, this provides the answer http://vintagewargaming.blogspot.com/2009/10/bellona-landscape-and-battlefield.html they are on the last page of the price list.
  9. These characters have taken a back seat within this GB. However I have dug this "reference book" up. published in 1944 as a Fund raiser for the NFS Benevolent Fund.
  10. I hope my post does not lead to such doubts as I would hate to see this build come to a halt. I was just trying to point out that the additional diagram has some small details on it that the OS map does not. Looking at the OS map, the Warwickshire web diagram and the photo's together give a good impression of what the diorama could contain. I cannot speak specifically about the Warwickshire web diagram but I know research for my "Exercise Meteor" project that the most common source of such diagrams is from the diagram that was displayed in signal boxes.. I think you will be safe us
  11. No certainly Amera - this is their S212 Nissen Hut, they do also make a 6 windowed version which is a more recent issue.. As for being "new" Amera did start business in 2003. I have looked before but can find no link between the companies except that some of their products are very similar looking but the Bellona were more detailed.
  12. I rationalised my stash, built and partially built models last year. As I was not worried about the cash value i donated them to a local aircraft museum, this was through a BM member I knew volunteered there. This was at the start of the covid pandemic and as a result I have not been able to visit said museum since my donation. As long as you let them know the condition many charity shops used to accept models in such states.
  13. While you were sneaking off into a railway modelling forum were you pointed to this site? https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/lms/lnwrbns_str1310a.htm there are some details that are not shown on your base plan, mainly the existence of a number of trap (or catch) points.. You have set yourself a huge challenge here but in doing so made this a go to thread to watch,
  14. As this thread seems to have developed a life well beyond by original questioning of a supersonic A-400, I thought it might be time to change the title to something that reflect the content.
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