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  1. Due to summer commitments I tend to get more modelling done between September and March, therefore I would prefer a rolling programme of GB's throughout all of the twelve months. Just take the number of GB's and devide that into 365 and start each GB at the resulting date.
  2. It's a pity that this https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/725-anything-but-injection-gb/ has ended as this would be an obvious build for that, as it is certainly not injection and is a kit. It is also (supposedly) an inter-war aircraft so I thought I'd post it here. It came with within a large Meccano collection that I have recently acquired, At least there is no flash to remove and the build will be OOB.
  3. Apparently there is an irony emoji https://emojipedia.org/upside-down-face/#:~:text=A classic smiley%2C turned upside down. Implemented as,Person Shrugging or the shruggie emoticon%2C ¯_ (ツ)_%2F¯. you need to search for upside down in the emoji pulldown, the index does not recognise irony!
  4. Apart from the back story, track planning is the usual start for any model railway. In this case the answer was in a much used plan dating from 1957. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minories_(model_railway)#:~:text=Minories (model railway) From Wikipedia%2C the free encyclopedia,of Peco 's many collected plans books afterwards. My take on the plan only includes one alteration In the original the line at the bottom leads to a Parcels Platform but in my take on the design it will become a running line. The backstory of this will appear later. The station has three platforms and my planned mode of operation will be that a loco hauled train will enter platform three (a shown above). A pilot engine will come out of the top line and then move the coaches to platform 2 (occupied by the DMU). The pilot engine will then return to it's spur and the train loco will come onto the coaches. However before it departs a DMU will enter platform 3 and then depart. At other times a DMU will use platform 2 as shown above. One issue with the original Minories layout was that a number of isolated sections had to be created and wired to operate the layout. It is only with the adoption of DCC operation that the layout becomes much easier to run. The next stage of this project will be to construct the platforms for the station and start to attach motors to the points. All the components for the layout come from previous projects or my stash. This accounts for the odd bits of ballast and missing sleepers seen in the pictures.
  5. Now back on Laptop. Many people have knowledge of the London Underground map, and will be aware that the eastern central line has two elements to it, one is the line out to Epping and the other is a loop line from Woodford to Leyton via Hainault. What is less known is that until 1947 all these lines were part of the Suburban network from Liverpool Street with a junction at Stratford as seen in blue on this map: At the time of this map the line from loop from Woodford was closed to passengers for conversion to a underground line, this included a new line through Newbury Park, However there was a goods service served by the line through Ilford. The green line at Ilford shows where there was another line that formed a triangle. The site of these lines is now under Ilford Depot. The other green line is my imagined branch line built to the airport in the early 1950's. This would have been served by trains from Liverpool Street. As my build progresses I will bring the story up to the date the layout is set in, which is the early 1960's.
  6. Having just purchased the last components needed for the first stage of this project building should start soon, so a little more of the back story. The factual part of the story is that post war planning for London included a possible major airport east of the city. Obviously until the building of London City Airport this did not occur. This model will assume that a small airport had been constructed in the Hainault area in the 1930's and underwent major redevelopment in the early 1960's. The layout will be set during this redevelopment. This post is made on a tablet some initial plans an pictures will appear when I am back on a laptop.
  7. This thread seems to be the best place to add this., Back 2007 @Mikevwas lamenting how skinny FSM was getting. Despite that over the years I have found is one of the better mags to learn more about modelling skills. But the November 2021 edition says that due to the rising costs of producing paper copies and the general move online that FSM will now appear in print form 6 times a year.
  8. A slight under estimation the web site https://www.buildeddiestobart.com/ says 140 issues which comes out at £1,386.
  9. This matches my experience, I have never run a model show but have ran various other events, both large and small. The basic rule of thumb has been to cover all fixed costs, through sponsorship and sale of trader space, before the event. Not doing this would put the individuals (or organisations) at risk. Another point raised by @Duncan B is the relative cost of shows. Locally "buying" two hours of entertainment at a cinema or tourist site is between £12 - £14 so why should a model show's entrance fee not be set to a similar level? I accept there is a slight element of paying to go into a shop which have to be taken into consideration.
  10. @airfixpeter Great to have you on board, that certainly looks like an interesting project.
  11. The chance to see these kits being built should encourage people to vote for this GB come the bun-fight, All we need now is someone to trump your offering with this: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/dragon-6200-railway-gun-28cm-k5-e-leopold--108081
  12. No - I have not entered this into the wrong thread Although Exercise Meteor remains my main project, with the proposed Railways GB having reached the November Bunfight I thought that I would see if I could get a short project through from start to completion before the end of the voting. Over the last decade or so I have build up a collection of OO gauge rolling stock for three projects: A second world war layout - now Operation Meteor A military railway - now aborted and the stock will be up for disposal The railways I remember - North & East London in the late 1950's - early 1960's - this project Building the Airfix Vintage DH Heron was the catalyst for the layout, but it will be a what-if with a feasible back story. All I am going to reveal in this initial post is that it will be a (so called) shelf layout and with digital control.
  13. The usual traffic over our house are lookalike jets flying into Luton or Stanstead but we do have a regular Spitfire overflight. Today was different two Spitfires (together) and a little later Hurricane G-HUPW. This is the first Hurricane I have seen here in 10 years.
  14. I have amended the terms of the proposed GB to reflect this - so yes.
  15. Thanks to everyone who has signed up to date just a few more to go. There is a wide range of models out there that are eligible for the GB from buildings through to rolling stock and armoured vehicles - not mention a complete layout.
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