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  1. Sorry this one will not make the deadline Although practically at a Matchbox 3 colour completion I would rather spend a little more time in it than just add the decals, A couple of long hot days and a very large garden that needs constant attention did not help .
  2. Somewhat late to the starting line with this build - 2 hour power cut, during the gales, yesterday did not help. Here it is: all £2.95 of it! at least that's what the price labels says. No flash at all, and this is what Matchbox think the final result will look like. As far as possible I will be following Matchbox's paint schedule with Humbrol paints this is all old stock as my paint of choice is currently Mig-Ammo as seem by the pale grey. My clock will be a Playlist on my PC So off I set Just over one hour later The workbench looks like this
  3. After a popular vote - well who can resist requests by such esteemed BM'ers such as @JOCKNEY and @Enzo Matrix the A-10 will be the victim of this blitzbuild. Not sure of start time yet but there is a back-story to why this kit stayed in my stash. In June 1977 I set myself the challenge of walking across the North York's Moors - not by the more usual west-east route but north to south from Whitby to Pickering. Staying in Youth Hostels along the way it was only a two day walk. I think it was on the first day that I was at the top of hill looking for viewpoints to get my bearings when an A-10 came over my head at what felt like extremely low level. It is always those chance encounters with aircraft that remain in my memory rather than having seen them at air shows. This will be an OOB build
  4. In that case I could break all known blitz-build records and complete it as Matchbox intended in about 15 minutes!
  5. Where has the time gone, and where did my modelling mojo go? By mid-marsh I was already in partial self-isolation as I had had a persistent cough for a number of weeks but I was still modelling. Come the official lock-down my mojo vanished and I hardly sat at my workbench. Now my mojo has returned and in a week I have completed two long dormant kits and see this blitz build as a way back into BM land. Having reduced my stash to near zero, due to an impending house move my choice for my next project will be one of these Although the Stirling is top of my to-do list, as it is required as part of another, larger project, I think that is a step too far for a blitz-build. The F-84 is also destined for the same project (question here - at which airfield could Stirlings and F-84's be seen, but not at the same time and not specifically these sub-types?) The A-10A & Cutty Sark were purchased as the real things both have back-stories for me. I do have a couple of other options for the build but it is likely to be one of three above. Only so that I have time to let paint dry I will be taking The Lockdown Option
  6. Despite the total disappearance of voluntary duties, non-essential travel and shopping I have found that I am doing less modelling a the moment, not more. Therefore progress on the bus has been very slow - a number of short sessions a day. It is moving on as this photo shows One task I have ben doing is finally getting around to cataloguing my photographic collection which contains over 9,000 images Most of which are mine but some are my fathers, Mine date back to 1970 and my fathers back to around 1948. In addition I have a few hundred slides I have obtained over the years from unknown sources, Of those around 95% are of no interest to me but within these there was only one picture of a bus - and by an amazing coincidence that bus was the B-TYpe in the old Museum of British Transport at Clapham. This slide is not as good as some of he images on the internet but I thought I'd post it here. It looks as if it was taken through a window.
  7. Sorry this cannot be seen as an accurate model! As any modeller of the right age knows (who built the Airfix version) the REAL Bristol Freighter has HUGE hinges on the clam shell doors. Cannot find a tongue firmly in cheek emoji!
  8. In @Moa 's thread I seem to have started a discussion about the paints that should be used on this model. In my build I will be relying on two sources: The old Airfix 1:32nd model - I built hat back in the early sixties (1962 ish?) and to me the Airfix colours of the time were correct as the model was "just like the real thing" which would have been before I first viewed the B-Type in the old Clapham Museum of Transport. The second source will be picture I have taken over the years of the preserved bus and the replicas. That is Humbrol 19 (red) and white. A quick internet search produced a couple of very good photo's of the Clapham bus taken in 1966 which are on Flickr.
  9. Although I have not got that far on my build the person who drew the instructions had no idea either. Part 12b is shown outside the frame, while somehow you are expected to weave part 13b through the springs to the inside..
  10. As this is a WIP thread I assume I had better post some work and possibly progress Here is the status as of this evening. Main reason for slow progress is that I have allowed plenty of curing time for the glue between stages. One item of interest is that Roden's paint screen does not match the B-Type in the London Transport Musuem, or indeed that of the old Airfix kit. This I am using white rather than Roden's beige.
  11. That makes three of us as the WIP for my build is at, they always say London buses come in threes There is a PE set available for the bus made by NH Detail its actually for the Ol Buill version and does not include the guards as @wamwig warned and @Moa mentioned cutting the small parts is this key issue. I use a very thin saw (see my thread) I have steered clear of the old style double sided razor blades for similar reasons to @Marklo my father used to swear by them (not at them) as he used to build the old Mircomodels card kits and found them ideal
  12. I have split the painting of the figures into a new thread
  13. I was only dealing with make an offer which I took to be your comment I agree BIN is different.
  14. There appear to many views on how one should approach figure painting. I have decided to follow the suggestions by Paul Lindsay-Scott in this bookazine his first stage is to prime in black The observant among you will note that there is in intruder in this picture. It's just that there is a minimum order size from Dart Castings so I added a coalman in. Next stage is to add some flesh
  15. Up until now figure painting has been somewhat of an unknown for me. Very much an issue of quick dab's of paint where needed and if it looks OK it is OK. In most cases the figures have just been add ons to other builds. With the possibility of 12 weeks isolation looming I though it time to learn a new skill. My build of the Roden B Type bus needs a crew and passengers. So I thought I split the thread and put the crew in a par of BM I have never contributed to before Although shown in the other thread I introduce the volunteer who have come forward
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