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  1. It has now been announced that Warners are stepping into the November gap caused by the end of the Warley exhibition. https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/new-nec-show-announced/
  2. I was about to give the same answer. I never paint the frames in one go. My method is to mask the longest (non overlapping) frames and brush paint them and then tackle the remainder. For some transparencies it can take 3 sessions but it has worked for me. Some years ago I invested in some Tamiya Masking Tape, for Curves, and that has been a great help in this approach.
  3. In two letters No. My ongoing project is to only build aircraft that are relevant to the Essex/Suffolk border. I have two B-26's as current WIP, one here and one in the Mega Twin GB. When visited my LMS at the start of the build the only "local" B-26 decals they had in stock included a Boxted example so I purchased those. but I was assured that he could source some for a Earls Colne example so last week I picked up set for Truman's Folly from the 453rd BS. The only problem is that the missions flown on the decal sheet are for the period when the squadron had moved to Beaulieu. Luckily there is a film of the aircraft at Earls Colne so I can adjust the decals. Work has now finally started and like the other B-26 it is destined to be shown in flight over my period railway, as such I am attempting to motorise the prop's so I am starting with the engines and nacelles. On this kit nearly came unstuck. Both kits come with the nacelles in three parts and for the other GB I found that I could construct the nacelles and then insert the engines, thus making it easier to get the motors in. When I came to this build You can see that the engines in the earlier kit have two banks of cylinders and the later model has one as such the engines for the older model cannot be inserted after the nacelles have been glued together, As far as I can see that is the only difference between the kits, all the other parts are identical. Over the next couple of days I hope to get those engines turning.
  4. This is so tempting as my father was a great fan of Micro models and I still have a number of his builds. I did once upsize one of their kits for a GB. For this GB you could get a full model of the Festival of Britain site. http://worldofmicromodels.nl/database/micromodels-architecture/fb-festival-of-britain/ I am just too young to have known the FoB but do remember the Battersea fun fair which lasted a few more years. I inherited from a uncle his very large archive about the event so have read all the brochures etc..
  5. If anyone else is planning to build a 1/72 B-26 in this GB I have purchased two sets of Decals (one for my build here and one in the Frog GB). These are the Print Scale set 72-097 and the Kits World KW172075. I am using the Yankee Guerilla and Trumans Folly decals. So that leaves 6 up for grabs - excluding the stars. I will offer them here first free of charge, although an offer of postage cost would be appreciated. If there are no takers from this GB I will put them in the Buy / Sell section.
  6. My take on this series to date: The original intention was to wait until the last episode and they watch the entire series on a Free Trial. This changes when I bought a new laptop which came with 3 months Apple TV+ included. As others may be taking my original route no spoilers here. I agree with what most people have said about the CGI, it has the look and feel of a Video game during the flight/combat sequences. Many of the on ground scenes are probably CGI and you cannot fault these. I have deliberately not read any of Roger Freemans books while the series is on but I spoke to someone with some background knowledge of the series who told me that for the combat sequences all the aircraft details were entered in the computer to ensure that planes were attacked etc.. at the right point in the narrative. It's not a documentary so no one with a reasonable knowledge of the 8th Airforce will learn much from the series. My main beef is that there is no obvious story objective for any of the characters. Even survival is not seen as a possibility. It's not a spoiler to say that a prisoner of war story comes into play so perhaps we will follow a character to end objective at that point. At the moment it's just "who will die next". I acknowledge the great sacrifice made by the 100th GB and the B-17's but living on the Essex/Suffolk border the local line to the B-17 is the 381st and I note in the most recent episode about the Schweinfurt–Regensburg mission no mention all was made about the losses of the other groups involved or the success of the fighter support from both RAF Spitfires and USAAF Thunderbolts. It will be interesting to see how the 2nd Schweinfurt raid is dealt with. A key part of that raid was the diversionary attacks made by the 9th Airforce and I feel in general the activities of the 9th have been over looked in history as has the place of the B-24's based in East Anglia. An additional bonus of have free Apple TV is coming across "Greyhound" well watching, based on a convoy across the Atlantic - where the CGI is far superior the Masters of the Air. Also, although not war related the police series Criminal Record. Both these have characters you learn a lots about and get involved with.
  7. After finishing my backlog of Lidl kits from pre-Christmas. I can finally make a start on this. Decals, Although Boxted is slightly outside of the area I usually model it's still on the Essex /Suffolk boarder and I have ordered an Earls's Colne set for the B-26 is the Frog GB. As the key to this model is getting the propellors working I am starting with stage 5 of the build. First paint applied this evening.
  8. I believe the golden age of modelling was in the 1970's. Airfix and Matchbox were churning out pocket money kits and cottage industry producers were selling vac-form models of subjects not yet touched by other, injection moulding, producers. If there was a variation on a kit then there would be a magazine article on conversion, probably using balsa wood.. Yes the quality, decals and detail of the models left much to be desired but I can recall the models presented at IPMS meetings where the modeller had taken time and produced an excellent outcome. To be controversial - today's hobby is about constructing a kit rather the modelling. Then again some of the modellers I met in the early 1970's would complain that injection moulding wasn't modelling - true modelling was producing a model from card and or wood. Progress will always be met by comments about the good old days and I am happy that I can now order a kit online and have it delivered to my door and not need to spend hours improving it.
  9. This model is 12th in my current queue to be built, however the first nine are a batch which are vey close to completion. The Mega twin Frog Marauder then follows with the F-84G. While this entry drops to the bottom of the thread here is the sprue shot. moulded in nice shade of avocado plastic. Although the stand is missing the two capsules of glue are present, albeit shrivelled up. Anther interesting thing is that the box is stapled together, Not a feature that I have noted before.
  10. Some members might have come across the Wethersfield Airfield Museum's pop-up display at Duxford. Unfortunately they posted this news on Facebook this morning: With the STGB of F-84's about to start and the Mega Twin GB up and running (A-10's and DC3's) both groups could see Wethersfield based aircraft appearing.
  11. Following on from @BristolBlue 's suggestion a quick Google on 1:43 trains brings up a few suggestions such as: https://www.sanddmodels.co.uk/products_43.htm A couple of years ago Hornby sold a rebadged, from Lionel in the USA, Hogwarts Express set, which was close to 1:43 scale. These were being sold off cheaply but now seem to command a significant premium. Posy Christmas many stores sell off "Under the Christmas Tree" train sets cheaply and some of these could be donors for some sort of scratch built industrial loco.
  12. Although not always up to date try https://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/county/local.html To locate shops
  13. I accept the point you and others have made about the nose of the B-24 but it depends on what each person want from a model and the process of building it. I am not bothered by interior detail that cannot be seen when the kit has been built. More importantly, for me, if it looks like the plane depicted then I am happy. The odd mm in dimension does not worry me not do other issues such as the nose shape. I have said in another thread as long as the model looks OK at normal viewing distance then that is OK by me. Yes added to that a well fitting model that requires little or no filler etc is a bonus. The Airfix B-24 will meet the requirements of many, and hopefully make money for Hornby, but my desire to see a zodiac B-24 in my display can be met by the Academy model at just over £20 rat6her than the Airfix one which, with after market decals, would be over £50.
  14. A - gimmick - heresy -sacrilege may be words that come to mind but these arrived today to hopefully play a part in this build a pack of five micro motors. Although my project is called "The Never Ending Diorama" it is a series of diorama's that when linked together will be part of a working model railway. So if the trains on the model move then why shouldn't the planes? First stage will be to see the feasibility of motorising the propellers.
  15. Sorry Airfix - at £46.99 I will not be cancelling my back order for the Academy re issue. Not only is the Academy one half the price and comes with Zodiac marking from Sudbury based Aircraft which meets my self imposed rule of only modelling local subjects.
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