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  1. This GB has not yet started and already on three pages! I feel like I have come late to the party. This is a kits that I purchased at the Bury St Edmunds modellers open day last year planning for this GB as it will fill a hole in my collection of RAF Wethersfield Aircraft. Decals are on order and pictures will follow.
  2. But what about their navy? Someone has to ask.
  3. The Airfix web-site still says "The Summer Edition of the Airfix Magazine is still scheduled for print and shipping as planned.". It was promised for September and there are only four days to go.. I don't use social media but is there any news about the magazine?
  4. Seconded - I appeased the Blitzbuild god(s) ( @Enzo Matrix ? ) by actually completing my builds after my failure in the last one. The only problem with Blitzbuilds, for me, is that I did not find time to read other peoples posts. as I was clock watching. It's only now I have the time to return to that.
  5. My third and last build in this GB some relief after failing in blitzbuild A for 2020.. The build was a design & build in paper and card of a small building in 1:148 scale. The build thread is here: Only two shots as not a lot to be illustrated
  6. First the completion shot Just over 24 hours in three sessions taking around 4 hours. To continue the story as to this build I had to resize the entire model as it was too big - that was fairly easy as Inkscape has a easy rescale function. It wa and rolled down to eliminate bubbles. Pritt stick is my preferred glue for this as it does not cause bubbles to form in the paper itself. PVA does not do this. The next stage was to draw the front of the building using a mixture of inscape tools and importing photos of the door and windows - cut out using Photoshop elements, Then using Photoshop I took the main building elements from the picture, roof tiles and weatherboards and made up and printed a "builders yards" sheet, These, as the building front, were then cut out and applied to the model using Pritt Stick to get the final result. This build is the fourth in a series of around eight - ten I need for my village green scene once it is complete I will post it in Dioramas.
  7. The OP's question in the title is !"What if Mosquitoes were made out of metal?" one answer is there probably would not have been as many. As the site of the RAAF museum says "However, de Havilland had surmised that in time of war aluminium for aircraft would be a very scarce commodity, and so would the expertise of those personnel who were skilled in the metal construction. There would be, on the other hand, many experienced carpenters, piano, cabinet, and furniture makers available whose skills could be used." https://www.airforce.gov.au/sites/default/files/minisite/static/7522/RAAFmuseum/exhibitions/restoration/dh_98.htm
  8. At 21:17 - here's the build thread so far As the title of this thread says "I don't have a pan for this" so the first stage is to get your plan. Normally I would photograph the building minimising perspective errors and measuring key features. In this case I I chose a building i'd driven past and knew some of the history of so I took an image from Google street view and using to Snipping tool copied the building into Adobe elements where the perspective could be corrected. This straightened image was them saved. The actual plan is produced using Inkscape an open source 2D pogram and the picture is loaded into the plan Next to the image you will see a rectangle this is scaled to be an average door 82.5 inches in height and 38 inches in width, To allow the image to resized to approximately the correct size. In this case I am not too worried about obtaining 100% accuracy it is more about what the building will look like in the final model village against the other buildings, The next stage is create my own grid lines for the major verticals and horizontals these then allow me to create the various shapes that will make up the model After the I will do a test print on 200gsm card to be able to build up a prototype This will show me any areas the need attention , in this case my maths regarding the roof size were out slightly. So I can now go back to amend the drawing as required. But that is tomorrows job.
  9. Here is what passes for a sprue shot in this build Yes a blank sheet of 1mm card. Recently Britmodeller has moved into the 21st Century with a new Forum area for 3D modelling, CAD etc.. Well this is a move back into the 20th Century (or before) with a genre not much used in BM, that is card modelling. However this will have a 21st Century twist in that I will using a laptop for design so some of the required build shots will be screen prints. I will be back in a short while with the first set of screen prints,
  10. The title for this build, my third entry GB, means what is says. I do not have a plan for the build. It does link the other two builds. My current project is to build a village in 1:148 scale be the centre of an N gauge railway. Usually each build takes a couple of days so putting this in the GB is just what I would have planned for today/tomorrow. More details later.
  11. I'm really only putting this in the gallery to obey the rules about having a build thread and placing pictures in the gallery
  12. Now finished and off to build three, which will be on the same theme.
  13. As per the instructions (plus the curtains) the kit is complete. However there are some bits of tidying up - the edges need attention as does the ridge of the dormer.
  14. New blade in my scarpel so ready to start: First task that Metcalfe always suggest for their kits si to to cut out the pre printed parts as was a free kit, it does not come with the usual sheet of curtains etc, so I found some scale curtains on the internet along with various wall and floor coverings from Scalescenes that I had purchased some time ago. That's it for this evening - should be finished early tomorrow when build three will start with link my two builds.
  15. My build thread of these pair of Peco wagons (only 10 parts and no glue) is at
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