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  1. Paul821

    Come on you Spurs !

    If the MoD budget cuts continue they could always turn to the second section of the film for inspiration and replace the Red Arrows with a formation team of Gliders.
  2. Paul821

    Dapol Rocket

    Current progress I know many of you dislike the small pots of Airfix acrylic's that come with starter kits, but the first coat of yellow was using Revell Aquacolor. When I opened the pot it was thick s I thinned it with Revell thinner but I was not happy with the brush finish. I then recalled that I has a pot of Airfix from my YellowJack Gnat which went on well, so used that for the second coach with better effect. The chimney will not let out much smoke! it will need drilling out - macro photos can come in use , I had not noticed the seam with the naked eye.
  3. Paul821

    Abandoned and Unfinished Builds

    I think this is the cause of some of my problems the various collections I have of "stuff I may need at some point" - the oldest has been there for over 50 years!
  4. Congrats on getting this build back on track, your work to date is great. and I look forward to developments. I've used this before, often for parts lost to the carpet monster, but now rather than use PVA glue, which can be hit and miss, I use Deluxe Materials "Glue 'N' Glaze, which has never let me down.
  5. Paul821

    Abandoned and Unfinished Builds

    This thread has focused my thoughts of something I had ignored, nineteen years of accumulated abandoned builds - not only the kits but those pots of paint that could only be used for one abandoned build. The reason an amount of panic has set in is that in twelve months we move house. I was already struggling with my completed builds (unresolved) and my stash (some models to be sold) but I have totally overlooked the slowly growing collection of WIP. I think I used to tell myself it was part of not building too large a stash. Perhaps a BM lucky dip will be the way forward put all of the build in a large box and offer to anyone who collects it or pays postage. A bit like those programs where people buy the contents of a lock-up unseen.
  6. Paul821

    Dapol Rocket

    I always like to prime my kits before assembly - I know some people feel this makes construction harder but in my opinion it eases painting overall. Both Halfords primers, the yellow one should make painting the yellow much easier. The kit is well designed as all the ejector pin marks are in unseen areas - except Now being addressed
  7. Paul821

    Air Anglia DC3

    This is not an early candidate for this year's Blitzbuild but 40 minutes later it's starting to look like a DC3 Actually there are only 15 parts in this dry build - the only parts glued are the internal bulkheads.
  8. Paul821

    Air Anglia DC3

    As is the custom here is the sprue shot. Rather bereft of parts compared to the Airfix kit. However that suits my build style. Unlike @Spad I will not being ensuring that all details are correct. I only ever saw the Air Anglia DC3's in the air so as long at the resulting model does not have too many paint flaws and looks right viewed at a distance where it seems about 4 inches long I will be happy.
  9. Paul821

    Old models

    When I faced this issue a number of years ago I donated them to a local charity shop. They were not great quality but I was surprised by how quickly they sod and the money raised for a good cause. I will face this question myself next year when I move to a new house, actually a very old house!, Space in the house will be limited but depending on the budget I might by a shed for the as the garden is three quarters of an acre and I am sure I could hide a shed somewhere.
  10. Exactly a month since my last post.. So thought I'd post an update to say this build is still alive. Having spent two weeks out of the UK and anther working on a what could be seem as a 1:1 scale build, it was good to return to modelling over the weekend. It was only when I looked at my winter modelling table, that I realized that I had 10 builds on the go at the same time. It's now eleven as I started another build thread. Of the 11 8 are on the home straight, including the F-100. All the parts are attached so some filling then final painting (as can be seen) and decals to complete.
  11. Paul821

    Dapol Rocket

    It is a number years since anyone has posted this venerable model onto BM, so I thought I would give it a go. Venerable indeed as shown by the copyright date Now on its third manufacturer this sprue shot shows a significant amount of flash, but luckily none of it is near delicate parts. I have purchased Dapol kits with significant moulding errors, this one seems OK. Dapol's warranty makes interesting reading. Especially as it would cost me most in transport costs & parking, to get to my LMS to return it than the kit cost. Will make an interesting build as Yellow and White are my two least favourite colours to brush paint. Airfix used to mould it in yellow plastic which actually was not much help if you primed the kit prior to painting. On with the build...
  12. Paul821

    New to railway modelling.

    Just picked up on this thread. I would concur about keeping things local. I am both a railway modeller as well as having a wide range of interests catered for by plastic models. I applaud you wish to keep things local. I try to buy most of my items from my (no too close) LMS as I rely on them to have those small items, such as pots of paint and feel they need the trade in the larger items to keep them in business, As to suggestions, I would suggest buying one or more of the monthly magazines on the topic and look at the retailers adverts. Th market is dominated by three big retailers, but seek out special offers and bargain prices. Lastly http://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/ is an excellent resource to locate shops and exhibitions / swap meets. Even with e-bay such events you can still find a second hand bargain. yesterday I picked up a loco at an exhibition for the current e-bay price (inc p&p) with the assurance that it worked, someone I could return it to and no waiting for delivery
  13. Paul821

    Air Anglia DC3

    Having returned to the UK after two weeks away, and a couple of days catching up, I now can come back to this GB. The build may be slow as there are a number of other projects in hand at the moment. The first task was to establish which of the two kits I would use. So I copied the decals and cut out one of the cheat lines and windows. Looking at the two fuselage sides together You can see that the windows on the Airfix (lower) kit are deeper than the Italeri, by about 1.5mm Overlaying the copy of the decals They seem to be a good fit to the Italeri model. Added to which it does not have the astrodome and also has a preset cut out for the missing window. As a result the Airfix kit will return to the stash for a future build. This may or may not appear in this GB
  14. Roger A Freeman (Mighty Eighth War Diary) confirms that + additional 4 planes written off after landing. There were 799 planes dispatched that day but only 99 reached their intended target due to weather conditions.
  15. Paul821

    Italeri C-47.70 Stormo Italy 1963.

    Thanks for this suggestion, may come in hand when I start my delayed build.