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  1. I would agree except many of the current kits would be selected during the sojourn in Sandwich. For remember Frog was part of the Lines Bros' range so there are probably spirits roaming the old Margate HQ. - why else would Hornby bring out a new Stephenson's Rocket and APT this year - more blasts from the past if t
  2. First on the list has to be finish the refurbishment of our cottage and move in. Following that the garden will need a huge amount of work. At the moment it looks like a scene from a WW1 movie, including duck boards (well actually pallets) across it. Prior to the move I am intending eliminating 75% of my stash through disposal on e-bay. All that will remain are 1:72/ 1:76 military lorries for a future project. However some of the proceeds are going towards my main 2020 modelling project with is to more into 1:144 aircraft. Since Christmas the 1:144 stash has gone from one to seven models, with another 4 on my immediate wish list when the next batch of sales goes through.
  3. The KC97's were even cheaper when Modelzone flogged them off - that was the only way I could afford one on a pension!
  4. Although I have not seen anything online for the last few years there has been a tie-in with AMW magazine. A discount for buying both the Mag' an the Catalogue. If so this may be a repeat the issues last year. one - Catalogue goes on sale at full price and people might by it two - AMW + Catalogue in stock but WH's computer says the start date for the promotion has not arrived. You pay full price for the Mag' and Catalogue three - promotion starts and you get the discount four - the catalogue remain on show with the next month's Mag and you pay full price for both This was certainly the case in our local area last year,
  5. With 2020 being the year I have decided to move into 1:144 scale I decided to purchase a Magnifying headband with up to 3x magnification. As following the lead of others in this thread I also invested in a set of Pixnor tweezers.
  6. The position regarding the Vintage Classics is interesting: the SM-79. Concorde and P-61 appear as 2020 releases but others outstanding are still listed on the Classics section of the web-site with Winter 2019-2020 as expected delivery. This include the aforementioned Jetstream Apart from the 1:24th scale models, there seems to be no more issues planned. I hope this is not the end of these re-releases as (im my view) there are many kits from the 1970's that hold up well and could do with a re-issue,
  7. Continuing with the praises for this - it reminds me of my visit to the Czech' air fore museum, where the exhibits range from well preserved to derelict.
  8. As Mrs 821 is a great NCIS fan and series 17 starts on Fox on Friday my first purchase of 2020 was. a Now TV stick with entertainment pass.
  9. This turned out to be an enjoyable build. I have some experience of Metcalfe kits some years back in OO scale and this was the first of the newer N scale ones I had tackled. The instructions are much improved and the addition of laser cur parts also added t the ease of the build. Most tiresome element was the need to paint the edges of the cut card. Oddly enough what came to my rescue was a set of water colour paints I have got free with a HP printer many years ago. At some point the Inn will appear on my model railway. Thanks for the likes and seasonal greeting to those still toiling in this GB
  10. Slightly late start and I forgot the lamp and finished.. More detail about the build here and gallery entry tomorrow. When I will have better lighting Elapsed build time 10 hours 56 minutes However I did not time the breaks today but the time spent on the build, and listening to King Crimson and Cream was just over one hour, thud the actual build time was about 5 hours.
  11. Only one session on Friday through to This takes me to 3 hours 4 mins on the build. Today I will take full advantage of the "Dads Army" rule and declare the entire day as one session. Aim will be to start at around 09:00 hours and work in a number of short sessions, The reason being that the main work is painting the details on the white metal figures and I have to allow for paint drying time, Forgot to add in the original post - music in this session was Joni Mitchell followed by Judy Collins
  12. Two sessions, total of 2 1/2 hours today Firstly the equivalent of a sprue shot for this build Guards lamp gives Green for the start of session 1 Ninety minutes later. All the windows fitted into frame and the main structure of first of the four sections of the building. You cannot see it here but all the figures/dog/horses have had an overall coat to their major colouy Session 2 One hour - no more work on the white metal but the majority of the building is complete. Tomorrow it gets tricky as the roofs and details of the buildings are next along with the start of the remainder of the painting. By the way music today followed a theme: Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds and Crosby Still and Nash.
  13. I did a trial run with a different kit. I found the key is using the correct glue at each stage. Ordinary PVA takes too long to stick and a mix of Pritt Stick and Deluxe Rocket Card Glue seems to work best. Nothing can be worse than PlaymobilI - imagine an injection moulded kit of well over 100 parts, each of which has been removed from the sprue and is not numbered! I spent nearly two hours on Christmas day assembling a Police station shown as Age 4+ - that is 4+ if you have a the correct special skills, 20/20 eyesight and probably some super-human powers.
  14. I have now cleared the workbench for this one and collected together all the tools, adhesives etc... that I think I will require I have also synchronized the clock on my camera with "real time" so I can use the camera as my clock. Now we have the "Dad's Army" option of timing I will be starting on the 26th - no sure of the time yet.
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