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  1. Operation Varsity is a specific interest of mine as the majority of the aircraft departed theUK from airfields close to where I live. I agree with other posts that this is a great built. Luckily for me the Commando does not seem to have flown locally, £70 for the kit is out of my budget, and looking the comments about the work involved and Vallom kits in general it might affect my sanity. Just hoping no one finds a reference to it's use in Essex.
  2. I read somewhere that this is the aim of Steven Knight, SAS rouge heroes creator, a number of series of SAS... Taking the story to Korea and a parallel series on Coldidtz.
  3. All this talk of python, html,PHP.. In my day the data would be sent to a bureau where cards would be punched, then run overnight on a computer and if you were lucky you would get the results the next day. Perhaps this is what @trickyrich really does behind the scenes.
  4. The caption on this picture says "Sum up modern Britain in one image" https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/440156563551925952/ (sorry can't insert image at the moment) I doubt if you could substitute Britain with "The Britmodeller bun fight thread" at the moment,
  5. There has been an update regarding Chris Ellis on https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/169950-scale-model-trains-and-model-trains-international/ seems positive.
  6. As Google translate puts it "It's great that Revell always puts us in nostalgia with old Matchbox treasures!" with re-pops of the old 1:76 models. But the price in the UK is too high for me, Airfix manage to reissue their series 2 Vintage Classics at £10.99 while Revell price models of the similar age and size at £20. The reissue of the class 03 loco is of interest to me, but again I guess the cost might put me off.
  7. Firstly, what a great finish, anyone who can achieve such a great result with gloss red has my admiration. As to Lightning displays, I can remember the days on the 1960's when squadrons such as 111 were allowed to have their own display teams. Informative discussion on that here: https://www.pprune.org/aviation-history-nostalgia/434378-111-squadron-raf-lightning-display-team.html As to my own memories the first Lightning in my log books (although not the first I saw) is XM172 of 111 squadron at the 1965 North Weald Air show, that was also the first time I saw the Red Arrows which was only one month after their press launch. The most outstanding entry in that early log book is: ignore the 500' height I was rubbish at estimating heights. One of my Lightning memories is from the days when the BBC covered aviation shows and Raymond Baxter said that the Lightnings fuselage was the same height as a Lancaster. As to the future, like others I object to the RAF adopting the American name of Lightning II for the F-35, surely they could have used something else and in any case it's the Lightning III. But how about a display formation of F-35's - that would be noisy on after burner. If thta cannot happen at least a model of an F-35 in Red would be good, anything is better than grey.
  8. Mrs 821 is no great fan of the type of music used in SAS Rogue heroes, but she enjoyed all six episodes, including the music. To me it seems a fairly accurate account of events, apart from the female French spy. In fact, against the original book, and other sources some dramatic events have been As it has been mentioned by @bentwaters81tfw it's not surprising to see that the Luftwaffe seen to have used cold war hardened aircraft shelters in the north African desert.
  9. Wait until next week's tactical voting starts! I seem to remember that in previous years people have been known to change their votes
  10. Probably been mentioned elsewhere but can't the proposers of three of the GB's in the Bunfight get together and have a single Hawker Siddeley GB this would also allow other companies such as Folland, Gloster, Blackburn in. However it would take some of the fun out the Bunfight.
  11. This is one of only two GB's I have voted for as Ibthis year I am only voting for those which I have a good chance of reaching the Gallery for.
  12. I'd like to make a suggestion for next year. As every entry in the bunfight has over 30 votes why cannot one slot in the calendar be reserved for a gallant runner up? Those GB's that don't make the cut off would be entered into a random draw to select one.
  13. I faced a similar position with 10 years to retirement, so I worked out a plan for what I wanted to do in retirement. This involved taking various courses, using days of to go to meetings etc where I could network, plus volunteering at local history sites. Funding this was helped by a quirk in the rules of the pension fund that meant I could take the pension early as the final years did not require any contribution from me. Did the plan work? To an extent I took up a role in a voluntary group where those new skills were essential but the door to one of my choices was closed throug external factors. This has suited me but may not be for everyone. Good luck @Cammer625iin whatever you choose.
  14. I was surprised to see a BA liveried option as I thought this was type not operated by BA. A quick internet proved that I was not wrong. It's a Conair Comair (South Africa) aircraft who use the BA branding. Edited to change type Conair (a film) with Comair the airline reference by @Homebee below)
  15. Paul821

    1:120 Scale

    I realise that there is an Airfix 2023 thread here: but today the railway section of the Hornby group announced a massive investment in a new train system scaled at 1:120. Looking at Scalemates this is not a scale that seems to have been catered for in the main stream market with very few current kits. As Oxford models (part of the Hornby group) have issued a few 1:120 vehicles today I wonder if Airfix might put a toe in the water in this scale?
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