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  1. I was compiling a retort to @Ratch 's post above to say yes I agree with you but... I then did some research. Airfix are in an international market, and as they stick to series numbers the differential between the series will remain the same. In the UK if you want a 1:72nd Meteor F8 the prince of the Special Models, MPM one is around the same. Therefore I would agree that the price is about right. So overall Airfix pricing seems correct for the market, What Airfix do not have (or seem to want to do) is move kits down in the price range in the light of competition. On example is the B-17 which is higher than than a 1:72nd kit from Revell or Academy. A drop from series 8 to series 7 would reduce that. The Dambuster Lanc' quoted by @Adam Poultney is another.
  2. What we are talking about is the pricing of leisure activities. Friends of mien support a 1st Division (aka Division 3) football club and think nothing of driving an hour each way to the match, paying for parking and then £30 for a ticket. To get into IWM Duxford is £22.50, and Airshows can be £40+. I also know people who think nothing o paying over £1,000 for a cruise. Unless you think I these are the only people in my social circle I also know people who are right at the other end of the scale. If you compare Airfix prices to these activities I think you get value for money. For me Hornby (and other trains) ceased to give value when prices rose as you don't have the pleasure of building them and I don't know if I would run them long enough to get real value for money. What does puzzle me is how Airfix allocate kits into their price ranges. There seems to be no consistency in what goes in each range.
  3. I share the views of others that this was a good set of releases for the long term viability of the Airfix brand and the Hornby Group. They have identified a market segment, 1:48 British aircraft, where they are likely to maintain an monopoly and are focusing their. Taking one wish list item - the Lysander - unlike the 1970's there are not enough customers to support three models of this Aircraft (Airfix, Matchbox, Frog/Novo) we now have one from Dora wings. It no seems that the Eastern European manufacturers have cornered the market for 1:72nd and 1:144nd British niche Aircraft and there would be no great profits for Airfix if they chose to duplicate then. Although the Meteor F8 might be seen to disprove that theory. So it's a good year for Airfix but a poor year for me. At least I can concentrate on clearing my stash through joining in Group Builds.
  4. I think there are 13 Vintage Classics in the list A00717V Russian Infantry A00718V Japanese Infantry A01046V FIAT G50 A01307V Joseph Stalin JS3 Russian Tank A01319V Type 97 Chi Ha Japanese Tank A02025V Beagle Basset 206 A02043V F-80C Shooting Star A02056V Westland Whirlwind Helicopter A02099V Commonwealth CA-13 Boomerang A03017V de Havilland Beaver A03202V HMS Devonshire A03205V HMS Fearless A18001V Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.1 Interesting the Beagle Basset is in ther as I thought (like last years Jetstream) this was one of those kits issued in a limited edition a few years ago with Airfix indicating it would be the last release. The Harrier GR1 through me as the image on the web-site is that of the 1:72nd version so I was somewhat surprised to see the price at £94.
  5. Continuing OT for a moment - @Toe you are only 35 mins from Model Junction in Bury St Edmunds. I lived in London for a number of years and in those days would envy someone who could get to such a shop in that time. Model Junction used to be my LMS but we now have a small Model/Craft shop - Model Behaviour - in Long Melford (which is only 45 mins from you). Back OT - Hornby announced their range a 7am this morning and the good news is their web-site does not seem to have slowed down. The number of new tools and re-issues seems to be about the same as in recent years. Some of the prices are eye watering though and certainly make me think most of my modelling budget will be away for model railings in 2022.
  6. Setting up my stall by way of a thread for this GB Although this will be an OOB there will be a slight twist to my build which will be revealed when the build starts. That will be when this finishes.
  7. Belated thanks to @echen for the links he provided. This will save me some work on the comparisons I was planning to make. The build has been held up as I am trying to complete builds before starting others and there were three on the go up until now. First stage is building the chassis Left to right: IBG (QLR) Airfix (refueler - slightly further on as it was a stakled project), Airfix (QLD then QLR) Parts count to build the Chassis: IBG - 14 (I have not added the front bar as this is later in their build) Old Airfix - 5 Newer Airfix - 6 Having not built and IBG kit before I find the plastic very soft, One issue I always have with soft skinned vechicles is when to pain various components. At this time of year I have to use a paint brush with acrylics, so the question is: a) parts on the sprue, b) parts off the sprue but unassembled, c) sub-assemblies or d) on completion. At the moment my preference is a mixture of b & c.
  8. It's my intention to join in with another transporter, but I have seven other builds to complete before starting, so I will be watching your build while I wait.
  9. No need to break covid travel rules just reset you devices time zone to somewhere where it is Christmas day. Having been there and returned I can also wish you all a Merry Christmas.
  10. this kits has an interesting History as different sources give different timelines to the model. Scalemates has this as a reissue of the original 1963 F1 Lightning with "additional parts" Other (including Vintage-Airfix) sources follow the listing in the 1988 catalogue that it is a "new model". One clue is in your statement regarding the wings for in 1981 the F1a was slightly retooled for the short-lived "SnapnGlue" range, I recently built the release that may be the same as yours, which was in one of the boxed sets, and this certainly could be snapped together. One clue is the pin on the pilots seat to attach the pilot that is shown in the instructions. To me this indicates it was a retool of the model. Others might have more information on this. But you have chosen an interesting project here and it is progressing well.
  11. Thanks for this but do you have a direct link to this, I have tried using a search engine but cannot find the actual comparison. At to my build it now a three (four?) way build as I remembered I had this somewhere in my stash . although it could be a contender for KUTA it will be a useful link to earlier Aifix Kits.
  12. All these were kitted in the 1960's so their profile is higher than the Manchester and there are probably a number of modellers who who want to relive their youth. I certainly missed out on the FRog/Novo Whitley and was pleased to see Airfix issue theirs.
  13. During lockdown I did a course in digital marketing for museums, using social media. It was pointed out during the course that the demographic for Facebook was now very much parents / grandparents and that if we were to reach the younger generation we would have to use those forms of social media that Airfix seem to be targeting this Advent. Therefore Dave ( @Rabbit Leader ) by moving into Facebook you have just gone home. Overall we need to remember that 16 pages of the current Airfix Catalogue are given over to Quickbuild, if through their marketing a percentage of these can be persuaded to move onto the new Starter Kits and then "mainstream" that can only be a good thing.
  14. Although I have built a fair number of soft skinned and AFV's over the years by only such builds in BM have been within Group Builds, so this is my first such WIP in this area of the forum. I built the Airfix QLT /QLD when there were first issued, (2010) and managed to pick up 2 more boxes for £5 each fairly soon after. These have sat in my stash ever since. I now want to expand my collection of late second world war two vehicles as part of my "Exercise Meteor" project and a second freelance model railway set in a similar period, To break away from the Airfix range I was drawn towards the IBG trucks as they offered some variety. Last week I took the plunge and bought two from their range, one of which is the QLR and the other will appear alongside my build in the Matchbox GB next year. As an end of the year project I will be building both the Airfix vehicles alongside the IBG one ans , apart from the scale differences, see how these match up. For starters here as the boxes: Rather than sprue shots I will post pictures of the various sub-structures as they progress.
  15. Interesting in the "Captain Blood" was a 1930's pirate film starring Erol Flynn, internet articles seem divided on whether the original book was based on a real pirate of that name or not.
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