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  1. This is what the Mossie looks like this evening The wing tip is the B-47. I should be able to get down to decaling both tomorrow or Friday at the latest.
  2. I agree and it is one of my regrets that their stay in East Anglia ended before I was in a position to see one, It is a pity than none were preserved in the UK (or Europe). Anyway progress continues on the build Paint has been touched up so just decals and into the gallery for this one.
  3. Paul821

    Scam alert....

    EE itself was taken over by BT in January 2016
  4. As one of the few signed limited edition prints I own is by him these are by Roger Taylor and probably taken from one of the books of his paintings that have been published. https://www.aces-high.com/artists/view/robert-taylor As I don't have any of the books in my library I could not say which one.
  5. I was hoping the same but the trailers seemed to have stopped and been replaced by "his dark materials". Is seems HDM will be on at 20:00 from Nov 3rd and be followed by WOF at 21:00 - so there is some hope that WOW is still on track before Christmas.
  6. As anyone who follows my builds will have realised I am not a purest when it comes to completing a model. I gave the model an overall coat of a grey primer purchased from my local hardware store, To my eye the colour is close enough to the medium grey used on the Mosquito (both upper and lower). Therefore all I have to paint is the green! This makes me even more certain this one will get into the gallery.
  7. Adding my Lightning (P-38) to the gallery. As I explained in the build thread the decals are incomplete as, ultimately, it will have 9th Airforce markings.
  8. Well a good weekends work and it is in the gallery. Not all the decals have been applied as ultimately IT WILL HAVE 9th Aitforce unit markings applied, but there was no way I can source them in the timescale for the GB. One last story I hinted that I had hit a problem -0 that was that one of the superchargers was missing from the kit and I did not notice it until well into the build. After various failed experiments regarding a replacement I just wrapped so thin kitchen foil around an original and carefully cut around it - I am fairly satisfied with the result above. Looks fine a norm viewing distance..
  9. Thanks very much for that offer Apart from the canopy every part is attached to the model and here it is awaiting priming. All I can say is it's a good job we have decent acrylic paints now as the schedule is: prime upper side Complete Monday 14:00 dry Complete Monday 16:15 prime lower side Complete Monday 16:30 dry Complete Monday 20:30 underside paint see post below dry see post below upper side paint green first coat Complete Tuesday 14:20 dry upper side paint green second coat dry decals + paint undercart, wheels canopy and exhausts will be painted alongside the above All to be completed before the deadline and I have a B-47 to finish!.
  10. As your nephew is at secondary school I would expect the overall project to involve more that just a simple trench. They will probably be looking for more "interpretation" than realism. The basic trench could be polystyrene packaging, plaster and lolly sticks but you would need to express either the emotions of war, or the reality death & mud. Take a look at https://www.iwm.org.uk/history/the-powerful-western-front-paintings-of-the-nash-brothers scroll down to Oppy Wood, 1917. Evening, Add a few twigs for dead/blasted tress etc, cooking for corrugated iron etc..
  11. 2. What age group? Having worked with various KS1 / KS2 children and craft projects this is key. When I read the thread heading I thought this was going to be a 1:1 recreation!
  12. With voting for 2020 not too far off I am trying to see what potential GB's are out there, especially those that are near the magic figure of 30. I hope that this does not fall foul of the canvassing rules, (if it is, I amp hapy for the MODS to delete it) but I thought it would be useful to have a thread where those potential GB's that are nearly there could be highlighted. So if you know of a proposed GB that has over 24 votes at the moment - perhaps you could add it in this thread.
  13. One source of information about the tender might be the current Hornby Model. I put "Hogwarts express tender" into the Bing search engine and this came up with a few images that might be useful. Keep up the excellent work BBS and BS - this looks like it will be a masterpiece.
  14. The tale I am recounting here is true: Returning to my workbench to work on my P-38 Lightning, I was touching up some paintwork. As I now use Mig-Ammo paints my technique is to place drop on a piece of scrap plastic as a pallette. Having none to hand I took a recently used one out of my waste bin - this was a butter carton and guess what the cannon were in it! For that to happen five things were required: the cannon fell into it it went into the bin the right way up I did not have another" palette" to hand I picked that carton out (others were available) This all happened before I emptied the bin into the wheelie bin this evening Truly the modelling god(s) were with me today.
  15. It's the aftermath that is the issue. I worked according to the instructions - which may have been a mistake. If you take the front fuselage section off before joining the halves together and put the bomb-bay doors in place there is very little to form a firm joint between the remaining parts. I am now up against the rules of chemistry! I need the two halves to join quickly enough, add the nose and then for the putty to set. The question is how long should I allow for these to occur? o short and the joint will break and/or putty cannot be smoothed. Too long and I run out of time. Position at noon BST. This build has also fallen foul of the carpet monster in that while cutting the cannon from the sprue they went walk about. I should be able find a suitable donor from either my spares or a previously built kit.
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