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  1. Even as a diorama you could add an extra dimension through using the products of this company: https://aromaprime.com/
  2. Mike - do keep going but as for taking your time... this looks like it might become the Brum equivalent of Copenhagen fields, the Model Railway Club;s 2mm scale model of the area north of Kings Cross. If BM'ers have not seen this it is worth seeking out at a model railway exhibition or looking it up on the internet. However this is a multi person project and has taken 30 years to date and is not yet finished.
  3. AS far as the railway elements go the next stage of this project is building the first three of ten signals required as part of the "under a tenner GB"
  4. Never before in my years of modelling have I ever taken a week to glue pieces together, but that is what it took me to get to this stage: As you might see from the picture the contact points between the uprights are extremely small, added to this you have to align the pieces i all three dimensions. After a long period of trial and error(s) it struck me that if I added the finials to the signals first this would allow me to work down the signals gluing short sections. Hopefully the next stage will not be as difficut.
  5. If anyone wants to see the background to the changes the Invision support forum gives you the background and info about the upgrade https://invisioncommunity.com/news/company/whats-new-in-460-r1229/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-221934
  6. Various elements of this build have appeared in a number of GB;s this year but I have not given an update for some time. Although substantive work, in the form of a complete baseboard, has not taken place, a number of buildings have been constructed and the basic design finalised. Although the layout will be set in March 1945 I want to include various elements of village life on the Essex / Suffolk border during WW2 and each will be represented. Allied army – a convoy of vehicles passing through the village on the way to an airfield for Operation Varsity. To date I have not found any documentary evidence about how troops were moved to the various airfields so at present this will be a mixture of Airfix Bedford’s and probably a Matador or two. USAAF 8th and 9th Airforce – the edge of an Airfield will be build using Nissen huts etc with various trucks. A B-17 will be “in the air” but other planes could be substituted. The main representation regarding the USAAF will be trucks loading in the railway goods yard. Here Airfix/Heller GMC trucks will be in the main, but other makes might put in an appearance if I can get them at a reasonable cost. The Railway – Hinckford Parva will be the fictional station at the heart of the model. Although a fictional location the layout is based on Great Yeldham as will most of the buildings. It has one platform and a passing loop as well as a goods yard. The village – the main street will contain buildings that present the main institutions of a rural community: inn, church, school, post office, police station, village shop. All these will be based on local buildings although where commercially available buildings, such as Scalescenes, look like the prototype these will be used. Agriculture – a small section of a farm will be present. Defence – As the Home Guard were formally stood down on 3rd December 1944, and became an inactive reserve unit until 31st December 1945 this aspect of local life will be represented by one or more pill boxes. The river Stour in Sudbury and the railway being part of the Eastern Command Line. While awaiting completion of the room for the layout I am continuing to build various elements of the model, and will post the research and modelling stages as I go.
  7. I spent a fun hour the other day working out how to change the text on the rankings to "Very Focused Member" only to find it has changed back and facility to chnage it has gone. I agree with the requests from @Terry1954 and @keefr22 that hopefully this facility can be reinstated.
  8. In my experience 1:144 bus kits remain few in numbers and even 1:76 and 1:72 models tend to lack chassis details. I fear that it will be back to basic research on this one. This Flickr site has a couple of cut away pictures of chassis Found by searching "bus exploded view UK" use both Google and bing as each gives different results. If you are carrying on with your Birmingham theme an email to this group might work regarding diagrams etc.. https://www.wythall.org.uk/
  9. I agree with @Heather Kay that Two additional observations are that if you intend modelling full depth hangers in most cases the span of the hanger is less than the depth: See: https://www.abct.org.uk/airfield-buildings/hangar-types/ for example a T2 hanger was 121 feet wide and 240 feet long (37 x 73m) with an overall height of 12m and a clear door height of 7.6m the other one was that you talk about a Mosquito and C47 pen - in both cases these are most likely just to be had standings rather than a structure.
  10. Some may not believe it but there are some of us on BM whose stash is very close to below ten, assuming we ignore started kits that have returned to said collection. Thanks to my selling kits before the latest house move, lockdown and a couple of GB's I have achieved that status. However the number of model railway items awaiting a layout might exceed some people's stashes.
  11. @Kateenaboy my initial question regarding your design is this based on research and/or a particular airfield? A secondary question is the purpose of the diorama is it mainly to display a collection of aircraft or become a full model of a busy airfield?
  12. But we do learn a new word in the phrase "at least 2 m from any structure orobstruction"
  13. I built? One of these a few years ago and I was certain it had various warnings Just to check I downloaded the instructions from here https://www.argos.co.uk/product/3147898?istCompanyId=a74d8886-5df9-4baa-b776-166b3bf9111c&istFeedId=30f62ea9-9626-4cac-97c8-9ff3921f8558&istItemId=ixilqriwa&istBid=t&&cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59130|acid:289-152-2757|cid:599609992|agid:24126986217|tid:pla-1079432869632|crid:94168542777|nw:g|rnd:11557208810364413384|dvc:t|adp:|mt:|loc:1006555&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=599609992&utm_term=&utm_content=shopping&utm_custom1=24126986217&utm_custom2=289-152-2757&gclid=CjwKCAjwos-HBhB3EiwAe4xM9w40vpLdshUCMgIRTCkyKLSmEUvtBXIyozV_cXZZ5i7uMaaHgkHfbxoCMg4QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds And there are a page of warnings.including get wet before entering.
  14. Stage 1 of the instructions followed however three of the springs were missing from the opened kit and replacements cut from plasticard. AS they will be hidden on the final model I was not too worried about the fine detail. Stage two also complete (with a bit of stage 3 on one) I tend to leave the wheels off vehicles until the underside of the model has been painted.
  15. The box contained a number of kits. there was an opened Airfix Raf Emergency Set with a few bits missing but also an unopened one. Although often seen here is the sprue shot The plan is to build both this complete one but scratch build the missing parts for the other one as I do them as a parallel build. I am modelling a USAAF base but elsewhere on BM it was pointed out that the USAAF used british vehicles and a quick internet search came up with this link. https://hmvf.co.uk/topic/17541-ww2-raf-ambulance-markings/page/2/ which contains a photo's of a B-17 with vehicles that look like they might have come straight from the Airfix set.
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