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  2. She's a right beaut Kev! Looks great from way over here in Texas too.
  3. Thanks Paul. I'll prime a few seams on the fuselage tomorrow and if all is well, I should get the wings on.
  4. wishing they were spaghetti
  5. Thanks guys, Alt-92, Flat enamel-coated, 47 years old: Semi gloss enamel coated, still a whippersnapper at 36 years old: Don't be so impatient. Give yours a few more years to "season" -- you'll see. As granny used to say "Let a word to the wise be sufficient"! Ed
  6. Try as I have, I've never been able to discover the identity of the P-38 he shot down, I've long fancied doing them both as an "Adversary pair" Steve.
  7. Today
  8. Thanks! The pieces are finally starting to come together. How the main body sits right now. Canopy is masked up and the the PPP on the slats/wing join has been cleaned up. Then it was onto the actuators on the underside of the flaps. I may have taken off a little too much material, but being on the underside of the wing and viewed past the ordnance and wing tanks that will be there, I think just some lengths of rod to serve as the actuators should do good. To that end, I drilled some more holes in the trailing edge of the wing. And then fed some thin round stock into them, leaving them a little long so I could snip them when dry and at the correct length. And with the flaps in place to check spacing and fit. Also working on the outer flaps and how they'll attach. To that end I glued them the main flaps, which will be their main attachment point, and then also glued to the wing near the tip. So glad the airfoils are going to cover that ugly gap!! Modelling on! Thom
  9. NorthBayKid

    Ta152H kit

    Tempus fugit!
  10. "and we all sing build'm all build'm all........"
  11. A fine job indeed! While I was aware of the kit, that's all I know about this plane. But it sure is a cute and interesting looking aircraft. I think you've done an excellent job, in spite of your decal issues.
  12. Very nicely done. Proof that older kits don't always have to languish on shelves.
  13. Thanks for the attitude! If it had shown up on my phone, i would have followed. Hence the question.
  14. An astonishingly good and precise build! The finish is exemplary!
  15. Well done; I love the Draken. Did any of them ever see any action? I know quite a few of them intercepted Russian Bears.
  16. Wow! That takes craftsmanship to new levels! I've yet to tackle my Special Hobby Sikorsky S.43, but taking on a vacform like that would be even further out of my reach! Just beautiful work.
  17. John Hassall

    Ta152H kit

    There was a very good detailing article on the Frog Ta152 and a Fw190A kit back in the late 70's in the old 'small sized' Scale Models mag IIRC. that produced a very smart rendition of the 152 as I recall the 190A scrubbed up quite well too. Alas I no longer have those magazines I do remember that the cowling needed to be reshaped quite a bit along with the old argument about the wingtip shape? And then theres this from Hyperscale. http://www.hyperscale.com/features/2000/ta152hgi_1.htm
  18. This is a stunning beautiful job on this kit! Worthy of a museum for sure. ThE plane itsel is also a wonderful subject and I have always hopped to see one in 1/48 (injection molded to be specific) but that might be a long wait. Anyway, thank you for sharing this.
  19. Man, that is so nice! Beautifully built and painted, I'd give her a 10!
  20. like those runner beans
  21. Excellent job on this relatively rare bird! Not as graceful-looking as the Bf 109 series, but that's only my opinion. Brilliant model, though.
  22. A stunning build! Flying boats have a special magic to many of us and this is a beautiful example. Your skill and dedication paid off.
  23. An unusual scheme for an FW-190. You have really nailed it - the oil stains on the cowl particularly caught my eye.
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