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  1. The giveaway was the six tube sonobouy launcher which sits behind the radome. Also there is a 1991 Gulf War EWSP pod - can be seen in the linked photo. The S-70B2s had a bunch of upgrades and new bumps added - this looks like it was a Gulf War conversion from Aviation Workshop/Hawkeye. https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C308801 (RAN S-70B2 1991)
  2. They are parts from an old S-70B2 Seahawk conversion for an RAN S-70B2.
  3. The orientation of the image posted by @wmcgill is correctly portrayed - note Al Deeres wings are on the correct side of his uniform and there is no sign of the pilot entry door. I have seen other references that at least one of the Kiwis (probably Kiwi II, I have also seen this image identified as P9398) had the insignia on both sides and this image certainly confirms it.
  4. It is probably a mistaken belief arising from the transfer of the 805 Sqn numberplate from the Royal Navy to the Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm after WWII. Either way never RAAF.
  5. SD-H had a 3 blade prop when photographed. Wingleader covered this airframe in detail in their Spitfire Mark 1 Photo Archive, they managed to find more photos of it including one that shows that it did not carry wing roundels. See https://www.wingleader.co.uk/shop/spitfire-mk1-wpa1 for details.
  6. They were 500lb MC bombs in the film.
  7. https://images.defence.gov.au/assets/Home/Search?Query=20210622raaf8658961_0136.jpg&Type=Filename
  8. Note the really interesting stripped to natural metal RAF Spitfire XIV and the rather nice RNZAF 14 Sqn FG-1D Corsair.
  9. Some - around 700 airframes is more than some I would think.
  10. US pattern bombs and depth charges Phil
  11. Light Admiralty Grey was also used as an upper surface camouflage color in RAN FAA A-4G Skyhawks, but also more commonly in British wheel wells as Giorgio has said.
  12. Wow - Both the Battlecruiser and the Aircraft Carrier look nice - I may just have to get the latter though.
  13. Yes the more I look at the part the more I think it is a yoke for the tailwheel rather than using the single piece.
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