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  1. Cold blue/blacken the brass rather than paint them? Edit. As I found out recently, cold blue works on brass about as well as brass blackening solutions do. Chemistry above my paygrade!
  2. I wouldn't bin them - with the current problems with Coopercraft, demand for the kits seems to have risen with the lack of supply and second hand prices have risen accordingly. Get them on ebay, someone would buy them, even as parts or as a doner for a cut'n'shut to different diagrams.
  3. Had a dig round and the internal armour windscreens were a production line only mod, so no retrofit for P7290. As you say, must be a unarmoured screen - fine for a none-combat role in 1942?
  4. A appears to be the earlier external armoured screen while B looks like the later internal armoured screen. Box art shows the earlier type in use which would be correct for an as-built MkII. Edit: Picture found online looks like it was retrofitted with the later type by the time it was with the AFDU.
  5. Oooh, good choice, I've got one of these, which has been gently maturing as loft insulation ever since it was released. If you think the fit is bad, it could always be worse - it could be the Model News XII which was (very) roughly Spitfire shaped and left the builder to carve/sand/grind out vast quantities of plastic more akin to sculpting than assembling.
  6. It's the vacuum ejector (bit on the firebox side) and pipework from the smokebox back to the brake valve in the cab - The ejector uses the smokebox to provide the source of the vacuum for the vacuum brakes on the locomotive and rest of the train (if connected/fitted with vacuum brakes).
  7. I remember reading this from my primary school library, and being rather pleased at 10 years old or so to have finished an Airfix Lanc with fully moving props, turrets & guns and having attached the bomb doors with strategic bits of tape to allow the payload to be released when desired. Couldn't do much about the undercarriage which I had firmly fixed down, so the drag penalty on Ops would have been a bit high...
  8. What a lovely Halibag, excellent work Tony.
  9. Maybe I'll blow the dust off and revisit it over Christmas. I'm a bit short of build space at the moment so no promises. In the mean time I'll keep watching Tony's impressive level of output!
  10. Nice to see the same boxing of the Halifax that I recieved one Christmas from my Gran many years ago. I have a set of the Aeroclub Morris radiator intakes in resin so John must have switched at some point. They're in a box with said Christmas Halibag (reduced back to parts), a set of Granger plans and most of the other Halifax goodies Aeroclub did waiting for me to return to it. I'd rescribed the wings and was looking at the issues with the nose as the Revell kit was announced and all it got packed away. I'll get back to it.... one day.
  11. Beautiful result, horrible kit. I must have bought the 1994 rerelease when it came out when I was a kid. I remember being massively dissapointed at the not-Mustang shaped thing that came out of the box and the terrible decals that looked liked they'd already silvered on the backing paper. Can't believe it lived on until 2010!
  12. Will you be using the decals from Fox Transfers do the cream lining and nose whiskers, or braving hand painting them? Dad's had one of these part finished for the best part of a decade. Apparently it's a right can of worms regarding accuracy, wrong nose and windscreen shapes, bodyside windows in wrong places and other sorts of things either that either lead to drastic surgery, or to be ignored completely and built as Kitmaster intended!
  13. I vaguely remember a review of this in a late 90s SAMI that was pretty much 'please don't waste your time unless you really want a P-51H'. If it's anything like the Model News Spitfire XII I built at the time, it's more an exercise in carving and filling than anything else. What an introduction to limited run kits that was!
  14. The filler monster ex-Matchbox Meteor. That's proper bravery in a speedbuild! I've got two boxed somewhere after the builds stalled.... over a decade ago
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