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  1. Thanks Des this is what I hope someone who has made that kit can tell me cheers chris
  2. Afternoon folks Think I have the measure of the Italeri kit now so was wondering if their IDS kit could be used to build a GR4? thanks Chris
  3. Ok thanks for the help gents. I'm heading to the Hannants shop tomorrow and will check out some of their colours for this whilst I'm there chris
  4. Thanks Selwyn - that Light Stone colour is going to be a tricky one to find looking at Paint4Models!
  5. Afternoon folks I am next planning a Tornado GR1 RSAF (camo) and have a question about the camoflage colours. The kit is the Italeri 1:48 Gulf War Tornado and it gives the following colour call outs: FS 33448 sand - I can't seem to find a match for that with Tamiya or Mr Color? FS 30118 dark earth - was thinking of XF52 for this? FS34079 dark green - was thinking XF81 or Gunze 309 for this? Any help on this appreciated. thanks Chris
  6. I also think its a very sad day when you are not moved by the events in Christchurch and other hate related massacres or indeed natural disasters. What helped the people of Aberfan deal with their disaster was the outpouring of support from around the world. Compassion in the face of disaster or evil - different people show that in different ways.
  7. Any suggestions on colours for missiles in particular? I was thinking of Tamiya 66 as a light ghost grey but not sure if it should be more of a blue grey colour? thanks
  8. I'm not sure why that is important to be honest!
  9. ok thats very helpful - thanks Rob
  10. Afternoon folks I'm building the Revell 1:48 Typhoon and doing the RAF 29 Sqd machine from 2014. I was wondering what a typical loadout might be? Revell give you the following: Meteor AIM 132 ASRAAM Storm Shadow AIM 9l Sidewinder GBU 24B Taurus Any help appreciated! thanks chris
  11. Ok with white I use Alclad white primer as it is great to airbrush directly from the bottle. I then uses Tamiya white - get a new bottle shake it and then add thinners to top it up to the ridge - good shake and bobs your uncle chris
  12. Well you are all wrong as apparently its going to be a 1:24 F14 Tomcat with real engines - gonna go down a storm in the US and make lots of money Mr Airfix told me this himself
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