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  1. Skyhunter66

    F-14A Tomcat VF-301, Tamiya 1/48 no.2

    absolutely stunning! chris
  2. Skyhunter66

    Airbrushing white paint. How to stop messing it up?

    Ok with white I use Alclad white primer as it is great to airbrush directly from the bottle. I then uses Tamiya white - get a new bottle shake it and then add thinners to top it up to the ridge - good shake and bobs your uncle chris
  3. Well you are all wrong as apparently its going to be a 1:24 F14 Tomcat with real engines - gonna go down a storm in the US and make lots of money Mr Airfix told me this himself
  4. Skyhunter66

    F-104G Belgian AF

    looks great - I've not used those metal colours but might to have a go with them now! chris
  5. Skyhunter66

    Meng Panther A

    absolutely superb!
  6. this is a great build - thanks for sharing...
  7. Skyhunter66

    airfix 1/48 ee lightning f.1 kit

    Ok this is great and many thanks for all the information - gives me plenty to think about!
  8. Skyhunter66

    airfix 1/48 ee lightning f.1 kit

    This is a good thread and here's another question if I may? Can you build an F3 from the current Airfix F1 kit? Looks to me like just a different fin but I may be wrong! Chris
  9. Skyhunter66

    Avro Lancaster Question

    Ok many thanks guys this is really helpful. Great reference photos as well chris
  10. Skyhunter66

    Avro Lancaster Question

    Afternoon folks - I'm currently building the Tamiya 1:48 Lancaster and am wondering about the windows along the fuselage. Are these windows blanked out? I ask as the decals on the side of the fuselage cover one or two of the windows and I'm not sure if I should have these windows as windows or blacked over? thanks chris
  11. Skyhunter66

    1:24th Typhoon "Car Door"

    Ok that's interesting - I've not thought of using gloss black before so will give that a try. Superb build and inspiration to get on with my one. Need to finish my Tamiya big Lanc first though!
  12. Skyhunter66

    1:24th Typhoon "Car Door"

    Stunning! The weathering is outstandingly- did you pre or post shade? chris
  13. Skyhunter66

    Alclad primer problem

    interesting - I've used Alclad primer for years and recently have had similar problems. It has been my 'go to'primer because it is so good! I thought it was my airbrush but I'm not so sure... chris