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  1. many thanks for all your kind comments - thinking anAmiens raid version might be next!
  2. Tamiya 1:48 Mosquito FB VI representing RAF Coastal Command June 1944. Thoroughly enjoyed this build and apart from canopy masks it was all OOB. Paints were Tamiya, Gunze and Alclad and some weathering from Ultimate Products. The Mossie has long been one of my favourites but surprisngly I've not built one before so decided it was high time! Planning on doing some more soon.
  3. just coming back to this I think the ADC grey is probably the way to go - any suggestions on paints for this? I was looking at Revell 371 which is a very pale grey but not sure if its right thanks chris
  4. I am currently building my third Italeri 1:32 Starfighter and this time its the TF104. I am thinking about do the Spanish option but not sure about the colour call outs in the instructions which seem to suggest flat aluminium. From photographs I've seen they appear to be more of a very light grey colour for the main overall colour. Can anyone advice me on what the correct colours would be? thanks Chris
  5. thanks for all your kind comments - In fact it was given a good clean on wednesday along with my other Lightnings as they are all a bit dusty! cheers chris
  6. Hi - thanks for the message but to be honest I can't remember as it was 4 or 5 years ago I built it! Good luck with your build and look forward to the finished article cheers chris
  7. this is good news and I like the sound of their Vampire too
  8. ok thanks for your help gents - gives me something to ponder over! Would they have painted over the grey interior as I am thinking they may have left this as is? thanks chris
  9. I bought this kit a few years ago and decided it woule be my next project as the last time i built one was in the very early 1980's! So given this is Rommels machine and Afrika Korps should the inside be the same colour as the outside as the call out is for dark grey? Second the outside colour is given as Humbrol 74 Linen but this doesn't look right. What is the right colour for the 'yellow' and the camo 'grey'? I use Tamiya, Gunze and Vallejo in the main Finally what are the correct colurs for the Afrika Korps uniforms - the kit gives me Rommel himself, a driver and another officer Many thanks! Chris
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