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  1. this is good news and I like the sound of their Vampire too
  2. ok thanks for your help gents - gives me something to ponder over! Would they have painted over the grey interior as I am thinking they may have left this as is? thanks chris
  3. I bought this kit a few years ago and decided it woule be my next project as the last time i built one was in the very early 1980's! So given this is Rommels machine and Afrika Korps should the inside be the same colour as the outside as the call out is for dark grey? Second the outside colour is given as Humbrol 74 Linen but this doesn't look right. What is the right colour for the 'yellow' and the camo 'grey'? I use Tamiya, Gunze and Vallejo in the main Finally what are the correct colurs for the Afrika Korps uniforms - the kit gives me Rommel himself, a driver and another officer Many thanks! Chris
  4. ok good to know and thanks. Looks like I will be building a nice shiny one!
  5. I've got the Italeri 1:32 F104A/C coming next week and was thinking about making the JASDF version out of it. Anyone know if this is possible? Thanks Chris
  6. I havent done a camo version of an RAF jet for years and can't remember the correct Gunze/Mr Hobby colours for the upper green and grey camo - if anyone could advsie me? thanks Chris
  7. Ok great - I will do that and thanks!
  8. So am looking to crack on with my Tamiya 1:350 Bismarck but for the life of me I can't seem to find an aftermarket wooden deck that isn't China based. So I wondered if anyone knew of anyone or shop in the UK or Europe that was selling one? Alternatively I could paint myself so the next question would be what is the correct colour? I don't mind acrylics or enamel thanks chris
  9. Looking great - yes I use Mr Hobby as well and love it. I also still use Tamiya with the levelling thinner which works well. Is the aluminium Mr Hobby as well?
  10. This is an interesting build as I am doing the same kit currently! I've used Halfords Appliance White on mine - what are you using for the white on yours? chris
  11. After 5 years I still keep coming back to look at this - such an incredible build! chris
  12. Those Pom Poms are looking very nice - can't wait to see how the next stages turn out! chris
  13. Many thanks for your comments and yes the stencils can be off putting and I hate doing them! I have to be in the right frame of mind to do them and even then I do section by section cheers chris
  14. The second of this years finished Phantoms and this one is from Eduards Good Morning Da Nang kits. This one is VF111 'Sundowners' from the USS Coral Sea March 1972. These kits from Eduard are great - with all the aftermarket you need and a great range of options as regards schemes. I bought this for £39 at the time! Back in the day when I was collecting die cast I had the Corgi version of this machine but I never thought it did it justice and always planned to try and do a version in 1:48 The decals are great although as with any phantom the stencils are tedious! Paints are Mr Color and Alclad for the metal parts. It is number 6 of 6 F4's I have built and I have two more to do at some point
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