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  1. Moa, this is quite simply a spectacular result, and the photography does the model full justice. Very, very impressed! Jon
  2. Outstanding. The wood effect, engine and radiator are especially good. Jon
  3. Wow, that is looking seriously impressive! What an amazing sight (and probably sound) the original must have been. Brilliant work, Moa. Jon
  4. Nicely done, and a great subject. I live fairly close to 158's wartime home at Lissett, and I fly over/past it regularly. There seem go be quite a few huts remaining on part of the tech site (albeit on private land with no public access) and plenty of air raid shelters on the former domestic site near the A165, but the airfield itself is covered with big wind turbines. The memorial sculpture, though, is very impressive. Jon
  5. ...which probably took ages and was likely quite challenging in its own right! I also have a scroll saw - actually, I've just removed it from my workbench as it was taking up a lot of space - and it's a handy tool. I'm sure you'll know this, Steve, but it can be usefull to gently push a wetstone sharpening block against the 'down-press' side of the saw blade while it is running, to remove the minute burred edge and so reduce the tendancy for the blade to wander. I agree, though: accurate cutting isn't as easy as you might expect! It's looking great so far. Jon
  6. Yup: like. Quite a lot. Not quite sure what the ladies are doing, though, lurking by the tail end - Mr Dapper should be supervising them more closely! Jon
  7. The 'beest finally stands on its own two (out of three) feet:
  8. Excellent! It has to be a yellow RAF rescue Sycamore...but then, as a former RAF rescue helicopter pilot, I’m slightly biased! Jon
  9. What a great little subject! Jon
  10. It's been over three weeks since I last indulged in any modelling, as other things have taken priority, and the Vildebeest has been glaring accusingly at me from the desk for the whole time. I've just got round to putting the various bits together to make the starboard carriage assembly: My rate of progress is abysmal - I think that I have a Desk of Doom - but now that I know this method works, and I have the strut measurements, the other leg should be fairly straightforward. Jon
  11. Very smart, and great to see an Anson in civilian markings. Jon
  12. Excellent - congratulations, Adam! The first serious step on quite a journey, perhaps... If I may: - Do your homework to decide on your aims, come up with a (realistic and achievable) plan to achieve them, then go for it. - Learn as much as you can from those who know, and don't be afraid to ask, as there will always be a huge amount that you won't know. Recognise and accept that truism, and you will improve as a pilot. - Always seek and accept constructive criticism, as that is the best way of improving. - Never, and I mean never, decide to do something in an aircraft because you think it will look good, and have the confidence to say NO if you are not happy with a request. Crashed aircraft do not look good; their pilots even less so. - Flying is fun, satisfying, challenging, rewarding, interesting and a long list of other '-ings'. Make sure that you put the right priority on your academics, and enjoy all those '-ings'! Good luck, and especially enjoy that new perspective! Jon
  13. Excellent (if slightly mad) project! Go for it. Nice previous work too; I particularly like the minehunter. Jon
  14. Now, I'm not normally one for What-Ifs, but that is really rather good! Jon
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